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Timeline of Harassment / Crimes

People / Organizations................................................................................................................. 2 Situational Overview.................................................................................................................... 3 Methods of Harassment, Etc........................................................................................................ 3 Damages.................................................................................................................................. 4 Preface - Brett Kimberlin History.................................................................................................. 5 Preface Seth Allen history......................................................................................................... 7 Harassment Timeline & Details.................................................................................................... 7 Article About Brett Kimberlin is Published................................................................................. 7 Anonymous Hacks HB Gary Federal........................................................................................ 7 Weinergate............................................................................................................................... 8 Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Accountability, Anonymous & Anonymiss....................................9 Evidence [SECTION IN PROGRESS]........................................................................................ 10

People / Organizations
Victims: Seth Allen (South Easton, MA) Patrick Frey (Los Angeles, CA) Mandy Nagy (Bedminster, NJ) Michael (Mike) Stack (Montgomery Township, NJ) Aaron Worthing, pseudonym [real name: Aaron Walker] (Manassas, VA) Also, peripherally Andrew Breitbart (Los Angeles, CA) Brett C. Kimberlin Director of (including Stop The Chamber) and Justice Through Music. Active supporter of "Anonymous" and "Occupy Wall Street" movement. Convicted of perjury, malicious damage by means of explosives involving personal injury, impersonation of a federal officer, possession and illegal use of Department of Defense insignia and Seal of the President of the United States, and conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana, among others. Served nearly 18 years in prison of 50+ yr sentence for the Speedway Bombings in Indianapolis, IN. Neal R. Rauhauser Publicly active member of "Anonymous." Organizer/Activist with the "Occupy Wall Street" movement (ran the WeOccupyAmerica Twitter account until approximately December 2011, tweets have since been deleted); Owner of Progressive PST (political social media consulting firm). Owner of Neal Rauhauser wordpress and Tumblr blogs, suspected owner of Gaped Crusader blog, used in the harassment. Ron Brynaert former executive editor of Raw Story, fiction writer, playwright, screenplay writer. Owner of Why Are We Back in Iraq and Hackers and Fake Newz blogs, which are used in the harassment. "Darrah Ford" real identity unknown; porn blogger who runs Porn Star Babylon and Darrah Ford blog to "support porn stars but condemn the people who run the industry for how badly performers are treated." Publicly active member of "Anonymiss," female faction of Anonymous" and activist with the "Occupy Wall Street" movement (currently runs the OccupyRebellion account on Twitter). Suspected owner of Anonymiss Express, used in harassment. POTENTIAL/PERIPHERAL PERSONS OF INTEREST: It is suspected that Brett Kimberlin's business associates, Kevin Zeese and Brad Friedman, are also engaged in or aware of Kimberlin and the other perpetrators' activities against the victims, however, that is unconfirmed/unknown at this time. o Kevin Zeese attorney & board member, attorney & spokesperson for (a campaign), legal counsel to "Anonymous" hacker collective, founder of pro-Wikileaks organizations Wikileaks Is Democracy and Bradley Manning Support Network, founder of Voters for Peace, Founder/organizer of, an Occupy Wall Street / Global Revolution organizing partner.


Brad Friedman - publisher of The BRAD BLOG, covers "election integrity and national security whistleblowers", co-founder of and a Fellow at the progressive Commonweal Institute. Lane Lipton owner of Qritiq blog, where much of the collaboration occurs out in the public's view "Kid Kenoma" owner of Kid Kenoma blog, where much of the collaboration also occurs out in the public's view "Lou Aubuchont" harassed Seth Allen; friend of Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman. Suspected owner of Just Call Me Lefty blog, used in the harassment.

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Situational Overview
[CREATE & INSERT VISUAL DEPICTING TIMELINE AND OVERALL CORRELATION OF STORIES & EVENTS] There is evidence and reason to believe that several individuals (collectively referred to herein as "perpetrators") have been working together in a coordinated effort to defame, stalk, harass, and in some instances, terrorize the victims named above, with the ultimate goal being that of falsely implicating the victims in perceived illegal and/or unethical behavior, including accusations of conspiracy in a potential federal crime already under current investigation by the US Congress and Department of Justice. Recent harassment from one individual in particular has escalated to implied threats of pending violence (emailing victims with videos depicting bloody murder scenes, posting "mass transportation escape routes" online located near one victim's residence, etc.), with references being made to something occurring on February 6th. While the internet is the key mechanism for invoking and engineering the harassment, some of it extends beyond online activity and most certainly has had real world consequences. There have been physical encounters, such as "swatting" calls made against two of the victims which brought SWAT teams to their residences with guns drawn on the victims, and a disingenuous tip called into police of another victim implying that Muslim extremists may harm him or people at his workplace, prompting a police visit to the victim's workplace. That incident, combined with the ongoing harassment, ultimately lost that victim and his wife their jobs with that employer. The history behind the harassment begins in October of 2010, when Mandy Nagy, a writer for publisher Andrew Breitbart's publications -,, and authored and published an article about Brett Kimberlin, a convicted domestic terrorist who served nearly 18 years in prison for the Speedway Bombings in Indiana, and about Kimberlin's organizations', and, politically motivated attacks on the US Chamber of Commerce. Nagy actually stumbled onto Kimberlin while researching another story entirely, but upon discovering Kimberlin's history, decided the story was directly relevant to current political news and pursued further research for a story dedicated to Kimberlin. When the article posted, Patrick Frey, an assistant District Attorney in Los Angeles and blogger who writes under the pseudonym "Patterico" on his personal time, did a follow-up on it at his own site the same day. Within hours, Brett Kimberlin notified both bloggers that he intended to sue for defamation. He never did. As political activists, Kimberlin and some of his associates are already engaged in an existing federal investigation that they solicited on behalf of their organizations, and (which they describe as "NGOs dedicated to corporate and government transparency and accountability"). In multiple ethics complaints and letters to the Dept of Justice and US Congress calling for a federal investigation, Kimberlin and some of his associates - who are involved with Wikileaks and with the hacking collective known as Anonymous - claim to be victims of domestic spying and cyberstalking crimes committed against them by government security contractors engaged in protecting Bank of America and the US Chamber of Commerce from attacks by Wikileaks and Anonymous. Using his connection to this investigation, Kimberlin and the other perpetrators have now also collectively targeted several of the victims listed above with the intent of falsely implicating them in a federal conspiracy. The perpetrators are urging a RICO lawsuit against government security firm HB Gary Federal, law firm Hunton & Williams, and the US Chamber of Commerce, among others, and they have indicated their intent to add several of the victims to this RICO lawsuit. [include Kimberlin's letter to Aaron Worthing's lawyer Elizabeth Kingsley as exhibit].

