Food and Water Security in a Changing Climate: Managing the Extreme g g

David S. McCauley, Head, Climate Change P H d Cli t Ch Program C di ti U it Coordination Unit Asian Development Bank

Vulnerability of Asian Countries to Climate Change

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High Exposure: drought, flood, tropical storms, sea level rise, loss of snowpack/glacial storage High Sensitivity: reliance on natural resources; drought-, ; g , flood-prone and coastal agriculture Low Adaptive Capacity: economic resources, infrastructure, technology, education & skills health skills, health, institutions

AsiaAsia-Pacific Climate Change Impacts
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6% drop in GDP of South and Southeast Asian countries by 2100 2100. Projected reductions in staple food crop yields: 2-10% by 2020s, and 16-42% by 2050. Asian and Pacific residents 4 times more likely to be affected by disasters than those in Africa. Water W t security of more than 1 billion affected by 2050. it f th billi ff t d b 2050 Small island states at risk due to sea level rise. One-third f O thi d of coral reefs likely to be lost by 2050, with l f lik l t b l t b 2050 ith consequences for fisheries and livelihoods.

Asia Uniquely Vulnerability to Loss of Glacial and Snowpack Storage …

Source: Ieva Rucevska, UNEP/GRID-Arendal

to climatological hazards …

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Droughts Tropical Cyclones Floods

Source: UNISDR (2009) Chapter 2, Figure 2.2 p. 23

and to Sea Level Rise, e.g. Southeast Asia

In regions of very high population density…
Inundation from 1 meter sea l I d ti f t level l rise in Bangladesh and East India

And in the Mekong Delta

Impact of Climate Disasters on Food Prices
Heat, Drought in USA , g Global Food Crisis 2007-2008

Drought in Russia, PRC; Flood in Aus., Pakistan Aus

Sea Level Rise – Asian Cities

High cost and displacement of SLR


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