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Minutes of the Provincial Planning Committee Meeting (PPC) 2012 (1st Quarter)

Venue: Conference Hall NPC, Public Library, Jaffna Date & Time: 10th May 2012, 9.00 a.m. Participants: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. Mrs.R.Wijialudchumi Mr.R.Umakanthan Mr.U.L.M.Haldeen Mr.R.Raveenthiran Mr.S.Sathiyaseelan Mr.A.E.S.Rajendra Mr.I.S.M.Mohideen Mr.S.L.Deen Mr.P.Thayananthan Mr.T.Viswaruban Mr.S.Krishnananthan Mr.M.Jegu Mrs.V.Mathumathy Dr.Mrs.S.Thurairatnam Mr.S.Sivakumar Eng.K.S.Sivapatham Eng. T.Sivarajalingam Mr.P.Vickneswaran Mr.S.Annathura Eng.K.Kuganesan Eng..S.Mohanadevan Mr.J.J.C.Phelician Mrs.N.Inparaj Mr. T.Sarvanantha Mr.F.Johnson Mr.K.Magalingam Mr,S,Rameskumar Mr.S.Moganapavan Mrs.R.Mohaneswaran Mr.S. Yoganantham Mr.S.R.Sirirangan Mr.A.Jeyaratnam Mr.A.Deni Constaintain Mr.Macheri Namascas Chief Secretary, NP Deputy Chief Secretary, Planning ,NP Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture,NP Secretary, Ministry of Health,NP Secretary, Ministry of Education,NP Secretary, Ministry of Infrastructure Deve. Regional Commissioner, Vavuniya Regional Commissioner, Puttalam & Mannar Commissioner of Land, NP Commissioner of Probation and Child Care,NP Director, MDTI,NP Commissioner of Local Government,NP Commissioner Cooperative Dev.NP Director, Dept.of Indigenous Medicine, NP Provincial Director, Dept. of Agriculture,NP Provincial Director, Dept. of Irrigation, NP Provincial Director, Dept. of Road Deve. Provincial Director, Dept.of Education,NP Provincial Director, Dept.of Sports, NP Director, School Works,M/Education,NP Provincial Director of Buildings, NP Director, Dept. of Rural Dev, NP Director, Social Services, NP Director Planning, M/Agriculture, NP Deputy Director Planning, PPS,NP Director, Audit, NP Director, Accounts & Payment, NP Deputy Director Planning, Kilinochchi Deputy Director Planning, Jaffna Deputy Director Planning, Mannar Asst.Director Planning, Mullaithivu Senior Governance Advisor, GiZ-PIP SME Development Officer, GIZ DETA Head of Field Office, Unicef, Jaffna ,NP

35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50.

Mr.Y.Thayaparan Miss.S.Sarmili Miss.V.Rathigadevi Mr.N.Sarveswaran Mr.M.Thushiyanthan Mr.T.Gnanasuntharam Mr.R.Sivaharan Ms.A.R.Marina Mr. M.Sivalingam Mr.A.Senthooran Mr.A.S.Sivananthan Mr.P.Ragavan Mr.K.Sadagopan Mr.A.Surenthirarajah Mr.N.Mayooran Mrs.S.Rajajkumaran Mr.T.Pratheepan

WPO, Unicef, Jaffna CPO, Unicef, Jaffna EPO,Unicef, Jaffna ADP, Provincial Planning Secretariat, NP ADP, Provincial Planning Secretariat ,NP ADE(PL), M/Education ADP, M/Local Govt. Asst. Research Officer, Planning Secretariat ,NP AO, Dept. of Motor Traffic Director, CLCMS Project Accountant, CLCMS Industrial Management Asst, Dept.of Ind. Team Leader, OIS Programme Assistant, PPS,NP Programme Assistant, PPS,NP Programme Asst. Chief Secretarys Secretariat Programme Asst. Dept.of Agriculture


The Chief Secretary, Northern Province Mrs.R.Wijialudchumi Chaired the Meeting and welcomed all representatives of Government Agents, Secretaries, Deputy Chief Secretaries, Heads of Departments and all the participants at the 1st meeting of Provincial Planning Committee for this year. 1. Adoption of Minutes Minutes of the previous meeting held 21st December 2011 were adopted unanimously and proposed by Mr.R.Raveenthiran, Secretary Ministry of Health and seconded by Mr.A.E.S.Rajendra Secretary, Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Northern Province.

