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Factoring Polynomials Calculator

Factoring Polynomials Calculator The exponent on a variable in a term is called the degree of that variable in that term, the degree of the term is the degree of the variables in that term, and the degree of a polynomial is the largest degree of any one term. Factoring polynomials expressions or equations is looks like a factoring the number values but in actual factoring of polynomial expression is a different process than the number. When factoring polynomial expressions or factoring simple numbers, then in the process there is a need to find the number or polynomial that can be divide out evenly from the original given expressions. Factoring a polynomial is the opposite process of multiplying the polynomials expressions. These processes are used only when we need to factor the number. This is the process which is used to obtain the simpler polynomial that can be multiplied together to give the polynomial that we started with.

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In the process of factoring the polynomial values, we need to focus in breaking down the polynomials expression into the simpler polynomial that has integer coefficient and constants. The simplest type of factoring is performed only when there is a factor common variable or number into each term. In performing the factor process on polynomial equation, there is need to use the distributive law. According to distributive law: x ( y + z) = xy + xz Now we show you how to perform the factoring polynomial by using the factoring polynomials calculator. Suppose there is a expression 4a 16y. Now we need to perform the factor operation on them. By using the factor operation we can solve the problem step by step. The given factor is 4a 16y, in which 4a and 16y is the terms of polynomial equation. The only common thing between the two terms (that can be divided out of each term and then moved up front) is a number 4. So we can write that: 4a 16y = 4 ( ) Now we need to divide the each term by number 4. Then it gives the expression. 4a / 4 16y / 4

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a 4y So, we can write these terms in the factor process as like given below: 4 ( a 4y) Steps to Follow: Step 1: Search the values of A, B and C; where A and B are the coefficients of X2 and X respectively, and C is the constant. Step 2: Secondly, by using the formula Discriminant (D) = b2 4ac, find the discriminant of Polynomial. Step 3: If the value of Discriminant is greater then zero (D > 0), then the equation has two real solutions: X = -b sqrt( b2-4ac ) -----------------2a Step 4: Finally, the required factors we get are : (x - x1)(x - x2)

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