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Press releases A press release is an announcement that a company sends to the press and other media about anything

which it considers to be newsworthy. A press release can result in useful publicity. Here is a press release from Biro Bic. Ltd. Announcing good news about our favourite correction fluid.


News release/Press release

Issued: march 31,2010 (Date)

TIPP-Ex still ahead in correction tapes (Snappy headline)

The latest figures for the correction fluid products show Tipp-Ex is still the clear leader, despite increased launch activity in the correction products market.

(Introduction gives the gist of information quickly)

Central paragraphs are short and self-contained Says Marketing Director, Gerard Hickie, This latest figures show that when it comes to correction

fluid, there is only one choice. The combination of strong brand name and product innovation is continually reinforcing our leadership market position.

We said we intended to hold onto the position of being number one brand in the correction market, and the data confirms it he continued.

Quotations are useful to use

Tipp-Ex offers a range of correction products, from fluids, tapes and pens to erasers. As a brand associated with innovation, the industry can expect more market leading products throughout 2010.





Registers office BiroBic.Ltd.Whitby Avenue ,Royal,London 55404

What is a memo? A memo is:

a hard-copy (sent on paper) document used for communicating inside an organisation usually short contains To, From, Date, Subject Headings and Message sections does not need to be signed, but sometimes has the sender's name at the bottom to be more friendly, or the sender's full name to be more formal. If in doubt, follow your company style.

Why write memos?

Memos are useful in situations where e-mails or text messages are not suitable. For example, if you are sending an object, such as a book or a paper that needs to be signed, through internal office mail, you can use a memo as a covering note to explain what the receiver should do. How to write a memo Memos should have the following sections and content:

Memos should have the following sections and content: A 'To' section containing the name of the receiver. For informal memos, the receiver's given name; e.g. 'To: Andy' is enough. For more formal memos, use the receiver's full name. If the receiver is in another department, use the full name and the department name. It is usually not necessary to use Mr., Mrs., Miss or Ms unless the memo is very formal.

A 'From' section containing the name of the sender. For informal memos, the sender's other name; e.g. 'From: Bill' is enough. For more formal memos, use the sender's full name. If the receiver is in another department, use the full name and the department name. It is usually not necessary to use Mr., Mrs., Miss or Ms unless the memo is very formal. A 'Date' section. To avoid confusion between the British and American date systems, write the month as a word or an abbreviation; e.g. 'January' or 'Jan'. A Subject Heading.

The message. Unless the memo is a brief note, a well-organised memo message should contain the following sections:

Situation - an Introduction or the purpose of the memo Problem (optional) - for example: "Since the move to the new office in Kowloon Bay, staff have difficulty in finding a nearby place to buy lunch." Solution (optional) - for example: "Providing a microwave oven in the pantry would enable staff to bring in their own lunchboxes and reheat their food." Action - this may be the same as the solution, or be the part of the solution that the receiver needs to carry out; e.g. "we would appreciate it if you could authorise up to $3,000" Politeness - to avoid the receiver refusing to take the action you want, it is important to end with a polite expression; e.g. "Once again, thank you for your

support.", or informally "Thanks".


Sample Memo Format / Template TO: FROM: Cc: DATE: SUBJECT: First Sentence: Reason for the memo Second Sentence - Main Body: Any Instructions or information Closing Sentence What is required of the reader e.g. Confirmation, answers or feedback

Writing Guide: Writing Memos

When you write a memo in industry or for a class assignment, it is important to have your audience and purpose clearly defined, because this will help you determine what information to include. Generally memos follow a particular format, although your instructor or company may require you to use alternative formats.

Definition of a Memo
A memo is a document typically used for communication within a company. memos can be as formal as a business letter and used to present a report. However, the heading and overall tone make a memo different from a business letter. Because you generally send memos to co-workers and colleagues, you do not have to include a formal salutation or closing remark.

Purpose of a Memo
Usually you write memos to inform readers of specific information. You might also write a memo to persuade others to take action, give feedback on an issue, or react to a situation. However, most memos communicate basic information, such as meeting times or due dates. While memos are a convenient channel to communicate, it is always necessary to determine if a meeting is more appropriate. For example, pretend your team needs to make a very important financial decision. A memo can ask for that information from team members and request a response by a specific date. By meeting with everyone, however, you not only get to hear final decisions but the rationale behind them. In fact, new ideas may stem from face-to-face discussions. By writing a memo in this scenario, you may never invent alternative ways of solving the problem. Before writing a memo, outline what what your purpose is for doing so, and decide if the memo is the best communication channel.

