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Exercise 1A 1. You must see the manager tomorrow morning. Youve . 2.

There was never any answer when we rang. Every 3. Thats an insulting name to use for him. Dont call . 4. John asked if it was the blue one or the green she wanted. Which ? 5. She liked Paris very little, and Rome less. She thought Rome .. Exercise 1B

6. I can meet you if you arrive before eleven. So ... 7. They will catch all the prisoners again tonight. All the prisoners 8. Ive warned you not to go near that dog. Ive warned you about .. 9. No, please dont tell him. Id rather 10. Why dont you ask her yourself? I suggest

Exercise 2A 1. An up-to-date visa is necessary for Andorra. Youll 2. Why dont you put a better lock on the door, Barry? said John. John suggested .. 3. Although both his legs were broken in the crash, he managed to get out of the car before it exploded. Despite his 4. I havent eaten this kind of food before. This is the first . 5. After fighting the fire for twelve hours the firemen succeeded in putting it out. The firemen managed .. Exercise 2B

6. The architect has drawn plans for an extension to the house. Plans 7. In Stratford-on-Avon we say Shakespeares birthplace. We saw the house 8. It isnt necessary for you to finish by Saturday. You .. 9. How many survivors are there? asked the journalist. The journalist wanted to know 10. It was such rotten meat that it had to be thrown away. The meat was ..

Exercise 3A 1. It is essential that Professor John Brown is met at the airport. Professor John Brown .. 2. You cant visit the United States unless you get a visa. If you 3. Can I borrow your typewriter, Janet? asked Peter. Peter asked if 4. She started working as a secretary five years ago. She has . 5. She knows a lot more about it than I do. I dont know

Exercise 3B

6. My French friend finds driving on the left difficult. My French friend isnt 7. They think owner of the house is abroad. The owner .. 8. We didnt go on holiday because we didnt have enough money. If we .. 9. The children couldnt go swimming because the sea was very rough. The sea was too . 10. What a pity you failed your driving test! I wish

Exercise 4A 1. Im always nervous when I travel by air. Travelling . 2. He could not afford to buy the car. The car . 3. Why dont you put your luggage under the seat? he asked. He suggested 4. Although he had a god salary, he was unhappy in his job. In spite . 5. He was annoyed because his secretary came late to work. He objected .

Exercise 4B

6. Im sorry I missed your birthday party. I wish .. 7. They havent cleaned the streets this week. The streets .. 8. Apples are usually cheaper than oranges. Apples are not 9. I advise you to put your money in the bank. Youd 10. That restaurant is so dirty that no one wants to eat there. It is such

Exercise 5A 1. John only understood very little of what the teacher said. John could hardly .. 2. Unless someone has a key, we cant get into the house. We can only .. 3. Im sure you didnt lock the front door. Heres the key. You cant .. 4. He prefers golf to tennis. Hed rather 5. He is sorry now that he didnt invite Molly to his party. He wishes .

Exercise 5B

6. Bring your swimming things in case its sunny He told . 7. Theres no need for you to talk so loudly. You dont 8. I havent been to Bristol for three years. The last time ... 9. No one has signed this cheque. This cheque . 10. Tim will be eighteen next week. Its Tims .

Exercise 6A

1. Unless he phones immediately he wont get any information. If . 2. How long is it since they bought the house? When .. 3. He couldnt repair the broken vase. The vase . 4. The garden still needs digging. The garden hasnt . 5. Have you got a cheaper carpet than this? Is this ...? Exercise 6B

6. I cant get my feet into these shoes. These shoes .. 7. I am very pleased that we shall meet again soon. I am looking . 8. Keep away from this area, said the security guard, when we approached the fence. The security guard told . 9. Ive never met such a famous person before. Its 10. This pudding can be cooked in its tin. You dont .