2. Matters arising out of the previous Meeting 2.1 Divisional Statistical Hand Book
All reports have received from Jaffna, Vavuniya, Mullaitivu and Manar Districts for the year 2011.In Kilinochchi District only Kandawallai Division still has not submitted the report.

2.2 Divisional Resource Profile

All Divisional Resource Profiles for the year 2011 were received from all 5 Districts. Guideline has been sent to the Government Agents for the preparation of Divisional Statistical Hand Books and Resource Profiles for the year 2012.It has been requested that, all Divisional Statistical Hand Books and Resource Profiles to be sent to the Provincial Planning Secretarial before 29th June 2012 .The payment for the above will be sent to the Government Agents by cheque in due course.


Approval of Memoranda

Deputy Chief Secretary Planning tabled the following memoranda which were approved by the Secretarys Committee Meeting held on 9th May 2012 under CBG & PSDG for the approval of the Provincial Planning Committee. After the brief discussion 04 memoranda under CBG and 05 memoranda under PSDG has been approved with the concern of administrative and financial procedures.
Source of Funds CBG/2012/01 CBG/2012/02 CBG CBG/2012/03 CBG/2012/04 Dept.of Local Govt Dept. of Provincial Audit Dept. of Cooperative Dept.of Cooperative Repairs of Office Vehicle (EP JN 9283) Repairs of Van for ACCD Office Vavuniya (61-6814) Fitting Electricity at ACLG Office, KIlinochchi Repairs of Office Van(227-5953) Urgent Alteration works PSDG/2012/01 Dept. of Health at the ETU in Pathology unit at DGH, Vavuniya Construction PSDG/2012/02 Dept. of Health Maternity BH,Tellipallai PSDG PSDG/2012/03 PSDG/2012/04 Dept.of Local Govt Construction of Common Hall at Kurumbasidy Reairs VAT PSDG/2012/05 Dept.of Education of J/Vasavilan for 24.50 Approved Central College payment Administration Project (Details are shown in the Annexure I) expenses 3.00 6.00 Approved Approved Ward of at 5.00 Approved 3.00 Approved 0.80 Memo No Sector Work Item Amount Mn 0.50 1.00 0.20 Approved Approved Approved Approved Condition

Dept.of Education

for the Indian Assistance

4. Review of Progress

Mr.N.Sarveswaran Asst. Director Planning presented the 1st quarter progress position on AIP 2012. Secretaries and Heads of Departments also presented their sectoral progress position. According to the circular issued by the Department of National Budget ( No : 155 dated 30.12.2011) budgetary allocation has been reduced by 2% of Recurrent Expenditure and 9% of Capital Expenditure. Instruction has been already given to all sectors by the Provincial Treasury. Therefore, all Ministries and Departments to take action to compulsory savings accordingly.

4.1 Progress under Criteria Based Grant (CBG ) 2012

Budgetary allocation of the year 2012 under CBG is Rs.294 mn This allocation has been revised as Rs.267.54 Mn. A sum of Rs.53.73 mn has been released as an imprest for various departments.Rs.48.9 mn reported as an expenditure by the respective departments up to 31st March 2012.

4.2 Progress under Provincial Specific Development Grant (PSDG)

Budgetary allocation of the year 2012 under PSDG is Rs.1, 302 mn . This allocation has been revised as Rs.1,184.82 Mn. A sum of Rs.52.7 mn has been released as an imprest for various departments.Rs.26.3 mn reported as an expenditure by the respective departments up to 31st March 2012.

