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Reach your reservoir with more efficiency and flexibility.






Wherever Youre Working, TESCO CASING DRILLING Works Better

CASING DRILLING is ready to go right out of the box when and where you need it. Anywhere in the world. Borehole problems can occur anytime, anywhere. CASING DRILLING delivers all of the functionality of conventional drillpipe drilling, with greater efficiencies and improved safety. Specialized TESCO technicians deploy this time-tested, proven process for customers in virtually every producing region, backed by the resources of a global organization. In-depth CASING DRILLING expertise and equipment are at hand when you need to reach bottom.

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Grande Prairie, Alberta Nisku, Alberta Red Deer, Alberta Reynosa, Mexico Villahermosa, Mexico Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico

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Aberdeen, U.K. Stavanger, Norway Bergen, Norway

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The Proof is in The Drilling

CASING DRILLING is innovation in action technology that gets casing to bottom by circulating, reciprocating and rotating simultaneously. Every well is drilled and cased at the same time. By using the full capabilities of your rigs top drive, the system is the solution: CASING DRILLING is a proven process after millions of feet drilled, on- and offshore, straight, directional and horizontal wells. Because of its application flexibility, CASING DRILLING can successfully execute anything that can be accomplished with conventional drilling, while delivering operating and labor cost savings, capital investment reductions and faster time-to-targets. With CASING DRILLING, casing is always on bottom, letting you change your bottom hole assembly (BHA) without a trip. The process requires less drilling fluid, further reducing costs and environmental impact: the mechanical characteristics of the casing plaster cuttings into the face of the bore hole, sealing pores in the formation that contribute to lost circulation. Directional and horizontal applications have been proven on- and offshore. Directional CASING DRILLING has been used successfully in difficult shales in North America; in completing complex 3D North Sea wells; and in drilling extended reach wells further examples of the flexibility and adaptability of CASING DRILLING in a wide variety of hole angles, with on-bottom ROPs equal to or better than conventional methods.

With the ability to rotate and reciprocate while circulating uid, CASING DRILLING can accomplish what conventional drilling can and more.

CASING DRILLING is an engineered solution for dicult drilling situations. With surface rotation rates of 120 rpm for 9 5/8 and 13 3/8casing, (150 rpm for 7), casing becomes a very eective drill string.



The simplicity of CASING DRILLING is one of the main reasons it is attractive to many E & P operators. CASING DRILLING requires few adaptations to a standard drilling rig and in most cases can be accomplished in just a few hours. Basics include a top drive and TESCOs Casing Drive System (CDS) that together serve as the workhorse for CASING DRILLING operations. Installed just below the top drive the CDS improves operational efficiencies through its ability to circulate, rotate and reciprocate the casing string simultaneously. Depending on your drilling objective, TESCO has tools, processes and people to get you to bottom.

Keeping It Simple: TESCO CASING DRILLING Adaptability

Simplicity and adaptability are hallmarks of the proven CASING DRILLING solution. It requires few adaptations to a standard drilling rig in most cases, just a few hours of rig-up time. From basic casing running procedures to complex drilling scenarios, CASING DRILLING gets the job done with superior efficiency. For example, for simply driving casing to the bottom, CASING DRILLING requires only a Casing Drive System (CDS) attached to a top drive and a

reaming shoe to work casing to the bottom. The CDS can rotate and reciprocate the casing with continual fluid circulation. When the goal is to drill an original straight hole, TESCO professionals replace the reaming shoe with an expendable bit or drillable casing bit and use either a liner with drillpipe or casing to drill a new borehole with casing always on bottom. TESCO has perfected and proven retrievable CASING DRILLING systems. Drillpipe or wireline can be deployed for multiple bit runs in applications where either straight or directional/steerable wells are required or straight holes that requires multiple bit changes. The exclusive TESCO Drill Lock Assembly (DLA), used as a part of the BHA, plays a key role in the retrieval of tools from the bottom. When setting the DLA, tools are run in either on drillpipe or wireline. Stop dogs locate the BHA and create a landing and lock profile. Once pressure is applied, axial locks are set and the running tool is released while rotation engages torsional locks. Retrieval is accomplished using pressure to engage DLA, open bypass and release axial locks. CASING DRILLING can be accomplished on nearly any rig with a top drive. Our tools and people both work toward keeping casing on bottom throughout the drilling process.

