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The Last Samurai Captain Nathan Algren was a veteran of the American Civil war and he was later

on hired by the Japanese to train the new soldiers from Japan to use western techniques and modern ways. He believes that they were unprepared and unpolished for battle. He proves this by challenging a random man to shoot him, but as expected, was unable to. Omuras priority was to stand imperial against the traditional rebellions Samurai who were very dedicated to their ancestors and cultural ways. This meant that their views of western usage were very unconvincing. It was in my surprise that at first how he strongly disliked the traditional Samurais as much as he did. He thought of them as ignorant savages and after his capture, he was held in captivity. Eventually, he grew to accept their ways and even adapt them to his own. When the assassins that were assigned to kill Katsumoto attacked, Algren stood by his side and helped him. From then on he knew what side he was on and what he stood for. They later on prepared to negotiate with Omura and the council. However, when Katsumoto came to make an agreement with them, the Emperor could only stand silently, blinded by Omuras words. With that being done they hold Katsumoto captive. Algren comes to the rescue, along with the photographer who translates for him to break into the chamber that they hold Katsumoto in. They prepare to make escape but eventually the enemy takes notice of whats going on and fire at them. Katsumoto son takes his life for his people till the very end by helping his Father escape. Algren is touched by this which makes him even more advised to prep for battle against the modern warfare. As they escape back to home they decide that it is wiser for them to die in battle rather than by their own swords. They know for a fact that in quantity they lost already, but in tactics they were ahead of the game. During the course of the blood shedding battle of thousands vs. hundreds, the traditional Samurais were never hesitant to know who and what they were fighting for. Even with that they

were killed in the blood shedding battle proudly standing for their nation. At the very end of the battle there was no mercy from Omura. The former Samurai at his side that ordered the seizing of the fires told them to stop when it came the time of the very end for Katsumoto and his people. This was a very moving moment for even the enemy in cause of how he died in the honor of the sword of his dearest friend Algren. Once the battle was done the United States officials came to present a treaty that was in the benefits of the Japanese culture. Omura was still pushing the Emperor to preside with the agreement until Algren came in with the sword of Katsumotos. He presents what the sword stood for which opened the eyes of the Emperor to remember who and where they come from. He decides against the treaty in the end. The days of the Samurai end and Nations are said to have their own destiny. I REALLY HATED THAT OMURA GUY !!!