Audience Analysis
The typical audience for a memo is your co-workers and colleagues. However, in the age of downsizing, outsourcing, and teleconferencing, you might also write memos to employees from other companies working on the project, or other departments within your company. This is why knowing your audience is very important when writing a memo. For example, if your audience is generally familiar with you professionally and/or your role in the project, it is not necessary to provide a detailed background about your purpose. If they are new to the

project, provide detailed background information so that they understand the situation and can provide constructive feedback if desired. It is helpful, however, to inform readers about the context. In other words, do not only write that a meeting will take place by listing the date and time. Inform why the meeting is occurring in the first place. Also, do not assume that your readers have contact information. Always include some way for them to get in touch with you and other members of the team working on the project. As a student, you may have to write memos to your instructor or classmates. When composing academic memos, consider what this audience already knows about the subject. For example, if you are writing a memo for a paper, does your audience already know what the paper is about? What further information do they require to provide understanding? When writing a memo, consider the audience's knowledge of the topic and previous experience, and draft your memo to take care of those needs. If you need more help with analyzing your audience,

General Format
When you write a memo, you will follow a general format. Your instructor or company may have specific requirements that you must use. For instance, a company might have a particular way of presenting a heading or may even use a specific type of letterhead or logo. However, usually a memo has a "to," "from," "subject," and "date" entry.

A memo's heading provides information about who will receive the memo, who is sending the memo, the date, and the memo's subject. This information may be bolded or highlighted in some way. For example: TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: Additionally, you might also initial your name in the "FROM" line to indicate that you gave the memo a final approval.

Sometimes organizations specify how to fill out the headings. If you are unsure, it may be a good idea to include your job title and your reader's. The memo will then be informative to someone new to the situation, or someone who received the memo after it was passed on from the original reader.

Memos are reproduced and exchanged rather freely, and it is common for a reader to receive a memo that is only marginally relevant to him or her. This is why it is important that the first sentence of the memo should answer that question with a purpose statement. The best purpose statements are concise and direct. Your memo's message should also provide a context for readers. In other words, always tell your readers why you are writing. Consider the following questions:

Is your memo a result of a situation? For instance, "As a result of yesterday's meeting..." Is your memo a reminder? For example, "The Proposal is due July 2."

By providing context for your readers, you avoid being asked to provide that information later. Also, you should always include your contact information at the bottom of your message. This can be your phone number or e-mail address. Finally, consider how your memo looks. If you have nothing but paragraph after paragraph of text, you might use lists to draw attention to specific information. Lists represent an effective way to present information. Not only do they breakdown large amounts of text, but they also provide text in a way that is visually pleasing. Lists are especially useful for conveying steps, phases, years, procedures, or decisions. By avoiding full sentences in a list, your information is concise and more likely to engage your readers. For example: "To receive a degree in engineering, you must complete the following:"

Core Courses Elective Courses Senior Design

Lists can be bulleted, as in the example, or numbered. Typically, you should use a numbered list when you need to stress the order of the listed items.

Since you typically send memos to those working within your company, you can use a more informal tone than you would if you were writing a business letter. For example, you might refer to your colleagues by their first names or use humor. However, always keep in mind that you still need to be professional. Ask yourself how the company's

president would react to your memo. If you would be embarrassed to have the president read your memo, consider changing or eliminating information.

Memos are generally short, concise documents. However, you may have to write longer memos, depending on your topic. For example, a memo might present the new guidelines for a specific office task. Obviously, if you have over forty guidelines, the memo will be more than a page. Some memos might even introduce a short report. In this case, you might include the report in the memo, or the memo might be a separate document, introducing the report.

Format Guidelines
Regardless of the style, memos generally have similar format characteristics, unless otherwise specified by your professor or company. Listed below are some basic guidelines that can help you create a memo:

Memos have one-inch margins around the page and are on plain paper All lines of the memo begin at the left margin The text begins two spaces after the subject line The body of the memo is single-spaced, with two spaces between paragraphs Second-page headings are used, as in business letters The second page includes who the Memo is to, the page number, and the date The sender usually signs the Memo using initials, first name, or complete name

Common Types of Memos Each memo is written for a specific purpose to a specific audience. The purpose and audience for your memo will help guide what type of memo you will write. Even though no two memos are identifcal, four common broad categories exist. If you are unsure about how to format your memo, ask your instructor or review memos your coworkers have written. Directive Memo

A directive memo states a policy or procedure you want the reader or co-worker to follow. The length of the memo depends on how much space is required to properly explain the procedure. The body of the memo should begin with a clear, concise sentence that states the purpose of the memo. For example: "The purpose of this memo is to let all members of the ABC department know that doughnuts will be provided every Friday morning at 8 a.m." You then provide statements that explain the rationale for such a decision or procedure. Example Directive Memo MEMORANDUM TO: FROM: DATE: Design Team #362 W.B. Working May 27, 1997

SUBJECT: Project Schedule As a result of yesterday's meeting, I suggest we follow the project schedule listed below. Remember, we must submit a Proposal by noon on July 2. Schedule Task Completion Date

Divide research into groups and compile information Review designs from Kate and Bill. Write Proposal Review Proposal Submit Proposal for printing

June 6

June11 June 23 June 26 June 27

Response Memo The purpose of this memo is to provide the audience with desired information. It usually has four parts:

purpose statement summary discussion action

Begin this memo with a short paragraph stating the purpose, which is always to respond to a request for information. Next, summarize the information requested. Third, in a discussion section, point out to the reader any important information that you feel should be highlighted or stressed.

Finally, in the action section, state any additional action you are going to take or feel should be taken to properly address the original request for information. Example Response Memo MEMORANDUM TO: FROM: DATE: Design Team #362 W.B. Working May 27, 1997

SUBJECT: Project Schedule This memo responds to your request that the weekly meeting be moved from 9am to 10am. 1. This request is satisfactory as long as it is approved by management.