Drilling Objective



# Bit Runs

People on Rig Floor

Driving Casing to Bottom. Drilling a Straight Hole.

Ability to Pump, Rotate and Work Casing to the Bottom CASING DRILLING with a Drillable or Expendable Bit

CDS Reaming Shoe CDS Expendable or Drillable Bit Liner with Drill Pipe or Casing to the Surface While Drilling CDS Drill Lock Assembly BHA Liner with Casing to the Surface While Drilling CDS Drill Lock Assembly BHA Liner with Casing to the Surface While Drilling

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Drilling Straight and Directional or Steerable Holes. Tools Retrievable with Wireline.

CASING DRILLING with Retrievable BHA


Drilling Straight and Directional or Steerable Holes. Tools Retrievable with Drill Pipe.

CASING DRILLING with Retrievable BHA



TESCOs Casing Drive System minimizes rig personnel, improving productivity while enhancing work site safety.


Delivering Under Pressure: TESCO CASING DRILLING Top to Bottom

CASING DRILLING expertise and technology together help control and minimize todays borehole integrity issues and other drilling challenges. When using casing as a drill string, cuttings are smeared into the wall of the wellbore. This not only results in reduced cuttings at the surface, it automatically strengthens the wellbore and reduces lost circulation. CASING DRILLING significantly reduces lost fluids due to this Plastering Effect (see page 7) and enhances reservoir productivity from producing horizons. Improved well control is enhanced with continuous circulation even when tripping. Having casing constantly on the bottom reduces well kicks creating a safer environment. The CASING DRILLING process increases safety because it requires fewer people on the rig floor and less pipe handling than conventional drilling. It also minimizes or eliminates unscheduled events which lead to tripping the drill-string, kicks, casing wear, and unintentional sidetracks. CASING DRILLING design provides superior strength and rigidity in drilling operations. It has proven capable of withstanding dynamic downhole loads while maintaining standoff under large side forces without crushing. Underbalanced drilling, well completions and other operations can be executed without killing the well to trip pipe. Paired with the appropriate TESCO top drive, CASING DRILLING also maximizes the efficiency of horizontal drilling operations further evidence of the systems adaptability from top to bottom.
Measured Depth, ft

CASING DRILLING has been proven to reduce NPT while improving drilling eciencies. Lost circulation, stuck pipe, kicks and sloughing shale are all minimized by CASING DRILLING.

0 Well 1 Conventional Drilling Well 2 CASING DRILLING 2000


6000 Set 7 Set 5-1/2 liner Set 7 8000 Set 7

Lost circulation resulted in two unsuccessful attempts to reach bottom using conventional drilling methods. The CASING DRILLING process, used in the third attempt, encountered no lost circulation and delivered a viable wellbore to the operator when drill pipe drilling could not.

10000 Set 4-1/2 Kick 12000 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Kick

Drilling Days


Reducing Non-Productive Time

Variations in the straightness of casing smear drill cuttings, sealing pores in formations in what is known as the Plastering Eect.


Casing coupling is forced against the bore wall as it advances into the borehole.

As mud is smeared into the formation, lter cake builds up on the borehole wall.

Filter cake and cuttings are plastered against the borehole wall by the coupling, sealing porous formations .

