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Our thoughts on the setting up of an Open Design School (ODS) and a National Design Innovation Network (NDIN) for

the Brainstorming Session on 21st August 2012

20 August 2012

The concept of an Open Design School (ODS) and a National Design Innovation Network (NDIN) sound very exciting. In our view, an Open Design School should be accessible >By any person, irrespective of age, location, professional or financial status etc >By experimental schools or groups of persons that are developing pedagogies outside the regular design education network

In order to gain design capabilities: >At different levels (school, artisan, related professions, graduate, post graduate, doctorate etc.) >At a pace chosen by the participant

by making available…
>A course plan >Reference material (course ware, reading list, places to visit etc.) >Faculty / Mentor network >Peer network (other participants for the same program) >Workshop / Lab network >Institutional networks such as factories, design houses, NGOs etc. where on the job training opportunities may be available >Design capability measurement and Certification >Incubation centres to help launcj design-led startups

>The design of an organisational structure that can deliver in any part of the country and respond to region-specific issues effectively >How to start prototyping this in order to refine the concepts further? > Innovate a structure to keep costs low >How to ensure that the focus remains on true attainment of design capabilities ensuring the emergence of a culture of sensitivity and ethical values and not just procurement of mere certification ?

The National Design Innovation Network (NDIN) could be the network of participating faculty, mentors, workshops, labs, institutions, design houses, NGOs etc. that help to make the ODS functional in a dispersed, non-location specific and truly open manner.