1. Management usually has no problem with the individual time Discussion: changes in meetings, as long as meeting minutes are turned in by noon to Cathy. Action: I have asked Cathy if she thinks this

would be a problem and she said no, so all we need to do now is get approval from Steve.

Trip Report Memo A trip report memo is usually sent to a supervisor after an employee returns from a business venture. The structure is listed below:

purpose statement summary discussion action

Begin this memo with a short paragraph stating the purpose, which is always to provide information on your trip. Next, summarize the trip. Remember, the reader is usually not interested in a detailed minute by minute account of what happened. Instead, take the time to write a clear and concise outline of your trip. Third, in a discussion section, point out to the reader any important information that you feel should be highlighted or stressed. Finally, in the action section, state any additional relevant information you have come across since returning from the trip or any recommendations you might have for the reader.

Example Trip Report Memo MEMORANDUM TO: FROM: DATE: Design Team #362 W.B. Working June 27, 1997

SUBJECT: Weekly Meeting This memo presents my impressions of the meeting last week. In general, I felt that the meeting went well and much progress was made. Barb and Jeff were able to make progress on the graphics and should have them finished next week. Kyle and Sandy are on Chapter 2 of the user manual. Kyle will meet with Jeff to see Recommendation: how they want the graphics integrated into the text.




Field Report Memo Memos are often used to report on inspection and procedures. These memos, known as field or lab reports, include the problem, methods, results, and conclusions, but spend less time on the methods section. A field or lab report memo has the following structure:

purpose of memo summary problem leading to the decision to perform the procedure methods results conclusions recommendations

Example Field/Lab Reports Memo MEMORANDUM TO: FROM: DATE: Dean of Journalism Steve Nash June 27, 1999

SUBJECT: Computer Lab Purpose: This memo presents my the findings of my visit to the

computer lab at Clark C252. In general, I felt that the lab needs much new equipment and renovation. The inspection was designed to determine if the present equipment was adequate to provide graduate students with the technology needed to perform the tasks expected of them by their professors and thesis research. I ran a series of tasks on SPSS and WordPerfect and recorded memory capacity and processing time for each task. The inspection found that the hardware used to run the computers is outdated and that the computers itself are very slow.






This lab is inadequate for the everyday needs of graduate students in this department.

Four new computers running on Windows98 and a Recommendations: processing speed of at least 233mhz should be purchased immediately.

Letter of complaint

YourAddress YourCity,State, 29 June 2011 CompanyName Consumer Street City, State, Zip Code Dear [Company], RE: Letter of complaint On September 4, 2007, I bought a Dell 19 flat-screen LCD color monitor, serial number BQR 5927631, at your store in [City, State], for $319.58. The product does not function properly; it will not display any picture at all. I am very disappointed. To resolve the problem, I would appreciate an exchange for an equivalent or better model, at no additional cost, or a refund of the $319.58. Enclosed are copies of relevant documents (the receipt, guarantees, etc.). I look forward to your reply and to the resolution of my problem. I will wait ten days from the date of this letter before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me by mail, at the above address, or by phone Yours sincerely,, .. Your typed name

COMPLAINT ABOUT SERVICE [YourName] Address [DATE] [Recipient) Address Dear [Recipient Name]: This letter is to complain about service I recently received from a [Company Name] customer service representative named [Representative Name]. I called [Company Name] on [date] to find out how to deal with a problem Ive had with [product or service]. After I had been on hold for several minutes, [Representative Name] came on the line. I had to explain my problem to him several times because he did not seem to be listening and therefore asked me the same questions repeatedly. [Representative Name] put me on hold for several minutes, and then returned to say he could not help me. Needless to say, I was quite frustrated. I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. Because I do not want to spend any more time on this problem, I am [returning or cancelling] [product or service] immediately, and I expect a full refund. I will be informing my friends and family about this experience. Yours Sincerely, [Your Name]


Personal recommendation Employment recommendation Business/Professional recommendation Academic recommendation Character recommendation

Letter of recommendation (Professional reference)

Joe Smith 201 Megan Avenue Complex, Donovan Street, 55440 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

28 June 2011

Concordia college 3341 Megan Avenue, Falcon Street, 56314 Pulau Pinang,

Malaysia. To Whom it May Concern: Janet Doe has worked for me as a Resident Manager for the past 3 years. Her responsibilities have included leasing, inspecting apartments, hiring maintenance staff, taking tenants complaints, making sure common areas look presentable, and keeping track of the property budget. During her time here she has had an amazing impact on the appearance and financial turn around at the property. The property was near bankrupt when Janet took over. She turned things around almost immediately, and as a result we are expecting our second year of profit. Janet is highly respected by her co-workers for her willingness to help anyone anytime she can. She has been instrumental in helping institute new company-wide cost saving procedures. She is very well organized, diligent in her paperwork, easily reachable, and always on time. Janet has real leadership potential. I would highly recommend her for your MBA program.

