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Valli Class/Set: Thales8 Date:05/12/11 Number of pupils: 28 Subject: Spreadsheet Lesson 4 Learning Objectives (WALT): Understand why we use advanced formula. Use logical formula to answer questions. Intended Learning Outcomes (WILF): All must be able to: know why they use advanced formula. Most must be able to: use advanced formula in a spreadsheet Some must be able to: use an IF function in a spreadsheet

Time/Period: 2 Scheme of Work:

Room: 26 Level:5

Keywords: advanced formulae, IF function, logical formulae, Reference to cross-curriculum issues (Literacy, Numeracy, Citizenship, PSHE, ECM..): Mathematics Entry ( 2.5 mins) Resources Starter (5 mins) : Logic: 2minutes If rains, you need umbrella otherwise ball and cooling glass If traffic light red, stop otherwise go If 12pm, lunchtime otherwise study time

Main ( 45 mins) Explain WILF Objectives Maths symbol: > MORE than < LESS than <= LESS than or EQUAL to >= MORE than or EQUAL to Answer these questions with a TRUE or FALSE: 6>3 72 > 75 115 >= 115 92 < 42+2 12 = 6+6 32 >= 16*2 What you believe in You will be given a logical question. If you think it is TRUE, do what is says under TRUE. If you think it is FALSE, do the FALSE action. IF 12 < 25 Clap twice IF you are at USH Spin your head around IF 30 > 42 Shake your hands IF 12 < 6*1 Meow once IF 4*2 <= 12 Roar like a lion IF you are in ICT Stand up, spin around, sit back down

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Demo: IF can be used in a spreadsheet model to ask it a question. For example IF A1>90, you are Pass otherwise Fail Formulae: =IF(A1>90,"Pass","Fail") Lets look at an example. Level 4/5: 1. Add suitable formatting to make this sheet look professional. 2. Calculate the AVERAGE, MAX and MIN for mileage, years, mileage per year and price. 3. Add a formula to COUNT the number of cars in stock. Level 5/6: 1. For each car, work out whether a discount can be given using a formula. IF the price is more than 5000, "Yes" should be displayed, otherwise "No" 2. Create a graph to show all cars, their mileage and age. It must be fully labelled and professional. Todays Tasks: 1) All Logic Signs Task.xls 2) L5 6 Formula and IF Ex.xls File Location: Moodle\Spreadsheets \ Lesson 4 NOTES: Save regularly (in your Year 8 Spreadsheet folder) Use the teach-ict help videos before asking for help! Stuck? Step back a level and do an easier task first. Plenary ( 5 mins): Spreadsheets - You need to find out the message about this topic. You have been given a hint to get you started! Answer: A spreadsheet can be used to model different scenarios and see what effect a change might have. Exit ( 2.5 mins) Differentiation (related to Learning Outcomes) : Spreadsheets Word Search Special Education Needs: Other adult support/roles: Homework return, feedback and setting: Assessment next lesson. Go through all your spreadsheet work. Watch the help videos on teach-ict: Be ready for your assessment next lesson. Assessment including WILF: Markbook in Dropbox Evaluation of the lesson

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