When Mandy Nagy once attempted to explain directly to one perpetrator, Neal Rauhauser, that his assumptions were incorrect, that he was trying to implicate innocent people in crimes and that he'd never have evidence to prove because his accusations were false, he responded, "Facts don't matter, that's the perception of the situation, and the world is going to act on that basis." Rauhauser further elaborated that our political views were the cause for his fixation, and that he was intentionally conducting certain activities online in order to convolute and thwart any attempts by law enforcement to investigate. The history of harassment is politically motivated and extends across multiple news stories over a period of fifteen (15) months, in which the perpetrators have also attempted to inject the victims' names into scandals related to said news stories as the timeline has progressed. These are detailed further in this document, but they include the following, for which I'll provide quick summaries below: Attacks on the US Chamber of Commerce The history behind the harassment begins in October of 2010, when Mandy Nagy, a writer for publisher Andrew Breitbart's publications -,, and authored and published an article about Brett Kimberlin, a convicted domestic terrorist who served nearly 18 years in prison, and about the politically motivated attacks on the US Chamber of Commerce by Kimberlin's organizations, and, among others. Neither Mandy Nagy nor Andrew Breitbart have any professional relationship with the US Chamber of Commerce, nor was the article coordinated with or published to benefit the US Chamber in any way. At that time, the attacks on the US Chamber were simply in the news and were very high profile, given that even our country's President was publicly attacking the organization. As political journalism goes, the subject of the article and its timing were nothing more than a relevant story to the current events of that timeframe. The perpetrators claim that the victims are engaged in a conspiracy to "harm" Brett Kimberlin on behalf of HB Gary Federal and the US Chamber of Commerce, an accusation that is 100% false. The Hacking of HB Gary Federal In Febuary 2011, the hacktivist collective known as Anonymous hacked data security firm HB Gary Federal, revealing a proposal the firm had prepared for the law firm Hunton & Williams on behalf of the law firm's clients, the US Chamber of Commerce and Bank of America to protect them from attacks by WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and several political organizations, including Velvet Revolution and StopTheChamber. Kimberlin and associates claimed to be victims of a "dirty tricks" campaign by HB Gary on behalf of the US Chamber of Commerce, and stories on their efforts to obtain federal investigations would later be published. When the hacked emails were published by Anonymous, one of them made reference to HB Gary having found the Kimberlin article published at while researching Kimberlin. This has since become additional fodder for the perpetrators to harass the victims. Perpetrators have publicly stated on numerous blogs that this is "proof" that the victims were conspiring with HB Gary/US Chamber of Commerce. Again, the accusation is 100% false. Any company or person researching Brett Kimberlin could and would easily stumble upon the article in question in search results. The Hacking of Koch Industries & Americans for Prosperity Also in February 2011, at the height of the Wisconsin protests, Anonymous targeted Koch and AFP because they believe them to be significant Republican donors and activists, as well as sympathetic to the US Chamber of Commerce. During this time, Mandy Nagy was passively following the activity of Anonymous on the heels of reporting

