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If Sweden were to say sucking toes without washing them first is rape, then would that be an extradition offenceGeoffrey Robertson QC
when the sVa first debuted i offered the idea that the GR toe-sucking quote hurts case more than helps it. it seemed to be promptly removed. now as for anarchy and freedom to shoot oneself in the foot, i take the assange defence very seriously and do not appreciate anything which detracts from the integrity. if GR wants to have an absurd blog i think that would be more the place for that kind of statement. if british and swedish law has degenerated to this level, ok. i believe the assange defence could be better waged with more attention to the amnesty international report on rape in the nordic countries which shows the way serious rape is often overlooked by sexist prosecutors IN SWEDEN. a comment on this or the actual full file as expose of the HR SCANDAL re sweden's failure to rape victims would be more compelling so geoffrey really could be more scholarly here. if this kind of vulgar salesmanship is what it takes to win the plebeian vote, whatever, but i find it disgusting and insulting to rape victims and believe many people in sweden might as well.

i believe SVA deleted this promptly and the old code stands with the j4a mirror or something.

8/12/11 mary eng

to Brita

well what is the swedih journal you publish on???? anything, of your writing, and specifically i want to work to continue on learning swedish!!!!!!

thank you for being such an inspiration!!!!! also the civil rights lawyers organization in sweden. do they still exist or have a webpage or a name to look up.

i found the reference on rixstep but then lost it.

the international law of the future will be so exciting.

i think the nerousness regarding the outcome of the apppeal is palpable. perhaps we shall know by the end of august. some of the assange research links via ferrada-noli. i feel like his extreme views about women hurt assange's case.

do you know him well. i do not want to continue to pick on him, but sometimes i feel wikileaks is misguided in understanding what kind of resource will alienate people. then i don't think they understand sweden. also that perhaps they just like to ignite controversy to generate free press. what a mystery!!!!!!

another thing is that geoffrey robertson the UK attorney has a history of supporting hiroshima. i heavily critique this and feel it is a part of why he was fired. also american alan derschowitz is still a US ATTY listed as a press contact despite the fact that he supports torture in some instances. better is the kevin zeese who worked to disbar the torture lawyers. also i am intrigued by the career attack on bjorn hurtig, whether it was set up from the start. i tried many times to be in touch with him, to little avail. i hope your beautiful family is well.

let them know my california friends and oregon family are their friends and family too. i may be in los angeles in september. i have a LA weekly documentarian very interested in wikileaks and then a friend who may be starting a tunisisa egypt documentary. so none of this research will be in vain. it is influencing people who will broadcast media outside of the swedish and UK media loops. you are so blessed. any link, but no worries i am just eager to read more your writing!!!!

it would be well to consider. as the j4a rebrand i believe is good because it doesn't create the feeling of divisiveness that could be misinterpreted as hatred towards sweden even tho sva is great overall j4a best esp when attention comes for the WTF similarly as for alliances with the antisemitic assange supporters, could you pass along the message that i very very very heartily disagree with an antisemitic and sexist document passed on to team via frontline. this kind of "support" is very dangerous and ethically compromising if you do not know what i refer to, fine.

lots of love, eng

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6/17/11 mary eng

to swedenversusas., svapress, jennifer.robin., mark.stephens

(redacted) HIROSHIMA with that in mind, does it not detract to cite geoffrey robertson who's defense of hiroshima hurts?

also, the continued misrepresentation of and stereotyping of sweden may work in the UK but will only inflame sweden further.

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