Yours sincerely,

Joe Smith Regional Property Manager

Personal Reference letter Senders address Date Receivers address Dear sir/madam/To whom it may concern I am writing to recommend Ariel Jones for a position with the Town of Smithtown. I have known Ariel since she was a child and she is a highly qualified candidate for a position in town government. She has lived in Smithtown for most of her life, she is involved in her local community, her church, and her children's schools. Ariel has shown her commitment to the town as a Member of the Board of Appeals, and as an active participant in many community endeavors. Ariel would be a tremendous asset to the town and I recommend her to you without reservation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely, Mary Smith

Business Reference Letter Example

Business Name/Company,s name Address City, State, postal code TeL Fax: Email:

Date Name Business Name Address City, State, Postal code,

Dear Ms. Chamberlin, I am writing to recommend the services of the Sparkleshine Cleaning Service. I have been using Sparkleshine to clean my offices for the past five years, and have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates in town. We have also hired them on occasion for extra jobs, cleaning after a move, blinds, deep cleaning the kitchenette, etc. They have been very reasonably priced, and have done exactly what we've asked of them. I'm happy to recommend the services of Sparkleshine. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely, Jeanne Smythe Secretariat Industries

Goodwill letter/message
Senders address Date 104 Main Street, Philip hens

Dear sir/madam, I want to compliment one of your excellent employees, Kevin Fernandes. She went to great lengths to help me when my checking account was thrown into turmoil by some forged checks. I have always received quality service at your bank branch, and Ms. Fernandess extended help is a prime example of this. She knew just what to do to solve my problem quickly and restore the money to my account. Such service builds great working relationships. I will bring all my banking needs to the Springfield Bank from now on. Yours sincerely,

Sarvesh Davidson

Negative Messages Part 1 As a project manager, you are looking forward to completing your current project and then taking a European vacation with your bonus money. Shortly before bonuses are expected, however, you realize your team just missed reaching the financial goal for the quarter. As a result, you and your team will not receive bonuses. You must notify your manager and your team members about this development. You must also inform your travel agent you are unable to take the trip.

Bonnie Noble 1234 Technology Ave Hercules, CA 94804 August 21, 2009 Mr. Johnson DigiFast, Software 3423 Technology Ave Hercules, CA 94804 Dear Mr. Johnson: I am writing this letter about our last quarters performance. Although my team worked hard for that quarter, we did not meet the financial requirements. My team and I are looking forward for the next quarter and surely work hard to receive our anticipated bonuses. Please let me if we can arrange a meeting next week to discuss this matter further so we can make sure that we succeed for the next quarter. Yours Sincerely, Bonnie Noble Project Manager

Sample letter of negative messages ToyTravelsLtd 753 viking street Chicago,IL 59607 17June2009 Mrs.VicKing 800UniversityDrive Romeoville,IL60446 DearMrs.Vic,

Toy Travels has been in business now for decades, it's dedicated to customer satisfaction for over a decade now, achieving this goal by giving its customers excellent opportunity credit on your account. All you need to do is develop a good line of credit over about a year's time, and our creditors will surely approve you. At Toy Travels, parts of our excellent services are to provide you with a chance to meet with Truth Mortgage, the company that handles most of our mortgage cases. This would get you started in a smart and easy plan to build up your credit. Please make possible effort to contact us using the provide telephone number above if help is needed. We will be anxiously waiting to hear from you Mrs. Vic because we at Toy Travels will keep our words in providing the best customer service you can ever receive elsewhere. Thank you for your time and patience. Sincerely, .. ( )


Dear..: First paragraph: Introduce yourself and include pertinent information about your job skills and how you found the listing and what position you are applying for. I am a Junior University....etc. majoring in Journalism at Brigham Young

Second and third paragraphs: Give a more complete explanation of the types of work you have done or are doing. Address the skills you have been developing while working, both directly relevant skills (for instance, in Journalism this would include writing, editing, etc.) and indirectly relevant skills (for instance, learning problem solving skills, ability to meet deadlines, to work in a team atmosphere, to take direction from many sources, etc.) You may also mention relevant courses you have taken if you do not have actual experience yet. Try to match the experience you have with the job description. Use professional vocabulary and phrasing. Make this an interesting letter to read. Be confident in your experience and knowledge and build a case for how your skills can be of benefit to this organization. Do your homework and mention things about their organization to show that you know who their clients are and possibly mention your interests that might relate to their clients.

You should try to find something memorable about yourself that will help them remember you after reviewing a hundred other resumes and cover letters. Final paragraph should thank them for reviewing your application and that you look forward to an interview. Give them the information they will need to get in touch with you to schedule the interview (time of day and phone or email).

Sample of Application letter

Diana Halloway 87 Delaware Road Hatfield, CA 08065 (909) 555-5555 29 June 2011 Mr. George Gilhooley, Meagn Avenue Drive, Hatfield, 08056 CA,USA Dear Mr. Gilhooley, Re: Application for Programmer position I am writing to apply for the programmer position advertised in the Times Union. As requested, I am enclosing a completed job application, my certification, my resume and three references.

The opportunity presented in this listing is very interesting, and I believe that my strong technical experience and education will make me a very competitive candidate for this position. The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include:

I have successfully designed, developed, and supported live use applications I strive for continued excellence I provide exceptional contributions to customer service for all customers With a BS degree in Computer Programming, I have a full understanding of the full life cycle of a software development project. I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed.

