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Private Circulation

JUNE 2012

Vol : 16 No. 6

Can We Afford To Ignore God's Warnings!

When God announced that after 7 days time,
there would be 40 days of trouble, people ignored
His warnings. The trouble announced by God was
an unprecedented dismay at deaths door.
Everything in which there is a breath of life would
die. It all happened as God declared. On the
expiry of seven days, 40 days and nights of rain
began. The rain came down in mighty torrents
from the sky and subterrian waters burst forth
upon the earth (Gen. 7:10, 11, 12). Everything in
which there was a breath of life died. It was all
the slaughter of heavens wrath. God exempted
one family Noah, his wife, his three sons and
their wives. About Noah the Bible tells, He was
the only truly righteous man living on the earth at

that time. He tried always to conduct his affairs

according to Gods will (Gen. 6:9, 10 TLB).
God of heaven only can send such judgments
on the earth. When the set time arrives for Gods
wrath, no man can escape. The same God of
Noahs time, has set similar time for His wrath to
cover the planet earth. He gave full details of the
impending disaster. Any man can open the Bible
and know Gods plan of the future. Surely the
Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his
secret unto his servants the prophets (Amos 3:7).
The Holy Bible contains Gods plan of
Salvation as well as Gods plan of
Judgments. Counting from the first man Adam,


Gods sentence of the killer flood came after about

1650 years. For the next event of heavens
judgment, God has set 6000 years from the same
first man, Adam. We are now at the end of these
6000 years. But here the great surprise is, while
the world is not aware, the Bible followers are
very sure that the completion of 6000 years is
near at hand. The followers of Lord Jesus Christ
are waiting for His call to meet Him in the midair. It would happen anytime now without notice.
People who humbled before the Lord Jesus and
received His free gift of Salvation by repentance,
whose sins are washed in His precious blood and
who are waiting for His coming (Heb. 9:28), will
vanish suddenly from all corners of the earth.
Some vanish from their homes, some vanish from
their beds, some from their work places, and
some from their fields, no matter wherever they
are. It will take place throughout the length and
breadth of the planet earth. The Bible explains
this program this way: The Lord himself will
come down from heaven with a command, with
the voice of the angel leader, and with the sound
of Gods trumpet. The dead people in Christ will
be the first to rise from death. Then we who are
still alive on earth will be gathered up with them in
the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so, we
will always be with the Lord (1 Thess. 4:16, 17
SEB). It would be a blessed day for all those
who are in Christ Jesus.
After this, the trouble for the left out people
begins. Their days will be very different from their
past life. Those days are the days of extreme
suffering for all the human beings. They are called

June, 2012

Tribulation days. God has fixed 7 years for the

people to suffer the tribulation. In Revelation 16
some of such sufferings are noted. At that time
there will be no drinking water. God turns the
water into blood. The ocean is changed into
something like the blood of a dead man (v.3, 4).
There will be terrible ugly sores on the bodies of
the people (v.2). The people will be burned with
the intense heat of the Sun (v.8). Darkness and
pain make the people chew on their tongues
(v.10). There will be flashes of lightning, rumblings,
thunder, and a great earthquake. This is such a
tremendous earthquake, Bible says, there has
never been such an earthquake since man has been
on the earth (v.18). Every Island will disappear
and mountains will not be found (v.20). Giant
hailstones will rain down on people from the sky.
Each of the hailstone weights about 100 pounds
When we read Revelation chapter 6 and 9
we will understand how one-half of the population
of the earth are killed. Apart from this many more
deaths will follow. The scene would be so
disheartening, the living will be envious of those
that are dead. God permits millions of demons to
come out of the bottomless pit to hurt all those
who did not have Gods seal on their foreheads.
These demons cause so much pain and suffering,
the Bible says, during that time, people will look
for death, but they would not find it. They will
want to die, but death will run away from them
(Rev. 9:6). The demonic horrors of sufferings will
continue for five months.
Those 7 years, the Governments of the


