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Letter: T Number: 4 Color/Shape: Triangle Song: Over the River and Through the Woods

Mommy School Week 7 Thanksgiving Theme

Turkey Trot To the tune of the Hokey Pokey, sing this song:

You put your right wing in, You put your right wing out, You put your right wing in, And you shake it all about. You do the turkey trot And you turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about!
Additional verses: Left wing (left arm), drumsticks (legs), stuffing (tummy), wattle (head), tail feathers (bottom), turkey body (whole self). Thanksgiving Colors Book Use the attached Thanksgiving Colors Book to learn more about the fall colors you may see in your Thanksgiving feast! Gobble Turkey Activity Use this activity to get out some wiggles! Gobble, gobble turkey standing up so straight (Stand up and flap arms.) Gobble, gobble turkey running through the gate (Run in place) Gobble, gobble turkey running all around (Run in a circle) Gobble, gobble turkey sitting on the ground (Sit down)

Thanksgiving Day Skit Perform the attached Thanksgiving Day skit on Thanksgiving Day! Turkey Position Book You can download a darling turkey position book here: You create a little turkey on a craft stick and move him around the pictures to show where he is—behind the barn, under the barn, etc. Turkey Circle Game Children sit in a circle, and one child is chosen to be the turkey. He walks around the circle waddling as the other children sing the song. The turkey alone says the last line, “Gobble, gobble, gobble.” The person he stands behind is the next turkey. (Tune: All Around the Mulberry Bush) A turkey is a funny bird His head goes wobble, wobble. And all he says is just one word, “Gobble, gobble, gobble.” Turkey Bowling Spray paint liter soda bottles (or water bottles) with brown paint and add a face and feathers. Fill about a fourth full with sand. Use a small ball to go bowling! Thanksgiving Rebus Story Use the attached Thanksgiving rebus story to have your child help you read about the first Thanksgiving. Turkey Hunt Hide pictures of attached turkeys around the room and have child find the turkeys and bring them back to you. You could also play this game as a group and have one child look for one turkey like the Hot/Cold game. The other children could start gobbling as the turkey hunter gets closer to the hidden turkey.

Turkey Strut Use pieces of masking tape to make turkey “footprints” on the floor. Have children strut around the room like turkeys while playing music (perhaps “Turkey in the Straw”). When you stop the music, have the turkeys run back and find a footprint to stand on. When you start the music again, have the turkeys start strutting again. As a variation, ask child to dance/strut like… BIG turkeys LITTLE turkeys TIRED turkeys HAPPY turkeys SCARED turkeys Gobbling Contest Have a turkey gobbling contest! Pilgrim Maze Complete attached pilgrim maze. “Stuff” the Turkey Talk to your child about how we often “stuff” a turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner. Give your child a paper bag and some newspaper sheets. Have your child crumble up the paper sheets and stuff them into the bag, pretending they are stuffing the turkey. You may decorate the sack as a turkey if you wish. All About Turkeys To find out more about turkeys, you can download your own turkey power point presentation:

Thanksgiving Retelling Bracelet After reading a story about the first Thanksgiving, use colored beads to retell the story of the first Thanksgiving. 1 brown bead represents the Pilgrims leaving England for religious freedom. 1 white bead represents the sails on the Mayflower 3 blue beads represent the long trip over the ocean 1 green bead for when they spy land 3 white beads for the snow during the long winter 1 green bead for the arrival of spring 1 tan bead for the Native Americans who helped the Pilgrims 4 beads for the foods served at the first Thanksgiving: 1 red bead for cranberries 1 yellow bead for corn 1 brown bead for turkey 1 orange bead for pumpkins 1 green bead for green beans (This would be a great time to introduce the Thanksgiving Colors book, too!) Act out the First Thanksgiving After reading about the First Thanksgiving, act it out! This helps your child to build comprehension. These would make great props for the Thanksgiving skit, too! Dress like an Indian Indian Headbands Create an Indian headdress by cutting a strip of construction paper about 2 inches wide. Fit to your child’s head and staple. Glue feathers across the top of the headband. You could glue feathers on in a color pattern! Make your own Native American vest: Dress like a P ilgrim Make your own pilgrim bonnet: Make your own pilgrim hat:

