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1. GAS TESTING 2. What is gas? 3.

Ans-1An airlike fluid substance which expands freely to fill any space

available, irrespective of its quantity.

4. 2-A gas is a sample of matter that conforms to the shape of a container in which it is held and
acquires a uniform density inside the container, even in the presence of gravity and regardless of the amount of substance in the container.

5. Degree of Gassiness of coal seam? 6. Composition of Gasses in Atmospheric Air? 7. Composition of Gasses in Mine Air? 8. How many gasses are found in U/G mine? 9. Why gas testing is needed in U/G mine? 10. How many types of Damps? 11. What is the composition of Black damp? 12. In which % of o2 lamp can be extinguished? 13. At that time what is the % of Black damp & CO2? 14. What is fire damp & CH4? 15. If 1.25% or more than that CH4 present what shall you do? 16. What is the permissible limit of CO, H2S, NO2? 17. What is the difference between Combustion, radiation &Explosion? 18. What is explosive limit? 19. Why & when explosion occurred? 20. In a rise gallery a person trapped by a gas how will you recovered? 21. What are the instruments are used for gas testing? 22. Difference between general body air & return air? 23. What is flame proof & intrinsically safe apparatus? 24. What is permissible limit of mine gases? 25. What are toxic gasses are found in U/G mine? 26. Physiological effect of all gasses? 27. What is flammable gas & noxious gas? 28. What is poisonous gas? 29. What is stink damp? 30. Effect of CO2 & O2 to the human body? 31. What are safe gases & dangerous gases? 32. If more than 14.8% of CH4 explosion occure or not?

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35. What is the principle behind construction of FSL? 36. What is safety features of FSL? 37. What are different types of FSL used in INDIA? 38. What are different tests carried out by different FSLs? 39. Difference between GL-5, GL-50, GL-60.What are they? 40. Different gasses detect by FSL? 41. What are different tests carried out by different FSLs for CH4? 42. What is accumulation & % test? 43. Why accumulation test is prior to % test? 44. What the function of wire gauge ? 45. Why 2 wire gauges are used in FSL,Why not one or three? 46. What is recommended fuel for FSLs? 47. What are the different checks to be done before taking FSL to U/G? 48. FSL is a flame proof or intrinsically? 49. What are the limitation of FSL? 50. What are the other methods of testing of CH4 except FSL? 51. What is the No. of pillars in FSL & why not more or less? 52. What instruments are used to detect Mine gases? 53. Why FSL is used widely instead of other instruments? 54. Up to how much air velocity FSL can withstand? 55. Why gas cap formed when FSL contact with CH4? 56. What is normal flame & testing flame? 57. How to detect more 6% of CH4? 58. How to know the effectiveness of wire gauge? 59. Advantages & Disadvantages of Top & Bottom feed lamp? 60. What are the different types of flame in FSL? 61. What will you do if FSL is damaged in U/G mines? 62. How to prevent fire in Safety lamp room? 63. Ref.-155,156,157,158.