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Questions In which form, we would be receiving the electronic data for initial loading? Like Excel, Word, access etc also will data be in hindi or english Please provide some sample data in electronic form.

Answers Bilingual, dataentry shall be the later part of the project On-hold

Refer any similar site as the client cannot provide any assistance to this Please provide search criteria fields for simple & advanced level search ? Please provide all master data with heirarchy. E.g. location, cast, Master data is to be procured from the client education, party position etc How many user roles will be there in application? What will be accessible MLA,MP,State head, Organization Ministry, Mandal head, Zila head, City head or how the bahaviour of application changes with each role? In Which format user will search the members, hindi or english ? Please provide all the static content required for entire site. What will be the language of SMS? In case it is "Hindi", there will be limitation of service provider and user's handset in successful and readable delivery of text. Who and how will decide how many system members will be converted into users and with what user role? How do you want to communicate user name and password to all these users in bulk? There is a functionality to send part position wise SMS. The form you supplied does not contain this information. In this case we will not be in a position to provide this feature. Please confirm. Does Users will have access to multiple blocks , city, Districts etc? Please confirm. Can user access some of the information even without login? If yes then what is that information? As per my discussion with Abhishek and Anurag, we just have to take care of the data and functionality which is part of the form you supplied. Please confirm. Application will not provide any translation feature. The form in which the data is inserted or stored will be displayed as is. Bilingual On-hold Both and let it be at the client's discretion in whatever language he may send we are responsible only to provide the facility to send the sms Communication of uid and pwd shall be send by the admin to their respective personal mail-id



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Yes All the public information shall be maintained the Events& News corner and rest shall be access specified


Heirarchy: ---------> , -------->, ---------> , ------->, --------->, ----------->, Few changes suggested at the mock-up 1 There is no requirement of any separate Home page the launch page shall have the login screen 2 Link for twitter and faceook shall be provided at the bottom of the page 3 Photos of Shyamaprashad Mukherjee and Dindyal Upadhya shall come at left corner of the screen and Photos of Atalji, Advaniji, Rajmata Sindiya, Kushabhau thakrey shall be at right corner. There order shall be as written here. 4 Events &News shall be below the login screen

MLA Zila Tehseel Shaher

MP Zila Tehseel Shaher

State head, Zila Tehseel Shaher

Organization Ministry, Zila Tehseel Shaher Vishan Sabha Area Vard Matdan Kendra

Mandal head Tehseel Shaher Vishan Sabha Area Vard Matdan Kendra

Vishan Sabha Vishan Sabha Vishan Sabha Area Area Area Vard Vard Vard Matdan Kendra Matdan Kendra Matdan Kendra

Zila head Shaher Vishan Sabha Area Vard Matdan Kendra

City head Shaher Vishan Sabha Area Vard Matdan Kendra