Hand and foot turkey Stamp child’s hands in red and orange paint and then onto paper’s center in a fan shape. These are the turkey’s feathers. Trace child’s foot on brown paper. (You could also stamp in brown paint.) Cut out and glue on top of feathers. This is the body of the turkey. Draw eyes, beak, and face on turkey as desired. Corn painting Use a corn cob as a paint roller to create paintings. Handprint Turkey Paint child’s thumb and palm brown. Paint fingers red, yellow, and orange. Press down onto paper. This poem is a great addition to the turkey: This isn’t just a turkey As anyone can see I made it with my hand Which is a part of me It comes with lots of love Especially to say I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving Day! Wouldn’t this make a cute placemat for Thanksgiving? Coffee filter turkey Have child use washable markers to color coffee filter. When finished, spray the coffee filter with water so the colors bleed together, forming a beautiful turkey tail. Cut a turkey body out of brown construction paper and glue on top of the coffee filter turkey. Add a face and beak if desired.

Corn Seed Plant a corn seed, popcorn, and candy corn. Make predictions about which one will grow.


Corn study Talk about corn and what a big part of life corn was for the early Pilgrims. You can sample different corn products like popcorn, canned corn, frozen corn, corn flakes, cornbread, Indian corn, corn meal, corn nuts, candy corn, and corn chips. Turkey Baster Water Table Place 2 pans on a table. Fill one pan halfway with water. (You could also add some food coloring!) Give your child a large turkey baster. Demonstrate how to use a baster. Tell your child that the game is to transfer water from one pan into the other pan using the baster. This is excellent practice for developing fine motor skills! Popcorn Kernel Sensory Tub (Be sure that children doing this activity will not try to eat popcorn kernels!) Give child a tub full of popcorn kernels and different sizes of funnels and measuring spoons. Have fun!

Foods for a Feast Graph In a group of children (or with your family!) graph your favorite Thanksgiving foods. Draw your own pictures of your favorite Thanksgiving foods. Math mat game Use the attached Pilgrim Math Mats to play a game. This activity can be used as a game between 2 people or a single-person activity. Children roll a dice. This number will tell the child how many counters (popped corn or corn kernels) they will use to cover up the spaces on their boards. (If they roll a 4, cover 4 spaces.) The first child to cover their mat completely, wins! Popcorn Patterning Using a large needle and heavyweight thread, string popcorn and cranberries in a pattern. Hang the strings outside for birds to eat or use as a decoration.


Turkey Feather Activity Use attached turkey bodies with numerals 1-6. Have child place correct number of feathers on each turkey. You could do this with real feathers or paper feathers. Roll-a-Turkey Game You can download a fun number-identification game called “Roll-a-turkey” here: I used this game every year in my classroom! Kids love it!

Oreo Turkeys You will need: 1 double stuff Oreo Candy Corn Mini M&M’s (One red and 2 orange) 1 Whopper Chocolate frosting Cover the top of an Oreo with chocolate frosting. Place the Whopper on the center of the cookie. This is the turkey’s head. Arrange 4-5 candy corn and place small white tips closest to the head. These are the turkey’s feathers. Put a large dab of frosting above the whopper. Push the side of the red M&M into this. Push orange M&M’s (feet) into frosting below body.

Cornucopia Use a half graham cracker as a base. Use frosting or peanut butter to adhere a bugle to the cracker. Fill with Trix cereal or fruit snacks.

Pilgrim Hat Favors You will need: Colored ice cream cones M&M’s Marshmallows, nuts, dinner mints, etc. Black and yellow paper Frosting Cut a circle out of black paper that is just slightly larger than your ice cream cone. Cut a thin piece of black paper about 6 inches long that will be the belt. Adhere just below the widest part of the cone. Glue a yellow paper square in the center of the “belt.” Fill the cones with yummy candy, marshmallows, mints, and nuts. Turn the ice cream cone upside down and attach to black paper with frosting. This is an excellent Thanksgiving Day favor! You could write each guest’s name on the black paper. Enjoy after dinner! Pilgrim Hat Cookies You will need: Fudge stripe cookies Reese’s miniature peanut butter cookies M&M’s White icing Turn fudge stripe cookie over. Place a ring of frosting around the center of the cookie. Place a Reese’s peanut butter cookie on top of the frosting so the excess frosting creates a ring. Finally, add a yellow M&M to the base of the peanut butter cup to resemble the buckle of the Pilgrim’s hat.

Apple Turkeys You will need: Whole apples Toothpicks Stick pretzels Marshmallows Raisins Popcorn

Use toothpicks as skewers to attach a line of grapes, then a line of marshmallows, etc. Pierce the bottom of the toothpick into the back of the apple. These are the turkey’s “feathers.” You can also use pretzel sticks as feathers.

