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F.7-1/12/SOPE (Section Officer)


Please read carefully the Advertisement, and the Rules for the Examination before filling the Application Form. For Official Use only
Receiving Stamp FPSC HQ/Provincial/Regional Office

To be filled by the candidate

Application Fee (Original Treasury Receipt) No.. .. date..For Rs. Name of Bank Branch Code Tehsil/ District (Bank Branch Located).. For Official Use Only

Paste one Photograph here (Also for female)

Batch No.

Diary No.

1. Name: (Write in capital letters with spelling as per Matriculation Certificate) 2. Fathers Name
Closing Date: Date of Birth as per Matric certificate Exact age on Closing Date

d 1

d 5

m m y 0 8 2

y 0

y 1

y 2

y - 1

y 9

- m m

4. Computerized (NADRA) National Identity Card (CNIC) No. of Applicant 5. Encircle the relevant Code:
a) Gender Male Female M F b) Religion Muslim Non-Muslim


6. If Non-Muslim, whether desires to be examined in Islamyat

(See Rule No. 17(ii)



7. Self Domicile: (Encircle the relevant Code of your Domicile). District of Domicile: .

Domicile Code

Baluchistan 10

Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (KPK) 20

Sindh (Rural) 30

Sindh (Urban) 31

Punjab (Including Islamabad) 40

Azad Kashmir 60

Gilgit Baltistan (GB) 61


8. Encircle the relevant

Code for Exam Centre.







The Commission reserves the right to finally decide the places of Examination/ Interviews.

9. (a) Present Postal Address:



_________________________________________________________________________________ District___________________ (b) Permanent/Alternate Address_______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________District__________________ (c) Office Address___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

10. Contact Nos:

Contact/ Phone Nos. with City Code Please write all Nos. Office Residence Cell No. Fax No. E-Mail Address 0 Date: Applicants Signature

- 2 -

11. Do you fulfill the required conditions as per advertisement and relevant rules for S.O.
Promotional Exam as on the closing Date?



12. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS: (Must attach proof i.e. Certificate/ Degree(s)

Mention here Educational Qualification % of Marks Board/ University Examining Body CGPA/ Div/Grad e
Result Declaration Date (Certificate issued only by the Controller of Exam will be accepted)

Principal Subjects






2 3




COURSES/TRAINING relevant to Office Procedure, Secretariat Working, Administration, Finance or Procurement etc. (on job training etc. Proof must be attached) Nature of (EXACT DATES) Training NAME OF COURSE Period INSTITUTION & LOCATION Inter- On d d m m y y y y nee Job GRADE From

To From

To From

To From



Do you fall in the category of a disabled candidate? If yes, then encircle the relevant Code: Disability CODE Computer Visually impaired (Blind) V Audio Recorder Physically Impaired P Computer Audio Recorder Hearing/Speech impaired (deaf & dumb) H Computer Audio Recorder AR

If you need any assistance for attempting the question paper in the examination/ test, then Mark the relevant Box









-: 3 :-

15. Describe employments, include all appointments held.
Employment Records Must attach proof, attested copies, office orders, Notification(s) of appointment, promotion etc. Where applicable, must attach relieving orders, orders of leave without pay, acceptance of Resignation or Discharge Certificate, Termination Orders etc.

Status of Office/Deptt/Job* Pl. write one in relevant column FGS-Federal Govt. Servant PGE-Provin. Govt. Employee AFC- Armed Forces (Civilian) SGE-Semi Govt.Employee AB---Autonomous Body.

