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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Emelie Hult EDITOR Sandra Johanne Selander LAYOUT Rachelle Lacharit COVER PHOTO Jonas Jacobson COVER PHOTO Front: Jonas Jacobson Back: Mikael Risedal

Welcome to Lund!

Lund has, without a doubt, the richest selection of both education and social activities for students out of all of Swedens university cities. With The Student Guide, we want to help you navigate your way through the city, the university and student life. The strength of Lund University is not only the wide range of programs and courses, but also the unique study environment, which can make your experience as a student so much more than just a means to an end. Studies at the university will challenge you to reach new heights in your learning, the student unions will defend your interests and rights and give you the opportunity to develop your leadership skills, the student nations can offer social activities of all kinds, and The Academic Society offers students the opportunity to take part of and get involved in a variety of cultural activities. As a student at Lund University, you are welcome to join Studentlund, which is the combined membership between The Academic Society, the unions and nations and is the key to getting the most out of your studies.
The text in The Student Guide is written by The International Office, Student Mobility Group (Lund University), The Academic Society, the student nations, and the student unions. Many of the photos in this guide are entries from the 2012 My Lund University Experience Photo Competition. We would like to thank all entrants for their contribution. All rights reserved. No part of this guide may be used or reproduced without permission.

Congratulations on your choice of university! With this guide we hope that you gain a greater insight into Lund University and its vibrant student life. See you around campus! PER ERIKSSON Vice-chancellor, Lund University EMELIE HULT Executive Director, The Academic Society BJRN JOHANSSON Chairman, Lund University Council of Nations TORA TRNQUIST President, Lund University Student Unions Association

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New in Lund Welcome to our World..12 The Student Reception..13 Mentor Program............14 International Students...14


Good to Know Health Services.............16 Insurance.....................19 Accommodation.......20 Get a bike.....................23 Transport......................24 Financial Matters.........26 Residence Permits.........27 Matters of the heart........28 STil and The Student Por tal.................33 Tuition Payments..........35 Upon Graduation...........35 The Swedish Higher Education System........31 Cheating and plagiarism..................32 Academic Matters Student Rights and Resources.................30

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One student life - One membership

What is Studentlund?
Studentlund is the collaboration between The Academic Society, the student unions and the nations. You can join this partnership by purchasing a membership. By joining you become a member of all three student organizations, which in turn will give you many benefits and access to a wide variety of extra-cirricular activities during your studies.

Why should you become a member?
Lunds student life is unique. The collaboration of nations, the student unions and The Academic Society is not only one of a kind, it is one of the strongest reasons why new students flock to Lund every semester. Membership of Studentlund gives you access to everything that makes Lund such a fantastic city in which to study. Being a member gives you many opportunities for personal development and enables you to gain valuable knowledge and experiences outside the lecture hall. Being a member of Studentlund gives you access to everything from student accommodation to good food, fun nightclubs, interesting talks, exciting media, leadership opportunities, as well as, lots of grants and student discounts.

4 Student Life 4 Student Life and the Studentlund app

Once you arrive in Lund, you will be bombarded with information and different activities you can join. Therefore, we have collected all the information you will need to know on and on the Studentlund app, which you can dowload for free for iphone and android in their respective application stores.

Registering for Studentlund

To register for Studentlund online you need to a Swedish social security number or a LADOK number and an application code. You receive the LADOK number from the University when you arrive to Lund. You also need to have your application code to the classes you are taking. If you are a Erasmus student, you do not have an application code before you arrive. During arrival day, general information market and Hlsningsgillet there is a Studentlund helpdesk to take care of your questions and help you register. Otherwise you can always turn to a union or a nation to help you. To finalize your Studentlund membership, you need to go to the nation you want to join. When you go to a nation you need to bring your letter of acceptance, a valid ID and your social security number or LADOK number. Visit to find more information on how to become a member of Studentlund!

Photo: Christofer Tj

The Academic Society

The Academic Society - the meeting place The Academic society is known by many as the centre of Lunds student life. This is mostly because the AF-Building (AF-borgen) is centrally located in the middle of Lundagrd and a lot of student life in Lund is held in its fine rooms. The association is primarily lead by an Executive Director, a Communications Director, and a Program Manager. In addition, there is an Edil which is responsible when students rent rooms in the AF-Building, and a housing ombudsman who is the students voice AFB (AF Bostder). All of these jobs are held by students. The large size and variety of rooms in the AF Building make it possible for students to hold activities, such as a student radio, television, information service, litterature groups, lectures, orchestras, ensembles, choirs, balls, etc. The AF Building is a natrual meeting place for all students, not least through Cafe Athen, which is the study area in the building, which also holds many events for students. Many major celebrations take place in the castle. Activities in The Academic Society The Academic Society conducts activities in a number of areas through its thirteen committees, with a focus primarily in culture. There are students who become engaged and involved in these activities and as a member of Studentlund we welcome you to get active in the committee that interests you. Becoming an active member will give you the opportunity to mingle and meet many Swedish students, as well as learn about and be around Swedish customs. You may even pick up a bit of Swedish! Events by The Academic Society The Academic Society holds many events throughout the year and we welcome you to attend. A favourite of international students has been The AF Games (AF Spelen) which are held every term and challenge students in Lund to participate in a fun all day long activity, such as sumo wrestling or laser tag. In the spring semester of 2012 AF had the honour of being able to send a bus on the 2012 Tandem trip, and many of AFs actively involved members got to attend. The picture on the right is from that trip! The Project Fund The project fund is a fairly new concept at AF, and its a grant fund that allows students and student organizatons to apply for funds to start up new projects. Do you see something missing in Lund? What about a fair for international students? A bake sale? A concert on the roof of the AF Building? If you have any ideas you should visit se or come visit us on the third floor of the AF Building to chat about it!

6 Student Life

Membership When you join Studentlund, you become a member of the Academic Society. Some benefits you recive through membership include: the ability to join the queue for AF Bostder (The Academic Societys Accommodation Service). free entrace at Studentafton where celebrities are invited to give lectures. reduced prices at the student theatre, spex, costume rentals, poetry and other events in the AF Building. discount in Caf Athen engagement in various activities where you will gain experience and friends for life.

The Committees of The Academic Society The Academic Societys Archives and Student Museum The Academic Soceitys Art Collection The Boelspex Ensemble The Costume Shoppe Lundaspex Ensemble Lunds Student Theatre Ordkonst (The Wordsmiths) The Party Planning Committee (Marskalkeriet) Radio AF Student Television Studentafton Studentinfo (Student Informations Services)


Photo: Stina kesson

The Student Nations of Lund University

The word nation normally means country, but in Lund the word also means something entirely different. Today, 338 years after the first nation in Lund was founded, much has changed but the nations original purpose remains: to provide students with a good and congenial atmosphere while they live and study in Lund. The nations are essentially large social clubs forming the heart of students extracurricular life in Lund. The nations provide housing, serve lunches, brunches, run pubs and restaurants, have regular and free sport activities, and arrange nightclubs and other festivities and many more activities. Contrary to the political-sounding appellation, the nations are named after geographical locations in Sweden. Membership in a nation provides foreign students with the chance to really get to know Swedish student culture. The nations are NOT select clubs nor are they like fraternities/sororities. As an international student youre encouraged to visit the different nations, feel the atmosphere and join the one where you feel the most comfortable. In general terms, the nations offer similar activities but with different flavors. The activities are usually based around a nation house (the nations headquarters), where some of the members live and there the nations office is located. To participate in a nations activities, however, youll need to be a Studentlund member and show your student ID card. Students are responsible for the management of the nations. Only students work within the nations and they do so on a voluntary basis. Being active in a nation will give you the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities and a chance to get to know Swedes and their culture while having fun and making new friends. You also get to participate in special events and activities only available to volunteers and/or get some kind of discount at many of the nations activities.

