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SAP Industry Solutions

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Step by Step end user documents for,

EG34 Billing related Installation EG35 Billing Related Removal ES55 Create Connection Object ES65 Create Device Location ES30 Create Installation ES60 Create Premise EA43 Create Schedule Record EG42 Device Modification EL30 Estimate Meter Reading Result EL27 Execute Correct Implausible Meter Reading EL29 Execute correct Plausible Meter reading results EL18 Execute Estimation EL22 Execute fast entry with correction EL01 Execute Individual Order Creation EL09 Execute Order Creation EL16 Execute Order Output EL28 Execute Single Entry EG32 Full Removal EG30 Full Replacement

EG72 Maintain Device Allocation EL06 Mass Order Creation EL31 Monitoring of Meter Reading Data EL35 Order Output EL37 Reverse Meter Reading EG50 Reverse Tech InstRemovalReplacement EG33 Technical Installation EG36 Technical Removal

SAP IS Utility Device Management (DM) End User Documents

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A. SAP ISU Plant Maintenance and Customer Service End User Documents
Step by step SAP ISU Plant Maintenance and Customer Service End User Documents set is available for download. This document explains the required all the steps with screenshots and explanation of scenario in very simple manner. You will find this document very useful, if you are working in SAP IS utility or want to build your career in exciting IS utility solution. This document covers the following sap transactions in individual word documents. Customer Service Basic Presentation in PPT format

ES21-Change Contract FPCR1-Change Creditworthiness VF01-Create Billing_Plan_Fees SR10-Create City BUA1-Create contact person FPP1-Create Contarct partner

IW52-Create Service Order SR20-Create Street BP-Maintain Business Partner

CAA1-Create Contract account EC85-Create Disconnection Document EC55E-Create Move Out EC50E-Create Move in IQS1-Create Notification IW51-Create Notification SR30-Create Postal Code BUI1-Create Prospect IW52-Create Sales Order VA01-Create Sales Order