Lab Notebook Feedback 8-24-11 Colton Exploding Can Demonstration Mass and Kisses Lab Mass and Change Lab

Lab Skills 1. Identify the hypothesis Part III: Terminology is important! We want to know about mass in this to be tested, phenomenon to be lab, not weight. investigated or the problem to be solved. (ΔHS.1.2.2a) Lab Skills 2. Identify the tested variables and conditions to be Parts II, IV and V are missing  kept constant during an investigation. (ΔHS.1.2.2b) Lab Skills 3. Communicate the Part II: Again, be sure to use the correct terminology (mass, not weight). details of an experimental Parts III, IV and V are missing. procedure clearly and completely. (ΔHS.1.2.2c) No naked numbers! Be sure every number has a label and there is a Lab Skills 4. Record and represent description as to what the measurements are. data in a meaningful way. (ΔHS.1.2.2d) Missing part II Parts III – VI are a little too succinct. For each of these parts, there were outliers in our data that needed to be explained. Sometimes, it is the outlier that is on the right track, so we need to be sure that anything that does not fall within our central tendency is explained in our analysis to make sure it should not be considered. The other part of your analysis refers back to your hypothesis and whether or not it was supported. Your final analysis was very well written.

Lab Skills 5. Analyze laboratory data in order to clarify the questions, hypotheses or methods of an experiment.

Lab Skills 10. Follow all lab cleanup procedures. Physical Properties of Matter 1. I can define mass, volume and density in terms of a substance's particles. Physical Properties of Matter *2. I can apply the Law of Conservation of Mass.

I don’t see any particle diagrams. Just like we did in the whiteboarding, I want you to show me how we understand what is happening at the particle level. This is a very good summary of how the LoM applies to this lab. On parts IV and VI, your explanations are very detailed about why you think mass was conserved in a situation where the before and after masses were different.

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