on the HB Gary story, and witnessed some of the Anons organizing/coordinating a DDoS attack on Koch. She tracked down a contact at the company to tip them off to the activity, and in subsequent weeks assisted Koch as a volunteer in providing further information. At the company's request, she spoke to 2 FBI agents on two occasions to share the information - Rich Thompson and Rich Anderson (who is with the DC office and recently spoke with me about the current harassment, as we feared perhaps this might also somehow be connected). Velvet Revolution / Stop the Chamber Write Complaint Letters; Announce Bar Complaints Against Hunton & Williams, Congressional Hearings, and DoJ Investigation By March 2011, Velvet Revolution had written numerous highly publicized letters, including filing ethics complaints and calling for various federal investigations outlined in detail later in this document. Brett Kimberlin claims they intend to add the victims to the list of conspirators in this complaint and will name them in a RICO suit he claims to be pursuing [cite Kimberlin letter to Aaron Worthing's attorney Beth Kingsley]. Perpetrators have collectively published these same claims online. Resignation of US Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) (commonly referred to as "Weinergate") In May 2011, Congressman Weiner steps down over a "sexting" scandal. Initially, Weiner denies sending the lude photo and tweet that exposed his activities, and falsely claims that "hackers" accessed his Twitter account and tweeted the photo. He eventually resigns when numerous women come forward to speak about his activities; however, Weiner never recants his lie about being hacked. Meanwhile, because news of the scandal was first broken at Andrew Breitbart's websites, various individuals, including several of the victims noted in this document, became the target of intense harassment by those, including the perpetrators noted in this document, who still insist that Anthony Weiner was hacked. When it was reported by the NY Times that the underage girls in the scandal with whom Weiner had been tweeting turned out to be fake personas online, those victims who'd been investigating and reporting on the story have since been falsely accused of "setting up" or "entrapping" Congressman Weiner, an accusation that has now become central to this harassment campaign against the victims, and triggered the perpetrators to retroactively insert the victims in the HB Gary/US Chamber of Commerce scandal. Occupy Wall Street / Anonymous Several of the perpetrators are organizers/activists with both the "Occupy Wall Street" movement and the collective of hackers known as "Anonymous." Beginning in September 2011 when the OWS movement became public, these perpetrators (most notably Neal Rauhauser and "Darrah Ford" began harassing the victims from OWS and Anonymous related Twitter accounts. They have collaborated with perpetrators to publish false and defamatory information about the victims from these accounts, as well as to harass them on a sometimes daily basis. On numerous occasions, they have used the high exposure of the accounts to try and incite harassment of the victims by other activists, and at times have tried (unsuccessfully thus far) to entice various media outlets to pick up the false information and publish the stories. They have however succeeded in inciting harassment and garnering attention from smaller outlets and political bloggers, who are more inclined to publish information without researching or fact checking it.

Methods of Harassment, Etc.

Methods of harassment, stalking, defamation and false implication in crimes/ethics charges against some or all of the victims are detailed within the relevant portions of this document, with specific evidence provided or cited. For summary purposes here in this section, the general methods have included but are not limited to: 1. Tipping off police to "safety concerns" for the victim (Aaron Worthing / Walker) and others, triggering a visit to the victim's workplace - based upon a situation that the perpetrators themselves created for the victim through false accusations and manipulation of the court system. [cite Kimberlin's call to Detective Doug Comfort, warning him that Aaron's real identity was going to be published on the Montgomery County Court website, then implying that Islamic extremists may try to harm Aaron at his workplace, prompting a visit to Aaron's workplace and eventual firing. The implied threat came because Kimberlin & his associates have been falsely claiming and publicizing that Aaron is "anti-Muslim" and maintains a "hate blog against Muslims.") 2. "Swatting" some of the victims, which, as defined by the FBI, involves "calling 9-1-1 [or a direct police dept number] and faking an emergency that draws a response from law enforcementusually a SWAT team." In both instances, a hoax caller impersonating the victim (Pat Frey and Mike Stack) told police he'd shot and killed his wife, causing the victims to be pulled from their homes at a late hour of the night, guns drawn on them by a team of SWAT officers, and held on scene by police until it was determined to be a hoax. 3. Manipulating the court system to harass victims through frivolous litigation and legal motions that are intended not only to harm the victims' reputations and/or means of livelihood, but also to insert false and/or misleading information into the public record and to expose the victims' personal information to the public. Thus far, this method has been utilized specifically by Brett Kimberlin. a. Filing false felony assault charges. [cite Kimberlin's complaint against Aaron] b. One perpetrator, Neal Rauhauser, has posted numerous documents intentionally created to resemble court filings and investigations against the victim(s). 4. Relative to #2, some or all of the perpetrators then direct the public at large to the personal information, as well as to the false claims, intending to cause reputational, financial, mental or even physical harm to the victim(s). 5. Perpetrators utilize social media tools such as Twitter, as well as blogs and websites, for the purpose of incessantly harassing victims and inciting harassment from others. In some instances, the harassment stands the obvious (and likely intended) chance of causing harm to victims [cite Ron Brynaert tweets admitting that revealing his true name would cause harm re: Aaron; cite Neal's tweets directing Occupy Wall St attendees to look for Mandy on location in NY]; at least one perpetrator has even created blogs solely for this purpose. 6. In concert with #2, #3 and #4, perpetrators have conspired to create a network of coordinating mechanisms, such as blog postings, blog and online forum comments, tweets, Scribd documents, etc. for the purpose of "Google bombing" the victims, a practice defined in the New Oxford American Dictionary as "the activity of designing Internet links that will bias search engine results so as to create an inaccurate impression of the search target."

