LACTULOSE 1. Name & class of drug – generic and trade name.

GENERIC NAME: Lactulose BRAND NAME: Cephulac, Chronulac CLASSIFICATION: Gastrointestinal agent, hyperosmotic laxative 2. Dose range and routes for adult & geriatric client. PREPARATIONS: PO DOSING: 10mg/15ml solution, syrup 3. Purpose prescribed. Underline reason your client is prescribed drug. THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS: Acidifies colon contents, osmotic effect of organic acids causes laxative action USES: prevention and tx of portal-systemic encephalopathy (PSE), including stages of hepatic precoma and coma, and by prescription for relief of chronic constipation 4. Major side effects & drug interactions. DRUG INTERACTIONS: will increase systematic absorption of mineral oil SIDE EFFECTS: diarrhea

5. Nursing Implications & teaching.

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Take sufficient liquid with each dose and increase fluid intake during the day. Do not take concomitantly with mineral oil Do not take for prolonged periods in lieu of proper dietary management or treatment and underlying causes of constipation.