Please see my resume for additional information on my experience. I can be reached anytime via my cell phone, 909-555-5555. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.

Yours Sincerely, . Diana Halloway

Here is a sample letter for applying for a professional position. YourName Address City, State, Zip 30 March 2011 Receivers name And address

Dear Mr. Jones, Re: Application for the post of Engineer My training in computer sciences would enable me to solve Taylor's engineering problems, and I am very interested in holding a position in your engineering department. In June of this year, I expect to receive a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from North Carolina State University. Since September of 2000, I have been participating in the University's Professional Training Program at Computer Systems International in Raleigh. In this program, I was assigned to several staff sections as an apprentice.

Most recently, I have been a programmer trainee in the company's Engineering Department, and I have gained a great deal of experience in computer applications. Details of my academic courses are included in the enclosed resume. If there are any open positions at Taylor, Inc., then please let me know whom I should contact for further information. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours Sincerely, .. Rebecca Brock

Lisa Watson 1225 Hampton Street Yonkers, NY 10407 March 15, 2003 Ms. Dianne C. Strand Manager of Human Resources ABC Industries 2000 Smith Street White Plains, NY 10592 Dear Ms. Strand: I am applying for the position of systems analyst, which was advertised on March 12 with the career services office at Manhattan College. The position seems to fit very well with my education, experience, and career interests. Your position requires experience in computer systems, financial applications software, and end-user consulting. With a major in computer information

systems, I have training on mainframes, mini computers, and microcomputers as well as with a variety of software programs and applications. My practical experience in my colleges computer centre as a programmer and as a student consultant for system users gave me valuable exposure to complex computer operations. Additionally, I worked as an intern in computing operations for a large bank where I gained knowledge of financial systems. My enclosed resume provides more details on my qualifications. My background and career goals seem to match your job requirements well. I am confident that I can perform the job effectively. Furthermore, I am genuinely interested in the position and in working for ABC Industries. Your firm has an excellent reputation and [comes highly recommended to me.

Would you please consider my request for a personal interview to discuss further my qualifications and to learn more about this opportunity? I will call you next week to see if a meeting can be arranged. Should you need to reach me, please feel free to call me at 914-779-2050. If I am not in, please leave a message on my answering machine and I will return your call within a day.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to talking to you. Yours Sincerely, (Written signature) Lisa Watson


Karol Miner 336 W. Chugalug Way, Sentinel, WY 33666 c: 444-222-4339 e: Objective Process management opportunity that utilizes my communication and analytical skills to influence organizational growth and bottom line profitability. Achievements Research Information and Analyze Options

Researched and purchased better heat exchanger that alleviated our heat loading problem. Saved company four to six hours of downtime per eight-hour shift and improved product yield at extruder. Purchased and refurbished used gearbox as spare. Saved 12 days downtime and eliminated risk involved to rebuild critical pieces of equipment. During emergency rebuild we are down 2 days rather than 2 weeks.

Manage People and Projects

Successfully led refurbishment campaign on all three extruder gearboxes. Pro-active rebuild of gearboxes puts downtime at two days rather than two weeks. Reallocated resources during two-week annual shutdown so that no down time was encountered and all projects finished on time.

Extrapolate Essential Data

Proved that product quality issue was not due to equipment processing parameters. Product design team discovered fault in their print test methods. Evaluated trends of real time data on AFG grinder. Proactive identification of problem prevented coarse particle contamination.

Utilize Subject Matter Expertise to Influence Management Decisions

Determined capital project would need to be undertaken pro-actively to avoid having to use our business resumption plan in the event of catastrophic failure. Company will save about 1 million dollars. Created viable process for extrusion, during new product development, with no start-up difficulties.

Effective Communication Throughout the Organization

Implemented safety related information to senior staff, peers and subordinatates. Frequently requested to explain processing issues involving extruder and batching processes. Provide technical information to senior management as well as operational information to the process operators and managers on the floor.

Experience Senior Process Engineer / Technical Support, 2005 Present Zezee Corporation Process Engineer / Technical Support, 2000 2005 Zezee Corporation Technical Professional, 1997 2000 Halogen Energy Services Education BS Chemical Engineering, 1996 University of Missouri Rolla, Rolla, MO Graduate level coursework towards an MBA with Financial Emphasis Organizational Communication, The Economic Environment, Management of Organizational Behavior, Accounting & Finance Environment, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management and Administration, Legal Environment of Management, Ethics & Management from a Christian Perspective, Strategic Management, Management Seminar Entrepreneurship, Managerial Accounting

Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, OK Professional Development Xerox Lean Xerox Corporation ISO 9001:2000 Organizational Paradigms, Inc. Six Sigma Yellow for Belt

Internal Audits Success

Confined Space Entry Fire Service Training, Oklahoma State University


Karenne Bank-Trainer 994 Downing streetGarret Avenue,55400 Atlanta, GA Tel:012-9115567 Email:

OBJECTIVE: Director of Training, First Nationwide Bank


Top-notch administrator with more than 15 years experience in finance. M.B.A. and extensive training in seminars for working professionals. Outstanding productivity both as a loan officer and as a supervisor. Unique combination of expertise in mortgage banking, training, sales, and finance. Dynamic leader and team builder, consistently motivating others toward success. RELEVANT ACCOMPLISHMENTS


MORTGAGE MADNESS, Pleasant Hill CA Director of Sales and Training Managed eight loan officers, with responsibility for $288 million in production, plus full responsibility for all training.

