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Axiomatizing humanity “Long time no see! I have been through a lot recently.

And I have thought many things. For short: 1. Love is not judged by the real distance but the distance between the people's heart. 2. Happiness is not about having so many people around you and like you, but having one person who really loves you deeply.” This article was inevitable considering my recent others. The quote above was sent to me from my dear friend Sophie. I never debated writing this article but there are strong reasons for it: we desperately need to understand ourselves, our lives, and our place in the cosmos.. Without this understanding, we feel lost – adrift – anchorless. The following simple system of axioms is an attempt to do just that. 0. 1. 2. 3. We need each other to exist. Typically, we overcome taboos to validate each other. We have this insatiable desire for oneness. We need to make sense of things.

That's about it. That's the human condition. That is the core of our being and core needs. Anything else is more superficial to those or build on those. Our need for comfort, our sexual desires, our need for intimacy, our need to make progress,.. All of these are rooted in our four basic needs listed above. ..At one moment, I could have written this set another way dealing with hope, love, and faith but I'm convinced from my experiences that the four above are more core to the human condition than those values.. Of course, many of us would like those needs above replaced by those three prime values, but that does not make it a reality. No, we must recognize the frailty of humanity in terms of basic human needs. But this implies something more: 4. Our strength of mind or will originates from these. This might be difficult for some to see but clear your mind, find a peaceful place in your mind, find your 'safe place', and you will realize that strength originates from 'weakness'. That God originates from humility. ..There are infinite ways to express this profound truth.. Each of our lives is an expression of our unique position/perspective in the context of 4-needs+1-strength. It's an interesting view of existence and the human animal. The way I explain 0 is that we cannot continue without each other – we need each other to continue but that implies we cannot exist moment-to-moment without each other so.. 0. 1 is based on personal experiences but highlights our need for validation. Many of us are continually in this mode. I recommend limiting your set of validators because if we are continually in this mode, we cannot realize the following axiom: 5. Our will is the only thing that can overcome those needs. So in my opinion, when a true Christian overcomes lust with 'the Holy Spirit', it is really a trick of the mind using personal will. In this sense, 'the Holy Spirit' is will. But as always, we must be careful around this analogy: the analogy is only valid when we have positive intentions which shows: 6. Intention is the most powerful force in the universe. Many may disagree and say love; I might even say that.. But if we think carefully about our will and intentions, we realize our will is guided by our intentions. This realization forces another: 7. Intention can be chosen. This part just 'blows me away'.. I realized this as a child but it took me 42 years to understand the implications and sources.. The fact God gave me this realization as a child should be proof enough that

God exists but if you doubt my story, raise a child in love and observe the consequences. I'm a direct product of my parents love for each other and me. I cannot 'be' any other way. I mentioned in my last article that I am 'about' enhancing meaning but.. Love is more core to my being than that. I have this insatiable need to love and be loved. And so God has granted me some interesting realizations at a very young age.. Those axioms above were actually self-evident to me as a child; this seems unbelievable but consider God – the whole notion is unbelievable.. Please allow me to rewrite the axioms in one complete set without interruption: 0. We need each other to exist. 1. We need to validate each other. 2. We need to be One. 3. We need to understand. 4. Our will originates from these needs. 5. Our will can overcome these needs. 6. Intention is Power. 7. We can choose intention. 8. This is also Power. 9. We become God in this process. Now please don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying we're all mini-Gods and that we should vie for control of the universe.. Far from it.. I'm saying that by moderating our needs, using our will in constructive manners, realizing we always have a choice,.. - we become God by unioning with Her. We become God by unioning with each other as well – this should also be self-evident. So as I keep saying in my articles: love is never wrong. It's how we express it that matters. We realize that from God comes awesome Power and Responsibility. That religions are merely cloaks with which we enshroud ourselves.. And that our bodies are merely shells for our will or spirit. I beg you dear reader to realize the Truth of these things.. Don't let religious idiosyncrasies cloud your Mind. Focus on the core of our existence.. Look within and See Truth. See.