4.2.1 Ministry of Agriculture

Under the Inland Fisheries sector Rs.17 Mn was allocated for 06 projects which were submitted to the Finance Commission. Out of this, 04 projects were approved at the cost of Rs.12.5 mn. Alternative proposal for Rs.4.5 Mn also submitted to the Finance Commission for obtain approval. With NAQDA consultation, Akkarayan kulam also included for develop Inland Fishing. Hon. Governor has requested to make arrangements to add the fingerling in Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu & Vavuniya North. Under the Agriculture all projects are approved worth of Rs 66 mn. In the Livestock sector, 14 projects are approved at the cost of Rs.34 mn. And the Irrigation sector 09 projects are approved at the cost of Rs.33 Mn. All projects are in progress.

4.2.2 Ministry of Education

Rs.250 Mn was allocated under Education Sector. Out of 19 projects, 11 projects were approved at the cost of Rs 74.2 mn. Justification and details reports submitted to the Finance Commission for the balance amount of Rs175.8 Mn. Under the Sports sector all 4 projects has been approved at the cost of Rs.17 Mn. Rs.5 Mn was allocated for 2 projects under Cultural Affairs.

4.2.3 Ministry of Health

Rs.250 Mn was allocated for 23 projects under Western Medicine. Under the Indigenous Medicine Rs.33 Mn was allocated for 10 projects. 8 Projects are approved for implementation by the Finance Commission at the cost of Rs. 13 Mn. Alternative proposal should be submitted for the balance amount.

4.2.4 Ministry of Infrastructure Development

Under the Road Sector Rs.130 Mn was allocated for 36 projects which were submitted to the Finance Commission. Under Tourism Sector Rs.33 Mn was allocated for 6 projects. Out of which, 4 projects approved at the cost of Rs. 19.5 Mn .Alternative proposal also submitted for the balance amount. In this sector providing coastal park Mannar at the cost of Rs. 10 Mn has been cancelled and transfers the fund to Rehabilitation of Old Park Stage II. Rs.17 Mn was allocated for Transport Sector.

4.2.5 Ministry of Local Government

Rs.55 Mn was allocated for 07 projects under Local Authority Roads. Alternative proposals has requested for the Local Authority Services & Solid Waste Management at the cost of Rs.45 Mn. Rs.34 Mn was allocated to the Rural Infrastructure Development for 4 projects. Out of which 2 projects approved. Detail report to be submitted to the Finance Commission

for its approval. Rs.6 Mn was approved for 8 works under Rural Alternative Energy. Rs.20 mn worth of 9 projects were approved for the Social Services. Under the Probation and Childcare Services, the Finance Commission still has not approved the project and requested details. Rs.12 mn has been approved for 14projects under Industries Department.

4.2.6 Regional Development Initiatives

Rs. 190 Mn has been allocated for the Regional Development initiatives. After the deduction of compulsory saving 9 %, the amount has been revised as Rs. 172.9 mn. Rs.81.17 mn has been allocated by the Finance Commission to the Agriculture, Cooperative, Local Govt. and Probation sectors. Rs.22.18 mn for Dept. of Agriculture for the Promotion of Dry Chilli Production in the N.P. Rs.45 mn for Dept.of Local Government for the Construction of Kilinochchi. the Market in

Rs.8.99 mn for Dept.of Probation & Child Care for the Reconstruction of the Juvenile Observation Home at Certified School and Training of Dairy and Poultry Farm. Rs.5 mn for Dept.of Cooperative for the Stock Enhancement of Chundikulam Lagoon with Tiger Prawn.

4.3 Health Sector Development Project (HSDP)

Rs. 5 Mn has been allocated for the Health Sector as a token vote under HSDP.

4.4 Education Sector Development Project (ESDP)

Secretary Ministry of Education explained that , a sum of Rs. 144 mn has been allocated for the project.

4.5 Education for Knowledge Society Project (EKSP) - Issuru 1000 Secondary School Programme
17 schools have been selected from Northern Province .2 schools construction works are completed and ready to open and 8 schools are ongoing and preparedly level. 7 schools are under

4.6 Nawodya
It has been reported that, a sum of Rs.50 Mn has been allocated under Nawodaya programme under the budgetary allocation.

5. Progress on Donor Funded Project

The progress of the Donor funded projects are as follows. Details will be discussed at the Provincial Project Coordinating Committee Meeting.

