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Who owns a yacht named Tian? Chetan Bhagat in his novel 2 States says when X sees a great future in you, it means you have no life at present. X is which company? St Isidore of Seville is the patron saint of what? Who designed Jewels of the sea cruise wear line for American Express Platinum card members? Identify this person?

14. What is the brand in the context?


15. Which brand is introducing new campaigns Outrageous. Glaad, th Commitment to commemorate the 30 anniversary of placing ads in magazines like The Advocate and After Dark? 16. About whom did Steve Jobs say ------- is a builder, not a tearer downer? 17. What according to CNBC the most profitable single issue magazine and print super bowl of Advertising?

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In Arthashastra who was Rupadarshaka? Which Indian company makes windows and door products under the brand name Eternia, roofing sheets called Everlast and facades titled Novelis? Which company plans to speed up its growth under the name Rocket 14 to give clinical and service excellence to India by the year 2014? Who is this the only female CEO of a Formula 1 team

18. Which company led by its global ambassador Reese Witherspoon launched a campaign - Believe world tour to empower women against violence? 19. Which pharma major was the first to introduce Indias first inhaler Asthalin, the first cardiac drug Propranolol and first penicillin named Ampicilin? 20. Who is he?

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10 Which Indian is on the boards of HSBC, Rhodes Trust, Ford Foundation, National Payments Corporation and Public Health Foundation? 11 Who explained his reasons for not investing in stock market like this Its a racket .Those stock market guys are crooked? 12 Which alumnus of Harvard Business School once directed a short film on Kumbh Mela for his thesis and is now the chairman of the National Safety Council? 13 If USP means unique selling proposition then what is UPB?

21. Which company started its life as Radio Lamps Works Ltd in 1938 in Lahore by Kishanchand Kaycee? 22. The portrait of Yusof bin Ishak appears on the currency notes of which country? 23. Identify this logo from the Murugappa Group?

24. Which term came into historical records in the 16 century, when Henry VI besieged Pope Clement VII with around eighty petitions for the annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon?


25. This is an Amul tribute to whom?

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