You can find a template for your own felt turkey here: You could do lots of things using this turkey: Emphasize the colors of the turkey’s feathers Roll a dice and put that many feathers on the turkey Write letters on the turkey’s feathers and create words, etc.

The Littlest Pilgrim 10 Fat Turkeys I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie Clifford’s Thanksgiving Visit Thanks for Thanksgiving The Story of the Pilgrims One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks A Turkey for Thanksgiving Over the River ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving It’s Thanksgiving A Plump and Perky Turkey What Is Thanksgiving? This is the Feast by by by by by by by by by by by by by by by Brandi Dougherty Tony Johnston Alison Jackson Norman Bridwell Julie Markes Katharine Ross B.G. Hennessy Margaret Sutherland Eve Bunting Derek Anderson Dav Pilkey Jack Prelutsky Teresa Bateman Harriet Ziefert Diana Shore

Songs & Fingerplays
Turk ey Dinner (Tune: Are You Sleeping?) Turkey dinner, turkey dinner, Gather round, gather round, Who will get the drumstick? Yummy, yummy drumstick! All sit down, all sit down. Cornbread muffins, Chestnut stuffing, Puddin’ pie, one foot high. All of us were thinner Until we came to dinner; Me oh my! Me oh my! Alb uquerque the Turkey (Tune: Oh My Darlin’ Clementine) Albuquerque, he’s my turkey, And he’s feathered and he’s fine And he wobbles and he gobbles And I’m awfully glad he’s mine. He’s the best pet you could get yet Better than a dog or cat. Albuquerque, he’s my turkey And I’m awfully glad of that. Albuquerque, he’s my turkey He’s so cozy in his bed Because for our Thanksgiving dinner, We had scrambled eggs instead. Hello, Mr. Turkey (Tune: If You’re Happy and You Know It) Hello, Mr. Turkey How are you? (Clap, clap) Hello, Mr. Turkey How are you? (Clap, clap) With a wobble, wobble, wobble And a gobble, gobble, gobble Hello Mr. Turkey How are you? Mr. Turkey (Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star) Gobble, gobble! Who is that? Mr. Turkey, Big and fat! Gobble, gobble! Run away! For it’s soon Thanksgiving Day! My Turk ey I have a turkey, big and fat He spreads his wings (Fan hands at hips) And walks like that (Strut) His daily corn he would not miss (Pretend to eat corn) And when he walks, he sounds like this. (“Gobble, gobble, gobble!”)

Six Little Turk eys (Tune: Six Little Ducks) Six little turkeys that I once knew, Fat ones, skinny ones there were too. But the one little turkey with funny red wattle, He led the others with his gobble, gobble, gobble. Gobble, gobble, gobble. Gobble, gobble, gobble. He led the others with his gobble, gobble, gobble. Over the rocks and through the trees, Turkeys wobbling in the breeze. But the one little turkey with the funny red wattle, He led the others with his gobble, gobble, gobble. Gobble, gobble, gobble, Gobble, gobble, gobble. He led the others with his Gobble, gobble, gobble.

I’m a Great Big Turk ey (Tune: I’m a Little Tea Pot) I’m a great big turkey Cause I’m well fed. Watch me spread my feathers Watch me bob my head. When I strut around, I waddle, waddle, waddle, And when I talk, I “Gobble, gobble, gobble.” I’m a great big turkey, And I’d love to stay. But Thanksgiving’s coming So it’s time to run away! Five Little Turkeys

Five little turkeys by the barn door, One waddled off and then there were four. Four little turkeys out under the tree, One waddled off and then there were three. Three little turkeys with nothing to do, One waddled off and then there were two. Two little turkeys in the noonday sun. One waddled off and then there was one. One little turkey—better run away! Soon will come Thanksgiving Day!