Kuratorskollegiet - The Lund University Council of Nations

Kuratorskollegiet - perhaps better known as KK, is a cooperation between twelve of the thirteen student nations that exist in Lund.* The purpose of Kuratorskollegiet is to increase cooperation between nations, but also to take care of more general issues affecting the nations as a whole when working with the University, the Academic Society, student unions, municipalities and the state. Kuratorskollegiet includes several committees where foremen from the nations meet, exchange experiences and act as organizers for some of the nations joint projects and events. To mention some, Idrottskollegiet (the Sports and Athletics Council) which organize the Tandem Relay, a bike race from Gothenburg to Lund which takes place every year in May and the nation sports series. Through Tidningskollegiet (the Magazine Council) the nations also have a magazine together called Nationernas tidning.
*Smlands nation - Smlands nation is not a part of Kuratorskollegiet or Studentlund

8 Student Life

Some of the often weekly activities that can be found at nations are mentioned below: Lunch You do not have to pay more than 30-40 SEK for a good lunch. On weekdays, there is always at least one nation somewhere in Lund that is serving lunch made by students for students. Good food good prices. Caf/Brunch On weekends, you can have a big breakfast, coffee and pastries at several nations. Pub, restaurant activities Several times a week, each nation offers you food and drink at student-friendly prices. Some pub evenings can offer live music, quizzes and the restaurants offer great food (made by students) at terrific prices. Be sure to make a reservation, as these dinners are popular. After dinner, the music starts and so does the dancing! Nation Magazine A majority of the nations have their own publications featuring articles by members covering the latest news and nation information and they usually have a sprinkling of pictures from the latest party. Sport Many nations have regular sporting events, ranging from aerobics to volleyball, with more unusual things such as rock climbing every once in a while. Radio Broadcasts Most nations have their own radio program once a week on Lunds student radio, Radio AF (one of the Academic Societys committees, see page XX) tune in and listen at FM 99,1. Choir Almost all nations have their own choirs that accept singers of all levels. Some nations even have special choirs for more advanced singers. Being in a choir might even improve your Swedish skills by learning the Swedish language melody through music. Parties and festivities At the beginning of each term, most student nations organize a Newcomers Reception (Novischfest) to welcome all new members to the nation. During the terms, most nations also organise traditional parties such as the Crayfish Party in August (Krftskiva), an Eel Party (lagille) in October, the Goose Party (Gsegille) in November, as well as Christmas and New Years parties in December, the Last of April festivities that celebrate the end of winter and the arrival of spring. In addition, most nations also organise a ball at some point during the year, where evening gown and coat tails are required, and where you are served a lovely dinner accompanied by speeches, and then dance until the sun rises. Very traditional, a lot of fun and an experience for life! Please note, however, that these events are very popular and that you might have to sign up/buy a ticket well in advance. Excursions Most nations organize excursions, such as theatre and opera visits, as well as trips to visit other parts of Sweden or the other Scandinavian countries. Spex, student ensembles are an integral and very old part of Lund student culture. Nation spexes are amateur productions in which all students may participate. A variety of skills are required to produce these plays everything from seamstress and make-up staff to actors and musicians. Apart from what has been mentioned above, you will find

The student unions of Lund University

Lund University has nine student unions, with one at each faculty, plus a doctoral union. The student union to which you belong depends on the subject you study. The student unions work with education policies/politics and represent the students at the local level in relation to institutions and faculty. The unions and their representatives work with each body at the university addressing issues that impact the students situation. The representatives are appointed by the student unions to stand for the students at a central university level, and where they may help to negotiate issues with the municipality of Lund and Region Skne. The Association of Lund University Student Unions The student unions have a cooperative organization called the Association of Lund University Student Unions (LUS). The LUS chairman and vice chairman meet the Universitys vice-chancellor at least once a week and serve on the universitys management team. Do not hesitate to contact the unions if you have any questions, or if problems should arise concerning your studies. You are also welcome to contribute your experience by taking an active part in your student union, helping to improve conditions for future students. The student unions, through LUS, also run a variety of public services for the students, like the foundation Kreditkassan, which offers loans to students at Lund University and Lillsjdal, a cabin in a recreation area. The cabin is located just outside Ssdala in Hssleholm and has 40 beds and is available to rent with a good discount for students. The student ombudsman The university has a legal obligation to ensure that every student gets an education free from discrimination. Even so, a student might be treated unfairly or could be offended by the university or its employees. These may be cases of discrimination. So, if you, or somebody close to you, feel you have experienced this, then the student ombudsman can help. The student ombudsman can offer information and advice and assist you in your contacts with the university. No matter how minor or serious the problem is you can get assistance. Visit the website for more information! Web Lundakarnevalen The student unions are also jointly heads of Lund University Students carnival, better known as Lundakarnevalen. Lundakarnevalen is the essence of all that is good in Lunds student life. It is joy, music, karneval-beer, people, large tents, small tents, great entertainment, trains and satire. Whatever it is, it is just for you! Approximately 5 000 students apply as volunteers and together we create the joy, the community and the organised madness that is Lundakarnevalen. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of spectators and visitors come to Lund to watch the different shows, the karneval-train, to hear, to laugh, to cry and to simply enjoy all the wonder of the worlds best Lundakarneval! The carnival is held every four years - the next time is 2014.

10 Student Life

Lundagrd LUS also publishes Lundagrd, an editorial independent student newspaper. Lundagrd is made by students for students and monitors and examines both the university and the student life. The magazine is published once a month during term time and is sent to all students at Lund University. Lundagrd is Swedens oldest student newspaper and contains articles, news, cultural pages and opinion pages. Student news, blogs and chronicles are published every day at www. There is also an English site at

Photo: Jeremy Seow

Photo: Johan Persson


Welcome to our World

Lund University unites long-standing traditions with a modern, dynamic and highly international profile. With eight faculties as well as a number of research centres and specialised institutes, Lund University is the biggest provider of research and higher education in Sweden. Founded in 1666, Lund University is one of the oldest universities in northern Europe. At present, around 40,000 under- graduate and postgraduate students are enrolled at Lund University. The majority of the University is located in Lund, but there are also several academic and research institutes in Malm. The University also has a campus in Helsingborg, a School of Civil Aviation in Ljungbyhed and learning centres in several towns in the county of Skne. Lund University has evolved into the most international university in Sweden; cooperating worldwide with a great number of universities, university networks and research institutes. Annually some 3,000 international students choose to study in Lund. The University also takes a very active part in the educational and research programmes of the European Union. The European Commission has approved six prestigious Erasmus Mundus programmes involving Lund University. In addition, Lund University is actively involved in the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 scholarship programme, both as a coordinator of the programme for several countries and as a partner, allowing student mobility to and from Lund University. Two networking organisations have awarded Lund University membership. One of them is U21 whose members are well-recognised universities around the world. The other one is the League of European Research Universities (LERU) whose members are all known for high quality research. The University also takes part in the resund University, which is a consortium that aims to strengthen the region by making all courses, libraries, and other facilities available to all students, teachers and researchers. The University offers a wide range of Masters degree programmes, around 85 of which are taught in English, ranging from International Human Rights Law to Sustainable Urban Design. For Lund University to rank as one of Europes leading institutions of higher education, superior student achievement is required in all areas of activity. To realise this ambition, Lund University works systematically with educational development and the continuous professional improvement of all teaching staff. The Masters programmes at Lund University employ a multi- or transdisciplinary approach in an environment of exceptional academic competence and cultural diversity. All education is closely tied to current research and many courses are truly unique. International programmes provide excellent opportunities to form a global network of professional colleagues, as well as establish local contacts in Sweden. Please visit the website for the most up-to-date information about programmes and courses offered in English:

12 New in Lund

Photo: Chen Cheng

The Student Reception

Contact details to the Student Reception Visiting address Stora Algatan 4, ground floor Phone 046-222 01 00 International Desk E-mail For international degree programme students E-mail Study Information E-mail Career services Email StiL and Student Computer Support Please see StiL and the Student Portal
Photo: Rachelle Lacharit International Desk All international students at Lund University are welcome to visit or contact the International Desk at the Student Reception. Throughout the semester you are welcome to contact the International Desk with all sorts of non-academic issues. All questions are welcome; everything from how to find your department to where you can buy a bike.

Two times per month the International Desk Newsletter is sent by email to all international degree students and exchange students at Lund University. The newsletter is filled with useful information about Swedish culture, news and events in Lund and Skne. If you have not received the newsletter, but would like to, you are welcome to send an email to the International Desk. The International Desk also organises a number of game nights, excursions and guided tours during the semester that you are welcome to join. Information about our events are always included in the newsletter and published on the International Desk Facebook page (please see below for contact details). The Student Reception other services In the Student Reception it is also possible to visit the Study information, the student computer support (StiL-support) and get advice on you CV and career information from the Career Services. The Student Reception can help you with certificates of registration and transcripts of records, maps, brochures and other practical matters that you need help with during your studies at Lund University.


