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Delaportas (G0D)

ALPHA Script over the Cloud

Cloud Types

Unification of different types of clouds in order to see them as one. Unification of the vertical pillars of cloud logic per vendor and combine them into a logical horizontal total solution. Unification of services among different vendors under the one and only cloud. Initiate a new era of SOA. Able to write very simple code in a very easy programming meta-language. Able to convert it into a generalized model in XML format. Give to any vendor the technical specifications in order to convert the XML into a target programming language and vice-versa. Continue to support the diversity of different technologies, protocols and solutions under each cloud. Develop a new product that will create new demands and new jobs.

The Concept

Abstract Model

Ability to convert the XML into any code of any programming language and vice-versa. Freedom for the vendor to convert the XML into code with converters that were written in different programming languages for different targets. Enable any advanced user, developer, software architect etc. to write fast and efficient code that runs anywhere on the cloud at any time. Enable the programmer to set directives either for generalized purposes or for specific target languages or for mission critical applications. Route the end-point complexity of software development to the cloud core.


A number of web application might be slower than usual if the vendor has not made a good conversion to the target programming language. This can be addressed by letting the community to contribute and develop more optimized converters that equalize the trade-offs per application. Applications written in ALPHA Script and were meant to use threads but the developer has not been explicitly declared either a directive that instructs the converter to aim on a target language that supports threads or has not expressed this with one or more predefined directives, will not be able to fulfill its obligations or will be totally wrong. This can be solved by giving technical specifications to the vendor so that when it reads the XML with a parser to be able to understand the nature of the web application. This is a little bit tricky but has to do mostly with code profiling and hybrid search methods. Any complex web application written in any programming language that will be converted into ALPHA Script may have issues in defining itself in an efficient way because ALPHA Script is generalized and certainly does not implement specific functionality of any programming language. The solution again are the directives that can tell to the XML parser which is the nature of the program or the nature of any function or procedure implemented in the programming language.

Problems & Solutions



Open Consortium for prototyping ALPHA Script. Adapt to each and every cloud. Prepare the ground for the real visual programming where any user can use entities and actions much like UML and bitmap and draw an application.

The Future

It is really hard to see what the future impact will be, so I will just pinpoint a few things that I personally believe that will be the revolution in the next 5 years.

Thin-clients will dominate the global market, so each and everyone will be using the unified cloud and ALPHA Script without knowing it. Web applications will be deployed in seconds and scaled up globally in minutes. One web application will be available to run on any thin-client being connected on any vendor specific cloud. Any user can be a developer of very complex applications on its own. The concept of scale up or scale down and the concept of utilization is no more the same since anyone just deploy anywhere and anytime. Infrastructures will have many magnitudes more power processing than today, so all the web application will be dramatically fast.


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