How to Increase Asia’s  Water and Food Security?

Opening remarks by  Opening remarks by Wouter Lincklaen Arriens Asian Development Bank p

The Challenge The Challenge
1. Overcoming serious water availability  constraints to meet farmer needs. 2. Reversing a prolonged period of low  public investments in irrigated  agriculture.  3. Increasing food security by boosting  g y y g opportunities for farmers.

The Agenda The Agenda
1. Revitalizing irrigation to unlock  productivity gains. 2. Shifting the governance of  irrigation to a service‐oriented  approach with user organizations. 3. Investing in upgrading of irrigation  g pg g g infrastructure, including the use of  modern, smarter technologies. , g

The Commitment The Commitment
1. MDBs are refocusing on  agriculture and food production. 2. ADB’s Water Operational Plan is a  10‐year commitment for investing  more in water and food security. 3. Cooperating with knowledge  p g g partners is a key to success.

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