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Eye on Asia
28 August 2012

Food and Water Security


Welcome and Opening Remarks Ian W. Makin, Asian Development Bank (ADB) ADB Water Operations for Food Security Wouter Lincklaen Arriens, ADB [ Opening Remarks ] Research for Rural Development in Asia Andrew Noble, ACIAR (Former) Revitalization of Irrigation for Food Security A Collaborative Effort of the FAO, WB and ADB Alexander Muller, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)


Session A Looming Crisis? Chair: Andrew Noble, International Water Management Institute (IWMI) Looming Food and Water Crisis in Asia Peter Rogers, Harvard University and National University of Singapore [ Presentation | Paper ] Water and Food Security in Asia Addressing a Growing Challenge Ines Beernaerts, FAO Subregional office for Central Asia [ Presentation ] Climate Change and Food Security: Role of Watershed Development in India V. Ratna Reddy, Livelihoods and Natural Resource Management Institute, Hyderabad, India [ Presentation | Paper ]

10:3011:00 11:0011:30

Coffee Break Interactive Panel Debate Water and Food in Asia Chair: Wouter Lincklaen Arriens, ADB Water Uncertainties and Production Risks in Asia Akhtar Ali, ADB [ Presentation | Paper ] Rice, Sugar and Water Initiatives in South Asia Lifeng Li, World Wildlife Fund [ Presentation ]

Panel Debate with members Facilatator: Wouter Lincklaen Arriens, ADB Members: Luna Bharati, IWMI; David S. McCauley, ADB; Kenneth Irvine, UNESCO-IHE; Akhtar Ali, ADB 12:4513:35 Lunch Session: Launch Strategic Water Management Publications with ADB, FAO, GIWP UNESCO, and WWF , Chair: Yasmin Siddiqi, ADB Welcome and Introduction Yasmin Siddiqi ADB River Basin Planning Li Yuan Yuan, General Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Planning [ Presentation ] Towards a Renewed Framework of Action for Sustainable Water Resources Management and Food Security in Asia Louise Whiting, FAO [ Presentation | Paper ] Open Panel Discussion and Q&A Li Yuan Yuan, GIWP; Louise Whiting, FAO 14:0015:00 Session A Look Into the Future Chair: Ian W. Makin, ADB Food and Water Security in Changing Times Casey Brown, University of Massachusetts [ Presentation | Paper ] Food and Water Security in a Changing Climate David S. McCauley, ADB [ Presentation | Paper ] Moving Towards Environmentally Sustainable Water Allocation in South Asia Luna Bharati, IWMI, Nepal [ Presentation | Paper ] Large-scale Precision Irrigation in Asia: Prospects and Problems Robert Meaney, Retired Chairman Valmont International, 2012 Advanced Leadership Fellow Harvard University [ Presentation | Paper ]


Coffee Break
Presentation: A Broader Pan Asia Pacific Perspective

Andrew Noble, IWMI

Presentation: Water and Food Security for All in Asia Leadership and Commitment

Badra Kamaladasa, Irrigation Department of Sri Lanka [ Presentation ]

High-level Panel Debate - Water and Food Security for All in Asia

Chair: Ravi Narayanan, Asia-Pacific Water Forum Panel Members: Badra Kamaladasa, Director General, Department of Irrigation, Sri Lanka; Wouter Lincklaen Arriens; ADB, Andrew Noble, IWMI; FAO; Peter Rogers, Harvard/NUS
Closing Remarks

Ravi Narayanan, APWF