An added benefit of the CASING DRILLING process is the Plastering Effect, or smearing, caused by continuous trowelling of the wellbore wall by the casing. Filter cake is smeared into the wall and is not scraped off by bit passage or tool joint impacts. Cuttings are ground up more finely. Generally, fewer cuttings return to the surface; instead they are smeared into the wall, further strengthening the wellbore which offers the additional benefit of improved well control and stability. Circulation losses are reduced even with higher Equivalent Circulating Densities (ECD). As demonstrated by the CASING DRILLING process, smearing has a particularly good effect when drilling through medium- and highdensity rock. The Plastering Effect coupled with industry best practices leads to curing lost circulation and enables continuous drilling. Of all the benefits associated with CASING DRILLING cost savings, safety, efficiency one of the primary benefits is this: In many cases, you can save at least one trip even in zones where lost circulation persists. That key benefit alone gives operators a case to consider CASING DRILLING. CASING DRILLING reduces incremental costs. Many drilling engineers plan and budget their drilling operations to account for all activities positive and negative. If a particular field typically encounters trouble zones, the drilling engineer will plan and budget for those trouble zones accordingly. Preventing and recovering from trouble is often anticipated so as not to show up as an unscheduled event, but as a routine drilling operation. The routine can add ever-increasing incremental costs to operators, especially those who are trying to tap even more difficult reservoirs.

Sometimes routine operations are activities, or costs, that could be eliminated with a different drilling system. Lost circulation and well control incidents are almost completely eliminated in wells drilled using CASING DRILLING. Wells that encounter a weak zone before or after a high-pressure zone while drilling with drillpipe often find it difficult to balance the lost circulation potential in the in the upper zone with well influxes in the lower zone, particularly when tripping out of the hole with drill pipe. TESCO encourages operators to drill ahead through lost circulation when CASING DRILLING. Just as one might plan for a short trip or a conditioning trip as a prudent practice, a certain amount of time might be budgeted to deal with problems relating to lost circulation in environments where it is likely to occur. Identifying these hidden costs can make CASING DRILLING even more attractive and drilling budgets extend further.


Targeting and Meeting any Objective: TESCO CASING DRILLING Tools

Multi-Lobe Torque (MLT) Rings

The TESCO MLT ring is a high performance, low cost connection enhancement that delivers premium performance to standard API Casing and Tubing. MLT rings fit standard API off the shelf casing and tubing extending the utility of operator pipe inventories. They are particularly effective when used on problem wellbores with a top drive and CDS. Installation is fast and easy and can be done at well-site, pipe yard or mill. MLT rings are compatible with full API make-up tolerances through a unique gauging system and a selection of ring heights specific to the size and weight of the tubing or casing. Substantial connection torque capacity improvement can be realized with this technology

Almost any on- or offshore drilling rig can be adapted to use the CASING DRILLING technology. Converted conventional rigs lose none of their capabilities. Portable TESCO Top Drives can be easily installed on rigs without top drives. The TESCO Casing Drive System (CDS), integral to CASING DRILLING, is the industrys proven workhorse for getting casing on bottom. The versatility gained by conversion to a dualpurpose rig makes it suitable for use on a wider range of wells and increases opportunities. TESCO has a wide range of equipment for the CASING DRILLING process to meet any drilling challenge. Together with knowledgeable and experienced TESCO drilling professionals, theres no downhole environment off limits no missed opportunities for more efficient, more successful projects.

Pump Down Displacement PlugTM

TESCOs Pump Down Displacement Plug (PDDPTM) is a cementing accessory for use with CASING DRILLING and Casing Running operations. The PDDP is pumped behind the cement job to displace the cement replacing conventional displacement plugs. It can be pumped down at normal pump rates and lands in the casing profile nipple. When landed, the solid plug holds backpressure preventing backflow and allows operators to continue with minimized risk of cement U-tubing.

