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KIPP Infinity Charter School Board of Trustees Minutes of October 17, 2011 Meeting The KIPP Infinity Charter

School Board of Trustees met on October 17, 2011 at Hunter College with the following trustees in attendance: David Massey, Brian Zied, Larry Robbins, and Abigail Klem. Also attending were Quinton Vance, David Levin, Joe Negron, Jane Martinez Dowling, Rafael Mayer, Frank Corcoran, John Zeiler, Kelly Coffey, Kinga Lampert, Amy Griffin, Amy Robbins, Carrie Mauer, Jack Chorowsky, Kaya Stone, Charizma Williams, Lindsay Fry, Natalie Webb, Josh Zoia, and Vicki Zubovic. Opening of Meeting The board voted unanimously to run the meeting concurrently with the meetings of the Boards of KIPP AMP, KIPP Washington Heights Academy, KIPP New York Inc., and the Joint High School Committee due to the commonality of issues. Board Business The board approved the minutes of its June 13, 2011 meeting by unanimous vote. The board opened the meeting to public comments. There were no comments. The board approved all new staff assignments by unanimous vote. Mr. Levin provided the board with an update on the progress and performance of KIPP NYC schools and programs, specifically focusing on the middle school state test scores and work underway to improve ELA scores. Mr. Levin noted that KIPP STAR was designated a School in Need of Improvement based on the performance of its Special Education population. Natalie Webb, Principal of KIPP NYC College Prep High School presented on the high schools data from last years Regents and PSAT tests. Currently, 113 of 140 or 81% of the rising juniors have hit the mark of 75 on both the English and Integrated Algebra and/or Geometry Regents Exams. Ms. Webb also noted that the high school staff is focused on improving GPAs and standardized test scores, as well as planning for having a school of 1000 students when fully enrolled. The board approved hiring Josh Zoia to become the next KIPP NYC Superintendent, effective July 1, 2012, by unanimous vote. The board approved amendments to the schools 403b plan by unanimous vote, retroactively to July 1, 2011. The most important change involves clarifying that a staff member must work at least 1,000 hours to be eligible for the employer match.

The board voted to approve the review of Principals Natalie Webb, Joe Negron, Lindsay Fry, and Stephanie Adams by unanimous vote. Managing Director of Finance Charizma Williams and COO Jack Chorowsky shared with the board that the financial audit will be ready by the Nov. 1 submission deadline. The audit committee will meet separately in October to review the audit and the full board will review the completed audit at its January meeting. Mr. Chorowsky reviewed the YTD financials, cash position, and long-term financial plan. He stated that the school is on track with this years budget. The board authorized an increase in the budget to reflect specified overages and priorities by unanimous vote. The board voted unanimously to move to Executive Session to discuss confidential personnel and real estate matters. Adjournment The meeting adjourned.