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2007 Alpine NorAm Cup In 2007, the NorAm Cup will host 26 mens and 26 womens races throughout

the United States and Canada, starting in Keystone, Colorado in November with mens competitions (11/2711/30/06). The womens competitions will start soon after in Winter Park, Colorado (11/2812/1/06). All told, the tour will take snowboarders and fans to Colorado, Maine, Montana, and of course, Canada. The finals will take place on March 14, 2007 and will continue until the eighteenth in Panorama, British Columbia. The 2007 Alpine NorAm Cup is known as a starting ground for many younger riders starting to make a name for themselves. For more information, check out

Chevrolet Revolution Tour 2006-07 Chevrolet is a big snowboarding sponsor. Along with this, the Chevrolet Revolution Tour will start in Spirit Mountain, Minnesota on January 12, 2007 and will continue until the fourteenth there. Then theyll move on to Copper Mountain, Colorado (1/26-1/28/07), Okemo Mt., Vermont (2/22/3), Mt. Bachelor, Oregon (2/9- 2/11), and Timberline, Oregon (time to be determined). Each stop will include Halfpipe, Slopestyle, and Snowboardcross events. In addition, a rail jam will be held at select locations.

Chevrolet US Snowboard Grand Prix Will start this year on December 10, 2006 in Breckenridge, Colorado with Halfpipe events. However, in February of 2007 (2/1-2/4), theyll travel to Mountain Creek, New Jersey for Halfpipe and Slopestyle events. Later that month, theyll finish the competition with one more set of events (site to be determined).

The FIS World Cup Circuit The FIS World Cup Circuit is big for professional snowboarding and spans the globe. Toward the end of 2006 circuit will take snowboarders and fans to the Netherlands, Italy, Austria (more than once), and Slovenia. In 2007, the circuit will bounce around even more, to include Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Korea, and Quebec. According to professional snowboarder, Chris Klug, one should especially check out the World Champs Event in Arosa, Switzerland between 1/131/20/07. If you want to stay on top of the FIS schedule, the United States Ski Association might help you do that- In addition, Klugs own schedule is a nice resource as

The Olympics Has to be mentioned because an Olympic medal, for most athletes, is the culmination of everything theyve always dreamed about. Of course Olympic athletes dont get paid, so it may be a stretch including it here with professional competitions. Still, the commercial connection to Olympic events could, in itself, be considered payment.

At present, the Olympics hold six snowboard events- the Mens Halfpipe, Ladies Halfpipe, Mens Parallel Giant Slalom, Ladies Parallel Giant Slalom, and Mens Snowboard Cross and Ladies Snowboard Cross.

Race to the Cup Alpine Series Each stop on this tour includes two Alpine events and $3,000 in prize money. The 2006-07 series will kickoff in Copper Mountain, Colorado on November 20, 2006 and will end on the twenty- first. From there theyll travel to Steamboat Springs, Colorado (1/5- 1/6/07) and Bromley, VT (3/103/11/07). Again, for further details check out

The US Open The US Open snowboarding events have been held annually at the end of the winter for over two decades; in other words, the whole thing kicks off in March. The winner of the US Open gets $250,000 in prize money. Any wonder why the US Open is a popular event for snowboarders?

Vans Cup at Northstar Tahoe Going into their third season at Lake Tahoe, the Vans Cup has become an extremely popular event. They hold Superpipe (male/ female), Slopestyle (male/ female), and Mens Rail Jam events. Check out Vans Cup at Northstar Tahoe to view last years final results and prize amounts.

The X Games Sponsored by ESPN, the X Games are a great yearly event for extreme sports enthusiasts. Though originally devoid of winter events, more recently the Winter X Games were developed. Hence, they picked up freestyle snowboarding. The next Winter X Games will take place between January 25-28, 2007 in Aspen, Colorado. If you like crazy tricks and stunts, the X Games are for you. Whether you are a seasoned snowboarder or first- timer, these popular events should be enough to wet your whistle. Happy boarding!