Triangle Shape Viewer Using the attached triangle shape viewer, ask your child to look through the triangle and walk from room to room searching for real-life objects that are triangular. This time of year, you could especially emphasize candy corn, turkey beaks, and cornucopias. Triangle Collage Help your child make a collage using triangles cut from fabric scraps. Glue to a paper plate. Ice Cream Cone Glue brown triangle cone shapes onto paper. Add colorful paper circles for scoops of ice cream. Triangle Formation Practice Make triangles with pumpkin pie playdough! You could also use craft sticks, toothpicks, or cue tips to create triangles. Shape Game One of my favorite ways to review shapes is playing a shape cake walk. Cut different shapes out of felt and spread them in a circle on the floor. Children walk around the shapes while the music is playing. When the music stops, children stop on closest shape. A shape calling card is drawn. The person standing on that shape wins a prize. Tee-Pee Talk about the Pilgrims and the Indians. Show children a picture of the Indians’ teepees. Emphasize that teepees are triangular. Make your own teepee hideout using a blanket! Triangle Snacks Cut sandwiches diagonally to create triangles. Bugles and triangular ice cream cones are other shape-worthy snacks!

Triangles Song Sing the following song while holding your own triangles: (Tune: Jingle Bells) Triangles, triangles, Triangles I see. Count the points and count the sides, Count them 1, 2, 3. Triangles, triangles, Just for you and me. Count the points and count the sides, Count them 1, 2, 3. By Liz Ryerson

Writing Rhyme While practicing writing the number four, say this rhyme to help form the numeral: Down and over Then down some more That’s the way To make a four. Number Flip Book Create a number flip book by folding a piece of paper hot dog style and cutting 4 slits in the top of the paper. Write numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 on the flaps. Help children place correct number of Thanksgiving stickers on each page. You could also glue popcorn kernels for the appropriate numeral. Numeral Activity Print out attached numeral sheet. Have children count out the correct number of Thanksgiving stickers or turkey cut-outs and glue them to the sheet. Tactile Learning Cut the numeral 4 out of sand paper. Have child trace with his/her finger. You could also do a rubbing of the numeral by placing paper on the top and coloring over it. The Turkey Dance Have your child pretend to be a turkey doing the chicken dance. Practice the movements: Make your hands look like they are “talking” 4 times Pretend to “flap” your wings 4 times Wiggle your bottom 4 times Clap 4 times Four Exercises Have child do 4 hops, 4 stomps, 4 kicks, etc.

Ants on a Log Let your child place 4 “ants on a log.” (You can make your own ants on a log by spreading peanut butter on celery sticks. The “ants” are the raisins you can place on top!) Pie Art Give your child an 8” tan circle shape pre-divided into 4 pieces. Set out some red paint or use a red stamp pad. Have child make 4 red fingerprints on each section of their pie to create a “cherry pie.” You could complete the same activity to make a pumpkin pie. Color the 4 sections orange and glue on some cotton balls for whipped cream! Four Piece Puzzles Draw or glue pictures onto large index cards. Cut the pictures into 4 pieces. Place the pieces in a small ziplock bag. Now your child has a puzzle to do whenever they want! Four Song Choose 4 children to be the kernels of the corn. They can jump in the oil, lay in the oil, and then pop up at the end of the song. Four Little Kernels (Tune: The Mulberry Bush) Four little kernels jumped in the pot, In the pot, in the pot. Four little kernels jumped in the pot, Then lay in the oil ‘til they got hot. Four little kernels started to pop. Started to pop, started to pop. Four little kernels started to pop, Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! By Jean Warren

Four Feast Give your child a paper plate, scissors, glue, and a grocery store flyer. Ask them to choose 4 foods that they think they will be eating on Thanksgiving Day and glue them onto their plate. Write the number 4 in the center of the plate.

Pie Pan Writing Color vanilla pudding orange to look like pumpkin pie. Place in disposable pie pan. Have children practice writing letter T (and other letters learned) with finger in the pudding. T Riddles/Flashcards Use the attached “T riddles” to see if your child can guess what object matches the clues. This is a good introduction. You can use the reverse side with pictures as flashcards throughout the week. T is for Turkey Cut a T out of foam or construction paper. Decorate with google eyes, feathers, gobbler, and beak to look like a turkey! Turkey Feather Writing Water down some tempera paint. Sharpen the end of a feather and dip it into the paint to write like the pilgrims did—with a turkey feather. Practice writing letter T’s, number 4’s, and review other letters and numbers. T Exercises Touch your toes, tap your foot, etc. T Foods Tacos, turkey, tomatoes, toast, tamale, tuna, tater tots, turnip, tangerine, tortilla, tapioca, tortellini, teriyaki, toffee, trout, tri-tip steak. T Formations Show your child how to make a T with your arms. You can do this rhyme as you go along: Ten toes way down low (point to toes) Arms out just like so! (Hold both arms straight out) Head high in the shade (Hold head up high) Letter T, I have made! (Jump up in celebration)