International Mentor Programme

Coming to a foreign country can be both exciting and difficult. In order to get some practical help and become acquainted with student life in Lund, Lund University offers the International Mentor Programme for all new international students. In your mentor group you will have four to six mentors who are either Swedish or international students, who have been in Sweden for a while, and a group of other international students who just arrived in Lund. The mentors arrange different activities throughout the semester such as city tours, picnics and pub nights. The application for the programme is included in the combined application form for housing. If you have applied for the mentor programme but have not been contacted by your mentors before your arrival in Lund, send an e-mail to the mentor coordinator at: If you have studied in Lund for a while and want to become an international mentor, you can find more information at:

My Lund University Experience Photo contest 2012 winner: Laure Hamelin with photo Swedish Snow

International students
Every year more than 3,000 international students choose to study at Lund University. We will help you to make the very best of your studies and student life while in Lund. In order to give you the best service possible, we will sometimes ask you what category of international students you belong to. Are you an exchange student, a masters or bachelors programme student or a course student?

14 New in Lund

Exchange students
Exchange students are those students who come to study at Lund University through an exchange agreement between Lund University and a partner university somewhere in the world. As an exchange student you may study here for one term or one academic year at either undergraduate or graduate level. Before arrival, the details of the exchange students individual programmes are organised by the coordinators at the students home university; by the Department, Faculty, or the International Office. If you are an exchange student and have questions regarding your courses you should always contact your coordinator at Lund University (the person who signed your Letter of Acceptance).

Masters and Bachelors programme students

Masters and Bachelors programme students are students who intend to complete an academic degree at Lund University. The coordinator at each programme is responsible for providing programme students with both practical and course-related information, e.g. the course schedule and course literature list. For academic questions, please consult the programme coordinator. For general questions you are also welcome to contact the International Desk and the Central Programme Coordinators in the Student Reception.

Non-degree course students

Course students are students neither enrolled in a programme to receive an academic degree from Lund University nor studying within an exchange agreement. Non-degree course students study single-subject courses either at undergraduate or postgraduate levels, and may study for one semester or longer. Course students have the same status

Photo: Jeremy Seow


Health Services
Emergency health care For emergencies or life-threatening situations, call 112. You will be asked, What has happened? to determine whether you need an ambulance, the fire department or the police. You will also be asked, Where has it happened? and From which number/ address are you calling?. Emergency calls from public telephone booths are free of charge. Push the emergency button and dial 112. It is also possible to go directly to the emergency ward (Akutmottagning) of the University Hospital (Universitetssjukhuset) in Lund or in Malm or the hospital in Helsingborg, 24 hours a day. UNIVERSITETSSJUKHUSET I LUND Address Getingevgen 4, LUND Phone (Switchboard) 046-17 10 00 UNIVERSITETSSJUKHUSET I MALM Address Sdra Frstadsgatan 101, MALM Phone (Switchboard) 040-33 10 00 Helsingborgs Lasarett Address: Sdra Vallgatan 5 Phone (Switchboard) 042- 406 10 00 For poison information, dial 112 in case of emergency poisoning and ask for poison information. Open 24 hours a day. Dial 08-33 12 31 if you have other questions concerning acute poisonings, 24 hours a day. Emergency psychiatric care For acute emotional or mental conditions (Psykiatrisk Akutmottagning). Lund Address: Medicinskt Centrum, St Larsomrdet Tel: 046-17 41 00 (24 hours a day) Malm Address: Sknes Universitetssjukhus, Carl-Bertil Laurells gata 7 (Psykiatrihuset) Phone: 040-33 80 00 (24 hours a day) Helsingborg Address: Helsingborgs lasarett, S-plan, Sdra Vallgatan 5 Phone: 042-406 27 30 Non-emergency health care If you need medical advice or help finding a Primary Care Center, call the Medical Advice Service on phone 1177. This is free of charge and open 24-hours per day. With this number you can get medical advice from a registered nurse on many things including diagnosis of your symptoms and help on where to go if you need a physician. If needed, they may refer you to a local primary care centre.

For emergencies or life threatening situations

For medical advice for non-emergency health care

CALL 112

CALL 1177

know 16 Good to Know

If you get ill and are in need of non-emergency health care, you should contact a Primary Care Centre (Vrdcentral). The centres are open weekdays from 08.00-17.00 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). You have the right to get medical assessment the same day you contact the Primary Care Centre. If you are considered in need of immediate treatment you will get an appointment. The answering machine messages at the centres are usually in Swedish but just wait for a nurse to answer and you will be able to speak English. The cost for each visit ranges from 150 SEK to 400 SEK. It can be around 1000 SEK if you dont have a Swedish personal ID number (personnummer). Bring your insurance information, id and proof that you are a student, with you to your appointment. Also keep your receipts in case you may be able to get a refund. Please see Health insurance for more information. For contact details to Primary Care Centers (Vrdcentral) in Malm, Helsingborg and other cities in the Skne region, visit For more information about health care in Skne, visit: Webbplatser/Primarvarden_Skane/Stodfunktioner/International/ Private Clinics You may also visit Private health care clinics, where a group of doctors, both specialists and general practitioners, practice. You will need to make an appointment to see a specialist. Contact details to private health care clinics in the Skne region (Lund, Malm, Helsingborg etc) are available on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) You can get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis or HIV free of charge in Sweden. Lund STI Clinic (STI-mottagningen) Visiting address: Hudkliniken, Lasarettsgatan 15 Phone: 046 17 11 65 Phone hours: Monday - Friday 9:00-12:00 and 13:30-16:00. When you call there is a long Swedish message, followed by information in English. You can also get tested for chlamydia at the Student Health Counselling Center in Lund. To book an appointment call 046 222 43 77 and press 2. Center for Sexual Health, Malm (Centrum fr sexuell hlsa) Visiting address: Claesgatan 7, level 3 Phone: 040-33 17 47 Helsingborg STD clinic (STD-mottagningen) Visiting address: Hudmottagningen, Helsingborg hospital, S Vallgatan 5 Phone: 042-406 23 09 Midwife Clinics If you want to get a prescription for birth control pills, take a pregnancy test or have questions for a midwife, you can visit your local midwife (Barnmorska) at the Midwife Centre (Barnavrdscentral or Mdrahlsovrd). Visiting a midwife in Sweden is free for residents (be sure to bring European health insurance card or regular id if you have a Swedish personal ID number). For contact details to Midwife Clinics (Barnavrdscentral or Mdrahlsovrd) in Lund, Malm, Helsingborg and other cities in the Skne region, visit Skane/Hitta-vard/Skane/.


Dentists (Tandlkare) For dental care you can visit the district dental clinic (Folktandvrden), find a private dentist or visit the dental school in Malm. Folktandvrden is often located in the same area as the primary care centres (Vrdcentralen). Contact details to Folktandvrden can be found on (search for Tandvrd). To reach a private dentist, visit and search for tandlkare (in Vad sker du?) and the name the city you want to visit the dentist in (Var?). The Dental School in Malm (Tandvrdshgskolan) can be an alternative if you are in need of dental care but cannot pay the full costs of a regular dentist. A visit takes longer time but is carefully supervised by teachers and prices are reduced with 50 %. Tandvrdshgskolan Visiting address: Carl Gustafs vg 34, Malm Phone: 040-665 85 35 Phone hours: Monday Friday 07.30-08.30 Emergency dental care Phone: 040-623 02 42 Phone hours: Monday-Friday 08.00-15.00 For after hours, weekends or holidays, call 1177, and ask for help finding a dentist on call (Jourhavande Tandlkare). Dental care in Sweden can be rather expensive and standard medical insurance generally only covers necessary care. If you come from a country in the EU/EEA or from Switzerland only to study, you are entitled to essential dental care at the same cost as those who are insured in Sweden. To obtain subsidised dental care for necessary dental treatment, you must show proof of identity and your European Health Insurance Card. If you are registered in the Population Register in Sweden (Swedish personnummer), you are entitled to subsidized dental care on the same terms as other people who live in Sweden. If you come from a country outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland just to study, you are not entitled to subsidized dental care in Sweden. However, there are some exceptions from this general rule. More information can be found on in the document Dental care in Sweden for foreign students on fall_ill_(om_du_blir_sjuk). You can also contact the Swedish Social Insurance Office (Frskringskassan) on 0771-524 524 to learn more. Pharmacy (Apoteket) Some over the counter medicines such as pain relief tablets, antacids, vitamins and symptom relief for colds and allergies can be bought without a prescription at most grocery stores. For advice about symptoms or medications, a wider variety of health products or to have prescription filled, you can visit a pharmacy. Pharmacies in Lund city centre: Apoteket Svanen, Kyrkogatan 5. Opening hours: Weekdays 10:00-18:00, Saturdays 10:0015:00 Apotek Hjrtat, Knut den Stores Torg 2. Opening hours: Weekdays 9:00-18.30, Saturdays 10:00-15:00 Apotek Hjrtat, Mrtenstorget 12. Opening hours: Weekdays 9:00-20:00, Saturdays 9:0019:00, Sundays 10:00-19:00 For more information about pharmacies, visit and search for Apotek and the city where you want to find the location of the pharmacy.