7. Creating false blog profiles, email and/or social media accounts to impersonate or mock victim(s). a. In one instance, comments posted under approximately 25 different blog commenter accounts impersonating the victim (Seth Allen) have successfully caused the victim to be sued in court (by Brett Kimberlin) for $2.5 million in damages for cyberstalking and defamation (though luckily only $100.00 was awarded). b. Twitter accounts: [cite "g0atsred" account] 8. Creating numerous anonymous Twitter accounts and blog commenter accounts used to harass and defame victims on a daily basis, including accusing victims of crimes and unethical professional behavior, or to incite harassment and/or defamation. a. In one instance, blog and forum accounts were utilized to falsely accuse one victim (Mike Stack) of being an infiltrator/agitator at an "OccupyDC" protest at the National Air & Space Museum, a highly publicized incident that sparked protesters to be pepper-sprayed by police. The false accusation and numerous postings of it triggered intense harassment of the victim, including from the editor of a popular crime/news publication owned by Turner Broadcasting System. b. Another instance outlines one perpetrator's (Neal Rauhauser) admission of conspiring with the others to retaliate against victims on behalf of Brett Kimberlin /VelvetRevolution, as well as his motives for doing so: 9. Seeking out perceived or potential "enemies" of the victim(s) in an attempt to directly or indirectly engage them in the harassment; introducing perceived or potential "enemies" of the victim(s) to one another. [cite Neal's post indicating this admission; cite Ron's attempt to get "Kman" to out Aaron] 10. Sending frivolous or outright bogus complaint letters and emails to victim(s) employer in an attempt to get victim(s) fired from their job, either due to the nature of the complaint, or due to the employer's tiring of the harassment of incessant complaints. [cite Kimberlin, et al's letters/calls to Pat Frey's office & CA Attorney General; Ron's emails to Breitbart re: Mandy, etc.] 11. Contacting other entities related to the victim in an attempt to harass and intimidate, or to file/urge charges based upon false information [cite Ron's email to Yale Law School re: Aaron; Neal's emails to CA Attorney General; Kimberlin's letters to MD Attorney General re: Breitbart; Kimberlin's emails to Baltimore & Boston FBI re: Seth Allen, etc.] 12. Contacting employers, professional associates, friends of victim(s)' associates, etc. in an attempt to harass and intimidate victims. [cite Kimberlin's threats to Beth Kingsley - Aaron Worthing's lawyer - to file bar complaints against her; cite Aaron's exhibits with Ron's phone call to "Kman's" employer's HR department; cite tweets from Darrah contacting professional associates of Mandy trying to claim Mandy/Team Breitbart, not Darrah, are stalkers) 13. Contacting press/media associates with a tip or story pitch that includes false accusations or false ethics complaints about the victim. [cite Neal's tip to Smoking Gun on false Mike Stack/OccupyDC story; cite Neal's email to Gawker re: false accusations against Pat Frey and Mandy Nagy; cite Darrah contacting

Tommy Christopher/Mediate, Eric Boehlert/Media Matters, Adam Shriver/STL Activist Hub re: "Team Breitbart" stalking, false Chamber of Commerce conspiracy story, etc.] 14. Publicly posting/tweeting false accusations about victims to Occupy Wall Street and "Anonymous" hacktivists feeds and blogs in an attempt to incite others to hack the victims or cause other harm. [cite OccupyRebellion tweets claiming we're trying to hurt Anonymous or OWS]

To date, the perpetrators have already been successful in achieving the following direct damages to some or all of the victims: Two victims were swatted (as noted above), and the incidents have yet to be fully investigated and the perpetrators definitively identified. This has caused significant concerns for their own safety and security and that of their families, as well as cost to local law enforcement agencies. Since the swattings are suspected to be related to the same group conducting the ongoing harassment, there is valid anxiety and concern that more swattings may occur and that the next victims and their families may not be as lucky to be unharmed. There is also valid concern, based upon public statements posted by Neal Rauhauser, that the perpetrators might be staging a future swatting(s) for which they intend to falsely implicate the current victims as the perpetrators. One victim (Aaron Worthing) and his wife, who were both employed at the same company, have been fired from their jobs due to other employees' fears that violence will occur at their workplace, either directly at the hands of or indirectly incited by Brett Kimberlin. This was preceded by a maliciously intended "tip" called into Fairfax County, VA police by Brett Kimberlin stating that he (Brett) was "concerned" that Aaron Worthing's place of employment might be a target of extremists/terrorists. This prompted a visit from police to the victim's employer, which was apparently the final catalyst to the victim's employer's decision. Brett Kimberlin has filed a false felony assault charge against Aaron Worthing, resulting in undue stress and financial harm to the victim, as well as interfering with Aaron's ability to find new employment as he awaits a court hearing and decision on the matter. Incessant complaint letters and calls to another victim's employer (Pat Frey) have prompted multiple meetings and discussions with other superiors about his situation, triggered an internal investigation, and potentially placed his upcoming promotion (and possibly his job as an Assistant District Attorney) at risk. Another victim (Mandy Nagy) has been reprimanded by her employer numerous times for being unavailable for assignments, due to her extended involvement in investigating and managing the harassment, etc., as well as assistance to other victims in preparing for court proceedings and meetings with their local law enforcement. The ongoing and indefinite nature of the harassment has also been a cited factor in preventing her from achieving permanent employee status. Victim Seth Allen has been successfully sued in Montgomery County Civil Court by perpetrator Brett Kimberlin, based in part on false accusations, according to the testimony of Seth Allen. The suit against Seth Allen was for defamation and cyberstalking - while the claims were determined by the judge to be unfounded, it was, in part, the online postings said to have been made by harassers impersonating Seth Allen (and suspected to be associates of Brett Kimberlin) that enabled Kimberlin to file the lawsuit in the first place. Regardless, Kimberlin frequently misrepresents this court case

