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Moses, was the officer in charge of the treasuries. His relatives through Eliezer: Rehabiah his son, Jeshaiah his son, Jorum his son, Zicri his son and Shelomith his son. Seriously? This is what I get? Does this mean the rest of my day will be monotonous, tiring, hard to understand, difficult in terms of spelling? Fraught with distant relatives? It left me feeling like I had been overlooked and not a little bit foolish. But then I got to thinking about the premise of my time with God. It had been to get a peek into the depths of my own life, to mine the caves of wisdom for the things I needed in order to get through another one of my days. It wasnt about connecting with God independent of my circumstances and the future; it was about asking God to prop up my life instead of infusing my life. Im not saying the Chronicles passage would have been any more readable if my heart had been right, but it seems wrong to underestimate the power of Gods spirit within a person who is willing to sit down with a Bible and conform to its author and its authors kingdom, regardless of what the day might bring. Someone willing to meditate on Scripture, no matter what Scripture, in order to connect with God and come under Gods jurisdiction. This seems like an attitude to which God will respond. When your time with God is first and foremost a time to gather paperwork for the checkpoints in your day ahead, watch out. You might very well end up with some fascinating headwear, but a broken crystal ball. And a life thats just too small.

I have a tendency to treat my One Year Bible like a Christian horoscope.

I dont always read my One Year Bible, just so you know. Sometimes I read a devotional book, or a passage of Scripture from the lectionary, or even blindly open my Bible (secretly aiming for Psalms). Sometimes I get all crazy up in here and read straight from the Greek Vulgate. You know, cause Im a pastors kid. We pastors kids all speak vulgar Greek. But when I get a hankering to feast from a super-sized scriptural buffet selected readings from the Old and New Testaments, Psalms, and Proverbs I dust off my trusty One Year Bible. And I cant help but expect that whatever Scripture passages I find have been slated from before the foundation of the earth for me to read today, September 1, and must apply to whatever awaits me in the next 24 hours. Maybe a verse encouraging perseverance is a bad omen. Maybe it means one of my kids will vomit today. But maybe a verse along the lines of Praise the Lord, O my soul! means I should expect a pedicure to flag me down on the side of the road in just a matter of minutes. I use my Bible like a fortuneteller uses a crystal ball, except with much less fascinating headwear. One morning, exhausted, already on my second cup of coffee that wasnt doing much good, I opened my One Year Bible to the days date. With bated breath, I read the first lines that I presumed were given to me that day. I was sure God had seen my exhaustion, my spiritual dryness, and the great effort with which I lugged out his Word to show I was still in this for the long haul. I was sure he had something very special planned for me because he knew I would need just the thing, just this day. The first passage I read was from Chronicles, and it might be worth noting that for a Christian reading her One Year Bible as a horoscope, the first passage your eyes fall upon probably means the most for the day. The most riveting part of my Chronicles passage was hard to choose, but let this little snippet whet your appetite for more: Hubel, a descendant of Gershom son of

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Irving Bible Church: a community on a journey.

Thanks for picking up Chatter. Chatter is a publication of Irving Bible Church in Irving, Texas.
Why are we here?
IBC is on a journey committed to growing in Christ, connecting in community and joining the mission. This commitment comes from Jesus words in the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-39) and Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

How do we do this?
Growing in Christ At the heart of the journey is the gospel of Jesus Christ, the story of the Son of God coming into our dark world to bring light, life, hope and transformation. The journey begins when we trust Christ, but it doesnt end there. Gods desire for each of us is for our hearts and lives to become more like the one who has saved us (Ephesians 4:11-13). Connecting in Community The gospel story draws us into a community of people whose lives have been transformed by Jesus. This journey is not one that we undertake alone. We are designed to do life together as a community of Christ-followers. It is essential that we walk with one another on the journey (John 13:34-35). Joining the Mission The gospel tells us that one day God will take all that is broken in this world and make it whole. Those of us who are on the journey together are called to be people who do what we can to make glimpses of that day show up in our day. We do this by telling the gospel story and demonstrating gospel-shaped love to a needy world (Matthew 28:18-20).

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Irving Bible Church | 2435 Kinwest Pkwy, Irving, TX 75063 | (972) 560-4600 Web | Twitter @ibcvoice | Facebook irvingbible
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Photo Update: Supplies for Success

On Saturday August 18, over 8,600 children from kindergarten-12th grade attended Supplies for Success, an all-day event put on by a partnership between the IISD, Irving Mayor, Fire Department, city officials, local businesses, and Irving Bible Church. Kids received a meal, backpack, school supplies, immunizations, vision and hearing screenings, and a chance to visit various social services booths.

Got a Note for Pastor Andy? In October, Pastor Andy celebrates 25 years as senior pastor at IBC. If youd like to send him a note of thanks or tell your favorite Andy story, email us at

years ago, Irving Bible Church was founded by a small but faithful group of Christ-followers who believed that trusting the Lord Jesus Christ and following the rich truth of his Word transforms lives and changes the world. Although they didnt use the exact words we do today, IBCers from that time were committed to a lifelong journey of growing in Christ, connecting in community, and joining the mission of God in the world. Its a journey we continue to embrace today at Irving Bible Church. Today, a clear commitment to the Scriptures remains a primary distinctive of this journey. Thousands call IBC home because of their deep desire to know, love, and serve the God of the Bible. IBCers want to understand, live, and share Gods truth so effectively that they become more and more that city of light set on a hill envisioned by our Lord Jesus Christ in his Sermon on the Mount. Inside the IBC walls, scores of ministries for adults and the next generation teach the Word and model Christian discipleship in worship services and small groups. And outside the IBC walls, significant ministries have been born for the world as well. Water is Basic began drilling the first of what has become nearly 400 wells for the Sudanese people. The 2435 Kinwest Free Medical Clinic was launched. Even traditionally internal ministries at IBC have taken on a missional mindset. Our Childrens Ministry organizes IBC kids to provide books for Townsell Elementary. Our Mens First Watch raises thousands of dollars for New Friends New Life, releasing women from sexually oriented businesses. Schoolworks is encouraging and blessing administrators, students, and teachers in the public school system. A new partnership with the City of Irving forged by IBC (called the Step Program) is helping hundreds of hurting people in our community by providing benevolence gifts. Hundreds of IBCers participate in local and foreign mission trips annually. And it is estimated that last year alone, over $1 million above and beyond the IBC budget was given by IBCers through IBC to bless people outside of IBC. Truly, God is using this church as a city set on a hill to have a major impact in our world for Christ and his Kingdom! This has been Scripture lived out. Today we have a unique opportunity to further the mission of Gods people at IBC. We are poised at a historic crossroads from which we can effectively move IBCs worldwide ministry to a whole new level of effectiveness. As we celebrate IBCs Jubilee year and Gods amazing faithfulness in blessing us in the past, we can now choose to trust him for even greater things to come. That is why we are launching Journey On, a major new generosity initiative designed to remove all financial barriers in IBCs path forward. Journey On is a capital campaign whose purpose is paying off the entire IBC mortgage while teaching Gods people sustainable biblical principles of stewardship. Our goal is to pledge monies over the next two years sufficient to retire IBCs mortgage ($9.7 million) and to fund IBCs general operating budget ($15 million for two years). Any funds committed over this approximately $25 million will be applied to building 15,000 sq. ft. of new space for our Next Generation ministries. Success in eliminating IBCs mortgage will not only constitute a beautiful biblical expression of Jubilee (the 50th year in Old Testament Israel when all debts went to zero), but will also effectively free up $1 million/year for ministry that is presently going to debt service. God will use our sacrificial financial generosity to build on IBCs solid ministry foundation in order that, in the next 50 years,


