CE 402

Bar Bending Schedule
Bar-bending-schedule is the schedule of reinforcement bars prepared in advance before cutting and bending of rebars. This schedule contains all details of size, shape and dimension of rebars to be cut.

BEND AND HOOKS Bend: In general provided for CTD or TOR steel B= Depends upon k value and B≥ 75mm k – depends upon Type of steel used in reinforcement Hook: In general provided for Mild Steel H= Depends upon k value and H≥ 75mm k – depends upon Type of steel used in reinforcement .

S (140N/mm2) Medium Tensile steel (190N/mm2) CTD bars or TOR steel or HYSD bar 9Ø 11Ø 13Ø 5Ø 5.S (140N/mm2) Medium Tensile steel (190N/mm2) k 3 4 H 11Ø 13Ø B 5.Value of k.5Ø 6Ø CTD bars or TOR steel 6 17Ø 7Ø Ø= Diameter of reinforcement bar .B and H Type of Bar (For Bar dia <25mm) k 2 3 4 H B Ordinary M.5Ø 6Ø Type of Bar (For Bar dia >25mm) Ordinary M.

Stirrup length .

The lintel is 200mm x 150mm in cross section as shown below. A R.50m.10m by 2.C lintel is provided over a door. .Door Lintel Bar bending Schedule Q1. The Door size is 1. Consider bearing of the lintel on either side as 150mm. Work out in detail the quantity of reinforcement required for the lintel.C.

Type of Sl. mark Shape Dia No.No bar and . Weight per Weight Length in unit m length in Kg in Kg .

SS beam Q2. . A rectangular beam 200mmx300mm has overall length of 3m. TOR steel with two outer bar straight and L-hooked at ends and the inner bar bent up at 45o at appropriate places with L-hooked at ends. The beam is reinforced with 3no.s 16Ø. two outer hanger bars are 10Ø TOR steel straight and Lhooked at ends. All concrete cover is 25 mm. (2) Prepare BBS for four such beams. At top. Stirrups are 6Ø MS bar and spaced at 200mm c/c. Take the bearing support as 300 mm at either end of the beam (1) Draw sketches showing arrangements of reinforcement for the beam.

Question 3 .

Question 4 .

. Assume side cover as 40mm and bottom cover as 20mm. Main reinforcement consists of 12mm diameter Mild Steel with alternate bar bent up near support at a distance of 500mm from the support. Distribution bar consists of 6mm diameter with spacing 180mm c/c. The spacing of the main reinforcement is 120mm c/c.Estimate of RCC Roof Slab Question 5 Prepare detailed estimate of a RCC roof slab of 3m span and 6m long. It rests on wall and have 150mm bearing with it.

RCC column with Isolated Footing .

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