nations are stripped off from their activities and

authority and given to the dominion of Satan and
his two agents. Those two are called the Beast
and the False Prophet. The Beast is also known
as Antichrist. Satan will give him his power, his
seat and great authority (Rev. 13:2). He would
become the Dictator of the World. He is a monster
referred to in the Scriptures as the man of
lawlessness. He shows to the world a time of
absolutely unparallel horror. Blessed are the
people who are taken up to meet the Lord in
heaven while the left out people are given to the
control of Satan, Antichrist and False Prophet
during the tribulation years. The Lord Jesus spoke
like this on Tribulation: There will be great
suffering. Never has there been such suffering
since the beginning of the world until the present
time and there will never be such suffering in the
future (Matt. 24:21 SEB). Reader, is Jesus telling
these words to you? Are you the one to be taken
up or left out!
Any moment from now a total change will
take place on the earth. All elections will stop and
democracy dies. The kings and queens would quit
their thrones. Queen Elizabeth-II of England
recently celebrated her diamond jubilee with great
pomp as she was on the throne for 60 years. Such
thrones will disappear. In these days in many
countries dictators are attacked by their own
countrymen. There will not be any more dictators
except the wicked Antichrist as World dictator.
Elected members who are known as Presidents,
Prime Ministers, Ministers, Parliament Members
etc. will all vacate their places and run away. Let

June, 2012

us hear what they are crying out. The kings of

the earth, the important men, commanders, rich
men, strong men, all slaves and free men hid
themselves in caves and among the rocks of the
mountains. And they said to the mountains and to
the rocks, Fall on us. Hide us from the face of
the One who is sitting on the throne, Hide us from
the Lambs punishment. The great Day of his anger
has come. Who will be able to stand? (Rev. 6:15
17 SEB).
About 6000 years ago, God gave dominion
to Adam and Eve over the earth. And God
blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful,
and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue
it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and
over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing
that moveth upon the earth (Gen. 1:28). After
6000 years God is giving dominion to Satan who
will keep his man Antichrist as world leader. The
final end of Satan, Antichrist and False prophet is
predicted in the Scriptures. They will be thrown
in the Lake of Fire where they will be suffering
forever and ever. And the devil that deceived
them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone,
where the beast and the false prophet are, and
shall be tormented day and night forever and ever
(Rev. 20:10). Those who have not sought Jesus
in their life time, will also be cast into the same
lake of fire and their torture will also be forever
and ever.
In this world there are many people who
became the Children of God (Matt. 5:9; Luke
20:36; Rom. 8:16, 21). The Holy Bible says those
who became children of God, could be so only


by faith in Christ Jesus. For ye are all the children

of God by faith in Christ Jesus (Gal. 3:26). They
are all immersed into Christ. They are all clothed
with Christ. The Bible says God gave them the
right to become the children of God, only after
they accepted Him as their Savior, and believed
to follow Him (John 1:12). Through real
repentance they are converted (Mat. 4:17). They
will never go to hell. They will be always with
God. There are other people whom the Bible calls
children of the wicked one (Matt. 13:38) or
children of the Devil (John 8:44). Those who say
they are Christians but not with born again
experience (John 3:3), belong to the Devil only

June, 2012

as per Scriptures. If anyone thinks that this is not

the absolute truth, he can easily reject the Bible
and the God of the Bible. God will never force
anyone. The Bible warns: He that is unjust, let
him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be
filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be
righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy
still (Rev. 22:11). Only children of God are
assured by Jesus, And if I go and prepare a
place for you, I will come again, and receive you
unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be
also (John 14:3). Dear Reader, decide your own
future right now, no time is left.