Snowboarding Athletes
Shaun White Marital Status: Single Participant since: N/A Competitor since: N/A Nickname(s): Animal Country: USA Resides In: Carlsbad, CA Age: 25 Height: 5'9" Weight: 150 lbs Site:

Shaun is a charismatic worldwide superstar who is unstoppable on a snowboard and a skateboard. His winning SuperPipe run at Winter X Aspen 2012 included back-to-back double cork 1260s and earned a perfect score; the feat earned him the first SuperPipe 5-peat in WX history. He also earned Vert gold at X Games 2011. White has parlayed his snowboarding and skateboarding talents into movie spots ("Friends with Benefits"), frequent TV appearances, best-selling video games and a new line of home accessories with Target. He has the most gold (12) and overall medals (17) in WX history and added a second-straight Winter Olympic halfpipe gold to his collection in 2010. He's making his first appearance at WX Tignes, and he'll be competing in both Slopestyle and SuperPipe after dropping from Slopestyle at WX 2012 with an injured ankle.

Danny Kass
Daniel "Danny" Kass (born September 21, 1982) is an American professional snowboarder. Kass was born in Pompton Plains section of Pequannock Township, New Jersey. He grew up in New Jersey where he began snowboarding at the age of twelve. His home slopes are what are now known as Hidden Valley and Mountain Creek ski resorts both located in the mountains of Vernon Township and Highland Lakes. After several years of shredding around the Mid-Atlantic States, Kass entered into the Okemo Mountain School to focus more of his time on riding some of the better pipe and park in the East. In 2001, Danny broke out into what has become one of the most successful contest streaks in snowboarding with four US Open Championships, seven Winter X Games medals and two Olympic silver medals. During the winter of 2006, Kass fought his way back from a slow start in the US Grand Prix Circuit to qualify for the Olympics in Torino for the second time in a row. And just like in 2002, Kass took home another silver medal with back to back 1080s and his signature smooth style. Kass and Johnny Fanizza are the founders of Grenade Gloves, which specializes in snowboarding gloves, accessories, and other extreme sporting gear. Kass is one of the stars of The Adventures of Danny and The Dingo on Fuel TV.

The Gnu Danny Kass is a good wood pipe winner and that means it also performs very well all over the mountain. Danny's C2 BTX board has a lot less rocker than the other C2 BTX or BTX boards out there. It also has a mellow MTX cut that gives it a more traditional ride. C2 BTX in our opinion is much better than BTX but still has some issues when it comes to stability at high speed and flat basing. If you get this board you are going to ride the pipe and in the pipe you are always on your edge. If you like to haul ass down a groomer it will do better than most C2 BTX's but it will still be squirly compared to a cambered board. If Gnu/Mervin can solve that flat base/high speed issue these

boards might be perfect. The 2011 Gnu Danny Kass looks like a more refined version of C2 BTX that one foots and flat bases on hard conditions better. Danny's board is getting really close to having the stability of camber and the other benefits of rocker. The 2012 Gnu Danny Kass has a nice upgrade to C2 BTX Power Banana which is a more aggressive stable ride over C2 BTX. The Danny Kass is still very similar in terms of personality but it's just going to flat base a little better and deal with speed a little better so this year is the call over all other years. The Danny Kass is a great all around Mid sized foot board for anyone who likes the pipe and aggressive freestyle anywhere on the mountain. Markku Koski Markku Koski (born October 15, 1981) is a professional snowboarder from Sievi, Finland. He is well known within the snowboarding community for his consistent showing in half-pipe competitions and for his video parts with Standard Films. Koski won the bronze medal at 2006 Winter Olympics in the Halfpipe competition, and he won a gold medal in the Big Air competition at the 2009 Snowboard World Championships.
Markku Koski was the first to attempt a 1440 in competition (U.S. Open 2002). And although he didn't land it cleanly, he took 2nd place and began to make waves in the U.S. He finished 8th in the halfpipe at the 2002 Olympics and took home a bronze from his first WX in 2003. Markku, an all-around rider with slopestyle and big air skills, is known for his classic style and effortless spins.