our city of light set on a hill will grow into a metropolis of light set on a mountain. We believe that with God, the best for IBC is always yet to be! That being the case, we ask that you prayerfully, thoughtfully, sacrificially, and joyfully plan your part in Journey On. IBC will get where God is taking us, but only as we go there together, all-in for his glory in our midst. In John 6, the Lord Jesus challenged his disciples to feed a crowd of thousands who needed the miracle of food in the wilderness. When they hesitated, he put before them the example of a young boy who offered Jesus his sack lunch of five small barley loaves and two small fish. The disciples objected, saying, But how far will they go among so many? (v.9). Jesus responds by miraculously multiplying the fish and loaves to feed five thousand families with twelve baskets full of leftovers! That boy was one of the few that day who did not need a miracle, but who willingly gave sacrificially so that many thousands who did need a miracle could get one. He trusted Jesus with his lunch, and Jesus took this as an offering of his life, which he then multiplied into physical and spiritual blessings for the multitudes. Thats what Christ will do with our sacrificial offerings to Journey On as well. Its what he did 50 years ago with that small but faithful group of Christ-followers whose generosity founded IBC. They had the same faith as that little boy. May the same be said of us by IBCers 50 years from now! On a recent trip to Italy, Pastor Andy found he could interpret some Latin phrases and Greek inscriptions, but not once could he figure out the bus schedulesnot even once.
As Senior Pastor, Dr. Andy McQuitty is a member of the Elder Board and Lead Team, and acts as the spiritual leader for Irving Bible Church.

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Sunday WorShip SerieS: Journey on

For 50 years, IBC has been on a journey committed to growing in Christ, connecting in community, and joining the mission of God. We believe that with God, the best for IBC is always yet to be. For six weeks this fall, we will explore the value of and commitments to generous living emphasized by Scripture, and hear stories of the everyday, yet miraculous, ways that members of our IBC family have made generosity a priority in their lives. As we prepare for the next 50 years as a church, what will it look like to journey on, together? SEPT 16 never BuSy on Tiny errandS Matthew 6:19-34 Jesus Christ transforms lives. As Christians, we are called to spiritual priorities that spill over into everyday activities. SEPT 23 no STringS aTTached Mark 12:41-45 Giving generously frees us as individuals and as a church to grow in Christ, connect in community, and join the mission. SEPT 30 BrighT chriSTianS Luke 16:1-15 Being strategic is spiritual. Why disciplined stewardship tithing is a major component for eternal life-change. OCT 7 Thankful hearTS, generouS liveS 2 Cor. 8:1-9 Generosity is one of IBCs most esteemed values as a church body. By being generous, we emulate our Heavenly Father, who was first generous with us. OCT 14 raiSing The STandard 2 Corinthians 9:6-13 Our call to service means nothing less than living and loving like Jesus. OCT 2021 celeBraTion Weekend With a Saturday night event honoring Andys 25th anniversary at IBC, a special all-day Sunday tribute to IBCs 50 years (all three services), and a time to reflect upon Gods gracious provision through Journey On, October 20-21 will be a church-wide celebration. Details to come. Visit to learn more about Journey On at IBC. Watch upcoming issues of Chatter for details about how to get involved. Join us Sundays at 9:00 a.m., 10:45 a.m. or 5 p.m. For audio from past sermons, visit

Journey on in prayer

During Journey On, the body of IBC will be invited to participate in a season of prayer for our church, our families, and our world. IBCers will be able to optin to a daily text that will send guided prayer suggestions. September will also mark the opening of new prayer spaces around the IBC campus. On September 16, a dedication will be held for the new Prayer Garden (4 p.m.). See This Month for details.

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Our Financial Lives Debt & Giving

The NaTiON

7 in 10 amerICanS

live paycheck to paycheck.

Source National Payroll Week

GiviNG is GrOwiNG. The average weekly giving per person has increased over the past 12 months from $47 to $51.

Church giving has not exceeded 3% as a portion of income in 40 years.

Source Empty Tomb, Inc.

46% 30% 20% 4%

currently give 10% or beyond working toward giving 10% give as they are able do not currently give
These statistics are taken directly from the Reveal study that 533 IBCers completed earlier this year.

Biggest giving month: December Smallest giving month: August

(17% of our total yearly budget)

FiNaNciaL Peace UNiversiTy


(6% of our total yearly budget)

Each month IBCs expenses are about 8% of its total yearly budget.

$5300 $2700 30%

Amount of debt paid off by the average FPU graduate. Average amount saved by FPU graduates in the first 90 days. Percentage increase, on average, of giving as a result of FPU.

Financial Peace University registering now

Financial Peace University (FPU) is a 9-week program that empowers you to make the right money decisions and experience a total money makeover. Led by Dave Ramsey, FPU takes the head knowledge from his books and radio show and turns it into real action. The course has been a life-changing experience for over 350,000 families already. FPU is for everyone from the financially secure to the financially distressed.
registration: Registration is now open at Class begins September 23. cost: The one-time, lifetime cost is $99 per FPU kit per family. Scholarships are not available at this time. inFormation: Visit or contact KidZone is available by registration at

Jesus Transformed Me.

After traumatic childhood abuse that led to a life of secrecy and pain, Lindsey Croley thought she would never recover. And she knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she would never believe in Jesus.

Secrecy was the name of the game. Seven-year-old Lindsey could not, would not, tell anyone about the torment she was enduring in the bedroom of a churchgoing neighbor. After repeated molestations, Lindsey imagined protection at night by visualizing an impenetrable wall around her bed. Although she imagined God dwelling inside the giant structure, feelings of terror and anxiety rolled in like a flood, threatening to drag Lindsey into deeper darkness. Though the trauma felt unbearable in the years following, Lindsey made a supreme effort to hold her self together and appear normal. She self-medicated with cutting, substance abuse, and promiscuity but the pain was relentless. The horrible secrets of her childhood were like a blistering, infected boil within Lindseys mind, which threatened to explode the barrier Lindsey had created between her public and private selves. Amazingly, Lindsey married a Christian man who was utterly unaware of her traumatic abuse, and by their first anniversary they had a daughter named Anna. Lindsey believed in God to an extent, but resolutely refused to believe in Jesus, reasoning that the terrible abuse she had experienced at the hands of someone who claimed to believe in Jesus made faith in him impossible. She finally told her husband, Im not ever going to believe what you want Im never going to believe in Jesus. Predictably, this caused great pain and problems in her marriage. Sinking deeper into despair and shame, Lindsey realized that she had to get help for the sake of her marriage and her infant daughter. It was then that Lindsey and her husband Darren began faithfully attending IBC, and it was Darren who gently prodded her to visit Shelter From the Storm, a support group for victims of sexual abuse. The first meeting was uncomfortable. I had anxiety and fear of opening myself up to others. I also didnt want to seem weak, or label myself a victim, Lindsey says. In addition, Lindsey feared her refusal to believe in Jesus would put her at odds with the group. But by the third meeting, all her fears had dissipated. All these behaviors I believed were personality defects were actually symptoms of the abuse that others were also feeling, says Lindsey. What happened to me affected me greatly, and I was glad to be in a place where I could be completely honest and 100% understood. Miraculously, as Lindsey healed emotionally and mentally while getting involved at IBC in Shelter From the Storm, her heart began to soften towards God. The defining moment came after she begged God for a sign that he was real and loved her. During Sunday worship at IBC the very next morning, Pastor Andy gave a sermon about The Woman at the Well. Amazingly, he referred to the woman in the story as Lindsey, giving a metaphorical name to the familiar Bible character. This struck the real Lindsey Lindsey Croley all the way up in the balcony where she was sitting during the service. Shaking and in shock, Lindsey was overwhelmed by the power and depth of Gods love for her. It was then that she placed her trust in Christ. Lindseys advice to victims of abuse is, Never give up. And keep praying even if you are angry at God. Give him a chance to work in your heart. I never thought I would believe in Jesus or read the Bible, but Jesus transformed me.
Storm clouds can measure between 2-10 km across.