18 Good to know Know

Health insurance Depending on your citizenship and if you are an exchange student or masters student, different regulations apply when it comes to your medical insurance coverage and to filing a medical insurance claim. Unless you are a citizen of the EU/EEA or Switzerland, you need to pay your expenses initially at the health care clinic and then go through the insurance claims procedure in order to get reimbursed by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency Kammarkollegiet. For more detailed information regarding health insurance, please visit If you have received a Swedish personal ID number you are entitled to the same health benefits and pay the same patient fees as all Swedes. General student insurance All students in Sweden are covered by an accident insurance while on university premises and on their direct way to and from the university. Very specific definitions apply. Please get in contact with your department if you need to make use of the insurance. EU/EEA citizens and Switzerland You are entitled to access public medical services if you first have registered with the social insurance office in your home country. You will be issued with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). You need to have the card with you when you seek medical attention at the health care clinic or hospital in Sweden. Hereby, you will pay Swedish patient fees directly and do not need to make an insurance claim. Tuition fee paying students / scholarship holders If you are a non-EU/EEA student who is required to pay tuition fees for your studies at Lund University, you are covered by a special insurance, FAS +. Exchange students non EU/EEA citizens The Swedish government provides special insurance for exchange students (Student IN) to provide, for example, accident coverage, coverage for medical expenses (where no other cover exists) and liability coverage. In order to make a health insurance claim, contact your coordinator at Lund University. Bring the original receipts and a completed Student IN claim form. Your claim will be sent to the Legal, Finance and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet) via your coordinator. Non tuition fee paying Masters degree students non EU/EEA citizens As a Masters degree student at Lund University you are covered by an insurance provided by Kammarkollegiet. The insurance is valid when you are in Sweden, so for travel outside Sweden you will need additional insurance cover which you should get in your home country. You need to pay your expenses initially at the health care clinic and then go through the insurance claims procedure in order to get reimbursed by the insurance agency.


Course students If you are only studying courses at Lund University and are not enrolled in a Masters degree programme or within a formal exchange agreement, you are not provided with any health insurance from Kammarkollegiet. Students who are not covered by this insurance must arrange their own insurance coverage. In Sweden, medical treatment is very expensive without any form of insurance. A private insurance that can be purchased in Sweden is found at Studentfrskringar, Home and travel insurance Please read the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage offered through Kammarkollegiet carefully. Most insurance agreements by Kammarkollegiet only apply in Sweden, so travels outside of Sweden during your studies are not covered. Therefore, you will need additional insurance, which you should get in your home country to avoid extreme costs that might occur. Remember to get some sort of certificate of the insurance. It is usually only possible to buy insurance from a Swedish insurance agency if you are registered in the Population Register and have a Swedish personal number. All students who rent a room through LU Accommodation are required to have Third party liability insurance to cover any unexpected damage to the room and furniture. However, all students are recommended to have this kind of insurance since it gives you extra security if something happens.

LU Accommodation (formerly known as the International Housing Office) LU Accommodation (LUACC) administers a limited number of student dormitory rooms, apartments and shared apartments. These must be applied for well in advance. Rooms offered by LU Accommodation are rented for the full academic semester. The maximum rental period is until the end of an academic year, regardless of when you arrive. Because of this, if you are staying longer than to the end of the academic year it is very important that you register with AF Bostder to get on their waiting list for accommodation for when you have to leave your LU Accommodation room. There is however an exception for non EU/EEA students who are required to pay tuition fees and are admitted to full-time studies of at least 30 ECTS. These students have a housing guarantee for the normal duration of a study programme (1-3 years). Visiting address Winstrupsgatan 8, Lund Phone 046-222 01 00 Fax 046-222 8895 E-mail Web Twitter

Photo: Rachelle Lacharit

20 Good to know 20 Good to Know

AF Bostder (AFB) If you study in Lund for more than one semester you can be placed in the housing queue at AF Bostder (AFB). AFB is an independent foundation founded by the Academic Society in Lund.

Photo: Yingrou Zhou

To be able to be part of the housing queue and live in AFBs housing, you must be a member of the Academic Society. You are automatically a member of The Academic Society if you are a member of a Studentlund nation and have paid your semester fee for Studentlund. Before each semester AFB reserve housing for the accommodation for new students. If you are new a student and live outside commuting distance to Lund, AFB holds a lottery for queue places for those who apply for housing the days around the arrival of the first letter of acceptance. The lottery takes place in the middle of July for the fall semester and the middle of December for the spring semester. Web Bopoolen Bopoolen, The Housing Pool, is an advertisement agency for housing run by the Lund University Student Unions (LUS). The service is managed via their website where one can post ads for housing as well as search for housing ads. The Housing Pool does not apply a queuing system and does not charge any fees for their services. It has come to Lund Universitys and Bopoolens attention that some landlords demand a large deposit to be paid before any agreement is signed. Bopoolen recommends that you pay one month of rent in advance, which is standard in Sweden. When searching for housing on your own please beware of fraud and fraudsters. From time to time fraudsters are contacting people registered under housing needed/bostad skes and put in fake ads on housing available. Do not send any money through Western Union. Do not send any money if you are not sure that the apartment exists and that you will get access to it. Make sure that you get a receipt for all payments you make. Web Housing at a nation All nations also have housing where some of the nations members live. How many rooms and apartments the nations have in total varies. But all nations credit if you are active in the nation as a volunteer, by getting you a better chance of getting accommodation at the nation. Also almost all nations also set some apartments aside in the beginning of the semester especially for new students. Contact husfrman at your nation of interest for more information about housing.


Youth hostels and hotels If you need a temporary place to stay or have friends visiting, a youth hostel might be an option. Hostels in Lund: Tget Vvaregatan 22 Phone 046-14 28 20 Web Facilities-and-activities/Skane/Vandrarhem/STF-Hostel-Lund/ Please note that Tget Hostel will close during the autumn of 2012. Hotel reservations in Lund can be made through the website of Lund Tourist Office: www. Hostels in Malm: Rut & Ragnars Web Nobelvgen 113 Phone 040-611 60 60 STF Vandrarhem, Malm City Rnngatan 1 Phone 040-611 62 20 STF Vandrarhem, Malm Eriksflt Backavgen 18 Phone 040-822 20

Photo: Lysbet de Boer

22 Good to know Know

Get a bike!
Although the public transport services are good, a bicycle is by far the quickest and easiest way to get around in Lund. Cycling is the most common mode of transport in both Lund and Malm, and not only among students. Do remember that because of large numbers of bicycle riders the police put in a lot of effort to check that everyone follows the traffic regulations and on-the-spot fines may be issued for disobeying the rules of the road. Take some time to learn the different traffic signs and regulation before you take your first bike ride. The most common Swedish road signs are presented on http:// If you want to purchase a second-hand bicycle in Lund, try: Lundabcker Address Kiliansgatan 11 Phone 046-240 70 38 Begagnade cyklar/ Used bikes Address: Fabriksgatan 2 Phone: 046-15 14 15 Harrys Cykel/bikes Address Banvaktsgatan 2 Phone 046-211 69 46 Gran Andersson Cykel Address Bredgatan 25 Phone 046-14 09 29 Cykellab1 Address Tornavgen 13 Phone 0708-55 54 11
Photo: Loren Fryxell

The city of Lund arranges a bike auction with used bikes a few times every semester. Also check the local newspapers and notice boards for secondhand bicycles, or put up a note on the notice board at your department, or in the AF-building. There are many places to buy a new bike in Lund. For a more complete list, visit and search for cykel in Lund. Things to consider when buying a secondhand bike When buying a bicycle you should carefully check its equipment. According to Swedish law, a bike must have reflectors on both wheels and also a proper front and rear light for cycling after dark. It can be tempting to buy a used bike since it usually can be bought at a lower price than a new one. However, it can save you a lot of money to check the status of the bike before you buy it: Is the chain rusty or black with oil? That can be a sign that it needs to be replaced? Used bikes are often in need of new tires etc Do the brakes work properly? Do the lights on the bike function? Look at the bikes general condition. Beware of rusty bikes! Try the bike; brakes, acceleration, gear. The best test you can do is to bike uphill. If it feels ok, then it is good bike.


Keep in mind that bicycles are in great demand, so be sure to get a good lock for it! One the first things you also should consider when planning to buy a secondhand bike is the risk of it being stolen property. Bike theft is one of the most common crimes in Lund and Swedish law states that a stolen bike will always be returned to its rightful owner, even if you have bought it in good faith. A person who has bought stolen property does not have the right to any compensation. Therefore, there are a few important things to consider before buying a used bike: Is it stolen? Consider the price; if the deal sounds too good, it probably is. Be very careful if the price of the bike is very low in relation to the value. Be careful if the seller has many used bikes on sale at the same time. Ask where the bike is bought and ask to see receipts from previous owners. Ask for a receipt with the sellers name and ask to see an id. Note the frame number on the bike or the SEC-number. You can then contact the police in order to find out if the bike is reported stolen.