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Author: Dr. T. Satya Rao

Dr. T. Satya Rao


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E< 2012

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q_=|_~. (PkHO. 7:10,11,12). T~#
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=~# <= H<# (PkHO. 6:9,10).
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J^ P^= #O_ 6000 O=`~= =yQ<
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[ Z=~` = =O^ `=`=
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~H= H_ Q|_#", c. 9:28 H~O, Z=~`

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`~. HO^~ `= Q$ #O_ J^$" `~.
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E<, 2012

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HO= ZC_ HQ^ (=. 18). f n=
=xy`Ok, ~ `= H#|_= (=. 20). ^
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Jk "iH ^~H< ^~H^ . K==#x P_ ^~
Qx =~}= "i^ #O_ i=# (H@
9:6). D ^~` HeyOK i OKx ^ J~^

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(=`~ 24:21). K^ =s, = D KiH
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q_z@|_ "xqQ =O\"!
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E<, 2012

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KC K<~ (H@
# 6:15-17).
=~ 6000 O=`~= H`O D qx
UH< Pk`
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''^=_ "ix Pj~kOK# Z@#Q - g~ e Oz
Ja=$k Ok qiOz qx xO_Oz ^xx
H#_ =^ K # PH # q
g^ u rqx U_x ^=_ "i` K#
(PkHO. 1:28). P 6000 O=`~= =yQ<
^=_ D qx UHx eOK JkH~x
`#H_ . `# `# =H
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OK <xHQ xq_. `#, H
q~k, J|^=H D =Qi JO`O QiOz
Y< "|_Ok. g~ Jy QO_=
`|_`~. JH_ Q Q= giH tH.
''"ix "~z# J"k JyQO^H= Q
QO_= _"
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J|^=H L<~ "~ QQ=
~uO|Q kO|_^~ (H@
# 20:10). U
=#=` "i rq` HO =#
"O|_O~, "~ _ J^ JyQO_= "
|_`~. "~ O^ O Q Q=O@Ok.
D HO J<H [ '^=x =~Q
=~~ (=`~ 5:9 H 20:36 ~= 8:16,21).
^=x a_ Q =~~ "~ H #O^
Hey# q=#|\ J =i~x
i^ QO^= `e* O k. ''H #O^
g~O^~ q==# ^=x =~ <~
(Qf. 3:26). g~O^~ H UH" ~#
"~. g~ H# ^iOKH#"~. g~ H
=# `= ~H xQ HiOz, P# O^

E<, 2012

x`r= =@

q=Oz "O|_ # C_, "~ ^=x a_ Q

LO_@ ^=_ "iH P JkH~qz#@ a
qO k. x["# =~=# ^~ "~ ^=x
a_ ~. ''J\#O_ - ~ H~[=
gOz#k Q#H =~=# O^_x
O "^ ># (=`~ 4:17).
g~O` =`O #~HxH " ~. "~C_ ^=x`<
=O\~. "~ =e a ^+x =~x
K ` Ok (=` ~ 13:38) ^ `#
=~#|_`~ (# 8:44). Z=~`
H = =x KC H#K<~ "~ uiy [xOz#
J#= = x"~`
, Y< H~O "~ J"k
O|O^ (# 3:3). Z=~< D =@
#=^Qx q H=#O> J`_ a #, a x

^=xx, ^~O K H=K. ^=_=ih |=O`O

K `#" uCH#_. a W qO k:
''J<= K"_ WOH# J<" K
x=, Jq`_#"_ WOH# Jq`_Q<
O_x=, hu=O`_ WOH# hu=O`_Q<
O_x=, i^_ WOH# i^_Q<
O_x= (H@# 22:11). ^=x a_
=`" = D "Q#q< _. ''<#
"o g = ^ ~ z
# _ <#O_ =
g~# LO_Q# =~ =z < ^ #O_@
q=# f H x=^ # ( # 14:3).
K^ =s, h q +` q+ O WC_ h= f~#O
K H, WH h == ^ .

(#*~ = , 76/3 P~.\., q[#Q~ Hh, ^~^ - 500 057. < <O. 23348680)

D H Kkq PfOQ O O^O_.

1. = H
2. HOQ - \x ~H
3. x`r= =@
4. = ~ O_= ~H_ =i ^~= =^ =$Q=
5. z=i =@ D H JO`=
6. JO`= P~O" O k h= Z^~<k H < H H q~k<
7. h ~# q#|_#k
8. h= |_` ^=_ J^` K_
QO^H ~ : _II \. `~=
_II \. `~=
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