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S Sierra Wireless A AirCard 890 Q Quickstart

Welcome to AT&T
Please use this Quickstart to get a brief overview of the major features and services available with your new DataConnect service.

Or take advantage of our interactive web tutorials at: for the most complete and up-to-date information available for setting up your new device and services. These online tutorials include step-by-step instructions and screen shots as well as providing an easy search function. Thanks for choosing AT&T.

Getting Started
Install the Software
If your company has provided the AirCard890, please check with your IT department regarding connectivity software before continuing. The installation CD contains connectivity software for Windows and Mac operating systems that will help you manage and control connections to the AT&T mobile network, AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots, or other available Wi-Fi networks. This Quickstart provides instructions for installing AT&T Global Network Client (AGNC) on laptops running Windows7, Vista, or XP. For information on installing Sierra Wireless Watcher on Mac OS X laptops, refer to the interactive web tutorial available at Note: Do not insert the AirCard 890 into your laptop until the AGNC software installation is complete. To install the AGNC software: 1. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive. 2. The installation process starts and runs automatically. 3. The following pop-up message appears when installation is complete.

Insert the SIM card

1. Remove the ExpressCard from the sled and insert the SIM card into the front slot.

Sled ExpressCard Notch

Insert the AirCard 890 into the laptop

1. After software installation is complete, carefully push the AirCard 890 into an ExpressCard or PC Card slot on your laptop. (To use a PC Card slot, re-insert the ExpressCard into the sled.) Refer to your laptop user guide for slot size information.


ExpressCard slot

PC Card slot

2. Flip open the antenna fully for optimal reception.


Connect to the AT&T mobile network and access the Internet

1. Double-click the AGNC shortcut icon installed on your desktop.

2. Click the Connect button when the Cellular and/or Wi-Fi icon appears.

3. Open your browser and access the Internet. 4. Click the Disconnect button to end your session.

AT&T Global Network Client (AGNC)

AGNC is a software application that lets you control your connections to either the AT&T mobile network nationwide using the AirCard 890, or available Wi-Fi networks including thousands of AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots using the built-in Wi-Fi capability of your laptop. AGNC offers a range of tools and features to manage those connections, find the best connection available, and make that connection quickly. Please note that connections to the AT&T mobile network and AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots require that the AirCard 890 be inserted into the laptop and that the device has an active SIM and a valid data plan (see page 9 for more information on Wi-Fi requirements). 10 Available networks 1 Connect button 2 View nearby Wi-Fi networks 3 Wi-Fi indicator Help 9 4 Cellular indicator 5 Signal strength

6 Available Wi-Fi networks

8 Wireless number

7 Connection sequence

Using AGNC

Connect button
The Connect button initiates a connection ot the Internet.

View nearby Wi-Fi networks

View nearby Wi-Fi networks allows you to connect to a specific hot spot directly (see page 9 for more information).

Wi-Fi Indicator
This indicator appears when Wi-Fi networks are available.

Cellular indicator
This indicator appears when the AT&T mobile network is available.

Signal strength
This indicator shows the strength of the wireless signal that you are receiving.

Available Wi-Fi networks

This area displays the Wi-Fi networks available including AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots as well as 3rd party or free Wi-Fi networks.

Using AGNC cont.


Connection sequence
This feature prioritizes connection types such as cellular and Wi-Fi networks. AT&Ts wireless network is prioritized in the default connection sequence or you can customize the sequence by clicking Configure a connection sequence.

Wireless number
This number is the wireless number associated with your AT&T device and account. You will need this to access your myWireless account and to get support from AT&T.

The Help panel provides additional information on using AGNC and instructions on contacting Customer Support.


Available networks
This area shows the type of networks available. Click the network type, such as Wi-Fi or Cellular to view a list of available networks.

Using AGNC for Wi-Fi

If your laptop has Wi-Fi capability, you can use AGNC to manage your connection to any home, business or AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot. Please note that connections to AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots require a qualified AT&T DataConnect service plan. For eligibility details, see

To use AT&T Wi-Fi service:

1. Insert your AirCard 890 and launch AGNC. AGNC automatically identifies available Wi-Fi networks. 2. Click the green Connect button and the AT&T Client will use the default automatic connection sequence, for which AT&T LaptopConnect Wi-Fi is listed first, to establish your connection using Wi-Fi. Once you are connected to an AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot, the following screen appears.

Wi-Fi indicator

Wi-Fi network identifier

To connect to other Wi-Fi networks:

1. Launch AGNC (you do not need to insert your AirCard 890). AGNC automatically identifies available Wi-Fi networks. 2. To connect to a specific Wi-Fi network directly rather than using the automatic connection sequence, click Click here to view nearby Wi-Fi networks. AGNC lists the networks in range. Click the name of the hot spot network you would like to connect to.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have an older version of AGNC already installed?
Follow the installation instructions as described in this guide. AGNC automatically updates the software and maintains your current settings.

How do I monitor data usage?

AT&T recommends that you monitor your usage by taking advantage of your free myWireless account. Your myWireless account provides the most accurate information regarding your usage and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. For more information about how to access your myWireless account, see the interactive web tutorial available at

What if I prefer to use AT&T Communication Manager (ACM)?

ACM is supported on the AirCard 890 and is available via download at If you have an earlier version of ACM, the download will replace it with a newer version. If you prefer to use ACM, please do not install AGNC from the CD.

Where can I get help troubleshooting the AirCard 890?

For up-to-date troubleshooting information for the AirCard 890, visit or the online tutorials at


Find More Information

On the Web
Interactive web tutorials are available at Select Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless and Model: AirCard 890 from the drop-down menus. Detailed support information including device specifications, troubleshooting, user forums and knowledge base articles are available at Detailed support information for AGNC including features, user guides, user forums and knowledge base articles are available at Warranty information for the AirCard 890 is available at

From a Phone
If available, please contact your IT help desk first. Call AT&T Customer Care at 800-331-0500 for assistance with your device or service. Please enter the 10-digit wireless phone number associated with your AirCard 890 when prompted. This ensures you get direct access to a specialized Care team. The wireless phone number associated with your AirCard 890 can be found: On your monthly statement; or On the main AGNC screen. Note: You must have the AirCard 890 inserted into your laptop to find the wireless number.

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