Designed and led seven monthly training sessions, including broker education and product knowledge seminars, sales strategy and training. Reported directly to the president of the company.


MAUDLIN MORTGAGE, Rustic City CA Loan Officer Developed expertise in all areas of residential financing, including builder business, portfolio loans, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac investor loans.

Top producing loan officer for Maudlin in 2002. Built a large client base by successfully implementing relationship selling.


DALE CARNEGIE INC., San Rafael CA Dale Carnegie Instructor

Trained top-level managers of Fortune 500 companies. Named "Bay Area Instructor of the Year" in 2003. Consistently reached 93 percent figure for students graduating.

19972001 1995-97

COUNTY OF LEWIS, Alameda, CA Director, Administrative and Fiscal Services DREYDEN BEVERAGES, Hayward, CA Senior Internal Auditor BLOUCHER MELON & CO., San Francisco, CA Senior Accountant


For this "Big Eight" accounting firm, consulted with CEOs and

CFOs of diverse industries (computer services, construction, legal services, high tech) concerning auditing, tax accounting, and management. 1985-90 MEGATECH MANUFACTURING, Foster City, CA Controller EDUCATION Wilkes College, Wilkes-Barre PA M.B.A., 1984

Letters of complaint usually include the following stages: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Background Problem - cause and effect Solution Warning (optional) Closing

6. Background This section describes the situation; e.g. I am writing to inform you that the goods we ordered from your company have not been supplied correctly.

I attended your exhibition Sound Systems 2011 at the Fortune Hotel (22-25 January) and found it informative and interesting. Unfortunately, my enjoyment of the event was spoiled by a number of organisational problems. I am a shareholder of Sunshine Bank and I am very concerned regarding recent newspaper reports on the financial situation of the bank. Your company is listed as the auditor in the latest annual report of the bank, so I am writing to you to ask for an explanation of the following issues. I am writing to inform you of my dissatisfaction with the food and drinks at the 'European Restaurant' on 18 January this year. 7. Problem Cause: On 17 June 2011 we placed an order with your firm for 12,000 ultra super long-life batteries. The consignment arrived yesterday but contained only 1,200 batteries. Firstly, I had difficulty in registering to attend the event. You set up an on-line registration facility, but I found the facility totally unworkable. You sent us an invoice for $10,532, but did not deduct our usual 10% discount. We have found 16 spelling errors and 2 mis-labelled diagrams in the sample book.

This error put our firm in a difficult position, as we had to make some emergency purchases to fulfil our commitments to all our customers. This caused us considerable inconvenience. Even after spending several wasted hours trying to register in this way, the computer would not accept my application. I am therefore returning the invoice to you for correction. This large number of errors is unacceptable to our customers, and we are therefore unable to sell these books. 8. Solution I am writing to ask you to please make up the shortfall immediately and to ensure that such errors do not happen again. Could I please ask you to look into these matters. Please send us a corrected invoice for $9,479 I enclose a copy of the book with the errors highlighted. Please re-print the book and send it to

us by next Friday. 9. Warning (optional) Otherwise, we may have to look elsewhere for our supplies. I'm afraid that if these conditions are not met, we may be forced to take legal action. If the outstanding fees are not paid by Tuesday, 5 July 2011, you will incur a 10% late payment fee. 10. Closing

I look forward to receiving your explanation of these matters. I look forward to receiving your payment. I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Politeness The tone of complaint letters should not be aggressive or insulting, as this would annoy the reader and not encourage them to solve the problem. In addition, questions such as 'Why can't you get this right?' should not be included. Content

The content should contain enough details so that the receiver does not have to write back requesting more. Legal action is not normally threatened in the first letter of complaint, unless the situation is very serious.

BUSINESS LETTERS Good writing deserves good presentation. The appearance of your correspondence may leave a lasting impression on your reader, so make sure its a good one. An important business contact could result. Your printed stationery should of good quality. The layout should be as simple and neat as possible. Spelling, punctuation and grammar should be accurate with no noticeable corrections. YOUR BUSINESS COMMUNICATION IS A REFLECTION OF YOU AND YOUR COMPANY. MAKE SURE THE IMPRESSION IS A GOOD ONE.


Business letters are an important communication tool. This type of business communication allows for professional correspondence with other businesses, as well as with clients.


Properly written, business letters can give a positive reflection on a business and individual. Effective communication can shape your company's reputation, improve productivity, develop clientele and allow the company to run more efficiently.


Examples of a business letter include letters seeking employment or addressing customer complaints, sales promotion, legal issues, or any other correspondence between business and client or business to business.


Choosing the appropriate words for a business letter is the key for a clear, concise letter that persuades, encourages or influences the reader. Leave out corporate lingo and get to the point quickly. A business letter should be one page.


