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Meenu: Respected Director Sir, respected Head of The Deptt MBA, My Dear colleagues and our new students,

a great good morning to all of you. I, Meenu Dhall with my colleague Ashutosh Kumar are welcoming you in this new session of MBA in the Orientation ceremony. Over to Ashutosh. Ashutosh: Thank you, Meenu, for your kind introduction. Good morning to all. It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to the Modi Institute of Management & Technology, Session 2012-14. You may not know this, but its our freshman year at the MIMT, too. Recently, we uprooted ourselves because we wanted to be a part of something special. Wanted to be in a place with special people working in service to their fellow human beings working to create a better place for people a place that educates the best and brightest and prepares them for lives of meaning and purpose.. Meenu: And we saw that opportunity here. Every day that we come here reaffirms that it was the right decision. Today -- as I look out across this auditorium I see the future of our country I see affirmation again about what a special place -- this place truly is. Ashutosh: Indeed Meenu, So before we start the Welcome ceremony, we would like to call on stage our honorable Director Sir Dr.. N. K. Joshi, & Respected Head of the Deptt. Ms. Suruchi Sharma, for the ceremony of lighting the lamp in the honor of Maa Saraswati. Meenu: (During lamp Enlighten) Maa Saraswati is symbol of knowledge; its flow (or growth) is like a river, and knowledge is supremely alluring. Saraswati is the Goddess of learning; and the meaning of the goddess in association of all the symbols with her signifies that if a learner really understands and pursues the connotative and denotative meaning of the goddess, he or she can easily advance in acquiring knowledge. The realization of the Goddess makes the learner ready to embark on the world of knowledge and wisdom. Ashutosh: Wow menu, what a great poetic expression of Maa Saraswati, Incredible. Now after the lamp enlightenment ceremony we would like to call on stage our honorable Director sir to share with us his wisdom & insight for our new students. Dear Students..Our Director Sir Dr. N.K. Joshi(round of applauds) AFTER DIRECTOR SIR SPEECH--Meenu:

Thank you so much Sir, for your appreciation & words of Anticipation to enlighten us. Now we would like to call on stage Ms. Neha Garg, for the glorious introduction in respect to the Modi Institute of Management & Technology. Ms. Neha Garg AFTER Ms Neha Gargs SPEECH--Ashutosh: Thank you Neha Maam. Now we like to invite our faculty members for to give their generous introduction to our new students. AFTER INTRODUCTION--Ashutosh: Ms. Meenu your introduction please AFTER INTRODUCTION--Meenu: Mr. Ashutosh, your formal introduction please.. AFTER INTRODUCTION--Meenu: Now this the time for getting introduction from our new students by using Adjective before their Name; Like Marvelous Meenu or Adorable Ashutosh.. AFTER INTRODUCTION--Ashutosh: Now from here we would like to ask to take break. After it we would start our Group making session. AFTER 10 min BREAK--Meenu: Welcome again to all. Now we would like to invite our students for pick a chit from the box, read out & join their respective group mentioned in chits. AFTER GROUP MAKING--Ashutosh: Wow..!! For an instance I just lost in my school days again. Well, now after group making, we are about play our CHANGE-CHANGE Game. Meenu: The rules are:1 2

3 4 5 6 AFTER GAME: Ashutosh (with Joy): Meenu, can we play again? Meenu: Please Ashutosh.. everybody is exhausted. Now from here we would like to ask for the refreshment for our guest & faculty members & our students.. Ashutosh: Oh Indeed! Well continue this session again tomorrow at 10 am, till than be safe, drive carefully & study hardthanks to all.. There is a special announcement for tomorrow. A special session would be held where a very reputed academic personality is coming to share with you his expertise in the field of management. The rest of the details would be shared with you all later. All the students are required to be present here at 10 a.m. tomorrow.