5.1 North East Housing Reconstruction Project (NEHRP)

Project Objective To provide the poorest conflict affected families in the North East that meet accepted vulnerability criteria with improved and affordable housing units. Total Allocation US $ 143.409 Mn. Project Period 7 years ( February 2005 December 2011) Total Houses Damaged assets in 2010 -168,130 Nos. Total No. of Allocated Houses-27,392 Nos. No of Houses Completed-27,097 Nos. Total Expenditure up to 31.12.2011 Rs 8,057.02 Mn. This Project has been completed in 2011.

5.2 Pro-Poor Economic Advancement and Community Empowerment Project (PEACE)

Project objective To attain a higher level of production and productivity in agriculture in the Northern Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka and to improve family income and socio economic status of the farming community. Total Allocation US $ 24.437 Mn Project Period 5 years (February 2007 - May 2011) Total Allocation for the Irrigation schemes- Rs.737.0 Mn. Expenditure up to 30.04.2012 for the Irrigation schemes-Rs.620.78 Mn

Details are as follow: Name of the Scheme Total Allocation (Mn) Nampan kulam (Vavuniya) Mamaduwa (Vavuniya South Akathimurrippu (Musali,Mannar) Thadchchinamaruthamadu (Madhu,Mannar) Thenniyankulam(Thunukai,Mullai tivu) Akkarayankulam(Karachchi,Kilino chchi Total 29.00 50.00 163.00 52.00 Financial Progress (Mn) 28.55 48.88 161.90 49.90 Physical Progress 100% 100% 100% 100%




350.00 737.00

241.00 620.78


5.3 Re- awakening Project (RAP) Project Objective To reduce conflict related poverty in the Northern Eastern region by creating opportunities and empowering the poor and strengthening governance. Total Allocation US $ 81.14 Mn Project Period 9 years ( January 2005 March 2013)

The following 4 components are covered under this project Village Rehabilitation & Development - Rs.580.0 mn Essential Rehabilitation & Improvement to selected Major Irrigation Schemes Rs.875.0 mn Cluster level livelihood support activities Rs.226.0 mn Institutional Capacity Building Rs.187.0 mn Total Expenditure up to 31.03.2012.

The progress position of major irrigation schemes are as follows; Name of the Scheme Giant Tank Valukaiaru Pavatkulam Piramanthan Aru Mahaththankulam Total Total Allocation Rs. In (Mn) 440.15 263.98 105.52 60.0 10.0 879.65 Expenditure up to 30.04.2012 (Mn) 355.55 209.76 87.04 25.77 10.17 688.29

5.4 NECORD II Supplementary Loan

Project Objective To rapidly improve the living conditions and well being of a significant number of people in the conflict affected areas of the Northern Province. Total Allocation US $ 16.6 Mn Project Period 2 years (September 2010 December 2011) Multi Sectoral Emergency Rehabilitation Project Components: - Infrastructure and Civil Works - 9.0 mn US $ - Supplies and Equipments - 2.0 mn US $ - Project Implementation - 5.6 mn US $ 151 Projects were approved by the ADB and 45 nos project completed Out of Rs 1,778.23 Mn RS 747.67 Mn has been spent up to 30.04.2012

5.4 Provincial Road Projects Northern Road Connectivity Project ADB

Project Objective Enhance the road connectivity between the North and the South of the country and to improve the travel speed and service. Total Allocation 25.08 Mn US$ (ADB Contribution 89% & GOSL 11%) Project Period - 5 Years(June 2010 December 2015) 140 km C,D Roads The projects Covers the Vavuniya and Mannar Districts Procurement Activities Completed and 6 packages of roads contracts were awarded at a cost of Rs. 2,050.9 mn for Mannar and Vavuniya Districts .

Provincial Road Project World Bank

Project Objective To improve access to socio economic centers in Northern, Eastern and Uva provinces through the sustainable management of infrastructure. Total Allocation US $ 21 Mn (Northern Province) Project Period 5 years (March 2010 March 2015) 100 km CD Roads Rehabilitation(75 km roads are taken up ) The projects Covers Jaffna District Project agreement signed Out of 5 packages of roads 4 package of road contract awarded for 60.67km road at a cost of Rs. 1,800mn 1 package technical evaluation completed and waiting for World Bank concurrence.

