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Exercise 1 Your class is organizing a project for the following semester holidays.

The following are some of the suggestions made by the members of the class for the project: 1. Organise an educational trip to an Orang Asli settlement in Cameron Highlands. 2. Participate in a foster family programme with a group of FELDA settlers in Jengka. 3. Go on a study trip to Borobudur in Indonesia 4. Conduct free tuition classes for the underprivileged school children near your campus. Think of various ways of agreeing and disagreeing with each of the suggestions above. List them. Support your opinion appropriately. Recently our class has planned to organize a trip. During the discussion there has been many suggestions. Organizing a trip is not an easy job. We have to think the positive and negative points before making the trip. It is hoped that the project will benefit our course too. A member suggested going to Orang Asli settlement in Cameroun Highlands. Its a good suggestion but the pros and cons too. Cameroun Highland is a well known place for its cool environment. It is not only can be an educational tour but a vacation too. But there are some points that need to iron out first. We need someone who knows the place well and can understand their language too. A guide is important. Another member suggested going to any FELDA scheme and finding a foster family, staying with them for a few days and learning their way of life. Its something interesting and new. We can learn some new things about FELDA settlers. But to find a foster family is not an easy job too. We have to suit their family. But not many members are willing to go. One of the members also suggested going abroad. The place suggested was Borobudur, Indonesia. Many members were excited with the idea. Because visiting a new country is something challenging and enjoyable too. In fact many were interested to go because none of us have been there. The problem is we need passport, which will cost around RM 100 per person. Moreover, need cash for flight tickets and lodging. The cost will be higher. We too need a tour guide there. Last, but not least, another member suggested of going to conduct a free tuition classes for the underprivileged school children in a nearby village. It was a welcomed idea by all members. In fact its the most suitable project which will benefit the underprivileged children in a village. So, all the members agreed unanimously for the project. A member suggested to adopt Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Abdullah, Changkat Jering, Perak which is located in a village. A letter will be send to the

headmaster for the permission. Each member will be teaching a subject based on their course taken.