Axial Locks

Directional Tools

Tool Locator


Torque Locks

Wear-resistant Couplings
TESCO produces wear-resistant accessories to protect casing against excessive abrasions during drilling. Wear Bands are tungsten carbide coated rings installed below the coupling to protect the connection. Wear Sleeves protect the joint from undue wear and prevent buckling near the bottom of the drill string

Drill Lock Assembly


The TESCO Warthog, our exemplary Casing Running and Reaming Tool (CRRT), helps get your casing to TD despite compromising hole conditions such as bridges, ledges, doglegs, sloughing formations and deviated holes. The Warthog combines hydraulic and mechanical energy to break through downhole obstructions and a nosecone profile that cleans and circulates simultaneously. Three spiral helix external blades help condition the hole and provide centralization for cementing.

Hydro-Form Centralizers and Stabilizers

Hydro-Form Centralizers are used in the casing string to facilitate improved cementing. Stabilizers are used at the bottom of a drill-in CASING DRILLING string to stabilize the BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly). TESCOs patented design and attachment method provides superior strength and rigidity capable of withstanding dynamic downhole loads while maintaining standoff under large side forces without crushing. TESCOs Centralizers and Stabilizers provide positive centralization for cementing in vertical and deviated wells for both CASING DRILLING and Casing Running applications. These accessories facilitate rotation of the casing string, a significant advantage for cementing operations.

TesTORK Torque Monitoring Service

The TesTORK Torque Monitoring Service gives TESCO clients an easy method for monitoring connection assembly torques and provides an audit trail for connection make-up. The portable, robust system is easily set-up and configured. Torque calibration occurs at the rig floor and at the connection level and can be done in a matter of minutes. Run by a single operator, TesTORK keeps a tally of casing and an accurate diary of make-up events. TesTORK insures data integrity, security and reports in metric and SI units.

ORB - Once Retrievable Bit

The ORB is TESCOs one-trip drill shoe for vertical or tangent intervals. The cutting structure is inserted into the drill shoe at the surface level. UR arms, pilot bit and the center portion of the ORB bit are retrieved with wireline once TD is reached.


Setting New Standards With Standard Technologies

Wherever you drill for oil and gas, TESCO CASING DRILLING has been proven in vertical and directional applications with virtually every standard technology used today. From Rotary Steerable applications to logging and measurement while drilling (LWD/MWD), to coring, the CASING DRILLING solution delivers superior results. The CASING DRILLING process has been used to successfully complete hundreds of wells: vertical, directional and horizontal. CASING DRILLING has proven itself an exceptionally viable drill string tubular, capable of drilling build rates of up to 13 per hundred feet while maintaining a better ability to keep on the well path. The process is successfully operated onshore and offshore, including offshore wells with 70+ holes at over 12,000 feet, using LWD/MWD with mud motors and rotary steerable systems. Far more than a shallow well technology, TESCO has used CASING DRILLING for its customers at 1,000-foot depths and up to 15,500 feet of hole. The process works with conventional rigs, delivering CASING DRILLING benefits with minimal rig modifications. Wells drilled with CASING DRILLING can be readily logged via conventional wireline, cased hole and LWD methods. CASING DRILLING virtually eliminates loss circulation. Its proven Plastering Effect enhances reservoir productivity by reducing or eliminating fluid losses to the producing horizon. Core samples are collected through conventional core barrel attached to the DLA: core samples are retrieved more quickly and safely by retrieving the DLA.

With hundreds of intervals and millions of feet of hole, proven in vertical, horizontal and under-balanced wells, on and oshore, and in more than 30 geological basins around the world, CASING DRILLING is changing how wells are drilled.


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Changing The Way Leading The Way

Speed, safety and efficiency are equally critical when it comes to drilling effectiveness and getting you to TD every time. At TESCO, our people work closely with one another and with our customers to provide innovative, cost-saving and environmentally friendly drilling technology and services that get you to bottom...right out of the box. Drilling is more than just our passion. Its in our blood. So it should be no surprise that when it comes to innovative drilling technology, TESCO continues to lead the way to improving drilling efficiency and Better Ways to The Bottom around the world. To learn more about TESCO, visit us at

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