Photo: Alvaro Lopez

The public transport system in Sweden is usually quite reliable. The Lund town buses converge at the city bus station called Botulfsplatsen (near Mrtenstorget) and serve the entire city. The regional buses (Sknetrafiken) provide service throughout Skne and have their terminus at the Lund central railway station and at Bankgatan (also close to Mrtenstorget). At the railway station in Lund you will find three categories of trains the purple regional trains (Pgatg) for destinations within Skne, the resundstg, (for getting around resund), as well as the long-distance trains run by the Swedish Railways (SJ) or Veolia. Please note, that tickets for SJ and Sknetrafiken are not interchangeable. As well, there are airport coaches that depart from the railway station (Flygbussarna). Flygbussarna

24 Good to know Know

Travel in Skne You are not able to pay for your ticket with cash in Skne. If you are travelling by train in Skne or Denmark you have to buy your ticket before boarding. You can buy your ticket at Sknetrafiken customer service centres or in a ticket machine (cash or credit card) at one of the train stations. You can make your journey easier and more economical by purchasing a Jojo Discount card. Up until the day you turn 20 years of age you can travel with Sknetrafiken within Skne for child fare. Sknetrafiken If you are a student with a study rate of at least 75% during one semester at a university, you can get a 30% discount with the Jojo Student Skne that is valid for 30 days. You can choose a Jojo card that covers all of Skne or a smaller amount of zones. You need to visit a customer service centre when you buy your Jojo Student card the first time, also during the start of each semester because a new personal verification card has to be issued. What you need: A photo of yourself (3x4 cm) A valid ID A student card (Studentlund or TLTH card) with Sknetrafikens logo. In case you havent received your student card you can get a certificate from your student union or nation that confirms you are entitled to the discount. For information of timetables, etc. you can call Sknetrafiken, visit their offices at the central railway stations or visit their website. Phone 0771-77 77 77 Phone (24 hours) timetable 0771-77 77 24 Web Long-distance trains SJ-tg The SJ-trains (state railways) operate all over Sweden. Book on the Internet, and keep an eye out for student reductions. Web Long-distance trains Veolia Veolia trains dont run as often as SJ-trains and only run a few lines. But Veolia offer good student discounts and offer the same prices for a departure no matter when you book your tickets. Driving in Sweden You must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid driving licence to be allowed to drive a car in Sweden. A licence from an ESS country is valid in Sweden. For students who are citizens of other countries, the licence is valid in Sweden for one year only. If you are staying for longer than a year you must apply for an exemption at The Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen). Please note that if your licence is issued in other languages than English, German or French, you must also bring a certified translation. It is vitally important that you are aware of Swedens extremely strict rules regarding driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, which are among the strictest in Europe! Web


Financial Matters
Banks Most banks will charge you a service fee for different services. It will take a Swedish bank approximately two weeks to open your account and after that it will take at least one week to transfer money from your bank account at home. Please remember not to bring checks and large amounts of cash. Most credit cards are accepted in Sweden. If you have a credit card from your home country, remember to bring it, since Swedish banks rarely grant credit cards to exchange students. Before you leave Sweden it is important that you close your Swedish bank account. Normally required to be able to open an account with a bank in Lund: Valid passport Letter of acceptance Details of address in Sweden Certificate from national registration database (applies to students who are entitled to a Swedish civic registration number). The banks can for instance offer, online banking with payment service, bank card and IBAN. Some banks in Lund Handelsbanken Phone 046-15 99 00 Web Sparbanken resund Phone 046-16 75 00 Web Frs och Frosta Sparbank Phone 046-37 18 00 Web Nordea Phone 0771-22 44 88 Web Forex Phone 046-32 34 10 Web
Photo: Corsin Seeli ICA Banken Visit your local ICA store for further information. Phone 033-47 47 90 Web

Know 26 Good to know

Residence permits and Right of Residence

The Swedish Migration Board All questions regarding residence permits during your stay in Sweden should be directed to the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket). The Migration Board Customer Service Phone: 0771-235 235 Phone hours: Monday-Friday 8.30-16.00 Web Malm Permit Unit Visiting address Celsiusgatan 35 Right of Residence for EU/EEA citizens A person who has a right of residence must register with the Swedish Migration Board no later than three months after entering the country. You register by using the form Registration of right of residence, (no. 141011). You can choose to send your application by post or submit it in person to one of the Migration Boards permit units. You can also register on the Migration Board website. Extension of Residence Permits If you plan to extend your residence permit, you must apply for your permit extension yourself. The Migration Board does not send any reminders. You can apply for the extension at the Migration Board website or send the application by post to one of the permit units. If you have submitted an application for extension, you have the right to remain in Sweden until the Migration Board has reached a decision on your. If you travel abroad in connection with your permit expiring, it can be difficult for you to enter Sweden or Europe before your new permit has been granted. You may then need to wait for your new decision outside Sweden. Work permit Visiting students may work in Sweden without a work permit, as long as you have a valid residence permit to study.

Photo: Pauline Gazeau


Swedish Personal Identity number If you have a residence permit valid for 12 months or longer you can apply for a Swedish personal ID number at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). This process is known as population registration (folkbokfring). Staff from the Swedish Tax Agency is available during Arrival Day. If you choose to not register during Arrival Day, you need to visit the Tax Agencys office. In order to register you need to bring your valid national passport of origin. After registering with the Swedish Tax Agency, you will get a Swedish personal ID number (personnummer). Everyone registered in Sweden has a personal identity number and you need one before you can become a part of the Swedish system. The number is unique to each individual, it is based on your date of birth, and follows you throughout life. Having a personal identity number entitles you to study Swedish courses at SFI (Swedish for immigrants) as well as access to the Swedish health care system. If you are leaving Sweden and intend to be away for a year or more, then you will normally no longer be registered as a resident in Sweden. You are to report the move abroad no later than one week before departure. Order the form SKV7665 through the Tax Agencys website or the Tax Information Line. Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) Phone (Tax Information Line) 0771-567 567 Phone hours Monday-Thursday 10-18, Friday 10-16 Web

Matters of the Heart

Religion About 80 per cent of all Swedes belong to the Church of Sweden. However, full religious freedom is legally guaranteed in Sweden, which gives everyone the right to belong to the church or the religion of his or her choice. In international terms, Sweden stands out as one of the most secularised countries in the world. The Cathedral of Lund is an important religious, historical, architectural and archaeological monument, with a history that dates back to King Knut in the 11th century. A pamphlet in several languages, with a brief description of the main features, is available near the entrance. The famous astronomical clock dating from the 14th century plays Mondays through Saturdays at noon and at 3 p.m., on Sundays and holidays, at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. The Cathedral of Lund Weekdays 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturdays 9.30 a.m.-5 p.m., Sundays 9.30 a.m.-6 p.m. Web E-mail Concerts connected with religious festivities are given both at the Cathedral and at All Saints Church (Allhelgonakyrkan). Both churches have fine choirs.

Know 28 Good to know

Student chaplaincy The student chaplaincy in Lund conducts a continuous dialogue concerning life and existence, goals and meaning, personal identity, relationships and the search for meaning. You can meet them at departments and the student nations, in their Sunday evening service in the crypt, at their Taiz service, in private conversations (where professional confidentiality is ensured), in group discussions and at retreats. If youd like to talk, or get information about services held in English, youre welcome to call 046-35 87 00. Other churches and denominations There are about 150 000 Roman Catholics in Sweden, 100 000 members of the Orthodox and Oriental Churches, about 200,000 Muslims and 30 000 people of the Jewish faith, as well as approximately 136 000 Pentecostalists, 34,000 Baptists, 142 000 Swedish Mission Covenant Church members, some 8 000-12 000 Buddhists and an estimated 3 000-5 000 Hindus, to list a few. The Catholic Church of St. Thomas in Lund sometimes has services in other languages, e.g. Polish, Spanish, Hungarian. Address Lilla Algatan 8, Lund Phone 046-14 06 15. The Islamic Centre in Malm Address Jgersrovgen 90. Phone 040-22 83 20. Web The Jewish Community in Malm Address Kamrergatan 11. Phone 040-611 84 60. Projekt Sex (P6) Lunds student Projekt Sex, or P6 (sex means not only sex but also six in Swedish) is a student organization for those interested in, or who want to learn more about sexual health. To P6 sexual health includes relationships, condoms, emotions, sex, lust, norms and values. P6 also focuses on cultural differences and has students of all nationalities involved in all levels of the organization. We provide great creative space to meet new friends and at the same time learn loads of new stuff. The P6 office is on the 4th floor of the AF-Building. Anyone, member or not, is welcome to come to the office to pick up information, free condoms, lubricants or dental dams. We are here to answer your questions! The LGBTQ Students The LGBTQ Students Group is for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer or for anyone who just wants to take a step away from sex and gender normativity for a moment. The LGBTQ Students is primarily a social forum which organizes various activities, such as discussion evenings, movie nights and field trips. The group also has regularly organized meet-ups we call Wildebar which definitely are worth a visit. In addition to providing a social forum the LGBTQ students also works to increase the visibility of LGBTQ issues in the student world and to encourage students and university staff to reflect upon social norms, gender and sexuality. The group also works with Lund University to make sure the university complies with the Equal Treatment of Students in Higher Education Act. Web P6 & LGBTQ


