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Dell is known for its impressive management of their supply chain. In many respects this capability was the genesis of its competitive advantage. However Dell’s growth spawned an array of disparate management systems in the factories and in use on the production lines. This fragmentation made it difficult to coordinate activities factory to factory and globally between various facilities and suppliers. This new mobile solution at Dell allowed the organization to have much stronger supply chain visibility, a common term used by supply chain experts. Case Study – mCimplicity
Dell, a large US computer and technology services company, engaged Endeavour – The Mobility Company, to introduce new technologies and approaches to the management of their supply chain.

In response, Endeavour assisted Dell by developing a single application layer that could interact with an array of disparate management systems across their factories, to unify the data and allow users mobile access in real time. The new system provides real time visibility and key metrics to help managers control factory operations while on move thereby facilitating effective decision making.

Challenges to be addressed
From its early beginnings, Dell operated as a pioneer in the "configure to order" approach to manufacturing—delivering individual PCs configured to customer specifications. This meant that over time it had adopted a wide array of systems that are very difficult to integrate into a single system.

This fragmentation made it difficult to coordinate activities factory to factory and globally between various facilities and suppliers.

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The key challenge therefore was to develop a solution that created a common standardized application layer knitting together the disparate systems and then to extend access to this new shared resource to workers using mobile devices and technologies on the factory floor and in management offices.

Creating this key application layer and making it a global standard was no small task.

Services Offered by Endeavour-The Mobility Company
Endeavour has helped Dell in addressing critical questions that would help the company in taking a leap globally through information mobility and application access. This was achieved through:  Strategy Definition and opportunity prioritization to ensure prioritization of long term vision and short term priorities  Solution Architecture Design identifying business and technological gaps thereby defining optimal solutions  Execution and Program Management thereby delivering technology solutions that produce the desired results

The Solution - mCimplicity
The resulting solution at Dell allowed the organization to have much stronger supply chain visibility, a common term used by supply chain experts. The solution now connects the factory floor from end to end. Business managers can now monitor total factory output, throughput, and work-in-progress levels in real time. No small accomplishment for a company whose lifeblood relies on it’s complex production processes. This new found visibility and control allowed for improved management and decision making and led to considerable internal savings. Adjustments during the production process could be initiated more rapidly due to the information network that now connected it. These efforts spawned other innovative ways to proactively monitor equipment or deliver real-time knowledge/training in a targeted fashion in the field.

Some of the unique features offered by the Solutions included:  Microsoft .NET framework to provide common, simplification between the routing and tracking of applications and the other factory systems

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BlackBerry devices allowing users to make operational and workflow decisions on their handheld devices that affect factory operations in real time.

The solution helped the executives at Dell through: o Access to real time Trends – fetch data, build trends, analyze o Analyze Trends - Data scaling to visualize the trends based on shifts, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly o Initiate Corrective Actions – via remote capabilities to connect with factory databases with simple and easy to configure server components This factory automation project was instrumental to Dell’s ability to globalize through information mobility and application access.

Our Value Add
The detailed understanding of the technology landscape at DELL facilitated Endeavour in creating a solution framework that was tailored to address the challenges of fragmentation, coupled with our  End to End Expertise – mobility, middleware, integration  Deep expertise in mobility challenges  Ability to assist clients with vision/strategy followed by rapid/phased development and deployment

About Endeavour
Endeavour is a specialist mobility company and has been exclusively focused on mobile solution development since 2002. Based on our growth over the last decade we are confident that our role as the Mobility Services Company that acts as the “Mobility Integrator” to enterprises is critical to the enterprise mobile ecosystem. Our vision is to be the world's best "Mobility Integrator", and our strategy is to do this by   Enabling our People. By enabling our people to keep pace with the latest in mobility technology and become thought leaders in their areas of specialization Helping Customers. By proactively going to our customers and helping them drive business value from Mobile enablement.

With over a decade of proven mobility expertise, enabling award-winning customer deployments, Endeavour is evolving into one of the largest independent enterprise mobility companies globally. Explore more about us @ Drop in an email to interact with our experts:

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