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ASTROLOGY and STOCK MARKET FORECASTING by | Louise McWhirter | Foreword by Mary Vohryzek ‘Second Edition © 1977 by ASI Publishers, Inc. ‘Third Printing 1988 No part of this book may be reproduced by any mechanical, photo- sraphic, or electronic process, on the form ofaphonographic record- ing, nor may it be stored in a retrieval system, transmitted, translated into another language or otherwise copied for public or private use, excepting brief passages quoted for purposes of review, without per mission of the publisher. 345 67 8 9 Printed in the US.A. Library of Congress Cotaloging in Publication Data McWhirter, Louise. Astrology and stock market forecasting, Published in 1998 under title: McWhirter theory of stock market forecasting. J. Astrology. 2 Stock-exchango—United States. L Tile. BFI7Z9.58M33 1977 193598902615 77-915 ISBN 0-88231.034.8 To The Sincere Students of Astrology At first, we bask contented in our sum And take what daylight shows us for the truth, Then we discover . .. ‘Aur Nores Contents FOREWORD ... i I Theory and Application of Forecasting Stock Market Trends eee e eee eee ee 3 IL Business Cycles and Stock Market Trends, 1850-1950 0.00002 oF Til How to Forecast Monthly and Daily Trends ‘on the New York Stock Exchange ... . IV How to Forecast Trends of individual Stacks ©0020. 000.0200 cere ae 110 V Date and Place of Incorporation of Stocks Listed on the New York Stock Exchange 132 VI Simplified Ephemeris of the Planets, 1938... 181 VII Glossary of Terms... 2.60202 00 5 -. 186 APPENDIX .