Not only should wording be concise, but there are proper formats for business letters as well. The two most popular formats are modified block and full block. The paper should weigh between 20 and 30 lbs. White or light gray colors are accepted.


The Heading (The Return Address) or Letterhead - Companies usually use printed paper where heading or letterhead is specially designed at the top of the sheet. It bears all the necessary information about the organisations identity. Date - Date of writing. The month should be fully spelled out and the year written with all four digits October 12, 2005 (12 October 2005 - UK style). The date is aligned with the return address. The number of the date is pronounced as an ordinal figure, though the endings st, nd, rd, th, are often omitted in writing. The article before the number of the day is pronounced but not written. In the body of the letter, however, the article is written when the name of the month is not mentioned with the day.

The Inside Address - In a business or formal letter you should give the address of the recipient after your own address. Include the recipient's name, company, address and postal code. Add job title if appropriate. Separate the recipient's name and title with a comma. Double check that you have the correct spelling of the recipient 's name. The Inside Address is always on the left margin. If an 8 1/2" x 11" paper is folded in thirds to fit in a standard 9" business envelope, the inside address can appear through the window in the envelope.

The Greeting - Also called the salutation. The type of salutation depends on your relationship with the recipient. It normally begins with the word "Dear" and always includes the person's last name. Use every resource possible to address your letter to an actual person. If you do not know the name or the sex of your receiver address it to Dear Madam/Sir (or Dear Sales Manager or Dear Human Resources Director). As a general rule the greeting in a business letter ends in a colon (US style). It is also acceptable to use a comma (UK style). The Subject Line (optional) - Its inclusion can help the recipient in dealing successfully with the aims of your letter. Normally the subject sentence is preceded with the word Subject: or Re: Subject line may be emphasized by underlining, using bold font, or all captial letters. It is usually placed one line below the greeting but alternatively can be located directly after the "inside address," before the "greeting." The Body Paragraphs - The body is where you explain why youre writing. Its the main part of the business letter. Make sure the receiver knows who you are and why you are writing but try to avoid starting with "I". Use a new paragraph when you wish to introduce a new idea or element into your letter. Depending on the letter style you choose, paragraphs may be indented. Regardless of format, skip a line between paragraphs. The Complimentary Close - This short, polite closing ends always with a comma. It is either at the left margin or its left edge is in the centre, depending on the Business Letter Style that you use. It begins at the same column the heading does. The traditional rule of etiquette in Britain is that a formal letter starting "Dear Sir or Madam" must end "Yours faithfully", while a letter starting "Dear " must end "Yours sincerely". (Note: the second word of the closing is NOT capitalized) Signature and Writers identification - The signature is the last part of the letter. You should sign your first and last names. The signature line may include a second line for a title, if appropriate. The signature should start directly above the first letter of the signature line in the space between the close and the signature line. Use blue or black ink. Initials, Enclosures, Copies - Initials are to be included if someone other than the writer types the letter. If you include other material in the letter, put 'Enclosure', 'Enc.', or ' Encs. ', as appropriate, two lines below the last entry. cc means a copy or copies are sent to someone else. American Style


According to the format but

The heading is usually placed

usually aligned to the left

in the top right corner of the letter (sometimes centred) 19 October 2005 (day-monthyear) Usually placed directly (or 1 blank line) below the heading. Dear Mr./Ms. Smith, Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Sirs, After the salutation there is a comma (,) Sincerely, Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully,


October 19, 2005 (monthday-year) According to the format but usually aligned to the left (two lines below the heading) Dear Mr./Ms. Smith: Dear Sir or Madam: Gentlemen: After the salutation there is a colon (:) Sincerely, Sincerely yours, Yours truly,


Complimentary close

The format (layout) is the visual organisation of a business letter. You can follow many different formats when you create business letters. Be aware that there are often differences depending upon location. The main business letter formats are:

Full-Block Style - All the elements are aligned to the left margin and there are no indented lines. This is a standard block-style format that is accepted by most businesses. Modified Block Style - The return address, date, closing and signature start just to the right of the centre of the page or may be flush with the right margin. All body paragraphs begin at the left margin. Indented or Semi-Block Style - Similar to the modified block business letter style except that the first line of each paragraph is indented.

How to Write a Business Letter Business letter refers to a form of communication used when writing to corporations or any institution that has a formal structure. The letter is commonly made for inquiries or correspondence between companies and external parties, clients or customers. Below are the guidelines that can be used if you want to make an interesting, formal and impressive business letter. How to Write a Business Letter For your convenience, you can use some computer applications or programs that can be helpful when writing a formal letter. One of the programs that can be used is Microsoft Word. This application has versions that provide formats for writing business letters. If the word

processor that you are using does not have formats, then you can follow the style and format that are discussed in this article. Paste or copy your preprinted letterhead on the top center portion of the paper. If you do not have a special letterhead, you need to indicate your full name, job position or title and return address three to six lines from the top. Use a block style when writing a formal letter. Indicate the date three lines from the return address. Make sure that you align the information that you have written. You can justify or left align the data. Indicate the full name of the recipient, two lines after the date. Below the name, type the business title or job position of the recipient. Press enter and indicate the recipients business address. Write an opening salutation two lines after the business address. Start the letter with a formal greeting, three lines after the salutation. Double space and start the first paragraph of the body. You should introduce yourself in the first paragraph if you are not yet acquainted with the recipient. It is also necessary to include a reference for your letter. For example, you can write that the letter is in reference to a former telephone conversation between you and the recipient about a certain topic that you want to further discuss in the letter. Double space and begin with the second paragraph. The second paragraph should include the reason for writing the letter. The reason can be to compliment the company for the product that you purchased or to file a complaint about the products or services offered by the firm. Make sure that this paragraph is concise and brief. Double space and write a closing salutation like Respectfully, and Thank You. Sign two lines after the salutation. Write your full name below the signature.