Lindsey also has sobering words for abuse victims who try managing the pain alone: Keeping your secrets inside just continues the pattern of shame, and it will destroy you from the inside out. The pain is never going to go away. Refusal to get help intensifies the pain, no matter how you try to handle it on your own. Lindsey says God has blessed her immensely in the past year. Her goals included forgiving her abuser as well as internalizing her worthiness in Gods eyes; both are slowly being realized. Her marriage is also much healthier, and she reports feeling more like a whole person who is dedicated and devoted to her daughter. Lindsey says, God has given me the gift of saving me from my own hell. Id like to be able to share my story with other women so that they, too, can heal and have hope. Shelter From the Storm is a confidential group for women that meets weekly (for 16 weeks) to help participants find hope and healing from sexual abuse. New classes are forming now, and space is limited. Classes are available for both teens and adults. Contact Michelle Robinson at or (214) 725-0898. Kelly Jarrell is the only 'lefty' in her family. She believes one of the unsung heroes in the Bible is Ehud, who used his awesome left-handedness to deliver the Israelites from Moabite domination.
Kelly works as a stay-at-home wife and mom, and volunteers as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children in foster care. Check out her blog at

hope and healing at ibc

IBC offers a variety of support groups, classes and one-on-one care for those who are hurting in our community. See This Month (pg. 14) for details & contact info.

NAMI Living Grace Group A support group for those who suffer with mental illness. Griefshare A support group for those who have recently lost a loved one. Shelter From the Storm A confidential womens small group for survivors of sexual abuse. Stephen Ministry at IBC A oneon-one lay care-giving ministry for those facing a major life crisis. Currently accepting applications for Stephen Ministers contact DivorceCare A support group for those going through a separation or divorce. (See ad, pg. 16)

Recovery A confidential support group for those dealing with habits, hang-ups, and addictions. Grace For The Wounded A confidential womens small group for survivors of abuse. NAMI Family-to-Family Class A class designed to educate caregivers of those with serious mental illness. (See ad, pg. 17) NAMI Family Grace Group A support group for caregivers of those with serious mental illness.

In the Eastern Orthodox church tradition, the name of the woman at the well is Photine, from the Greek meaning luminous one.

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ibcers and Their stuff.

We all have stuff. Stuff describes us, even defines us. (Or does it?) Whatever our stuff may mean, we all have at least a little of it. And some of it is really interesting. Meet Zoe Erickson, an IBC 10-year-old who will be starting 5th grade soon. Shes a great friend kind and fun and loves to make things with her hands. Having grown up at IBC, Zoe loved attending Zone 6:30 on Tuesday evenings this past year and thinks her leaders are the best. Zoe, her sister Lauren, and mom Anna teach the Adventure Zone Kangaroo class of 3-year-olds during the 10:45 a.m. service every Sunday, and dad Steve and brother Kelby help out in The Zone as floaters when they can. As a family, the Ericksons have been involved in Tapestry over the years and also love supporting missions at IBC. Irving Bible has been their home church since 1995 when Anna and Steve moved here from Wheaton, IL as a young couple. But enough about Zoe. Here is her stuff.

Childrens Ministry Open House September 23

9 Catch a glimpse of what your child experiences every Sunday at IBC and get first-hand information about the ministry goals for Children at IBC from staff leaders. Parents are invited to join their children for Large Group during our regular service times: 9:15 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 5:15 p.m., respectively. A short informational time will follow after children have returned to their small groups or classes. Parents of children in the nursery are invited to join their child in his/her classroom. For more information, contact one of the following staff members depending on your childs age:
Birth24 Months Melody ( Ages 23 Melissa ( Ages 35 Jill ( Grades K2 Adrienne ( Grades 35 Charles (


1. ZOe ericksON: Glue gun toting 10-year-old. 2. GLUe GUN: I love making crafts, and a glue gun

helps me. Even though I have gotten burned a couple of times because of it, it was worth it. I made a doll-sized lemonade stand for my best friend Jessica and gave it to her when she broke her foot recently.

3. cOLLecTiON OF LeTTers: My letters from my

friend Ashley are very special, and I like to save them. She moved away when we were in 2nd grade, and we dont see each other often anymore. Her letters are fun to read again and remind me of our special friendship. for my dolls.


4. skeTchbOOk: I like to sketch ideas for outfits 5. Liv DOLL: Ive had fun with my Liv Doll during

the summer because I love to make clothes for her and fix her hair. I would be bored without her.

6. GiraFFie: My stuffed giraffe is special because

Ive had him since I was a baby. Every night when I go to bed, hes there in my arms. Hes also like my mini purse because he has a little pocket on his back where I can stuff a candy and find it later. better. LuLu also gives me hugs when I feel sad. disappeared 2 months ago. Whenever I think about him, I remember all the good memories you can have with a pet turtle. I need a new pet!

7. LULU: My Pillow Pet, LuLu, helps me sleep 8. PicTUre OF heNry: My turtle, Henry,

9. PaiNTiNG aND brUshes: One of my passions


is painting. When I was painting this ocean, I had to see it with my head and my fingers. If you do that, you will have a nice painting and have fun with it.

MyZone is a place where kids introduce their friends to Jesus through fun activities, fellowship and in-depth conversations.
Who: Grades K5th Where: K2nd graders: Zone Jr. 3rd5th graders: The Zone When: Begins September 12 Wednesday nights, 6:308:30 p.m. Cost: Free

10. TiNy MUsic bOx: This was a gift from my dad.

He is a pilot, so sometimes he brings me special gifts after being gone on a trip. It reminds me of him and his love for good music.

11. baLLeriNa GLObe: Ive had this since I was


little. I like to turn it on and listen. It always gets me thinking.

12. yarN: Making things for others is one way I show

love. I like to finger knit and make scarves or belts.

13. sewiNG kiT: My needle and thread help me

make many things. Some things I would never imagine I could make without them.

