Issue 13

This issue, I’ll talk about what this campaign isn’t going to include.

canon characters

I’m not going to have the main characters from the tv show or the movie show up. No Mal, Zoe or Jayne. The siblings Tam will not make an appearance, except in wanted posters that are old and out of date. In fact, the PCs will hear that the Tams have been caught, if they look into it. There turn out to be a dozen or so Shepard Books kicking around space. Wash? Wasn’t he runnin’ with the crew of the Candy Apple? No, I don’t want any sort of GMPC that will get the players off the track of being the big damn heroes. Even cameos will take away from that. This also includes the bad guys. The PCs will not get anywhere near Badger or Niska (in fact, I’m going to make sure they don’t get near those guys base planets if I can help it) or if they do, then the bad boys are off planet at a “meeting” and can’t be disturbed. Or they’re “burned” with that crime–lord for some unknown reason. The Operative is another that is way out. And no surprise appearances of Saffron. I will come up with my own bad guys and repeat villains for them to interact with. And they won’t be cookie–cutter copies, either.

live life with blue sun

Another thing missing will be Blue Sun. Sure, the Blue Sun Corporation will be around but they won’t be a bad guy for the PCs to work on. I’ve thought that I’d have the local Blue Sun representative treat the PCs really well, letting the players see menace where there is none, that ought to work them up. The Blue Sun rep will be a cheerful but bland bureaucrat. He’ll offer them steady work that seems tinged with some double–deal but won’t be. They’ll be hired to move “medical supplies” or “test subjects” and the rep with use the whole “air quotes” when talking about it to them. It will pay well and if the PCs break open the cargo, they’ll find childrens vitamins or lab rats. The rep will give the PCs new product samples for free, like the latest Energy Popsicle. Who doesn’t like popsicles? Flavors in blue, red and green! Gives you energy to tackle that harsh frontier moon. In every way, the Blue Sun rep will work with the PCs and the players will

issue 13
just wait for the other shoe to drop. That’s when trouble will come from another angle, not Blue Sun. Some other corporation will be the bad guys, transporting human lab subjects or illegal drugs.

reavers galore

Nope. Not going to do it. There will be two types of Reavers, the Pax– induced living ones and the alien undead kind. But they are not going to pop up every game for the PCs to fight. If they are seen, they’re going to be extreme representations of death. The PCs will have to fight for their lives against them and will probably lose, and I’ll bring that up. Don’t fight with a Reaver unless you have big guns to back you up. Run! Run! And you might get away. The PCs will encounter the effects of the Reavers more than the Reavers themselves. A destroyed moon, dead colonists in horrible condition. A drifting ship in the aftermath of an attack. That’s what the tv show had right–they never saw one directly, face–to–face. They saw Reaver ships and were chased but got away. They found the remains of an attack, but barely got away from the traps and crazed survivor. That’s the horror of the Reavers and that’s what I want to do with them.

blue hand group

The “hands of blue” are going to show up everywhere in the ’Verse because it’s going to become the fashion to wear blue gloves with business suits for everyone. So, at first, the PCs will see a man in a business suit with blue gloves. Then another, and another. They’ll be wandering around a space– port and spot one. If they confront one of the blue hands, it’ll just be some guy who’s wife bought him a pair of blue gloves because she saw it in the latest “it” magazine and why are these people attacking me? Later, a entertainment enterprise called Blue Hand Group will premier and become wildly popular.

the movie

The events of the movie will take place, but off screen. They’ll eventually hear about Miranda and the Pax creating the Reavers and the events of the movie. But that’s only half the story. The ’Verse at large doesn’t know about the Reckoners yet. And that hidden knowledge is vitally important.