Class participation

Your class participation will be noted and graded once every 3 weeks for the remainder of the school year according to the rubric below.
In summary, you will be graded on: a) how well you understand and respond to class questions and stories b) how often you use Spanish in class (which, optimally, is always!) c) your overall enthusiasm and respect for the learning environment

0 1 2

No attempt. You seem to understand, but you make the minimal effort. You: • usually follow class rules. • respond using one word answers. • contribute to class stories in English. • sometimes do not answer class questions. You want to participate and contribute, but you need help! You: • almost always follow class rules. • sometimes respond, though minimally. • can answer with guidance, support, and repetition. • use broken speech (Spanish with English interference). You understand and make some effort to participate. You: • almost always follow class rules. • usually respond appropriately but participate only occasionally. • answer clearly, though with some hesitation. • need a little guidance / repetition. • use some Spanish in class. You fully understand and participate on a consistent basis. You: • always follow class rules. • contribute to class stories consistently. • respond to questions appropriately and sufficiently when called upon. • correct your own mistakes if necessary. • use Spanish in class most of the time. You are totally confident and rock the house with your amazing Spanishspeaking ability! You: • always follow class rules. • contribute to class stories consistently. • add your own ideas and elaborate whenever possible. • correct your own mistakes if necessary. • engage your peers and your teacher in conversations in Spanish on a frequent basis.




Tips for achieving a superb participation score
Your participation is extremely important and will be graded twice per quarter. Here are some tips for achieving a superb participation score: • • • • • • • • Be present in class and answer all class questions. It's OK to make mistakes -- guess if you are not sure! Be enthusiastic! React to statements during storytelling (Ooohhh!!), and try out some of your Spanish phrases in response. During storytelling, PRETEND! Think of crazy details to add! It makes class fun -- we laugh, and learning becomes that much easier. Sit with your head up, hat off, awake, and with clear eyes. I am teaching to your eyes and am looking to see if you "get it." Watch my body language, gestures, and visuals given during storytelling or presentations, and use them as comprehension cues. Listen to the feedback I give you. Listen to how I change the language when I repeat a phrase back to the class. Keep your desk clear of papers, books, purses, binders at all times. I will tell you when it's time to take notes, etc. Use the class Twitter wall! Let me know if there's anything you'd like to add. 

EVERYONE begins the year with a 100% participation score. I will take note of your class participation EVERY SINGLE DAY. Listed below are situations that will negatively affect your score: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Electronics visible (includes ear buds, Kindles/iPads/iPods, cellphones, devices of any kind) Negative attitude (affects the teaching/learning environment for us all) Absence Eating/drinking anything other than water Side conversations during instruction/while teacher is teaching Working on other classes' homework during Spanish Reading a book during instruction/while teacher is teaching Using or blurting out in English Coming to class unprepared (without your binder, spiral notebook, writing utensil) Sleeping Use of a bathroom pass Tardiness Lining up at the door before teacher excuses the class

Grading Rubric:
0 =F (50% or below) 1=F (50%-69%) 2=D (70%-74%) 3=C (75%-79%) 4=B (80%-89%) 5=A (90%-100%)

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