Questions? Contact Beth at

a story From Propel

After their first encounter with IBC through Laundry Love, Kendra and Raymond Brookins found a place to belong at Propel.

they wanted to be a part of the community, and had heard about Propel a few times through Sunday services and Chatter. Since we didnt know anybody at IBC, we thought this was the best way to start, Raymond says. During the four-week class, Raymond and Kendra enjoyed listening to the pastors that spoke each week. I really liked it because they had different perspectives, Raymond says. But it was one story that stood out to Raymond the most during the second class they attended. This pastor told about how he thought he would never be a person who would preach a sermon or anything like that, Raymond says. Raymond connected with the speakers struggle because of his own struggles in life with his faith. Since the class has ended, the Brookins family welcomed a new baby girl, Annabelle, born June 15. Kendra says while she was home with her newborn, Raymond would tell her how people from Propel would ask about how she and the baby were doing, which meant so much to her. Now back in the swing of things, Kendra and Raymond are ready to dive in to IBC. And now, thanks to Propel, they have a list of groups and programs that could be a good fit for their family, as well as new friends and ministry connections. Its kind of exciting because we can get involved. My daughters class got a letter today stating they need more help in the childrens ministry, Kendra says, with a twinkle in her eye. Raymond shares that the biggest reason he wanted his family to be involved with IBC is because of his own upbringing. His mother had his family involved in every part of his childhood church, an experience that gave Raymond his best memories with his family. He wants the same thing for his daughters, and now it seems possible. Now we come to church and we dont just sit every Sunday. We see people we know from class and feel like we are a part of the IBC community, Kendra says. And the IBC community is better for it. Welcome, Kendra and Raymond. Kelli Otto has an obsession with Sunkist orange soda.
Kelli is a bubbly young adult that loves to read anything by Nicholas Sparks or, most recently, The hunger Games trilogy. She also has a passion for movie facts. With a bachelors degree in journalism from Northwestern State university, Kelli has interned for D Magazine with their custom publishing department D Customs, writing for while there. To connect with Kelli, visit her website:

I was nine months pregnant, miserable and still going to the Propel classes because I loved being there that much, Kendra Brookins says with a smile on her face. The Brookins family Raymond, his wife Kendra, and 4-year-old daughter Savannah moved from Kendras home state of Oregon in 2010 to Texas. Not knowing anyone, they wanted to find a home church and a place to belong instead of just attending a Sunday service once a week. The couple had tried different churches in the Dallas area but didnt feel like any were where God wanted their family and faith to grow. After hearing about IBC while doing laundry one afternoon, Kendra and Raymond decide to see what IBC was all about. Laundry Love, an IBC ministry begun in April of 2011, offers free cleaning supplies and laundry cycles at Amigo Laundromat in Irving. We were broke; I mean 2 to 5 dollars for laundry at the time was a lot, and this family just helped with my laundry and talked to me the entire time about IBC, Kendra says. It wasnt long after this they began visiting the church on Sunday. Everyone seemed really nice and inviting here from the moment we walked in the door, says Raymond. But after joining IBC over a year ago, Kendra and Raymond were still looking for a place to belong. They didnt want to just go to Sunday service every week;


Propel is an experience designed to help you figure out how you can best plug into IBCs culture and calling, whether youve been at IBC for 20 minutes or 20 years. Well talk about what it means to grow in Christ, connect in community and join the mission and what that might look like for you. youll also learn more about membership at IBC. When: September 9-30 (each Sunday for four weeks), 10:45 a.m. Where: West A Register:

ing new. We would do this anyway, not just for the contest. But thats okay! If sharing and supporting one another is second nature to you, thats great! Thats what were after. Please share that in the contest. You might inspire others to do the same.

The Share-A-Like Contest

What if group members are too shy?

Does your small group have what itshares?

Chatter caught wind that Small Groups at IBC are competing in Share-A-Like this fall, a contest that challenges each group to keep track of the goods and services that have been traded, given or borrowed within the group (in lieu of spending money), to see which IBC Small Group can save the most money as a community. Whichever group has saved the most by relying on one another for babysitting, gas, garden tools (or whatever), wins a fabulous prize and a contribution in the amount they saved to the mission of their choice. Chatter had a few questions for Ryan Sanders, IBCs Director of Small Groups.

Thats a good question. Some groups just wont be that interested in reporting all the ways they rely on one another. Thats OK. No one is pressured to participate. Of course, youre forfeiting your chance to win the contest and help a cause that you care about, but you shouldnt feel guiltymuch.
What if group members are too stingy?

Then they wont win. But more importantly, they may have to do some soulsearching about their attachments to their stuff, their comfort, their routine, etc. The contest is a fun way to encourage us to love one another in more tangible ways, but if it also stirs up other issues, then it may be challenging as well as fun.
What are some long-term benefits of living in community this way?

Whats the impetus for this contest?

One of the core values of our small groups ministry is interdependence. As we have dreamed and planned for this ministry, we have continually been drawn back to the example of the early church in the book of Acts. One of the most mysterious and most often-repeated descriptions of the New Testament church is that they shared stuff, especially when someone was in need. I think Jesus wants us to share, especially when our brothers or sisters need support. Interdependence means relying on our brothers and sisters and being reliable for them. That can mean relying on them for prayer and emotional support, but it also means helping one another in physical ways. Thats what were tracking with the Share-A-Like contest.
What are some things groups could consider sharing?

So many! We were made for this. God designed us with the need for close connections, and one of the best ways to grow those connections is to let people inside our stuff. That means letting our brothers and sisters get closer to us than the things we control. Its also the calling of every Christian. Jesus commanded us to love one another and to live in a community of mutual support. The church is a family, and when we embrace that calling, even if it costs us something, it is an act of faith. We strengthen our relationship with Jesus when we invest in our relationships with his bride. As Cyprian of Carthage wrote, He cannot have God as his Father, who has not the church as his mother.
What is your definition of a fabulous prize?

Any consumer good or service. If you trade off babysitting rather than hiring a sitter, that counts. If you borrow a yard tool or a kitchen appliance instead of buying one, that counts. If you bum a ride or a cup of flour, that counts.
Does anything NOT count?

No less than a fancy-pants catered dinner for all the adults in your small group with Pastor Andy and his wife, Alice free babysitting included. And of course, the amazing opportunity to choose where IBC will donate the equivalent amount your group saved by living interdependently.
What are the details?

If you help someone who is not in your small group, that doesnt count. That doesnt mean you shouldnt lend a hand to your neighbor; it just doesnt count for this contest. Obviously, this contest is based on the honor system. Were trusting small groups not to stretch the truth about the value of their interdependence. (The Smiths cooked for us, which probably only cost them $20, but, I mean, if they hadnt cooked for us, we probably would have gone to Del Friscos and spent $120, so thats the amount were reporting.) Just use common sense. More often, we face the opposite tendency: people are likely to exclude things because they think, Meh, thats not that big a deal, or This is noth-

Share-A-Like runs during the 10 weeks of the fall small groups session, September 9 through November 17. Groups fill out a Sharing Box available in PDF form at /smallgroups. Its a good idea to appoint someone in the group to collect all the Sharing Boxes. Well provide a way to turn them all in at the end of the session. Were also asking everyone to Like the ShareA-Like page on Facebook ( and post Sharing Boxes as they happen. This will encourage others to share as well and give us all a chance to celebrate. Questions about Share-A-Like? Contact Ryan at

Another way to find community.

