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The rise and fall and rise of the euro area, and the U.S.

The first introduction of this paper was the following:

In my previous paper, I requested the intervention of the U.S. in Europe, because the European establishment plays hard in the destruction of the euro. All press mentions the destruction of the euro area, there is no article, in any newspaper, talking to strengthen the euro zone. No statement in which the central banks of each country must lose sovereignty, and that rules for European banks must be the same in all countries, and equally strict. No, the music and the lyrics are to destroy the euro. The financial oligarchy of Germany and France have made their business, as the euro threatens the sovereignty of the German and French establishments, accordingly they want to destroy it. The enarques and the European financial oligarchy (establishment) have always worked together with their inefficiency, to avoid losing power in every country and to maintain its status quo (you can see a PP reading the book of Chaves "La Agonia de Francia"

Something has been happened after my previous paper. The music of destruction of the euro zone from all the hard countries has stopped. The lyrics from France and Germany has changed; now Merkel requires her establishment remain silent in order to not offend other people, she said that Greece can remain inside the euro zone, and so on. Also she and Hollande have decided to join forces to solve the questions of Greece and Spain. Summarizing, the words start to be a little softer. My point of view is that a possible intervention of the US has forced the enarques and the economic oligarchy to stop its blitz to Mediterranean countries, but make no mistake, the positions have not changed, silencing the press and the establishment does not mean to stop the debauchery of pharaonic projects "sponsored" by France and Germany and financed by European financial oligarchy. The clearest example is the projects of highspeed train (HST) lines; also know by the French acronym TGV. To understand what I am saying and as a PP, two samples in two Mediterranean countries, which are involved in the problem of HST lines. For your knowledge, the cost of maintenance of the HST line is over 100 000 by km and by year. The Italians in North of Italy do not want a new HST line because the current railway line is underexploited. However, the Italian Government is planning to construct a new railway line with this performance. Spain after China has the largest HST network. This month the Spanish Government has put the money to construct 1/3 of the total cost of the HST line between Madrid and La Corua (Galicia, NW of Spain) for an amount over 2000 millions s (read You may be notice that the PM and Minister of Transport

are from

Galicia. This HST line is totally unnecessary and unprofitable, but the Spanishs enarques still waste the public money in this pharaonic project. The secretary of Dept. of Transportation Ray Lahood during his trip in Madrid visiting the Ministerio de Transportes said: you are very rich, we cannot afford this network .

The Irony, sarcasm, and cynicism come from the IMF, ECB, and French and German governments, when they are saying that Spanish Government is doing its duties. As I wrote above, the HST is a business of German and French companies. Both governments borrow money to Spain and Italy to finance these works. Italians and Spaniards can do nothing, absolutely nothing, front of the absolute power of the enarques and the European financial oligarchy. The U.S. must intervene in Europe, because the U.S. is the only external force in Europe that can stop this waste of money. Also, the US can avoid that these investments still being the whim of enarques, and not allow banks to hide their debt with loans in carrying out infrastructure projects to finance construction companies, to end up being a debt of citizens.