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Cleaner Production versus end-of-pipe Definitions - Pollution Prevention and Cleaner Production The main features of Cleaner Production Cleaner Production activities and techniques Cleaner Production and Environmental Management Systems (EMS) The ECOPROFIT method

Cleaner Production versus end-of-pipe

Throughout the past century, people all over the world have recognized that human activities have contributed to the deterioration of the environment and to the loss of natural resources. Within recent decades though, we have witnessed a paradigm shift from pollution control (the so called "End of Pipe" thinking) to pollution prevention strategies. Most recently, the concept of cleaner production has entered the global environmental arena. Cleaner production fits within pollution preventions broader commitment towards the prevention rather than the control of pollution. Pollution prevention is an approach which can be adopted within all sectors, whether it be a household or a large industrial complex. Cleaner production, on the other hand, directs activities towards production aspects, particularly within the manufacturing sector. Unlike in the past when pollution was simply controlled, pollution prevention and cleaner production programs attempt to reduce or eliminate air, water, and land pollution in an efficient and sustainable manner. Therefore, pollution prevention and cleaner production approaches benefit both the environment and society.

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The table illustrates the difference between end-of-pipe technologies and cleaner production in the sense of production integrated environmental protection.

End of pipe technology

Cleaner production

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how can we treat existing waste and emissions? stands for re-action generally leads to additional costs

where do waste and emissions come from?

stands for action can help to reduce costs

waste and emissions are limited through filters waste and emission prevention at the source and treatment units end-of-pipe solutions repair technology storage of emissions environmental protection comes in after environmental protection comes in as an products and processes have been developed integral part of product design and process engineering environmental problems are solved from a technological point of view environmental protection is a matter for competent experts is bought from outside increases material and energy consumption increased complexity and risks environmental protection comes down to fulfilling legal prescriptions environmental problems are tackled at all levels / in all fields environmental protection is everybodys business is an innovation developed within the company reduces material and energy consumption reduced risks and increased transparency environmental protection as a permanent challenge avoids potentially toxic processes and materials

is the result of a production paradigm dating is an approach intending to create production from a time when environmental problems were techniques for a more sustained development

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