and the decision in his other complaints that have followed; further, he has misrepresented it in claims he says he's emailed to various other FBI offices, notably in Baltimore, MD and Boston, MA. These claims have been made in Kimberlin's correspondence with Aaron Worthing's lawyer, and published by other perpetrators in emails to some of the victims, on Twitter, and on various blogs. [cite Neal's emails, Darrah's tweets, Qritiq blog comments] Victims Mandy Nagy, Patrick Frey, and Aaron Worthing (and peripherally Andrew Breitbart) have been falsely accused as third parties in a Montgomery County Civil Court proceeding of "conspiring with the defendant [Seth Allen] to murder [Brett Kimberlin]," a statement that has been written in the court filings that appear in the public record, and has now been uttered in public in front of court attendees on several occasions. The false accusations stem from an email that Seth Allen sent to a random group of recipients that included the victims, in looking for help finding a lawyer. That email, detailed later in this document, has since been wildly manipulated by Brett Kimberlin and frequently cited by him and by the other perpetrators as "proof" of a conspiracy to "murder him [Brett Kimberlin]." This has caused extended harassment, undue stress and may be harming the reputations of the victims. Seth Allen was also arrested in the Montgomery County Civil Court the day he appeared for the damages hearing of Brett Kimberlin's civil lawsuit on 9/14/2011, and held for more than 24 hours while he was being processed (according to Seth Allen and notes on the criminal complaint filed by Kimberlin), based on a gross misrepresentation by Kimberlin in a complaint. Given the harassing messages sent to him just prior to the court hearing, Kimberlin's complaint was intended to prevent Seth Allen from traveling to or participating in the damages hearing. This is further supported by the fact that MD prosecutors declined to take any action on Kimberlin's complaint and, by all records, dismissed it as frivolous. One victim (Mike Stack) became the target of intense harassment after one perpetrator (Neal Rauhauser) planted a false story about him online regarding a high profile incident at an "OccupyDC" protest that was in the national news. See bullet 8.a. above. Even after the photographer who shot the photograph Neal was using to make the claim came forward and insisted that Mike Stack was NOT the person in the photograph, and the photo was removed at the photographer's request from offending websites, Neal Rauhauser continued to repost it and the story at those websites and at others, indicating his intention to incite the harassment.

Preface - Brett Kimberlin History

Known as the Speedway Bomber; convicted of setting off 8 bombs in 1978 in Speedway, IN Bombs blew off Carl DeLongs limbs, later causing DeLong to commit suicide, for which his widow sued and won a civil wrongful death judgment against Kimberlin Was also a suspect in the murder of Julia Scyphers, mother of his then girlfriend Sandra Barton; police suspected the bombing spree was executed as part of an elaborate plan to throw off & distract police. In three separate trials, Kimberlin was convicted of the bombings and sentenced to a 50year term of imprisonment for manufacturing and possessing a destructive device, and malicious damage by explosives with personal injury. He received a concurrent sentence for impersonating a federal officer, illegal use of a Department of Defense insignia, and illegal use of the Presidential Seal, and a 5-year term for receipt of explosives by a convicted felon. He was also given a 4-year sentence by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas on an earlier, unrelated conviction for conspiracy to distribute marijuana. Kimberlins sentences were aggregated by the Bureau of Prisons and treated by the Commission as a single aggregate sentence of 51 years, six months, and nineteen days. He served about 13 years and was paroled in 1994; however, he was returned to prison about 3 years later on parole violation for failure to pay judgment award to his victim's widow; he was released in 2001, having served about 17 yrs in total of his 51-yr sentence. (Board of Prisons Inmate Record) While in prison, he'd attempted to arrange for retaliatory acts against the prosecuting US Attorney, drug dealing associates and others via another inmate. Acts included murder, "roughing up & robbing", or falsely implicating individuals in criminal or ethical charges. See "Kimberlin Case a Maze of Murder, Deceit." Just before the 1988 presidential election, Kimberlin made unsubstantiated claims from prison that he'd sold pot in the 1970's to 1988 VP candidate Dan Quayle (R-IN). The DEA later confirmed the claims were false. The resulting media frenzy created the opportunity for Kimberlin to sue the BoP, ultimately taking his "freedom of speech" case to the Supreme Court. From the LA Times: "Quayle Charges Found to Lack Corroboration : Drugs: The Times probed allegations," November 07, 1991, by DOUGLAS FRANTZ In the fall of 1988, Kimberlin telephoned a Times reporter from prison and claimed to have sold marijuana to Quayle several times in the early 1970s after meeting him at a party. Kimberlin acknowledged that he could not provide witnesses to corroborate his allegation, although he did have a fellow inmate telephone the reporter and say that Kimberlin had told him in 1983 that he had sold marijuana to an unnamed U.S. senator. Kimberlin provided the names of other individuals who he said knew about Quayle's drug use. Two of those people were interviewed and denied any knowledge of drug use by Quayle. In addition, Kimberlin said that he had mentioned the marijuana sale to a friend who was later convicted of drug dealing. Kimberlin said that the friend had recounted the sale to Quayle in court records in his own case. A review of the court file for the dealer found no mention

of Quayle, and reporters were unable to find the dealer himself. However, through an associate, the dealer said he had never been told such a story. Kimberlin described the alleged marijuana sale to Quayle to other journalists, including reporters for National Public Radio and NBC-TV, and Kimberlin was in frequent contact with reporters by telephone from the federal prison in El Reno, Okla. On Nov. 4, 1988, the Friday before the election, prison officials scheduled a press conference for Kimberlin to accommodate the number of press calls concerning his charges. At the last minute, prison officials canceled the news conference and placed Kimberlin in solitary detention. Kimberlin never paid his victims' judgment against him, despite the fact he had money. He later hid the profits from the sale of his book venture with Marc Singer, using court actions from family members to make his money inaccessible. Sandra DeLong attempted to collect on her judgment by obtaining a writ of attachment against petitioner's prison commissary account after a United States Probation Officer informed her that petitioner regularly transferred money to someone outside the prison. Petitioner promptly sued Mrs. DeLong, her lawyer, the probation officer, and various Bureau of Prisons and Department of Justice officials for money damages. Petitioner's action was not successful. See Kimberlin v. U.S. Department of Justice,788 F.2d 434 (7th Cir.1986). (also see: "Bomber's victims unable to collect judgment ;Widow getting nothing from Kimberlin," The Washington Times February 12, 1995). Kimberlin is now a political activist on the left; and directs "Justice Through Music" and "," which runs a number of direct action campaigns and coalitions against various right-wing causes and groups. These appear to be primarily tools for fundraising. The campaign sites include: o o o o o o o o o o o Stop The Chamber Stop Domestic Terror Hunton & Williams Watch Koch Watch Indict Breitbart Occupy for Accountability Prosecute News Corp American Crossroads Watch Disbar Torture Lawyers Protect Our Elections Restore Justice at Justice (DoJ)

