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Hy ydraulics Tra ainers s FH H-102


The hydraulics trainers FHt -102 are con nsist of actu industria l grade hydraulics components and parts ual d whic are comm o ch monly apply and used in industrial field. It is c lassified into basic leve training ex n el xperiments. It is easily custo omizable in modular for rmat for the logical ana e alysis of elec ctrics circuit design and wiring in ts, hydr raulics and electro-hydr e raulics training experim ments, which is included electric control for hyd h d draulics sequ uence contro The expa ol. ansion and compatibility of this mo c y odular syste was cons em sidered with a 4mm h binding post soc cket. It us a standa plug-in profile pane for commo use of all the trainin set. Each part could be ses ard p el on ng horiz zontally or vertically att v tached and detached on the profile panel with e hout any too ols. tures: Feat o o o o o o o o M Modular des sign allows modifications to suit needs/require m ements of th course/st he tudents. C Custom size for the mo es odular-boar can also be provided upon reque rd b est. A Additional modular com m mponents can are also available sep a parately sho ould the nee arise. ed H High quality durable rub bber-silicone compound gourmet o the modu e d on ular-board e ensures that the t c components stay in plac yet smoo enough to ease rem s ce oth moval and pl lacement of component f ts. C Comes with high quality industrial grade comp y ponents com mplete with quick releas coupling mounted se r ready for us se! P Plates are made of high quality ma m h achined stee that do no deform af el ot fter continue usage. ed U Unit comes with various height (tilt settings w s t) A modules co All omplete with male quick release cou upling No o 1 i ii 2 Descrip ption Plug Board Experim ments Panel (600mm x 700mm) Complete With: Built-in Pressure Manifold Mod dule Built-in Tank Manif fold Module Power Pack Unit P Complete With: 100-10 02 100-10 03 200-20 00 1 1 1 Part Number 100-10 01 Qty y 1

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1HP Single Phase Electric Hydraulic Motor Module Gear Pump Drive Coupling Oil Level Gauge with Thermometer Breather Cap Strainer Return Line Filter C/W Pressure Gauge One Way Check Valve Double Solenoid Directional Control Valve Modular Relief Valve Pressure Gauge (0~150Bar / 0~3500psi) Gauge Cock Circuit Manifold 20 Liters Reservoir Tank Hydraulic Oil Ball Valve Module Pressure Gauge (0~150Bar / 0~3500psi) 4/3 Way Manual Control Valve C/W Built-In Relief Valve Module Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Module T-Joint Module Complete with Quick Release Coupling Flow Control Valve Module Hydraulic Motor Module Inline Single Pilot Check Valve Module Power Supply Module 4mm Stackable Connecting Cable Set Flexible Hydraulic Hose come with Female Quick Release Coupling (0.8m) Flexible Hydraulic Transparent Suction Spring Return Hose come with Female Quick Release Coupling (1.2m)

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Courseware and Accessories No 1 2 3 Description Instruction Manual With Collection Of Circuit Exercises (Hydraulics) Hydraulic Simulation Software (Optional) Programmable Logic Controller Trainer - 30 I/O (Optional) Part Number 200-001 200-050 200-060 Qty 1 1 1

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