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The Nursing Process is a systematic, rational method of planning and providing nursing care.

Its goal is to identify a clients healthcare status and actual or potential health problems to establish plans to meet the identified needs and to deliver specific nursing interventions to address those needs.In connection with Aristotles theory of knowledge, nurses need to open their eyes and look which is the Assessment part then use our minds to inquire which is the Diagnosis and Planning and our eyes and hands to test our ideas which is the Intervention part and accumulating all we needed to accumulate by further use of our sense which can be applied in the Evaluation. Aristotles value of observation and empirical data is much applicable to the Nursing Process Assessment is fundamental in the nursing process just as senses are vital in the formation of ideas in Aristotles theory of knowledge. For nurses to make reliable observations, distinguish relevant from irrelevant data, validate and organize data they need to take full advantage of their senses, the external senses which includes the eyes where light enters, the ears for the sound stimulus, the nose where scent pass through, the skin where tactile can be felt and the tongue for taste. These 5 external stimuli can be reconstructed thru the common sense to form a perception which is the capacity to distinguish, make inferences just like diagnosing in the Nursing process which includes finding patterns and relationships among cues, identifying gaps in the data and factors contributing to the problem. We can also apply Aristotles Hylemorphic Theory which states that when we wish to explain what there is to know it requires reference to all 4 causes: the material, the formal, the efficient and the final cause. This is applicable in explaining the Disease Pattern or the Etiology of the Disease. For instance HIV virus, it has specific matter, structure, agent responsible for the presence of HIV virus and of course its purpose. This is needed for the Planning part of the Nursing Process which is to make interdisciplinary connection because for a nurse to make a plan, she must fully understand its case. To have an effective plan, it must not only have the objective to be physically well/ to be cured but rather we nurse must offer a holistic care as Aristotle stated that soul is the matter of the body. For the Intervention in the nursing process a nurse needs apply his plans or test her hypotheses or ideas. We can apply Aristotles Predictables when implementing our actions to our patients, we must consider that patients have also 10 possible predictable its substance and 9 accidents which is attached to it such as quantity, quality, time and space, posture, habit, passion, relation, affection, that is why a nursing intervention must be diverse and caters the need of a certain patient, this is what is lacking in our nursing education because they try to encode in the minds of the students that there are these steps on how to do such intervention which is not that flexible because each person have different partiality not that it must be the basis of nurses rather it must be considered on. For the evaluation, it checks whether your objectives where achieved and to do such, nurse must again use her senses, perceive, inquire and test. The evaluation is a cyclic pattern of assessing, diagnosing and planning.