Conflict Affected Rehabilitation Emergency Project (CARE) - ADB

Project Objective To improve the accessibility, reduce the travel time an operating cost of vehicle and increase the satisfaction level of the road users Total Allocation - 39.80 mn US $ (ADB Contribution 89%, & GOSL 11%) Project Period - 4 years (February 2010 June 2013) Proposed100 km Provincial Road ( 88.27 km is taken up at a cost of Rs.1,602.80 mn) 100 km Local Authority Roads ( 76.90 km is taken up at a cost of Rs.1,331.97 mn) The projects Covers the Jaffna, Mannar, Vavuniya,Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi District

Emergency Northern Recovery Project (ENReP)

Project Objective To Support the Governments efforts to rapidly resettle the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) to their original places of residence in the Northern Province and restore their social economic condition. Total Allocation 75.54Mn US $ Project Period - 3 years ( January 2010 December 2012)

Progress of the following components as at 30.04.2012

Total Allocation (Rs Mn)




Achiev ement

Cumulative Expenditure (Rs Mn)

Physical Progress

A1-Farm Jungle Clearance A2-Seeds distribution through Dept. of Agriculture (red onion, green gram, cowpea, seed paddy) A3Reactivating coconut nursery through Dept of Land Administratio n




220.00 Famili es 2,525



79,129 families benefited through paddy land cultivation, seed distribution, coconut seedling distribution and plant distribution. 6,748 ha. farm land and 369.23 km bund cleared. 22,795 mt paddy is to be produced.

Famili es



B-Cash of work programme

Famili es Person Days (Mn.) No 656

45,097 1,185.0 2.15 1,184.56

45,097 Families are Benefitted and 2.15 mn man days generated.

CRehabilitation , Reconstructio n of Essential Public & Economic Infrastructure


6,600.0 km 611 442


442.36 km roads have been completed 76 Nos. of Irrigation tanks have been completed. 323 Nos.of Buildings works have been completed 9 water supply scheme are in progress

Project Objective - To provide sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction through the provision of urban infrastructure services (water supply, urban roads, urban drainage and sewerage improvement, solid waste management and small scale community infrastructure) and the promotion of urban management improvement to urban local authorities in Sri Lanka. Total Allocation US $ 66.375 Allocation for Northern Province - Rs.560.00Mn Project period 7 years (January 2006 April 2012) Expenditure up to 30.04.2012 Rs.320.00 Mn The projects are included Construction of Buildings, Rehabilitation of Roads Purchasing Machineries Building works 86.5% completed, road works 96% completed, purchasing of machineries 100% completed and

5.6 Jaffna Kilinochchi Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Project objective - To Provide safe drinking water to the population of the city of Jaffna and its surrounding urban and the rural area, estimated to contain 250,000 people , and sanitation facilities to approximately 50,000 people. Total Allocation US $ 164.04 Mn.( ADB- $ 90.00 mn, AFD - $ 48.00 mn,GOSL - $ 26.04 mn ) Project Period 6 years (February 2011 February 2016) Executing Agency for the Irranamadu Head Works Ministry of Local Govt. and Provincial Council Implementing Agency for the Irranamadu Head works Dept. of Irrigation Northern Province Road cross works 75% completed, Iranaimadu head work consultancy is in progress, construction of Jaffna regional office building TEC submitted to ADB for approval, construction of staff quarters- foundation work completed

The Center for Livelihood Credit Management Services (CLCMS) is functioning as a unit under the Department of Corporative Development in the Northern Province. The overall objective of this unit is creating and strengthen credit network through the livelihood development for poor people in the Northern Province. The Director of CLCMS reported the progress position. No. of Active Societies Total Groups and Members Disbursed Loan Amount - 196 - 1,616 Groups - Rs.298.6 Mn for 9,514 Clients


The present position reported under UNICEF programme as at 31 March 2012 is as follows. Mn