Nature of Job Pl. write one in relevant column PR-Permanent TM-Temporary OF-Officiating DP-Deputation CA-Contract/Adhoc
Job description Nature of Job

A candidate who knowingly furnishes any particular which is false or suppresses material information will be disqualified, criminally prosecuted and debarred from employment under the Government
Post/ Title & BS:

d From To Total: From To Total: From To Total: From To Total: From To Total: From To Total: From To Total: From To Total:


Office/ Orgn. & City: Post/ Title & BS:


Office/ Orgn. & City: Post/ Title & BS:


Office/ Orgn. & City: Post/ Title & BS:


Office/ Orgn. & City: Post/ Title & BS:


Office/ Orgn. & City: Post/ Title & BS:


Office/ Orgn. & City: Post/ Title & BS:


Office/ Orgn. & City: Post/ Title & BS:


Office/ Orgn. & City:

16. Extraordinary Leave availed (if any) from ___________________to ____________________(______ years _____months _____days). 17. Details of Section Officers Promotional Examinations in which appeared previously:Year Roll No. R for Rejected A for Absent P for Written Pass F for Written Fail FF for Fail in Final Result FQ for Finally Qualified

(In case additional space is required photocopy may be used)


Start from first employment in ascending order.

(EXACT DATES) Please write To-date If still in service

-: 4 :18. Please confirm if following documents have been attached with the application in the following sequence. These must be page numbered. Yes No Page #

Sl.# Please tick ( ) for Yes and Cross (X) for No.
(a). (b). (c). (d). (e). (f). (g). (h). (i). (j). Recent Photographs (03 copies) Attested copies of Educational Certificate(s)/ Degree(s) as claimed Attested copy of Computerized National Identity Card Attested copy of Self Domicile Certificate Copies of Notification(s)/ Office Order(s) of each appointment/promotion as claimed Copy of Schedule-III of Rules of Business or letter of Establishment Division regarding eligibility for employees of Federal Secretariat or its Attached Department. For civilian employees of Armed Forces Headquarters and their lower formations. Attested copy of Office Order/Notification (mentioning detail of offices and lower formations) of Defence Division. Departmental Permission Certificate on FPSC prescribed form from competent authority Application signed on Page-1 & 4. Any other documents (if attached)


19. I certify that the statements I have made in this application Form are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that if any of the above statements is false in any material aspect or omits any material information relevant to my previous examinations, service etc. my application is liable to be rejected and if appointed my appointment is liable to be terminated. 20. Submission of fake/forged documents and any mis-representation or omission discovered even after appointment may render my appointment liable to termination in addition to the action decided by the Commission. 21. I have read and understood the Advertisement, Rules, and reasons for rejection as given at page-6 before filling this application form and agree to abide by them. Moreove,r I am eligible to apply/ appear in this Examination because I do not fall in category of ineligible candidates as I am Federal Govt. Servant/ Civil Servant of one of the following i.e.
Pl. mention name of your office/ organization in this column

Presidents Secretariat National Assembly Secretariat Federal Public Service Commission

P.Ms Secretariat Intelligence Bureau Wafaqi Mohtasibs Secretariat

Senate Secretariat Federal Service Tribunal

Civilian Employee of Pakistan Armed Forces Headquarters and their Lower Formations

In case employee of Federal Secretariat or attached department, name of respective Ministry/Division/Department must be mentioned

Federal Secretariat i.e. Division

Attached Department

This Department has mentioned at Sr.No._______ of Schedule-III of Rules of Business

Please staple/ attach here two photos mentioning Name & Fathers Name on backside

Applicants Signature Date:

-: 5 :ADDRESS FOR CORRESPONDENCE Important Note: Please write your name and address in Capital Letters at the six spaces given below. Any change of address should be reported to FPSC immediately. Also the candidates must arrange for communications sent at old address to be redirected or collected. The Commission does not accept any responsibility in this respect. Address Care of Post Box No etc should not be written as postal authorities do not accept registered letters at such addresses. No.F.7/1/12-SOPE (Roll No. ) No.F.7/1/12-SOPE (Roll No. )

Name ...... Address . . Post Code No.F.7/1/12-SOPE (Roll No. )

Name Address................. ... ... Post Code No.F.7/1/12-SOPE (Roll No. )

Name .. Address....................... Post Code No.F.7/1/12-SOPE (Roll No. )

Name Address............... Post Code No.F.7/1/12-SOPE (Roll No. )

Name ..... Address .. ...