Letter of confirmation Sample letter for Confirmation of Employment (from probation). Date: Company Name Company Address Dear Recipient, We refer to our letter of offer to you dated on , which stated that your appointment will be subject to a probationary period of 3 months. After evaluating your work performance, attitude and other key result areas, we are pleased to inform you of our intention to convert your probationary period into a confirmed employment, effective immediately. We expect, upon the confirmation of the employment, that you will carry out duties and responsibilities as instructed by the management. From time to time, when needs arise, you may be required to serve different divisions and department across the organization, while we on the other hand commit to utilize the best of your skills and ability. If you are agreeable with the terms, please sign the letter and return to the Human Resource Manager within a period of 5 working days. We look forward to see you continuing your good work, and drive the company to a new height of success. Yours sincerely, . General Manager, Human Resource

ORDER CONFIRMATION [Sender] King & Jones Logistics Ltd 118 Park Rd Birmingham B19 1SU Telephone: 0111 333 2222 E-mail: JAR/ST 211 17 March 2011 [Receiver] C. Friedman 57 Queen Elizabeth Street London SW1W 9NZ Dear Sir or Madam, Reference: Order confirmation We thank you for your order [order no.] for: [product] [product] [product]

The goods have been packaged and sent today. You will receive this order within [number of days]. We have processed the order in accordance with your instructions and we hope that you will be satisfied with the quality of our products. We would be delighted to process any new orders for you. Kind regards,

King & Jones Logistics Ltd



[NAME, COMPANY AND ADDRESS, ex. Tom Atkinson COMANY Inc. 14 Edith Street, Hackney West, ZIP POST CODE] Dear [NAME, ex. Tom Atkinson], This letter shall confirm your acceptance of verbal order communicated to you on [date]. A copy of our purchase order containing the state terms is attached. Unless we receive objection within ten days of your receipt of this order, we shall expect delivery of all ordered goods on the date indicated. Yours sincerely, ..................................................................




February 2001



Dear Student / Customer/ Consumer/ Householder/Employee SALUTATION)


A circular letter may be sent to all customers of a company. A circular letter may be sent out to all staff. Sometimes a senior executive may write to all employees in the form of an open letter.

RETAIL LETTERS The purpose of retail letters or faxes is not to sell but to give information about a sale or special offer rather a specific product. By targeting an appropriate audience and tailoring your message appropriately, this can be a very cost-effective method of advertising. However, most companies will also feature details of the sale or special offer in the local newspapers for added coverage.

SALES LETTER Sales letters and faxes introduce prospective buyers to a product and encourage them to find out more about it. When an enquiry is received a glossy , expensive brochure can be sent out in the knowledge that it will be read. This is better than sending hundreds or thousands of expensive brochures in the first place, because many of them may be thrown straight into the bin.

Example of sales letters


DATE Receivers address Mrs. E. Taylor 2 Columbine Rise Aston Sheffield 54400 Sheffield

Dear Mrs.Taylor,

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(Clear heading to draw attention) Urgent repair work will be made to the staff car park

from 8-10 August

( use highlighting to draw attention) Please note that the car park will be closed During this period all staff are asked to: o Avoid using their cars where possible o Share cars and give each other lifts to and from work

If you really have to use your car to come to work from 8-10 August please use the customers car park. However please remember that space is limited. (emphasise important points) ........................... David Yap Manager DFST 25 July 2011 (Remember reference/date) (Include name and title)

New business courses available at Olympia Business College .Starting 26th August 2011. 3hrs per week. Weekends only. Interested,Call. Mr.kevin-03-91355713

NOTICE-WRITING Instruction: Draft a notice based on the given situation below.

1. You work for Mr. Rashid Hassan, Office Manager of Langland Manufacturing plc, Freeman Industrial Estate, Pitt Lane, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO13 7JJ. The company makes household furniture. The company is concerned about a number of the costs of providing various services in the offices. Mr. Hassan is very worried about the cost of photocopying as this is rising greatly every month. He does not want to put a limit on the number of copies each person can make but he wants to put a notice next to each photocopying machine asking staff tactfully if they could be careful how many copies they make. He wants to remind staff that there are cheaper ways of making many copies than using the photocopier such as using the printing department, and he wants staff to think about whether the copying is really necessary. It would help everyone if they were able to cut down and if they do not do so there may have to be a limit placed on the number of copies any person can take, or even only allow senior staff to use the machines.