If you and your spouse are not involved in Small Groups at IBC (or even if you are), Marriage at IBC is a place for couples to reconnect with one another in the context of community. Whether your marriage needs to be reignited or resurrected, Marriage at IBC is a safe place to grow together among friends. Starts: September 9 Time: 6:45 p.m. Location: West D KidZone is available by registration at
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We all need a little training in our lives. We memorize multiplication tables in grade school. We teach our kids to ride bicycles. We condition our bodies to run marathons, or to lose a little weight around the navel. Whether it is school, work, sports, marriage, or our kids, life is about training or even retraining. Our soul is no different. Just like physical exercise plans and training programs, our souls need a spiritual muscle development plan. Why? Because no one goes from flabby to fit overnight. Physical transformation is not a caterpillar-to-butterfly miracle in under 24 hours, or your money back. The same is true when it comes to spiritual transformation. It takes time. Transformation of the soul occurs via the training of the soul. And through the training of the soul, we grow into maturity as believers. We all understand how to train a body: weights, cardio, jogging, and a coollooking sweatband. But how do you train the soul? Join the other men of IBC this fall at First Watch as we explore retraining our souls to the truth of who God is and how his truths shape us. Truths such as: God is good, trustworthy, loving, generous, and holy. At First Watch, you will learn how these truths impact your view of God and how you live your life. Youll also learn about specific soul-training exercises (a.k.a spiritual disciplines) that will help you move closer to Christ. But dont worry, we wont be meditating in a yoga pose or chanting like monks. Soul-training exercises are simply wise practices that position us for life in God habits that teach, stretch, and shape us. Have you ever had one of those sleepless nights where you stumble into the living room, turn on the TV, and lo-and-behold, there is a body builder promising to transform your body in only 30 days? Youll be able to climb the tallest mountain with ease, kill a bear, or look like a warrior from the movie 300. Youll also feel guilty for eating that extra piece of cake after dinner. But despite the hype, one thing is true about that late night infomercial: it is all about training or even retraining your body. Admit it, we all need a little reshaping, whether around the navel or within the soul. Come get Fit with Men at IBC this fall. FirsT waTch sTarTiNG sePTeMber 7 Friday mornings at 6:22 a.m. in the Commons More information at

Fall 2012 | hosted by Men at IBC

2nd annual ibc car show

September 22, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. | IBC main Parking Lot

Calling all car enthusiasts to the second annual IBC Car Show! Join us for bounce houses, face painting, kids activities, as well as a multitude of classic and muscle cars. Hot dogs and drinks will be available. Admission is free. Proceeds from donations will benefit New Friends New Life. If you have a car that you would like to show, please contact Kym at
Car Photos Greg Gjerdingen

Brought to you by:

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hans and Franz made their non-girlie debut on the SNL season 13 premiere.

yes, muscle cars do resent all the Grease references.

Shop Talk is a highly interactive gathering for parents of kids of all ages. Topics include core principles of parenting as well as practical discussion on issues parents face every day.

ShopTalk: Creating and Maintaining Wise Boundaries

Can I...? Its a question parents hear all the time. When do we say yes and when do we say no? From an early age, our children begin to test and push the boundaries. Come learn how to wisely navigate these questions. September 9, 6:45 p.m. in The Alcove Register for this FREE event at KidZone is available by registration at

Brought to you by:

Hiking. Smores. Campfires.

Father/Daughter Campout Lake Murray, Oklahoma | October 5-7

Dads, do you remember when you changed your first diaper? Nope, neither do we (thankfully), but we bet there is one event you will never forget: the birth of your daughter. Creating lifelong memories with your kids requires intentionality, time, and a little bit of creativity. But not to worry Men at IBC have crafted a remarkable weekend this fall for you and your daughter to reconnect and have a blast.

On October 5-7, join other dads and their daughters for the fifth annual Father/Daughter Campout at Lake Murray, Oklahoma. Enjoy three days of quality time with your daughter meaningful conversations, time to relax, and a special campfire tradition where dads express love and affirmation to their daughters on Saturday evening. This will be a camping trip with dad shell never forget. Oct. 5-7 at Lake Murray State Park in Tipps Point Campground near Ardmore, OK. The majority will arrive Friday in early evening. We plan to leave Sunday before noon. You may arrive and leave when you would like. You need a tent, sleeping bags, clothing and toiletries. Cooking equipment, drinks, and food will be provided. Please contribute firewood if you are able. The trip costs $45 per dad and $25 per daughter. Make checks payable to IBC if
What are the costs? Whats included? What do I need to bring? When and where is the trip?

you are registering at the kiosk, or you may register online at Food, drinks, and a tent campsite are included. Horseback riding is $16 extra per person. Canoeing/paddleboats and mini-golf is $4 extra per person, and its up to you if you want to do these optional activities. This is a father/daughter campout, and we believe this one-on-one time is important. Please keep it to these two family members and leave pets at home. The group pavilion where we will cook and eat has water, lights, and electric. Most campsites do not have water and electric, but they do have good parking, shade, and picnic tables. We have well lit public bathrooms with hot showers in the camping area. There are lots of activities available. Its all up to you. We are planning a morning hike, an afternoon paddleboat/mini golf activity, and a Saturday night campfire if you want to join. There is also horseback riding, fishing, boating, and a chapel available. Reservations are not needed for most things. Register at Contact Kym at with questions.
What about activities? What accommodations to the campsites have? Can I bring the whole family and my dog?

Smores were invented when smatches caught fire.

Little Shop of horrors was written after the invention of smores.

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Groups on Sunday
Synergy 9 a.m. Middle School Room Couples in their 40s & 50s Join us as we dive into Scripture and deepen our faith. The Tree 9 a.m. West D 20s & 30s Married and Young Families Join us for our new series, Chasing Daylight by Erwin McManus. Crossroads 10:45 a.m. High School Room 20s & 30s, Married Join us for group discussion and community. Journey 10:45 a.m. Middle School Room All Welcome Join us for Bible-oriented lessons. On Track 10:45 a.m. West C Single Parents Join us if you are a single parent or blended family. Renew 10:45 a.m. Training Center Diverse, All Ages & Stages Join us for a study entitled A Life Well Lived: A Study of Ecclesiastes. Thrive 10:45 a.m. West D Singles in their 30s & 40s Join us on Sundays as we develop deep friendships. Legacy Builders 6:45 p.m. West A All Welcome Join for fellowship, prayer, and indepth Bible teaching.


Events and Resources
Propel Sundays, 10:45 a.m. West A/B Runs September 9-30. See article, pg. 10. Membership Class October 7 and 14, 10:45 a.m. West A/B See ad, pg. 17. Contact Donna at Baptism Service Sunday, September 16 On Sunday, September 16, IBC will conduct baptisms for those who have committed their lives to Christ. We will have two baptism celebrations immediately following the 10:45 a.m. and 5 p.m. services respectively. There is a mandatory class for those who wish to be baptized. Registration is Aug. 25 Sept. 8 at

group currently offered. Classes start in September. Contact Bernadette at (678) 8604575 or
NAMI Class Mondays, 6:309:30 p.m. West B Please join us starting September 10 for our Family-to-Family class. Contact Joey at (972) 672-5896 or Griefshare Thursdays, 6:308:15 p.m. West C A caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of lifes most difficult experiences. KidZone is available with prior registration. To register contact Sharon at Shelter from the Storm A confidential small group that meets weekly for 16 weeks focused on seeing God in the middle of recovery and finding hope and healing from sexual abuse. See article, pg 11. Contact Michelle at or (214) 7250898. Mental Health Support Every other Monday, 6:30 p.m. West A and C Family Grace Group is for family members, friends, and caregivers who support individuals with serious mental disorders. Contact Buzz Moody at

First Watch Xtra Meets Wednesdays at 6:30 a.m. in the Training Center.