T Paintings Cut out a “T” from white paper or cardstock. Use something that starts with the letter “T” as a tool to paint the letter. Some ideas are… Turkey baster, toothbrush, toes, truck Letter Review Use the attached “Gobble, Gobble” Game to review letters. Child identifies the letters on the turkeys and must get up and gobble like a turkey when a “Gobble!” card is drawn. T Songs Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear I’m a Little Tea Pot I Had a Tiny Turtle Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

T Riddles
Instructions: Print and mount cards on cardstock. Glue picture and riddle back to back. (Glue the train picture on the back of the train riddle, etc.) See if your child can guess the object by listening to the clues. Remind them that the answers begin with the letter “T.” Emphasize the letter’s sound. Throughout the week, you can use the picture side as flashcards.

Instructions: Print on cardstock. Cut out and laminate for durability. After introducing the letter, place somewhere that the child will see all week. Refer back to the letter throughout the week. Have child practice tracing the shape with his finger.


Assign a character to each person at your Thanksgiving feast. As the narrator reads the characters’ names in the skit, pause to give the characters time to respond by saying their assigned part. Everyone responds to the key words corn and Thanksgiving di nner.

Characters: Narrator Puritan Men Puritan Women Indian Men Indian Women Turkeys Puritan Minister All: “Bang, bang, bang!” “Mercy me!” “Big and brave!” “Sh, sh, sh!” “Gobble, gobble, gobble!” “Hallelujah!”

Corn “Pop, pop, pop!” Thanksgiving dinner: “Yum, yum, yum!”

NARRATOR: Once upon a time, long ago, Puritan men, Puritan women, and Puritan ministers came to America. They had a very hard winter. Luckily, Indian men and Indian women showed them how to plant corn— ALL: “Pop, pop, pop!” NARRATOR: --and to hunt for turkeys. So, at harvest time, the Puritan ministers said, “Let’s have a Thanksgiving dinner!” ALL: “Yum, yum, yum!” NARRATOR: The Puritan men and the Indian men went out to hunt turkeys. The Puritan women and the Indian women gathered in the corn. ALL: “Pop, pop, pop!” NARRATOR: The Puritan men and the Indian men hunted for many days. They shot deer and rabbits, but they couldn’t find any turkeys. “What are we going to do?” said the Indian men and the Puritan men. “We need turkeys for our Thanksgiving dinner.” ALL: “Yum, yum, yum!” NARRATOR: Meanwhile, the Puritan women and the Indian women were bringing home the corn. ALL: “Pop, pop, pop!”

NARRATOR: Their baskets were so full that some of the corn— ALL: “Pop, pop, pop!” NARRATOR: --fell out onto the ground. Now, hiding near the path were all the turkeys. They liked corn--ALL: “Pop, pop, pop!” NARRATOR: --so they followed the Puritan women and the Indian women. When the women got home, they met the Puritan ministers. They said, “We’d better go back and pick up that corn.” ALL: “Pop, pop, pop!” NARRATOR: Just then, the hunters were coming home. “Look at all those turkeys eating the corn!” ALL: “Pop, pop, pop!” NARRATOR: The Puritan men and the Indian men and the Puritan women and the Indian women and the Puritan ministers said, “Look! Lots of turkeys!” They all said, “Just in time for our first Thanksgiving dinner!” ALL: “Yum, yum, yum!”

Gobble, Gobble Game!
Instructions: Print and cut out turkeys. Place all of the turkeys in a basket. Ask child to draw a turkey. If he/she can identify the letter, he/she may keep that turkey. If the “Gobble” card is drawn, everyone must get up and run around like a turkey!

Turkey Feather Activity
Instructions: Print turkey bodies and decorate with faces if desired. Laminate for durability. Ask child to read the numeral on each body and place corresponding feathers on each body. (Place one feather on the turkey with the numeral 1, etc.) You could do this with paper feathers or real feathers. Have fun!

Thanksgiving Colors Book
Instructions: Print and mount on cardstock. Bind together with a book ring to teach your child about fall colors that you may see in your Thanksgiving feast.

Instructions Print and cut out numeral. Ask child to glue four cut-outs to the numeral. This could be four Thanksgiving turkeys or stickers.

Over the River
Over the river and thru the wood, To grandfather’s house we go; The horse knows the way To carry the sleigh, Thru the white and drifted snow, oh! Over the river and thru the wood, Oh, how the wind does blow! It stings the toes, And bites the nose, As over the ground we go.

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