Preface Seth Allen history

Seth Allen (aka Prepostericity, aka Socrates) is a left-wing blogger, who started out commenting at the progressive/liberal website For a time, he was a blogger with Brad Friedman of, until, according to Seth, the two had a falling out when Brad refused to examine research Seth conducted on a voting story critical of people who turned out to be Brad's associates. When he researched the voting story further, Seth said he discovered that Brad had founded a voting reform organization called Velvet Revolution, with a partner named Brett Kimberlin. After learning of Brett's background, Seth became more suspicious and through further research uncovered a series of stories Brett had planted that Seth referred to as "hoaxes." Per Seth, during this time, he began being harassed by a person going by the name of Lou Aubuchont, an associate of both Brad and Brett's, who claims to be from Maine. This initiated a period of cyberstalking and harassment, according to Seth, that has continued for the last several years. Over the years as the harassment escalated, Seth said that numerous comments were placed around various blogs that were intended to seem as if they were authored by Seth. He flatly denies the posts were his. In October of2010, within days of Nagy's article on Brett Kimberlin being published, Brett filed suit against Seth in Montgomery County, MD Circuit Court for defamation and cyberstalking, for $2.5 million. This lead Brett to believe that Seth had approached Nagy and Frey, and that the pair had collaborated and conspired with Seth (and later, he alleges with the US Chamber of Commerce and HB Gary Federal) to continue the writings about Kimberlin in light of the lawsuit against Seth Allen. There are additional factors that made Brett suspect what he does, which are explained later in this document. But the truth is that the timing was purely coincidental as previously explained, and driven merely by relevant news events during that time. The victims had not known Seth in October 2010, until just at the time the Kimberlin article published. It was not until early 2011 that Nagy was introduced to Seth, when he contacted her to say that Kimberlin was suing him, and asked for attorney recommendations, as he'd thought Kimberlin had sued Nagy and Frey (Kimberlin had not). While Seth and the victims are opposite politically, Nagy had no problem in making what recommendations she could. Frey also tried to make some recommendations to Seth in pursuing legal assistance. After this however, we wouldn't hear from Seth again for several months. In fact, it was not until Neal Rauhauser wrote about Weinergate (publishing about Breitbart, by the way, what have since been proven by major media outlets to be complete fabrications), and on July 4, 2011 for reasons that were completely unknown at the time, inserted Seth Allen into the scandal involving Congressman Anthony Weiner, along with Patrick Frey. [See Weinergate for the rest of this portion of the story]. Brett Kimberlin v Seth Allen lawsuit (June 2011 to current) In reading the court filings, the cyberstalking claims were based on the postings that Seth testified in court were made by an impersonator. The defamation claims were based on Seth having written that Brett was a "convicted bomber", a "conman," and a "murder suspect", among others. The problem with Brett's lawsuit, as the judge ruled in the end, was that Brett had omitted his criminal history in his complaint making it appear as if the terms were defamation, when they were in fact not only true, but had been reported elsewhere in mainstream outlets

and a biographical book about Brett (by NewYorker magazine journalist Mark Singer). The lawsuit was decided on 11/14/2011. Because Seth had not responded to the complaint initially, a default judgment had already been issued months prior. But Seth did appear for the 11/14/2011 damages hearing to defend himself. The judge ruled that no defamation or cyberstalking was proven, and awarded Brett only a nominal $100. [cite court documents]

Harassment Timeline & Details

Article About Brett Kimberlin is Published
The very first contact between any of the victims and Brett Kimberlin occurred in October 2010. On October 11, 2010, Mandy Nagy, a writer for Andrew Breitbart's publications,, and authored and published an article about Brett Kimberlin, a convicted domestic terrorist who served nearly 18 years in prison of a 50+ yr sentence for the Speedway Bombings in IN and other crimes, and about the politically motivated attacks on the US Chamber of Commerce by Kimberlin's organizations, and As previously noted, neither Nagy nor Breitbart have any professional relationship with the US Chamber of Commerce, nor was the article coordinated with or published to benefit the US Chamber in any way. In December 2009, Fox News had published an article, Chamber of Commerce Raises 'Security' Concerns After Group Puts Bounty on CEO, referring to Velvet Revolution and Kimberlin's criminal past. The story went unnoticed by Nagy at the time, and news relative to the US Chamber didn't even necessarily register until 2010, when the organization became a frequent political news topic. In the months leading up to Nagy's article on Kimberlin, the political attacks (verbal, not physical) on the US Chamber had become high profile news, especially given that President Obama was publicly sparring with the organization. Various political groups opposed to the US Chamber were drawing more attention to themselves, and in some cases, disseminating disinformation. Many publications were covering the topic in the news that very week. [for examples, see Think Progress on 10/5/2010, NY Times on 10/9/2010; HotAir on 10/11/2010; Time Magazine on 10/15/2010] In August 2010, Nagy was actually working on an article about a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) event that was publicized on the Justice Through Music Project's (JTMP) website. There, a video was posted in which a member of the music group "Indigo Girls" instructed attendees to "vote Democrat," an action that is not supposed to be permitted at public GOTV events through tax-exempt organizations, which are required by law to remain non-partisan. As she did the due diligence to research the source of the video, this is when she first discovered Velvet Revolution, sister organization to JTMP, and Brett Kimberlin. Nagy would also come to realize that Velvet Revolution was running an "Indict Breitbart" fund-raising campaign, which made false claims against Andrew Breitbart and aimed to have the MD Attorney General file criminal charges. However, because the claims were false and so frivolous, and MD declined to consider Velvet Revolution's complaint, Breitbart's company never paid it any attention; it was essentially a non-issue. But by mid-September 2010, as Nagy had researched Velvet Revolution and Brett Kimberlin further, she determined that the activities of Velvet Revolution and its co-founder's history were directly relevant to the other current political news at that time. Nagy contacted the editor for whom she'd been writing the original article and informed him on September 15, 2010 that this new information changed the focus of the piece entirely, and that she'd be writing an article on Kimberlin and Velvet Revolution instead. While Velvet