Student Rights and Resources

Student rights On June 4, 1998, the board of the university adopted guidelines for relations between departments and students at Lund University. Should you have any questions or need assistance regarding your student rights, you are welcome to contact your student union, the relevant department head or equivalent, or the management of the course or program in which you are enrolled. Please visit: Sexual harassment Lund University does not take sexual harassment lightly and has an established platform regarding gender-related and sexual harassment. If you are a victim of harassment, you have the right to immediate help and support. Remember that it is extremely important that you speak out immediately and clearly if you have been subjected to sexual harassment in any form whatsoever. The obligation to investigate allegations of harassment and take measures that preclude further such episodes rests with the relevant department head or equivalent. Please contact your student union for advice and support. Youll find the list of student unions on: Service for students with disabilities Lund Universitys Service for Students with Disabilities provides you with supportive resources in order that you may enjoy the same conditions and opportunities for rewarding, successful studies available to non-disabled students. You have every right to expect the same high standard of education, and to have a proper and functioning study environment. Each supportive measure is individually formed to suit your personal as well as your study needs. You are provided with the opportunity to discuss your study programme and any pedagogically compensatory materials necessary to cover your individual requirements. It is possible to receive aid in the form of e.g. note taking, mentor support, sign language interpretation or individually designed pedagogical supervision. Some preparation time is required for certain supportive measures, for example reserving a sign language interpreter or making an adjustment to a lecture hall. Therefore it is important that you notify us of your individual needs well in advance. CONTACT: Christel Berg, Coordinator/Director, Service for Students with Disabilities Phone 046-222 34 90 E-mail Web

30 Academic Matters

The Swedish Higher Education System

The degree structure of the Swedish higher education institutions conforms to the Bologna Process, the trans-European drive for standardisation in higher education. The degree structure creates three cycles of higher education a first cycle, second cycle and third cycle each with minimum entry requirements. Degrees awarded at each level are defined in terms of the expected results and abilities of students (otherwise known as learning outcomes). Higher education institutions should specify objectives for all first and second cycle courses, describing the students expected learning outcomes at the conclusion of the course. This clarifies the knowledge each student is expected to possess by course completion in order to pass. The Swedish credits (hgskolepong) are compatible with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). One term of full-time studies equals 30 higher education credits, and one academic year of full-time studies equals 60 higher education credits. For more information, please visit: General degrees in Sweden First cycle University Diploma 2 years, 120 higher education credits Degree of Bachelor 3 years, 180 higher education credits Second cycle Degree of Master (One Year) 1 year, 60 higher education credits Degree of Master (Two Years) 2 years, 120 higher education credits Third cycle Degree of Licentiate 2 years, 120 higher education credits Degree of Doctor 4 years, 240 higher education credits Academic calendar The normal academic year is divided into two terms of 20 weeks each. The autumn term extends from 3 September to 20 January, and the spring term from 21 January to 9 June. At Christmas, there is a short break. The exact duration of the terms may vary from Faculty to Faculty. For exact dates please check with your department at Lund University. You find the academic calendar on Student documentation services (LADOK) LADOK is the name of the database record system used at Lund University to document students and their study results. In order to be established in this database, i.e. registered as a student of Lund University, all exchange students must complete a study plan together with his or her coordinator. Registration and academic results are documented by the departments concerned. Programme students and course students are registered by their programme coordinator or course administers at the start of the first course.


Library and information services The Library and Information Services is a network consisting of more than 30 libraries in Lund, Malm and Helsingborg and headed under Lunds Universitets Bibliotek, LUB (Lund University Library). At the libraries you will find course literature and reference material, places to study and often computer and group rooms where you may work. Each librarys website provides information about its particular hours of operation, address, and available course material and other resources. Within the LUB network, each student belongs to a home (or base) library. Logically, this library is usually the one most closely connected to the students discipline. Your home library will issue your library card, which may be used at each library within the network. Different libraries provide hands- on courses in making resource and information searches, and some courses are given via the Internet. THE LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SERVICES Web For business hours of libraries within the LUB network, please visit the above website. AWELU Academic Writing in English Academic Writing in English (AWELU) is an online resource for academic writing in English at Lund University. AWELU contains both information about English language and how to write different kinds of texts. The user gets a general introduction to academic writing in English, including the correct language, text structure, academic honesty and referencing, as well as examples and practical advice for writers. Also published on AWELU are common template documents for administrative writing, and a glossary of terms specific to the academic world. AWELU Online resource Web Academic support in English is available for International degree students at Lund University. The service aims to support students specifically with the academic skills necessary for success at Lund University. Students have the opportunity to meet with the English language consultant for individual hands on supervision in English on different academic topics. Web

Cheating and Plagiarism

What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is the adoption or reproduction of ideas, words or statements of another person without acknowledgment of the original author or creator.

32 Academic Matters

Three quick examples of plagiarism: A false claim that you have written a paper, when it is in fact another student who has done all work. It is considered as plagiarism even if the other student has given his/her permission. If you rewrite, or paraphrase, a section from a book/article/website without mentioning that the information is from that source. To copy a section of a book/article/website without mentioning that the information is copied from that source. How does Lund University work with plagiarism? Lund University has a long experience of working against plagiarism. All advisers and teachers are educated to look for signs of plagiarism in the students work. As a complement Lund University also uses complex computer software to scan all essays to find traces of plagiarism. Any departure from the rules on plagiarism and cheating will be reported to the Disciplinary Board (Disciplinnmnden) at Lund University. The penalty for cheating and plagiarism may be a warning, or suspension for a period of up to six months. Suspension means that the student is not allowed to participate in lectures, seminars and exams or use the library or other university facilities. Students who have received a scholarship may have to return their scholarship money. Exchange students may be forced to terminate studies at Lund University and they will be reported to their home university. Serious cases of plagiarism will be punished according to Swedish law. What does Lund University demand from you? Most departments have their own rules for how written papers and articles should be conducted and presented. Always follow the instructions given by the lecturers! In academic environments there are standard procedures regarding the use of the texts and work of others. You must always state the source when using other peoples work in your own text, regardless if the source is a book, a magazine article, the Internet or even a verbal communication! As long as you take notice of the rules of academic writing and implement these methods in your work you will not only be free of plagiarism, but also be able to publish a better essay. It is in your very best interest to read about academic writing and work in that manner.

StiL and the Student Portal

StiL your student account at Lund University Lund University offers a number of electronic services and resources to facilitate your work as a student. Your StiL identity is your personal account at Lund University and through it you gain access to, for example, electronic resources at the University, your personal page at the Student Portal, the University wireless network, your e-mail account at Lund University with 25GB space and address book to other students at LU. Exchange students receive login details to their StiL-account in the personal envelope distributed when checking in on arrival. International degree students have the opportunity to activate their StiL-account before arrival.


