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Paranoid and Illuminations Conspiracy Meaning of paranoid: Paranoid comes from the Greek words which means madness.

From psycological aspect, paranoid is the mental interruption that refer to some one who believe that others always threaten or believe that himself is someone i mportant. Meaning of conspiracy: Conspiracy is one of the consensus or racketeering between 2 party or more to pl ot to do something that is illegal, wrong and morally bad. Meaning of Illumination: Illumination comes from the word illuminate that means lighten. it is an secret organization that consist from the combination of Pagan typically Jewish tribe a nd Christian tribe which turn fed and out of their religion. Based on the history of modern illumination, this tribe/group was founded by Ada m Weishupt, one of the Freemason which out from Christian and then established t his group. Based on Pagan, illumination movement is a magic flow of movement which believed on the astrological prediction and also mistical lost. The motive of this estab lishment is to control the nowadays world, then everything happen is under their control. This conspiracy theory explained that they are led or monitored by Dajjal La'nat ullah as a 'hidden hand'. Illumination also known as the New World Order(NWO) or Shadow Government. There are too much Muslim researchers nowadays whom doing various exposure about this evil conspiration. Theory to theory was presented in various seminar and i n working paper to make sure Muslim nowadays more aware and update the informati on about that conspiracy. Enough to that, the more obvious concern is the nature of Muslims and society no wadays that the nature more to be received. Something that they received, that i s their knowledge and believed. This nature seem negative and give bad effect when Muslim society in the future being paranoid with this conspiracy's theories exposure. Their confidentiality to the dignity and greatness of Islam has decreases after they get information about the military of Dajjal La natullah become greater and dev eloped like Islam will be fall into their hand with their great planning. Allah said in the Qur an:

"They make plan, and Allah also planned. And Allah is the best planner" We are confident with hostility that happened between Muslim and Jews and it is stated in Qur an, Hadith and the history of Islam. We need to believe that the Dajja l will be presence at the end of time. Nevertheless, we should not fear the powe r of the enemy of Allah planning. The biggest challenges that happen among Muslim is not from the enemy but it is

from our weaknesses. Muslim scholars have outlined the three types of knowledge that must be travelle d by each mukallaf, it is the knowledge of fardhu ain: (i) (ii) (iii) Knowledge of Faith (Usuluddin) Knowledge of Syari ah (Al-Fiqh) Inner Knowledge (Tasawwuf)

Let us complete ourselves with the foundations that have been outlined so far we do not stray from the original track of the end time world time trial today. Th en, let us gain the perfection of knowledge with other knowledge to produce stro ng generation in outer and inner aspect. We did not even reject the conspiracy theories that have been presented until to day, but not with this theory, our life become miserable and not the deck of ext reme fear. Realizing this, with the knowledge increasingly improve, we build the strength o f Muslim in himself not with the weakness of the enemy.