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Being able to rotate, circulate and reciprocate casing and liner strings can make the dierence between

stuck pipe and getting safely to bottom. Running casing with a top drive takes advantage of many benets that were previously available only during drilling operations. Volants CRTi Casing Running Tool threads directly onto the quill of any top drive and engages the casing ID below the threads through a torque energized, radially expanding die system. The CRTi transfers torque from the top drive, through the casing running tool, and directly into the casing body without engaging the connection threads. Rotational, hoisting, and even pull-down loads can be transferred to the pipe without making thread contact, thus protecting connection integrity. How much weight can you set down, or pull down on the tool? How much can your rig deliver! The CRTi can typically transfer whatever the rig can deliver. With the tool engaged through the torque set into the casing, the push down load can be transferred directly into the pipe, largely bypassing the box. To provide additional thread protection, Safety Nubbins can be threaded into the coupling before stabbing the CRTi. The Safety Specic features and Nubbin also increases hoisting security by re-engaging the tool in the benets of the CRTi unlikely event that slippage occurs between the casing and the dies.

Volants CRTi is designed to be used on top drive equipped rigs in both casing running and casing drilling operations. These tools are mechanically activated in tension, and in both rotational directions, solely by top drive control using TAWG (Torque Activated Wedge Grip) technology. This patent pending architecture puts the entire casing running process into the hands of the driller, eliminating personnel exposure to high risk activities, and reducing the need for third party support. Simple, intuitive operating steps for pipe engagement and release closely emulate the familiar make-andbreak steps used to run drill pipe, stab, rotate to the right to engage and reverse to disengage. Similarly, rig-in and rig-out steps for the CRTi are simple, intuitive and fast. This architecture has a proven track record, having run more than two million metres of casing to the end of 2008. Starting from the insertion diameter of the base tool, Volants CRTi can be congured with selectable sizes of integral jaws/dies to enable gripping within larger internal diameters (i.e. decreasing casing weights). Through the use of a patent pending extended reach die structure, the gripping diameter can be increased to handle casing sizes that are signicantly larger than the base tool.

system include:

Rigs in quickly, like making up a drill collar connection Easy to understand and operate Reduces manpower and equipment requirements Improves rig oor safety Fill, circulate, and rotate Compact and lightweight tools for easy handling Multiple casing diameters with one base tool Quick change die structure No hydraulic connections means no uid leaks

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