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Exercise 1A 1. Why dont you complain to me the company, Peter? said William. William suggested.. 2.

He started to play the guitar five years ago. He has .. 3. I am fond of my nephew although he behaves terribly. I am fond of my nephew in.. 4. I wont swim in the sea because it is too cold. The sea is not .. 5. I was not there at the time, he said. He denied...

Exercise 1B 6. Who does that suitcase belong to? The policeman asked us. The policeman asked us whose... 7. She hasnt ridden a horse before. Its .. 8. We couldnt answer those two difficult questions. Those two 9. Havent you got any cheaper televisions? Are these. 10. I would prefer you not to smoke in here. Id rather

Exercise 2A 1. Please dont make such a mess in your room, his mother said. His mother asked.. 2. The Americans have just recalled their ambassador. The American.. 3. It is not necessary for you to do the test. You... 4. The day was so cold that we stayed indoors. It was 5. She prefers reading to watching TV. She would

Exercise 2B 6. Eventually he succeeded in making her answer the question. Eventually he managed 7. Although he is intelligent, he doesnt do well at school. In. 8. I regret not going to the airport to say goodbye to him. I wish.. 9. They arrived very late because they had a flat tyre. If. 10. She couldnt get to work because of the heavy snow. The heavy snow

Exercise 3A 1. I had expected the weather to be worse. The weather was not .. 2. The train couldnt run because of the storm. The storm.... 3. I didnt arrive in time to see her. I wasnt early... 4. Im sorry I was rude to you yesterday. I apologise . 5. He didnt hurry, so he missed the train. If

Exercise 3B 6. Mary is the most talented student in my school. No student 7. I havent seen that man here before. Its 8. The furniture was so expensive that I didnt buy it. The furniture was too... 9. The robbers made the bank manager hand over the money. The bank manager 10. He learned to drive when he was eighteen. He has

Exercise 4A 1. She had never been so happy before. She was unhappier 2. It was so late that nothing could be done. It was too 3. I asked the hotel receptionist to wake me at 8 oclock the following morning. Please 4. Theyll have to change the date of the meeting again. The date .. 5. The garage is going to repair the car for us next week. We are going ..

Exercise 4B

6. The bus takes longer than the train. The train 7. John has not had his hair cut for over six months. It is .. 8. Maria says shed like to have been put in a higher class. Maria wished... 9. Would you like me to finish the work tonight? Ill ... 10.You may get hungry on the train, so take some sandwiches. In

Exercise 5A 1. My husband didnt leave the car keys, so I couldnt pick him up at the station. If my husband . 2. I dont think John will come, said Bill Bill doubted 3. The postman was bitten by our dog. Our dog .. 4. We couldnt drive because of the fog. The fog prevented . 5. Although his leg was broken he managed to get out of the car. In spite ..

Exercise 5B

6. The cake was so hard that I could not eat it. It was. 7. We didnt go because it rained. If it hadnt . 8. I cant cook as well as my mother does. My mother 9. I dont suppose you have change for a pound, do you? Do you happen ? 10. He failed to win the race. He didnt ..

Exercise 6A 1. Mary rang hours and hours ago. Its hours ... 2. Im sorry that I didnt finish my homework last night. I wish 3. She asked John how he liked her new dress. How ..? 4. A train leaves at eight oclock every morning. There is 5. Nobody can deny that she has a beautiful voice. It ...

Exercise 6B

6. I would like you to help me to put the chairs away. Do you mind . 7. The child will die if nobody sends for a doctor. Unless 8. He would prefer you to pay him immediately. Hed rather 9. The water was so cold that the children could not swim in it. The water was not 10. Somebody repaired her car yesterday. She ...