The Student Portal The Student Portal (Studentportalen) is your personal portal at Lund University where you can: access your student email receive the latest information from the University download computer programs to your computer download and print official transcripts and certificates of registration register for courses inform the University of a change of address find email addresses to other students put money on your printing card see what is going on at the University through the calendar find useful web links, for example, to Bopoolen and Sknetrafiken You reach the Student Portal at Some faculties at Lund University also provide specific portal services for their courses. Email account All students at Lund University have a Google Apps email account. Your Google Apps account gives you: an email account a calendar Google Docs (a web-based office system through which you can share documents with fellow students) Google Talk (through which you can chat with your friends) the ability to create your own website All communication from you teachers and your department at Lund University will be sent to your StiL account email. It is therefore very important that you check your student email frequently or forward it to the email address you use regularly. Software As a student you can download a number of programmes with license at the Student Portal: Eduroam, EndNote, Reference Manager, SPSS, Staroffice, VPN, Windows and almost every Microsoft programme except Microsoft Office. Your faculty may also provide programmes for download. StiL-Support If you have questions about StiL or problems with your account, you are welcome to contact the StiL-support team. StiL-support Visiting address Student Reception at Stora Algatan 4, ground floor Altered visiting hours during the start of a new semester, Monday-Friday 16-19 Regular visiting hours Mondays and Thursdays 16-19 Phone 046-222 01 00 Phone hours Mondays and Thursdays 16-19 E-mail Web

34 Academic Matters

Tuition payments
Invoices for your second tuition fee instalment For students who pay tuition fees, you pay your first instalment of the tuition fee for the first semester of studies before you arrive at Lund University due to the Swedish Migration Board requirements. Thereafter, an invoice is generated and sent to you via the Student Portal in advance of each following semester of studies. Through your student portal you can access: Payment History Payments Due Your invoice and pay with a credit card For questions regarding issues of payment, please contact Please note that it can take a few days after a payment has been made until it is noted in LADOK and you are able to register in the Student Portal for the courses/the semester you are about to start. For tuition paying students accepted to a programme, their tuition payment will only cover courses approved by the programme coordinator and which do not exceed the credits allotted for the programme. For detailed information about tuition payments for current students can be found on tuition-payments-during-studies.

Upon Graduation
Lund University Alumni Association Stay in touch with us after you graduate! The Lund University Alumni Association helps you to keep in touch with the University. As an alumnus of Lund University, and especially as an international student, you are an ambassador for our university all over the world and make a major contribution for us by sharing your experiences of Lund with others. As a registered alumnus you will receive: the latest news from the University up-to-date research news invitations to inspirational events, lectures, courses and seminars. Membership is free and you can register on You can find more information on My Career and Career Fairs All students at Lund University can register in the MyCareer database at mycareer. through which more than 1000 companies and organisations advertise their jobs, internships, thesis projects and postdoctoral positions to Lund University students. Through the website, you can search through listings for a variety of jobs including: thesis-work placement, postgraduate positions, traineeships, internships, and other jobs. Useful links and contact details to the career centres can be found on http://www. Many of the Student Unions, as well as other various student organizations, organize Career Fairs throughout the school year. This is a great opportunity to meet potential employers as well as practice your networking skills. Contact your Student Union to find out more information.


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Map of Lund
University Buildings
1 School of Economics and Management, Tyco Brahes vg 1 2 Language and Literature Centre, Helgonabacken 12 3 Faculty of Law, Lilla Grbrdersg. 4 4 Palaestra, Paradisg. 4 5 Chemical Centre, Getingev. 60 6 Faculty of Engineering, LTH 7 University Main Building, Paradisg. 2 67 The International Desk, Stora Algatan 4 74 LU Accommodation, Winstrupsgatan 8 67 UC Study Centre, Stora Algatan 4 67 Student Services, Stora Algatan 4


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The Academic Society.

9 AF-building, Sandg. 2 9 Studentinfo, AF-building


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AF-Bostder Accomodations
62 AF-bostder Customer Service 36 Delphi, Magistratsv. 55-57 37 Gylleholm, Gylleholmsg. 11-13 38 Kmnrsrtten, Kmnrsv. 2-90 39 Magasinet, Spoleg. 13 40 Parantesen, S. Esplanaden 30-32 41 Sparta, Tunav. 39-47 42 Studentlyckan, Rbyv. 15 43 Tomegapsgrden, Tomegapsg. 13-15
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en Kolo


Student Unions
9 LUS, AF-borgen 3 Juridiska Freningen, Winstrupsg. 8 70 Humanistiska/Teologiska, Helgonabacken 12 4 Samhllsvetarkren, Paradisg. 5 9 Lunds doktorandkr, AF borgen 16 Medicinska freningen, Tunav. 37 6 TLTH, Krhuset, John Ericssonsv. 3A 18 LundaEkonomerna, Tunav.37 19 Lunds naturvetarkr, Slveg. 27 20 SSGI studentfrening, Lassaretsg. 7 21 Vrdvetenskap. studentfreningen, Barav. 3

44 Ulrikedal, Ulrikedalsv. 1-26 45 Vildanden, Vildandsv. 2-32 ; llingav. 1-24 46 Klosterngen, Klosterngsvgen 5 47 Spoletorp North/South, Spolegatan
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49 Stadsbiblioteket, St Petri Kyrkog. 6 50 UB Helgonabacken, Helgonabacken 52 Tidningsbiblioteket, Tornav. 1

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Sport Centres
53 Bollhuset 54 Centrala idrottsplatsen 55 Delphinenbadet 56 Gerdahallen 57 Hgevallsbadet 58 Idrottshallen 59 Idrottsplatsen Klostergrden 60 Ishallen 61 Victoriastadion

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23 stgta nation, Adelg. 4 24 Vstgta nation, Tornav. 17 25 Smlands nation, Kastanjeg. 7 26 Lunds nation, Agardhsg. 1 27 Malm nation, stra Vallg. 51 28 Helsingkrona nation, Tornav. 3 29 Sydsknska nationen, Tornav. 5 29 Kristianstads nation, Tornav, 7 31 Blekingska nation, Msv. 11 27 Gteborgs nation, stra Vallgatan, 47 33 Hallands nation, Thomandersv. 3 34 Kalmar nation, Biskopsg. 12 35 Wermlands nation, Stora Tvrg. 13

Gravhg yckebacken

66 Folkuniversitetet 67 Swed Language Ofce 68 Railway Station 69 Bus Station 70 Studiefrbundet Vuxenskolan, Grbrdersgatan 13 71 Medborgarskolan, Bantorget 8 72 ABF, Kiliansgatan 13 73 Studiefrmjandet, Fabriksgatan 2
Kllby reningsverk

36 Map of Lund


Student Nations




s Sven

Nbbe l

vs ky



en Viltstig dsv lhun Fge

r eskg Harn

elvs bygata

N. Nbbelvs kyrka

Fredentorps begravningsplats


Frskola Hubertusparken


gen torpsv Freden



nje n


Nb bel







vs to


Hubertusgrden Frskola

stige Jakt n

Annegrden Fltvbelns park Prstahusen

tba ne v ge
y Sk






balk s



a ngr Bivackparken Sabel

Pu kg


gen ttv Lave

Lgerparken Banergr

Hrad svgen

n vge


ns na Fa

en rnd gerg L



Sankt Hans grnd







t alskroken





ge vsv n





n Koloniparken







Lantma nn

r ngsv



Gustavshemsparken v sh em sv g
sta Gu

n svge m an Hus Mors hage Kobjersparken


Luzern v





a en nvg om Timja La nd sd os LYCKAN V en Vppl m v g en o ingvg Lingonst en KaprifolieBlbrsst Klv parken nav KOBJERS ervgen Smultronst Da



gen Rin
Sl ge tterv

Store- Slipare krok lyckan

nd Lave


v vs l ke be rg bO r N dla nd re en v ge n

Kolonitrg. Kyrka Kolonitrg.

elvge n







Sofiaparken Sofia-


n ge

Ko lo


aregr Trumslag
gr Kavalleri


Oscarsskolan Frskola

Norra Ringen





Magistra tsvgen


Idrottshall Viktoriastadion






Vrdvetenskapens hus21 Regionhuset



Frskola parken

Ridhus Hemvrnsgrd


Sve ns


Infa nte


V:s vg

Sankt Hans backar

Humlebo skolan






Danska parken






n dste


ta n



Frskola Sankt Hans park








n Ste ld vg ers en


n nge Skallg arlsgr Drevk r rnsg Jaktho





kroken Kllarekroken






Gunnesbo jvgst




Parternas grnd




Kv arn





usbert Hu en ttevg sky tsjak en And vg en dsvg br n Ville gata en rks en vg tma vg Jak oks deb Ru

gr. Trum

Sk sv an

bard Hille en g

dis Ba r



Ladugrdsmarkens skola Frskola Juryv Norra Gr nsvge Sakf n rare

No tari

sku Flad




gen v ifts St

Skriv a




en vg lse S tyre Anslagsv

je lin tte

reg ata n


Utb 46 ningrytsgr




Fladstorget Svenshgskolan

S:t Hans kyrka





gr orns ga ks ar





enska Sv

ebac Slipar

Kaprifolievge n


ta n


Bon d









Tr yc



Spole gatan



Sd er


Vegaparken Vegagatan

Merkuriusgatan Rosenhill sparken Torn






.S tatte

in gs


Stora Bjrnens gr

ma ka reg


on -

Gullr egnsv ge



V rv de rsvg en

Skif ferv g




g en Karhgsparken v Frskola g en JrnkraNILSTORP Astra skolan kanv Hag Nilstorpsngen torn HOSPITALS-gen gen sgr Frskola K Rn Syren sv nbrs rsb KLOSTERGRDEN gr rs vge Nyp Jrnkr vge ongr n n avg n en GRDEN ke Sln ar Bjrk brs ppleKolonitrg. gr p Vildvi hagen vge nsgr n n Snibben Ruben g ge Glad Rau rv Persike v ston sin ds to vgen gs evg ns Rb r or mo en Sunnanvg ga yho rg v gt Kllbybadet lms Statar- Nektarin ds ste t nSm all parken vge Ha 2 Klo n la land Camping Nils Regnbgs sgn Sm E2 gngen Roberts g. ng evgen K Skn llby ng Vattenverk Land erigr. a b rin k sv g ge v n s Yrkesskola ar tL parken nk Sa Hje Sankt Lars Odin v gen


rpsv gen

sta nv g





Pr sta vg e





Mella nvn g




Virv elvin dsvge n




Willia m




Ba da re v gen





G rs

xen g






Balders hage






vg e n





tra v






garv .