Revolution's recent attacks on Breitbart admittedly made it an attractive subject, in the end, the subject of the article and its timing were in reality a very relevant story to the much more prominent current political events of that timeframe. The week leading up to the article's posting, Andrew Breitbart sent out "teaser" tweets, hinting about the upcoming story. Admittedly, because another co-founder of Velvet Revolution (Brad Friedman) has posted statements in the past concerning a major news story published by Breitbart's publications, disingenuously calling the story a "hoax", one of those tweets was a bit taunting in nature and alluded to Friedman's connection.

The tweet caught the attention of blogger Patrick Frey (aka "Patterico"), who saw the tweet and contacted Breitbart to find out more. Frey had previously covered Brad Friedman's reporting as a "hoax" the same story. Breitbart filled him in on the Kimberlin article, which prompted Frey to do some quick research online. Frey then posted a teaser at his site of the upcoming Kimberlin article the same evening. Frey's initial research that day led him to stumble upon previous writings about Kimberlin by blogger Seth Allen, aka "Socrates." While the two cannot recall for sure who contacted whom first, it was that teaser post that first introduced Frey and Seth Allen to each other, and alerted Allen to the upcoming Kimberlin article none of the victims had ever known Seth Allen prior to the article. Four days later, on October 11, 2010, the Kimberlin article was published. Frey posted a follow-up to it on Patterico the same day. The same evening, Kimberlin contacted Andrew Breitbart's sites through the general contact email link. (Breitbart is now Nagy's contract employer; she was an unpaid volunteer writer at the time of the article). The email was forwarded to Nagy in it, Kimberlin demanded her real name and contact information, citing his intention to sue for defamation. He claimed in the email that the article "relied upon Socrates (Seth Allen) as a source." His claim was 100% untrue and had no basis. Further, everything in the article was factual and based upon public record references (court docs, mainstream articles, etc.), not on a "source". Nagy responded to Kimberlin and offered him the opportunity to state anything that he felt specifically was defamatory and to provide details on why, and that she would be happy to make any necessary updates or retractions. Kimberlin never responded. Kimberlin also sent a similar email to Frey that evening as well, notifying Frey of his intention to sue. On October 18, 2010, Kimberlin filed a $2,500,000 lawsuit against Seth Allen for cyberstalking and defamation. [Note later in this document that a judge would eventually issue a default

judgment after Seth Allen failed to respond to the complaint, then award only $100 to Brett Kimberlin in November 2011.] Months passed and we heard nothing from Kimberlin. His name did not resurface again until March 2011, shortly after cybersecurity company HB Gary Federal was hacked by the hacktivist collective, "Anonymous."

Anonymous Hacks HB Gary Federal

February 2011 HB Gary had been solicited by the law firm Hunton & Williams on behalf of two of the law firm's clients Bank of America and the US Chamber of Commerce - to develop a proposal for protecting these clients from hacking attempts and the intentional spread of information/disinformation that was aimed at causing financial and reputational harm to these clients (this was in the wake of "Operation Payback").. Among those identified (whether by HB Gary, Hunton & Williams, or the US Chamber and Bank of America, or all) as political activists causing such harm were Brett Kimberlin and his organization Velvet Revolution, and his Velvet Revolution business associates, Brad Friedman and Kevin Zeese together the three run "StopTheChamber". Another offending threat to the two clients was also Wikileaks, to which Kimberlin's partner Kevin Zeese is directly connected as a founder (see "Wikileaks Is Democracy" and the "Bradley Manning Support Network"). It is suspected that Kimberlin and Friedman are also connected to Zeese's Wikileaks support groups; however, this has not yet been confirmed. It should also be noted that Kevin Zeese is legal counsel to Anonymous in some capacity, and founded, an Occupy movement affiliated group with prior political connections. During the HB Gary hacking, 70,000+ emails of the company were posted online by Anonymous, revealing the company's research, communications and proposals for the US Chamber of Commerce and Bank of America. Buried in one of the emails that were exposed by Anonymous was one from HB Gary CEO Aaron Barr, in which he references the article that was written about Brett Kimberlin on BigJournalism and BigGovernment. Barr had apparently stumbled onto it in the company's research activities, and sent it off to a colleague (see screen shot of the email below as it appeared on one of the Anonymous websites). At the time, this seemed unimportant and unrelated; however, once the victims began being harassed regularly in June, this detail would surface as an important connection to the harassment, as the perpetrators would later cite it as "proof" of a conspiracy with the US Chamber of Commerce "to harm Brett Kimberlin." [cite Kimberlin's most current complaint against Seth Allen; cite Kimberlin's letter to Aaron Worthing's lawyer, Beth Kingsley].