Sector Agency

Sector Component
Educational Development WASH Health & Nutrition WASH WASH Gender based violence & Vocational training Child Protection

Budgetary Allocation

No.of Project approved in 1st Stage

16 01 22 02

Imprest released to GT by the Unicef

10.95 5.97 46.00 5.20 6.27

Education Health Dept. of Local Government Dept. of Social Services Probation Child Care Total



01 01 219.00 44

9.64 5.63 89.65

8. Preparation of Capital Expenditure for the year 2013

Deputy Chief Secretary-Planning informed that, the proposals of the financial needs for the year 2013 should be prepared based on the Guideline issued by the Finance Commission. The proposals to be sent to the Provincial Planning Secretariat before end of May 2012. Needs should be identified on the priority basis.

9. Performance Improvement Project (GiZ- PIP)

Mr.A.Jeyaratnam, Senior Governance Advisor, GiZ-PIP explained the progress position for the year 2012. This programme covers Human Resource Development and Local Governance for the period of 2011 -2013 19 new Local Authorities in Jaffna have established the Public Redress System. Public Information Dissemination was conducted in the 6 Local Authorities in Jaffna. An orientation on ILDP was conducted to the newly elected Chairman and Members in the 3 pilot areas. Identification of Priority areas onILDP process has been completed. Screening of the project proposals is in progress by the respective sectors. Equipments and Wireless net work facilities were provided to the 5 LAs and 3 DSS. Rs.11.2 Mn worth of furniture supplied to the 17 Las in Jaffna. 60 Public Officers successfully completed STEPS course in first quarter 2012.Since 2006, 1470 staff have been successfully completed. 18school leavers have completed FESL courses. 24 upper secondary schools in Vavuniya successfully completed in teaching English.


10. Centre for Information and Resource Management (CIRM )

CIRM presented the progress of CIRM activities. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Many initiatives carried out to explore the potentials in Tourism sector. Brochures and Picture postcards prepared for by highlighting places of interest. prepared Preparations of Resource Profiles for Local Authorities Kayts & Velanai in Jaffna District have been commenced. Preparation of Sectoral Profile for Education - questionnaire has been prepared to collect data .A pilot project is being carried out for Nallur and Kayts Educational Division. CIRM has conducted Sort Term training programme on Free and Open Source Software for NPC Officers. Web GIS System develop for Education Sector. Video presentation on tourist places was prepared.

11. Resettlement of IDPS

Out of 353,319 IDPs, 347,297 IDPs were resettled and 6,022 IDPs will be resettled from two welfare centers in Vavuniya as at 29th April 2012. Details are as follows. S.No 1 2 Relief Centers Kathirgamar(Zone 0) Ananthakumarasamy (Zone -1) Total Villages/IDP Families 769 1,031 1,800 Male 1,263 1,642 2,895 Female 1,306 1,821 3,127

Total 2,559 3,463 6,022

12. Operational Information System (OIS) The Team Leader presented the progress position on OIS
Web management which includes running, maintenance, feature improvement and uploading is being monitored. Network accessories (Router, Switches, Access Points, etc.) are being maintained on routine basis. Maintaining Local Area Network among Provincial Ministries/ Departments. Supported Training Programmes organized by the MDTI and CIRM. Technical support and advice provided to the Provincial Institution, if required. Free Open Source Software (Ubuntu & has been installed at OIS unit and used in our day to day official activities. Prepared course module to conduct ICT trainings at Provincial ICT Training Center. Maintaining Financial Database for Department of Buildings Managing official result publishing database.


13. Provincial Computer Training Center

The DCS-Planning knowledge informed that, the Finance Commission has



to develop ICT in

in 3 Provinces Province

(North, East & Uva). In this direction the guidance of the Finance is to upgrade According

lCT centre

has been established

the Northern



in collaboration

with the

ICTA. The main purpose officers, training school children

of this establishment and targeted

and provide knowledge to the I-Ion. Governor

in ICT for the instruction,



will be conducted

by the MDT!.

The Meeting concluded

at 11.00 am.

R. makanthan Deputy Chief Secretary For Chief Secretary Northern Province - Planning