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These days the Parliament of Municipality of Temerin is bringing the founding act of the developing instituion PLACE FOR

BUSINESSMEN AND ENTREPRENEURS CONTACT: 21235 Temerin, Novosadska 322 tel. 021/851-518 fax. 021/844-911 Autor`s and project manager`s word... Dear citizens, remember the years when our Temerin was ahead in the former Yugoslavia. The time behind us was quite difficult and left the consequences to overall development of our municipality. There are opportunities and prospects of social and economic development and have been used successfuly by other cities in our environment. Advantages and perspectives that our town has are large and chances for the many-sides and completed development of our city are completely certain. In order to fast and efficient development, besides natural prerequisites, we still need a lot. Mostly the people. I created this project with the main aim to provide grants from EU funds in order to create an institution in our town that would take care about our development. We succeeded, by world standards we have equipped institution, according to European criteria we have enabled staff, we have the knowledge, we have new projects. I expect that this institution for development continue its life in general and common benefit for all citizens of municipality of Temerin. Entrepreneurs, businessmen, inventors and innovators have their place and I invite them all to the gathering about the Inovation Centre for Development. We will use our knowledge, experience, equipment and projects in order to bring to our town more developed and encouragement means from domestic and overseas funds. This town should be proud of their citizens project team members who devotedly, conscientiously, professionally planned and implemented this project with European Agency for Reconstruction. We owe thanks to a large number of volunteers from the municipality of Temerin who helped and gave a huge contribution to the success of the project. We owe special thanks to: partner town Morahalom from Hungary, Alma Mons from Novi Sad, the European Agency for Reconstruction, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia, Ales Zupan, Bojana Milicevic, Zoran Krtinic, Relja Burzan, Dr. Nagy Imre, Dragan Pejovic, and many other institutions and individuals who helped us with their knowledge, work and experience. We have what we had a year ago. It is time to organize and use developing opportunities and perspectives that our town has. Innovative Centre is available to all.


Zoran B. Pekez

The project realization is over

Innovation Centre for Development of Enterpreneurship and Crossborder CooperationTemerin ABOUT THE PROJECT... The objectives of the project: Implemetatioon, equipping and training of new, independent, professional and competent institution at the local level that will deal with issues of local economic and social development. the development of cross-border cooperation and involving in the local community in regional and European integration process. Assistance and support to local self-government, economy and enterpreneurs with access to domestic and foreign sources of funding development projects development of business infrastructure sector needed to small and medium companies Financing of the project: Agreed value of the project is 110.294 EUR of which 90% is provided by the European Agency for Reconstruction through cross-border cooperation, and 10% of municipality of Temerin. Realized value of the project is 97.327,36 EUR. The duration of the project; The project was implemented in 12 month (29.06.2007 29.06.2008.) in Temerin. Partners in the project: Municipality of Temerin, city Morahalom (Hungary) and Regional Agency for Development of Small and Medium Companies ALMA MONS, Novi Sad. Author and Project Manager: Zoran B. Pekez Project Team: Mirjana Tomin, Marija Siriski, Jozef Milinski, Milorad Lemic, Zoran Govedarica, Aleksandra Hajdukovic i Dusan Rokvic. RESULTS... 1. NEW MUNICIPAL INSTITUTION FOR DEVELOPMENT - it is provided 160m2 office space in Temerin, Novosadska 322 - acquired all the necessary modern equipment for work (office material, computers, printers, cameras, digital cameras, projector and other necessary resources and trial) 2. TRAINED STAFF Through the Seminar, lasting 21 days in which teaching is carried out by 14 lecturer from 7 different institutions, there were trained and certified 43 candidates for the design and project management procedures and methodologies to the EU. 3. ENTREPRENEURSHIPS` VISITS 60 enterpreneurs from the Temerin visited the city Morahalom in Hungary, they met with their experience and results in using grants from EU funds. More than 20 enterpreneurs from Morahalom visited Temerin in the first Fair of Enterpreneurship and Innovations.

4. INTER AND CROSSBORDER COOPERATION A cooperation with 4 cities abroad and 15 cities an Serbia, with more than 180 institutions, funds, organizations and enterpreneurs that is a good basis for future joint development projects and economic cooperation. 5. FAIR In mid-june 2008. in Temerin was organized the first Fair of Enterpreneurship and Innovation, which should become traditional. On 1000m2 there were 96 exhibitors and co exhibitors from the country and abroad (inventors, innovators, economy, enterpreneurs, banks, insurance houses, state funds, chambers of commerce, media,...). In two days the fair was visited by about 1800 visitors. There were conducted more than 20 successful projects presentations, entrepreneurial ideas and lectures. Also, there were organized fair events exhibition of Vojvodina painters, exhibition of native domestic food and handicraft and exhibition of tools old crafts. 6. NEW PROJECTS Seminar beginners have developed the 10 new projects of importance for local development which will compete in the forthcoming competitions for grants from the IPA EU funds. We have developed the project `Feasibility Study for the use of geothermal water in Temerin` seeking grants from the EU for its implementation 7 young agricultural producers have developed projects and applied for nonrefundable assistance of USAID In cooperation with Association of craftsmen and entrepreneurs we have applied and provided funds in the Republic Agency for the Development of SMEs Helped the making of 4 project for the association and enterpreneurs from Temerin for competitions at the provincial and national funds. In development of the project were included team members and candidates who have completed Seminar. 7. BUSINESS INFRASTRUCTURE For support and help to the development of small and medium enterprises we are creating www site where will be available current information about the municipality, the economy, enterpreneurship, supply, demand, free workplaces, the current national and international competitions for the provision of funds, stock and other business information. 8. PROMOTION Durning the realization of the project there was conducted a series of promotional activities which had the aim of informing the public about the project and the promotion of development potentials and investment opportunities of the municipality of Temerin. 3 Bulletin cooperation, to more than 45.000 copies, Leaflet in more than 20.000 questionaires, 2 promotion film, more than 15 presentations, 3 news conference in Media Center Belgrade and Novi Sad, over 160 articles in the printed media, more then 80 items issued contents in the electronic media in the country and abroad, in Sebian, Hungarian, English and Russian language. TODAY WE HAVE A NEW, MODERN DEVELOPING INSTITUTION SERVICE AND SUPPORT TO ENTERPRENEURS