Visit for more info.


Local and Global

Laundry Love First Saturday of the month, 9 a.m.12 p.m. Located at Amigo Laundromat, 3349 Country Club Dr. in Irving (just down from Sam houston Middle School). Please join us as we provide free laundry cycles and detergent, strike up conversations and build relationships. For more info visit or contact

For the mandatory class schedule, visit Contact Donna OReilly at (972) 5604600.
Baby Dedications September 23 Registration runs Sept. 114. Register at Space is limited, so if you have a preference of service times, please register early. Photos of children being dedicated should be sent to Donna at and received by Sept. 14. hard copies are also acceptable.


Events and Resources

Shop Talk September 9, 6:45 p.m. The Alcove Creating and Maintaining Wise Boundaries. See ad, pg. 13.

The Living Grace Group is for those who have mental illness. Contact Melissa Clark at
Stephen Ministry at IBC Stephen Ministers provide a listening ear and a caring presence for IBCers going through emotionally difficult times. If you or someone you know could benefit from the care of a Stephen Minister, contact


For Folks Ages 55+

Dinner and a Show Thursday, September 27 6 p.m.: Dinner at Spring Creek BBQ at Airport Freeway and Beltline Rd.

Visit pg. 20 for more Sunday Bible Communities.

New Parent Orientation: Sept. 16 at 9 a.m. in the Sr. high room. Orientation is not mandatory but strongly encouraged. We will explore what it means to dedicate your child and answer questions about parenting issues and our childrens ministry at IBC.
Alpha Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m. Alpha starts September 19. See ad, pg. 17. Contact

7:30 p.m.: Entertainment Series of Irving presents Daniel Rodriquez. Call the box office at (972) 2531383 for tickets.
Potluck Lunch and Fellowship September 16 Immediately following the 10:45 a.m. service in the Commons Annex adjoining the haven.


Infants Through 5th Grade

Childrens Open House September 23 Come and see what your children are learning each Sunday. See ad, pg. 9. MyZone Wednesdays, 6:308:30 p.m. Zone/Zone Jr. A mid-week event for kids thats great for bringing friends. K5th grade. See ad, pg. 9. Contact Beth at Zone 6:30 Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. A weekly Bible study for kids K5th grade. Contact Beth at bhorn@


Growing Together


Community Care
DivorceCare Starts in September. See ad, pg. 11. Contact for more info. Recovery at IBC Thursdays, 68:30 p.m. West Wing Youth Lounge Do you deal with perfectionism, pride, overeating, inappropriate anger or control? Recovery is confidential and all are welcome. Join us for a light meal at 6 p.m. for just $4. Grace For the Wounded A confidential small group ministry that explores the wounds we have received and the healing journey Gods prepared for us. Female

Marriage at IBC Sundays, 6:45 p.m. West C Begins September 9. See ad, pg. 7.



Community and Resources
Father/Daughter Campout October 57 Register today for the annual campout at See ad, pg. 13. First Watch Starts September 7, 6:22 a.m. The Commons See ad, pg. 12.

Community and Resources

Kids Night Out September 15, 69 p.m. The Commons Join us for our Salute to heroes Night. See ad, pg. 16. Girl Stuff Saturday, September 15 The Alcove Join us from 14 p.m. as we visit the Oakdale Care Center. Guy Stuff Saturday, September 22 Contact Marcia at

Chatter | 14

Sit with us on Sunday Several single-parent families enjoy worshiping together in the 9 a.m. service. Join us in the lowest right-hand section, Rows 5 & 6, facing the stage.

IBC College Ministry Sundays at 6:458 p.m. The Mo.

IBC serves a delicious meal each Wednesday and Sunday night for $3. Contact


Community and Resources

Small Groups are currently in session. See article pg. 7. Contact Ryan at


FREE Citizenship Class Wednesdays, 6:308 p.m. IBC For those at least 18 years old who have been issued a Permanent Resident Card. Well guide you through the N-400 paperwork and prepare you for the main components of the new citizenship test. Contact Michael at IBC Career Transition Ministry Wednesdays, 6:308 p.m. Want to find a job? Come learn how to craft a rock-solid resume, use the Internet and LinkedIn to network, and ace the interview. For more info, contact Anna heil at aheil@

NICHE (North Irving Christian Home Educators) Monday, September 10, 79 p.m. The Alcove Author Terri Camp will speak about getting your kids excited to learn and developing your organizational skills as a parent. Contact or visit Stitches of Faith Tuesdays, 6:308:30 p.m. The Mo area Join as we crochet and knit. Contact Wendy Vera at msbabydragon@ or (214) 5332781. IBC Crop Night Friday, September 7, 510 p.m. Commons Annex Bring your pictures, albums, and tools. Paper crafters and digital scrappers also welcome. Contact Nikki at IBC Fall Softball Mens and Coed Now forming teams in the city leagues of Lewisville, Euless and Carrollton. Contact Kurt heinemann at or (972) 7659912. Lost and Found have you lost something at IBC? Contact Samara at samara.russ@ during the week, or ask at the Information Desk on Sunday. New Arrivals Congratulations to the following family on the birth of their child:

Community and Resources

Womens Bible Study Starts September 11 The Commons Join us for Restoration heartware, a 10-week study on the book of Nehemiah. Sign up today at See ad below.



Community and Resources

In His Image Bible Study Wednesdays, 6:307:45 p.m. AZ15 A small group for adults (18+) with special needs. Special Needs Support Group Wednesday, 6:307:45 p.m. The Conference Room Starting September 12. Contact Lori at Respite Care Every Fourth Saturday For families of children with special needs. SonShine Pals and Room Our SonShine Rooms are available during the 10:45 a.m. service for children with special needs. There are also opportunities for children to be matched with a SonShine Pal.



20s and Early 30s
The Gathering Thursdays, 7 p.m. The Alcove Join us as we finish Nehemiah and then kick off our new series, The New Rules for Love, Sex and Dating. See ad, pg 16. Weekly Groups Many young adults (marrieds, singles and mixed) meet in smaller groups during the week and Sunday evenings to connect in community and grow in Christ. If you are interested in learning more, contact Sunday Mornings at The Mo Sundays, 10 a.m. The Mosiac Caf Join us for coffee and conversation before the 10:45 a.m. service.

A Little Bit of Everything

IBC Prayer Garden Opens September 16, 4 p.m. Join us for the openning of the new IBC Prayer Garden outside the southwest end of the building. Prayer Meeting 2th and 4th Wed., 6:458 p.m. The Chapel Starting September 25, join us as we pray for IBC and the needs of our people and the world. Financial Peace University Sundays, 9 a.m. Class begins September 19. See ad pg. 6. Contact

Micah and Michelle Terry and their daughter, Anna Rose, born July 20, at 6 lbs., 8 oz., and 19 inches.