Siegfried (Sigi) Grabner Siegfried (Sigi) Grabner (born February 4, 1975, in Waiern, Carinthia) is an Austrian professional snowboarder. At the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy he won bronze in the Parallel Giant Slalom competition. Having won the Junior World Championship 1994 in Slovenia, he decided to go professional. He won the European Championship 1995 in Finland, and became part of the Burton Alpine Team. In 2003 he won the Parallel Giant Slalom World Championship inKreischberg, Austria. In 2005 he ranked third in Whistler, British Columbia. In the summer of 2003 Siegfried Grabner wrote a book, "Boarder zwischen den Welten" (literally "Boarder between the worlds"). He also develops snowboards, his "SG Snowboards" became available in autumn 2005 in three variants. He won the medal at theTurin Olympics on one of his Torino raceboards. Grabner resides in La Massana, Andorra. There are some successful and well-known snowboarders, and Sigi Grabner's biography is impressive: But she does not say anything about the phenomenon of "Sigi". Sigi Grabner is one of the best and most popular riders of all time, and he is at home all over the world. For 17 years, his name is associated with the sport of snowboarding, with the racing in the World Cup snowboard videos as well as the epic for freeriding. In Japan he is known, as in Canada, in Argentina or Russia. He was ProTour winner and world champion in the ISF, the wild early days of snowboard, and he's back world champion, multiple World Cup winner, Olympic medalist and World Cup winner in the FIS become. Only - this alone, it is not: Sigi Grabner's snowboarder out of deep conviction. One who loves the mountains, the snow and the board, and one of the sport much, if not everything means. When it comes to carry on the technical development of the board when it comes to helping young snowboarders on their way, and always when it comes to the joy of snowboarding, then there is Sigi Grabner.

1975 Siegfried "Sigi" Grabner is on 4 Born in February 1975 Waiern / Feldkirchen. He is the youngest of six siblings on the mountain farm of Elizabeth and Peter Grabner. Childhood and teenage years he spent at the family farm, the "high Sinner" on the farm in Saureggen Turracherhhe in Carinthia. Soon evident: Snow and mountains are the element of Sigi Grabner! As a two year old he made his first attempts on skis. 1988 inserted as the snowboarding in its infancy and Sigi with his thirteen years this has just outgrown it exchanges as one of the first two skis to one thing: "Snowboarding was my thing! The weightless gliding on the board that was indescribable. "But this new sport is considered to be dangerous, so parents need to be convinced first. Sigi is secretly creates self-earned money on the first own board and drives a first victories, before the parents agree. 1992 First participation in snowboard competitions and first victories 1993 First World Cup races in the IFS per tour - Sigi is international. 1994 Sigi Grabner won the Junior World Championships, which defines the way from HAK-graduation, starting a business studies and decides on a career as a professional snowboarder. 1995 Sigi wins the first of five ISF European Championship titles, later also in 1996, 1998, and twice the 1999th 1995 - 2002 It is now one of the Burton Team Europe, won several times the ISF World Pro Tour, is for photo and film shoots in Alaska, Japan and the Alps on the way, and becomes a media star in Japan. The ISF dissolves Sigi 2002 and changes to the FIS, because he was "just happy to race" wants to go. 2003 Sigi Grabner is FIS World Cup in parallel slalom at the FIS Snowboard World Championships at Kreischberg (Austria). He won the following year the FIS World Cup parallel. And begins to develop snowboards. 2004 The first collection of SG SNOWBOARDS by Sigi Grabner is produced in Austria. Since Sigi has a new field: to guarantee an annual development and optimization of SG SNOWBOARDS. The successes in the World Cup he was right. He also builds a young international team of snowboard professionals from nine nations, the SG PRO TEAM. 2006 Sigi Grabner wins the bronze medal in the parallel giant slalom at the Olympic Games in Turin (Italy). 2008 In his 15th international professional season Sigi brings the second time the FIS World Cup and the World Cup in parallel slalom. 2009 An ankle fracture in the middle of preparing for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver means plaster and whole 6 months forced break.

2010 In August sees Sigi Grabner again when shooting movies in New Zealand and it says: Ready to go again. Relaunch Sigi Grabner 2010.

Simon Schoch
Simon Schoch (born 7 October 1978) is a Swiss snowboarder. At the 2003 World Championships, Schoch won Silver in Parallel Giant Slalom and Bronze in Parallel Slalom. At the 2006 Winter Olympics, he faced his brother Philipp Schoch - the reigning Olympic champion - in the Parallel Giant Slalom Final. He gave away a 0.88 second deficit in the first run and was unable to make it up in the second leg, ending up with a silver medal.

Philipp Schoch
Philipp Schoch (born 10 October 1979) is a Swiss snowboarder. In Snowboarding at the 2002 Winter Olympics, Schoch won gold in Men's Parallel Giant Slalom. At the 2006 Winter Olympics, he faced his brother Simon Schoch in the Parallel Giant Slalom Final. Philipp raced away to an unassailable 0.88 second lead in the first leg of the final, retaining his Olympic crown. He is the first snowborder to win two gold medals in the Winter Olympics.