v Tors



Has s landav gen


Malin Gy


Ka lk

ste nsv


St. Rby kyrka



ge n

Klostergrdskolan Helgeandskyrkan


Nord an vg

Dynesgrningen n ge v ta stg V sv nd lsla Da sv nd tla Go v ds lan

er lu

Sdra vgen Jrnkr avg en Karhgs- Jrnkratorg skolan

Va gn

S:t Laurentii kyrka Kolonitrg.


R b yv

Lilla Bjrnens gr





Po rfyrv





stg takr








Flt spa

ge n



n Solvge







d S












Fritj o

ravhg ckebacken


ge Patrik Rosengrens n park


Gylleholm s g





a lan


gatan Arkiv

a ed




M Stenagnus bock sg









g Kors

PARANTESEN g- gatan n


Sto ra


sgat an




kro ks

Allhelgonaof 1 n Max-lab Tycho es Univ.inst. rk Tunavge 64 Lindebergska so M-huset 50 Brahes v Crafoords pa rs A kyrkan r Helgo ga skolan Holge an llhe na Universitetsg ta at N Va lgon vge 70 n jlds v biblioteket llg n aK tiig 28 marsk Gerda 2 g Ham en Da 31 Frskola yr r g n hallen ko v are au gata 29 tsg g Skissernas Tandvrdsind s tL vak nb vare M 56 Stud nk centralen V Trolle Ban Frskola tan Tun museum Fin en ga Sa Vrdcentralen Griss Wachtmeisters vg tga 52 reg ng Universitetslev tan Torna Sj park TUNA ClemensRalla ata Bi Msen platsen Ejdervgen torget 49 sk KLOSTER- institutioner n Tunaparken Stadsop S biblioteket HUSEN ndskreg Fgelparken Tunaskolan OLSHG Busstn. ankt Pet n v rnvg 34 sg ri Kyr 8 TOMEGAPS- at Univ.inst. ge a en ulls koga an v Ha ak GRDEN ta eib m lsj Paradisgatan T Tome 24 tz W rn P m gldreboende ga Tunavgen uri g vg stg La gs Landstings en n 43 psg Steglitsv 74 4 GaljevngsLin ata gen 33 Jvg.stn. 16 rik g Knut den Knut den 7 Fa backen ns He n stores torg stores Lil sv gata PAPEGOJELYCKAN Frskola Kulturen kire t. la rg Pe r tio alm 9 Ade 23 V.stations Na 3 Grb 68 Ga ns lgata To GALJE- GW P vg ljev me g Papegojev Tingshus Lundagrd Papegojevgen n n Sto 67 71 Polishus gsv VNGEN en ra A Frskola 70 Dom27 Botaniska Klostergatan lg vg trdgrden Klosterkyrkan Bollhuset 54 gs kyrkan Folkets n St.S Trastvgen Bantorget 26 Lilla park Be igr. Trastvgen terv Alg ra K gen g n gt 53 Idrottsplats s gsg K ilia Stor L sg rgs- v Agardhsg L idf ors s vg a F illa F is kareg svgen Polhem Trollebe is Ce 66 Magle S Kyrkog kare derb Sv V Stortorget S g o rgh s vg Elias Fries Kapel an ste k o m akare g 72 gle L Kyrkog lvgen Linngatan Piletorp husg park ev Ma Donatus v rg S Juta van Drens vg Svaneskolan ge Bokh tlb Botulfs v Fader Frsamlings llareg s Hrlemansn rog Ka tt esund v g g Konsthall ng ng stervnghem plats ELYCKAN Sankt Bergs v Mlle sv Lagerbrings skolanRntmstar 69 Mrtenstorget Frskola Stenmst Skola gatan egng Jrgens park Nehr man torg Polhemarev V Mrtensgatan kt M Mrtensgatan San Kurso Pilegatan skolan Schlyters v rgng sg ns v all Drotte Vaktk RDMANSrge Dalins v ev arlsg nsg J ng Arkitektv g Lands58 kt Lilla Tv Busstn. H Idrottshall stra Knut rga Sa n VNGEN n arkivet KatedralFlad svgen Skolg tan SunnaHgevallsbadet Kolonitrg skolan Dalb parken reas yvg Gamla And ius v 35 57 Kolonitrg. en Frskola el n observatoriet Ryd Kolonitrg Stora Brunnsgatan T v rg ata

Stt are



t ar




Pls j

n ge



vg en

il St



Britta Holmstrmsg



n ge v n s ge dg sv Vil nd a d Vil







ega tan


Lo k


Ka rl XII gatan
Nils Bjelkeg


S lve ga t




br iks Raffinadg ga tan 73

Te r



k gatan

Ole Rmers vg


Kli ni









ars vg Kung Osk

Carl Bernlund













En Aku tr tg Ba gata rng n

Las ar et t

e g



Krhuset V-huset John E ricsso ns vg Studiecentrum E-huset

Alfa Kuvsen IDEON

arken Forskarp


Solbjersgrdens all


rra Sp o







eg a





Scheele v













Alb o

resundsv gen





Frskola Sltterbacken



Msters park

je ed Sm eg Po ar st Vster Eld i kyrkan

g ns ljo



dga tan




Hkvge n






trup sg









Win s



n kt

Sta d




St Grbrdersg










L.S igr. g Sjlbo dg

nss Ola on s







Val lga tan



Ku n





Ga sv


Ny ga tan



rg S:t J ens p


st er v

str a

n sg

Hrlemans vg


GlasmstareGlasmstarev gngen

Lagerbrin gs


gata n

Sta ffans

Murare vgen

RrlggareRrlggarev gngen

e rgatan

Brunius v




S d








g ers v Lycko-Pers plan cko-P lg Nils Ho M Ly ers Solhllans ster son s v bollplan Olo Vik fs v ing g apa rke n

gs v

og ge n
G s ng sli av g en
svgen ck eb
Falkvg en




mpetareg rigr Tru





en g




rgs vg en


n ge v

Tingh g svg en n tparke umen Mon



Lovisaskolan Margaretahemmet Filip pa v gen



Annetorps hemmet
gen rv ste Kraftverk
On sj

g Sti nne Su g v


g gev

gen kylv ole







li Kv











Krematorium Kapell


Ideon Gamma





Ka rla


Slvegatan parken

e vg n
Erik Dahlbergsg
Busstn. ata n g


vg en





aP Norr
naden me ro



v g en

Zoologiska museet

Matematik Tekniska hgskolan

Ekonomi centrum.

Sparta 41




Fj el ie v ge n
ge n
Lrkvg en

v Torna

ll in

ga v


Frskola Fritidsgrd

s gata


re fra

rholms Wa



ntv Ha

sparke Bjered tan ga


s erk




n ta





ud St


Tho ma nders v














la indb oL Ott

Arendala sjukh


ovius vg Nicol

e s back


Pedellg atan

ds vg

m Rd




n ata sg




vg ells Wicks Vipegrningen d Ribb in g eve gs v S ullber ar G Kolonitr Hjalm

a Sv



N Lu





Ri n



n ta






ls v

en g


sg grd Trd iag Mar


alsv Ulriked

rks pa ds gen Stagn

stg gen
en gen vg nav nds e Halla Statt g nv sta



ll eva Hg
sv hu Bo


rb g No

Flo rm


an sg

erg sg



tan TrdgrdsPro tppan nvg en

Kas tan je ga



ge n

ers vd Gr n vge








n vge sa


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