Middle/high School and College

Middle School Sundays MERGE AM The Alcove 10:45 a.m.12:05 p.m.

Restoration Heartware
A Study of the Book of Nehemiah
A 10-week Bible study for women.
God is able to restore hearts that have been in ruins for many years, including yours. Join Women at IBC as we learn to stand on the rock-solid foundation of an intimate relationship with God. Begins: Tuesday, September 11 A.M. Sessions 9:3011:30 a.m. P.M. Sessions 6:308:30 p.m. Location: The Commons Cost: $15, includes study guide Registration: KidZone available by registration at


Wednesday Nights at IBC

2435 Kinwest Open House September 12, 56:30 p.m. Join us as we kick off the fall semester of 2435 Kinwest with a free dinner, raffle, clowns and more. Vox Humana Choir Wednesdays, 6:308:10 p.m. IBC Worship Center Kicks off September 12. The choral community of IBC is always looking for new singers of all levels beginner or pro. Everyone is welcome and you can join at any time! No auditions necessary. Contact Crystal at ESL: English as a Second Language Wednesdays, 6:308:30 p.m. AZ14 & 15 Do you want to learn English? Improve your English? Come practice all four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. For more info, contact Corey at

Life Groups The Commons 78 p.m.

Middle School Wednesdays The W Student Ministry area 6:308 p.m. Back to School Lock In September 2829 We will be going to Group Dynamix. Sign up today! Middle School Fall Retreat October 1214 Sky Ranch High School Sundays Life Groups Student Ministry area, 6:458 p.m. High School Wednesdays SWAG (Student Worship and Gathering) The Alcove, 6:308 p.m.

Chatter | 15

Begins September 13, 6:30 p.m. Separation and divorce are two of the most painful, stressful experiences anyone will ever face. Its confusing. Isolating. There are questions lots of them. Questions youve never asked before. DivorceCare is a weekly support group designed to help you face these challenges and begin rebuilding your life. It starts September 13, at 6:30 p.m. in the Conference Room. Cost is $16 per person. Register at

Salute to Heroes Night

Saturday, September 15, 6-9 p.m. in The Commons Honor the heroes around us firefighters, police officers and military personnel by joining Kids Night Out for an evening of food, fun, and a service project benefiting those committed to keeping us safe. Register at

Kids Night Out

October 7 & 14, 10:45 a.m. West A

M e M be r s h i p at i b C

If IBC is your church home and you are interested in becoming a member, this two-part event is for you. Come the first week and get to know elders, learn more about our core beliefs as a church, and discover what membership is all about. If you are ready to take the next step, come the following week to share your own story of faith and complete the membership process. For more information contact Donna OReilly at Register at

The Gathering Thursday Nights at 7 p.m. The Alcove

CurrenT SerieS

The Book of Nehemiah through September 6.

Mental Health Support at IBC

Fall 2012
NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Family-to-Family Education Class*
A 12-week class structured to help family members, friends and caregivers understand and support individuals with serious mental disorders. Fall Session runs Sept. 10Dec. 2. Contact Debra at *We recommend that you attend this class
before joining the Family Grace Group.

Support GroupS:
Family Grace Group Begins September 17 A support group designed to help families hold each other up and gain practical skills to care for a loved one with a mental illness. Contact Buzz at Living Grace Group Begins September 17 A support group designed to help those living with serious mental illness connect with others and find hope. Contact Melissa at

upCominG SerieS

The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating

Single? Looking for the right person? Thinking that if you met the right person, everything would turn out right? Think again. In The New Rules For Love, Sex & Dating, we will explore the challenges, assumptions, and land mines associated with dating in the 21st century. Based on the series from Andy Stanley at North Point Community Church in Atlanta, GA, this series is not for the faint of heart. You will be challenged to step up and set a new standard for our generation. Questions? Contact

Alpha is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life and the core of Christianity in a relaxed, friendly setting. Alpha is for all kinds of people the skeptics, the seekers, the spiritually curious who are searching out spiritual truths, clear direction for their journey, and a safe haven for all honest questions. Open House: Sept. 19, 6:30 in West A

First Worship Service: 9 a.m.
Childrens Classes (all ages) The Tree (young marrieds and families), West D

My Time, Talents & Skills
Meal Team Volunteers IBC makes meals available both Sunday and Wednesday nights. These fun teams could use some additional volunteers to serve together. For Sundays contact For Wednesdays, contact Respite Care Volunteers By giving a few hours of your time to do crafts, play games, and spend time with special needs children, you give their parents a few hours for themselves. Every fourth Saturday evening. SonShine Volunteers A SonShine Pal helps a child with special needs participate in ministry with their peers. A Pal is there to assist the child when needed, and allow them to be independent whenever possible. Commitment: weekly or bi-weekly, all services available. Our SonShine rooms are available during the 10:45 a.m. service for children who need more individual attention. Commitment: anywhere from once a month to weekly. For any of the above opportunities, contact Shannon at Meals for New Friends, New Life. IBC has the privilege of providing a meal once a month to the women and children of NFNL. Contact Christine at Mentor Kids in Single-Parent Families Men mentor a boy, and women mentor a girl from a single-parent family. All it takes is a little time and a big heart. Contact Marsha at Kids Night Out Volunteer Kids Night Out, a ministry for single parent families, meets the third Saturday of each month from 6-9 p.m., to give parents a much needed evening to themselves. Contact Jennifer at SchoolWorks Become a half hour hero this fall by giving a half an hour a week to invest in the life of a child. Contact Jan at

Second Worship Service: 10:45 a.m.

Childrens Classes (all ages) Crossroads (mid 20s-30s couples), high School Room On Track (single parents), West C Journey (all welcome), Middle School Room Renew (multi-generational), Training Center Thrive (30s & 40s singles), West D

Third Worship Service: 5 p.m.

Childrens Classes (all ages)

Community Dinner: 6 p.m. Community Events: 6:45 p.m.

Legacy Builders (all welcome), West A Middle School, The Commons high School, Student Ministries Area

My Resources
Laundry Soap and Dryer Sheets Laundry Love is collecting laundry soap and dryer sheets for monthly events in Irving. Please bring donations to the Laundry Love box in the donation area by the Training Center. For more info visit or contact Cars for Missionary Families Do you have an extra car to loan a missionary family on furlough? Contact Missions at Online Giving Option Visit if you would find it more convenient to donate to the ministries of Irving Bible Church online.


Each Sunday in the Town Square at 6 p.m. Cost is $3/meal or $10 max./family. 9/2 9/9 9/16 9/23 9/30 NO MEAL. Labor Day Weekend. Fajita Madness, salad bar. All American burgers and brats, salad bar. Giant baked potatoes with all the fixings, salad bar. Pasta and meatballs, salad.

If youd like to serve on a Sunday night meal team, contact Pat at

interested in learning more about ibcs budget for 2012 or other financial nuts and bolts? Visit


Each Wednesday night from 56:20 p.m. in The Commons. Cost is $3/meal or $10 max./family. 9/5 Sloppy Joes, cole slaw, chips, pickles, salad, dessert. hosted by Mike Gwartneys team. ham, scalloped potatoes, mixed veggies, rolls, salad, dessert. hosted by Pat Downeys team. Enchiladas, tacos, chips and salsa, home baked cookies. hosted by Barbara Whittes team. Burgers, chips, baked beans, brownies. hosted by Bob Downeys team.