It was during this time that some anti-Chamber activists seemed to be taking notice, as some of us were critical of their media's version of events and their portrayal of HB Gary and the US Chamber, because they were initially claiming that they'd been the targets of activities that were actually executed. The truth appeared to be that the proposal HB Gary developed for the clients had never been anything more than a proposal. But the disinformation snowballed and the activists' claims of harassment at the hands of HB Gary and the US Chamber was taken as fact, despite vehement denials from both that no actions had ever been carried out against the activists. HB Gary: Bar / Ethics Complaint Kevin Zeese and Brett Kimberlin issued a press release weeks later announcing that Velvet Revolution filed a bar complaint against Hunton & Williams. February 23, 2011- Today StopTheChamber filed a bar complaint against John W. Woods, Richard L. Wyatt Jr., and Robert T. Quackenboss of the Hunton & Williams Law Firm for their role in the HB Gary spying operation against us and other opponents of the US Chamber of Commerce. Their involvement in the operation on behalf of the Chamber was made plain in the HB Gary emails leaked by Anonymous. It is our intention to see the three aforementioned lawyers disciplined for their participation in this dirty tricks campaign, and for gross violations of the Washington DC code of legal ethics. [] [Hunton & Williams] solicited, conspired with and counseled three of its investigative private security firms to engage in domestic spying, fraud, forgery, extortion, cyber stalking, defamation, harassment, destruction of property, spear phishing, destruction of property, identity theft, computer scraping, cyber attacks, interference with business, civil rights violations, harassment, and theft. Complaint letter (PDF) HB Gary: Congressional Investigation

By early March 2011, Velvet Revolution had convinced 17 Democrats in Congress to call for a congressional hearing & investigation. Subsequently, some sub-committees agreed to a hearing, including the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities, which asked the Defense Department and National Security Agency (NSA) to hand over all contracts they had signed with HBGary Federal, and working partners Palantir Technologies and Berico Technologies. HB Gary: Dept of Justice In addition, Velvet Revolution demanded an investigation from the DoJ. Again, these incidents seemingly had no direct relevance at the time, as the harassment of the victims had not yet begun. It was not until October 2011, when perpetrator Neal Rauhauser posted this comment on a blog, that the victims were alerted to the motivations for the harassment and the perpetrators' admission that they intended to insert the victims into their HB Gary / US Chamber of Commerce investigation requests and to falsely implicate the victims in crimes the perpetrators were claiming the companies committed against them. It was also the first evidence of a direct threat that members of the hacktivist collective "Anonymous" would retaliate against the victims on behalf of Velvet Revolution.

May 2011 By May, with the HB Gary scandal still in the news and being investigated by multiple government branches, the scandal involving Representative Anthony Weiner broke. Andrew Breitbart's publications were the first to break the story. While we know now that Weiner eventually admitted to "sexting" and sending lude photos to various women, Weiner initially denied the accusations and said that people "hacked his Twitter account" after he accidentally publicly tweeted a lude photo that he'd intended to send privately. This false hacking claim sparked a barrage of online harassment from Democratic activists against anyone with the Breitbart websites who was reporting on the scandal. The harassment was also targeted at two tipsters to Breitbart, whose tip information was ultimately never used because Weiner's accidentally tweeted photo and message to a young college co-ed named Gennette Cordova had already been seen and captured on the public Twitter timeline. One of the tipsters, a person online by the name of "Dan Wolfe", had watched it happen real-time and re-tweeted the tweet, which spread like wildfire. The other tipster was Mike Stack, one of the victims named in this document. Stack and Wolfe, along with a small group of other Twitter users who'd taken an interest in Congressman Weiner, had been following the congressman's activity online for months because they had noticed that Weiner was interacting with what they believed to be young girls on Twitter. Given the anonymity that Twitter affords, there has always been some hesitation about some of the identities involved with this story. This became even more of a concern weeks after the scandal.

On June 17th, NY Times reporter Jennifer Preston revealed that several of the identities were not real girls in an article titled, Fake Identities Were Used on Twitter in Effort to Get Information on Weiner. Ms. Preston contacted and spoke to Mike Stack and several individuals, including Mandy Nagy and Patrick Frey, who had also already become suspicious about the girls, and about the other tipster, "Dan Wolfe," and were openly investigating and reporting on the matter. To date, none has been able to definitively determine who was behind the fake girls or "Dan Wolfe," but most concur that Mike Stack was likely tricked into interacting with the girls and with "Dan Wolfe." In fact, it is this development in the Weiner story that brought most of the victims together while some were acquainted with one another, none of the victims were previously in regular contact with each other. And none had ever even heard of or spoken to Mike Stack prior to Weinergate (editors with the Breitbart publications verified Stack's identity and performed a background check when we first spoke with him). When the harassment against Stack first began, following the breaking of the Weiner scandal, Mandy Nagy contacted him by phone to learn more about it and to introduce herself because she is also located in NJ, not far from where Stack resides. [CONTINUE HERE WORK IN PROGRESS] [RON BRYNAERT ENTERS THE PICTURE] [INCLUDE NEAL RAUHAUSER'S ACTIVITY + DAILY KOS POSTS + HIS BRINGING SETH INTO PICTURE] [INCLUDE SWATTINGS]

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