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Basic Facials
Appetizer Facial
An express facial designed to relax, uplift and revitalise the skin. (30 min)

TheraVine Anti-Ageing Facial R 250

This replenishing treatment helps minimise ne lines and wrinkles using specialised skin booster and anti-ageing botanical. A plasticising mask is applied leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated. (90 min)

R 500

Balancing Facial

This facial uses selected TheraVine products to restore balance to the skin and includes deep pore cleansing to gently remove surface impurities. (60 min)

R 400

Full Leg Massage
Speci cally designed to sooth the muscle of legs and feet which will promote the breakdown of lactic acid in the muscles and relieving areas of water retention. (45 min)

Hydrating Facial

Designed for deep hydration to the skin. A TheraVine moisturising cream mask is applied over the Pinotage face oils to bond moisture molecules to the skin, leaving it feeling soft to the touch. (60 min)

R 400

R 300

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

A relaxing, stress relieving massage where the focus is on the neck and shoulder area. (30 min)

R 280

Swedish Full Body Massage

Advanced Facials
Evidence Facial
This is the Rolls Royce of the Declor facial treatments with its anti-ageing properties. It helps to slow down the e ects of time. For mature skins. (90 min)

A deep rm massage designed to relieve muscle tension and increase blood circulation. (60 min)

R 390

R 500

Full Body Aroma Massage

NutriSoin Facial

This product is formulated especially for dry and dehydrated skin that lacks balance. It relieves tautness, restores moisture levels and leaves the skin with a feeling of comfort and suppleness. (90 min)

R 500

A slow and relaxing massage using Aromatic Essential oils with therapeutic bene ts. Choose between the following: TheraVine: Moisturising Slimming Relaxing Declor: Detox Tonic Relax

R 400

Full Body & Face Aroma Massage

A slow and relaxing massage using Aromatic Essential oils with therapeutic bene ts. Facial pressure points included. (75 min)

R 420

AromaPlasty Facial

Cocktail boost designed for all skin types. The mask contains vitamins and protein and is hydrating, antiageing, anti-in ammatory and healing. Its a 100% natural multi-active treatment. (75 min)

R 460

Full Body Hot Stone Massage

Restores body, mind and soul in this unique full body treatment which uses the healing power of stones to release stress and re-energise tired muscles. (60 min)

R 450

Purifying Facial

A counteracting treatment designed for oily, problem prone skins, which reduces shine and balances the complexion. (90 min)

R 500

Pregnancy Massage

Ideal for any stage of pregnancy. This helps to reduce water retention and ease tired lower back muscles. (45min)

R 260

Scalp Massage

Harmony Extreme Facial

This soothing treatment calms even the most reactive complexions, it restores balance and refreshes the skin, while reducing redness and irritation. (90 min)

R 500

Scalp massage to relax and unwind or as an add-on to other treatments. (30 min)

R 200

Whitening Facial

This facial is perfect for anyone with uneven pigmentation, and everyone who wants a brighter complexion with healthy, glowing skin. (90 min)

R 515

Body Treatments
Re exology
A specialised treatment where pressure points on the feet are stimulated to correspond to speci c parts on the body. (45 min)

Gents Treatments
R 250 Gents Facial
Release stress and tension and boost your skin with an executive treatment. (60 min)

R 390

TheraVine Hair & Scalp Treatment

A treatment using a stimulating scalp tonic, conditioning oil and a hair treatment mask, combined with a variety of relaxing massage movements to help reduce stress and tension. (30 min)

R 270

Gents Manicure

A Hand Scrub, Massage and Nail Treatment. (45 min)

R 150

Gents Pedicure

A Foot Scrub, Massage and Nail Treatment. (50 min)

R 180

Body Wraps
A Full Body Treatment that includes a Scrub, Mask, Body Wrap, and Hydration. (105 min)

Manicures & Pedicures

Express Manicure (30 min) Express Pedicure (30 min) OPI Spa Manicure (60 min) OPI Spa Pedicure (60 min) OPI French Manicure (75 min) OPI French Pedicure (75 min) Para n Hand Dip (15 min) Para n Foot Dip (15 min) Para n Hand Treatment Para n Foot Treatment R 180
Hand Scrub, Massage & Para n dip (45 min)

Declor Body Wrap TheraVine Body Wrap Full Body Scrub & Hydration
(30 min)

R 600 R 500 R 200

R 070 R 080 R 180 R 200 R 200 R 220 R 65 R 85 R 150 R 170

Bath Treatments
Hydro Bath Session
Enjoy a leisurely soak with essential oils. Combine this with any other treatments for maximum relaxation. (30 min)

Foot Scrub, Massage & Para n dip (45 min)

Waxing & Tinting

Full leg Leg Leg Underarm Arm Bikini Back Chest Stomach Face Brow wax Lip wax Chin wax Eyebrow Tint Eyelash Tint Men R 190 R 170 R 130 Women R 180 R 160 R 120 R 070 R 100 R 090 R 130 R 95 R0 50 R 050 R 050 R 050 R 065

Full Body Scrub & Bath Session

Includes a Full Body Scrub followed by a 30 min Hydro Bath session. (60 min)

R 300

TheraVine Pinotage Bath

A powerful grape skin and vine leaf anti-oxidant extract, combined with indigenous essential oils to ght ageing. (30 min)

R 265

Aquaroma Bath Treatment

Hydro bath session using Declor products with a Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage. (60 min)

R 440

R 150 R 130 R 090

Bath & Massage Combo

Induldge your senses with a relaxing aromatic jet bath session followed by a Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage.

R 350

Spa Packages
On the Go
Express Mani Express Pedi Appetizer Facial (90 min)

R 390

Treatments by Appointment only A robe, disposable slippers and underwear are available for your use Arriving 10 minutes prior to booking time will allow adequate time for lling in a consultation form and preparing for your treatment The treatment times for late arrivals will be reduced accordingly as to stay within the appointment time. The charge will remain unchanged Personalised Gift Vouchers are available for purchase Prices are subject to change without notice

Vineyard Galore

Full Body Scrub Pinotage Grape Skin-extract Bath Full Body Hydration (90 min)

R 500

Grapevine Touches

Appetizer Facial TheraVine Hand & Foot Treatment Back & Neck Massage (90 min)

R 600

Well Groomed Gentleman

Gents Facial Gents Manicure Back & Neck Massage (135 min)

R 650

Packages only con rmed upon receipt of full payment Please note that a 50% deposit will be charged for appointments cancelled within 48 hours

Fancy Two Hour Treat

Declor Aromaplasty Facial Brow Shape Back & Neck Massage (120 min)

R 670

Changes to any booking should be advised at least 4 hours prior in order for the necessary arrangements to be made Kindly switch o mobile phones when entering the WedgeView Spa Invoicing and payment to be done at the O ce Room charges available for in-house guests

TheraVine Deluxe Spa Ritual

Foot Cleanse Ritual AromaVine Massage TheraVine Facial Acupressure Scalp Massage (135 min)

R 700

MusculaVine Muscle Release

MusculaVine Friction Scrub Hydro Bath Session Full Body Aroma Massage Circulating Gel Application (135 min)

R 700

Should you have any serious medical or physical condition, kindly inform your therapist Our therapists reserve the right to allow admission to the WedgeView Spa

Time Out Package

Hair & Scalp Treatment Full Body Aroma Massage TheraVine Facial (150 min)

R 950

Operating Hours: Mon Sun 08:00 19:00

All in One

Declor Aromaplasty Facial Full Body Swedish Massage OPI Spa Manicure OPI Spa Pedicure (240 min)

R 1100

Tel: 021 881 3525 Fax: 021 881 3539