New to IBC?
Have questions? Were here to help.

Were so glad youre here. Sometimes its hard to know where to begin, but we want to make the process of connecting and feeling at home as easy as possible. Here are some ways to start. The Information Center is a great place to get your questions answered, find help and encouragement for your personal journey, or just have a cup of coffee and settle in. Our team of volunteers would be happy to help you, and our goal is to make you feel at home. The Information Center is open every Sunday after all three worship services. The Newcomer Gathering is an informal get-together for those new to IBC and/or those wanting to learn more about who we are, what we believe and how to get plugged in. Meet other newcomers, ministry leaders and elders. Cant seem to figure out what IBC is all about or how you fit into the larger picture? Want free breakfast every Sunday for four weeks? Propel is designed to help you figure out how to best plug in to IBCs culture and calling. Well talk about what it means to grow in Christ, connect in community and join the mission and what that might look like for you. Youll also learn more about membership at IBC. Small groups exist to cultivate deep relationships that advance the kingdom of God in dark places dark places in our world, in our relationships and in our hearts. We do this in the context of sermon-based Bible studies that meet in homes. Groups comprise 12 people or fewer and are formed by leaders who have completed small group leader training. To sign up for a group or get more info, contact Ryan Sanders at


Information Center



Changes to the menu may be made depending on cost and availability and Bob Downeys whim. If youd like to serve on a Wednesday night meal team, please contact

Newcomer Gathering
Learn more about IBC and meet others like you.


Summer Hours Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 8 a.m.5 p.m. Wednesday: 8 a.m.7 p.m. Friday: 8 a.m.12 p.m. Saturday: Closed Sunday: 8 a.m.12:30 p.m. & 47 p.m. Phone: (972) 443-3323 September drink special: Nutella Frappe

Ready to get plugged in?


Connect with others on the journey.

Small Groups

Chatter | 18



In October 2009, this column broke the archeological story of the day (or at least the morning) when it revealed evidence of a Twitter-like social network that existed in the time of Noah, aka @GopherWoodBoy. While that original network went under, literally, in the Great Flood, a busload of spiritually minded senior citizens from the Golden Palms retirement community in sunny Doral, Florida, recently shuffled onto a new discovery while touring ancient holy sites in Egypt. Specifically, they located tablets believed to have been inscribed by Moses himself as a record of his social missives under the nom-de-tweet @MoHeston. And while these are not the famed tablets of the Ten Commandments, they do offer a glimpse into the mind of the young Jewish nations first great leader.

2:17 PM 78 years 32 days ago from BleatDeck 2.0

Discovered why they call the backside of the desert the backside of the desert. Anyone know how to de-camel-chip sandals? Dont say Febreze.

7:56 AM 38 years 330 days ago from the Weave

Hey, @JacobsKids! Lets roll! Gather at the giant pillar of fire. #exodus

Saw a bush on fire today that wasnt consumed. It asked me to remove my sandals (camels!). Then made smores. Holy me, they was tasty.
7:33 PM 76 years 155 days ago from BleatDeck 2.0

Ive been asked to remind everyone that smore making on the pillar of fire is for the elders only. Not cool, @ZebediahZ.
8:44 PM 38 years 330 days ago from WordChisler 1.0

Sorry for the lack of updates. Figured no 1 wanted 2C 35-years of lunch pix. I know I didnt want to eat 35-years worth of meerkat porridge.
12:12 PM 41 years 6 days ago from the Weave

That. Was. Awesome. #redsea #YHWHftw

5:02 PM 38 years 202 days ago from BleatDeck 4.0

2:43 AM 40 years 148 days ago from the Weave

Aint no party like a Midianite party!

4:24 AM 38 years 18 days ago from BleatDeck 4.0

@MoHeston just checked in at Mt. Sinai with 2 million others.

Aint no headache like a goat mead headache. Oy. Vey.

11:18 AM 40 years 148 days ago from BleatDeck 2.5

10:22 PM 37 years 360 days ago from the Weave

Really, @MosBro? A golden calf? Will your worship of Whataheifer never end?

Fire Bush returned. Says I have to go back to E-town and free my peeps. I said I was too slow of tongue, but my love of smores betrayed me.
10:04 AM 40 years 6 days ago from the Weave

11:58 AM 37 years 345 days ago from the Weave

It was the finger of G-d, not a laser, @JehosIsFat. And yes, the tablets were wicked heavy.

Man, this stuff on the ground is like manna from heaven. Oh, wait.
6:43 AM 37 years 251 days ago from WordChisler 1.0.1

Done packing for E. Have some extra robes. First come, first swaddled.
1:19 PM 39 years 363 days ago from the Weave

1:45 PM 39 years 363 days ago from the Weave

@JethroNotTall, all robes are XL. You are decidely not. Unless you prefer the beltless hobo look.

No, @DonkeyBob, just because youre a stiff-necked people doesnt mean everyone gets free massages.
8:18 PM 37 years 198 days ago from WordChisler 1.0.1

Land o Goshen! No, seriously, we finally made it to Goshen. Looks like everyones still in slavery. New Walmart looks nice, though.
6:58 PM 39 years 41 days ago from WordChisler 1.0

11:06 AM PM 37 years 2 days ago from the Weave

Bitter water is still better than goat mead. #justsayin #willstillaskforgiveness

I have no idea who @MatthewDamonowicz will play in the staged re-enactment, @CalebWithaC and @JawShooWhatUp.
4:32 PM 36 years 355 days ago from WordChisler 1.0.1

1:15 PM 38 years 352 days ago from the Weave

Just had brunch with @ThatRamPharaoh. @MosBros staff turned into a snake. Then something called a lawyer. Awkward.

Just because its written doesnt mean itll be done, @RamsesFan99. Blocked.
8:04 AM 38 years 345 days ago from the Weave

9:22 AM 3 months 2 days ago from BleatDeck 12.0

For the 400th time in the last 40 years, flowing with milk and honey is a simile, people!

Fine. A metaphor. Happy now, @GrammarG-d?

9:25 AM 3 months 2 days ago from BleatDeck 12.0

3:33 PM 38 years 331 days ago from WordChisler 1.0

Will that be all, @ThatRamPharaoh? #bloodfroglicebeastspestilenceboilshaillocustsdarkness

Looks like its time to sleep with my fathers. Remember @JacobsKids, G-d is good, Baal is bad and dont take any wooden shekels.
3:51 PM 2 days ago from the Weave

5:19 PM 38 years 331 days ago from WordChisler 1.0

Sigh. Already bein broughted. RT @ThatRamPharaoh: Bring it @MoHeston! #passover

Jason Fox totally pwns that The Message guy.

Jason is a freelance creative director, copywriter and columnist who offends the prevailing culture at his first book, leeclowsbeard (based on his popular Twitter feed of the same name), is available now.

Pretty sure @ThatRamPharaohs heart is hardened with equal parts evil and deep-fried mutton.
5:20 PM 38 years 331 days ago from the Weave

Chatter pretending to be a bird with Shelby Antoline while hang gliding over Interlaken, Switzerland.

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