Name Address...........

Post Code Post Code ...... Acknowledgement Receipt FEDERAL PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION Received Application Form for Section Officers Promotional Examination-2012 Mr/Ms._____________________________ (Name of candidate) (Seal of the FPSC)


Sign:___________________ (FPSC Receiving Clerk)

-: 6 :-


Whose applications were unsigned, received after closing date, not on relevant form or without required documents.

Employees of Provincial Governments. Employees of Subordinate Offices, NAB, Railways Subordinate Offices, AATI Vocational Training Institutes, Schools & Colleges, Directorate General of Audit Foreign Office & Employees of Environment Protection Tribunal.

Filed Offices/ Subordinate Offices of the FBR viz Customs Tax Offices, Audit/Inspection and Others as declared vide Revenue Divisions Letter No. 11(5)Cus-III/2011(HQ), dated 21-4-2011.

Employees of Autonomous bodies NADRA & Strategic Organizations PAEC, AWC, NTC, PAC, IOP, SUPARCO, MINFA, API, Banking Courts, CSA Lahore, Urdu Science Board, National Accredition Council & Others.

Employees of BS-17 on regular basis like Assistant Accounts Officer, Private Secretary or holding posts below BS-11.

Employees of ISI, APCOMS and NISTE. Other departments which have not been declared as attached departments in terms of Schedule III of Rules of Business, 1973 or not eligible as per advertisement and rules for SOPExam.

Attach additional

-: 7 :-

(SOPE-12) (F.7-1/12)


(To be detached by the candidate from the Application Form and submitted to candidates employing department before the closing date.)


1. I have applied for the above Examination on the prescribed form separately. Necessary departmental permission may kindly be forwarded to the Secretary, FPSC, Islamabad. Closing date is 15-08-2012. I have claimed my particulars and Employment Records in my Application Form as under:Name of candidate: CNIC No: Fathers Name: Designation & BS: Place of Domicile: ( District) Office: Address:
Employment Record Start from first employment in ascending order. Status of Office/Deptt/ Job
Pl. write one in relevant column FGS-Federal Govt. Servant PGE-Provin. Govt. Employee AFC- Armed Forces (Civilian) SGE-Semi Govt.Employee AB---Autonomous Body

2. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f)

Contact # Office Ph.#

Nature of Job
Pl. write one in relevant column PR-Permanent TM-Temporary/ Regular OF-Officiating DP-Deputation CA-Contract/Adhoc
Job description Nature of Job


S #


d Post/ Title & BS: 1. Office/ Orgn. & City: Post/ Title & BS: 2. Office/ Orgn. & City: Post/ Title & BS: 3. Office/ Orgn. & City: Post/ Title & BS: 4. Office/ Orgn. & City: Post/ Title & BS: 5. Office/ Orgn. & City: From To Total: From To Total: From To Total: From To Total: From To Total:

Extraordinary Leave availed (if any) from _____________________ to_____________________ (_______ years _____months ______ days).


(Applicants signature)

(contd.on next page)


(EXACT DATES) Please write To-date If still in service

From pre-page

-: 8 :-

(SOPE-12) (F.7-1/12)


The Ministry/Division or Department must process this certificate in the light of FPSC Advertisement and forward or communicate the refusal to FPSC within 10 days from the closing date failing which the head of the organization will have to account for its non-submission or delay to the Government. On selection, the department will have to relieve the official for joining the post. Important This certificate must be processed on Personal File of the employee. Note: The employment record as claimed at prepage, must be checked and verified/ confirmed. This certificate is to be issued after obtaining approval of the Competent Authority. Deputationist must obtain permission from his/ her parent Department. To be signed by BS-17/18 Officer and to be countersigned by BS-19/20 Officer dealing with the Administration/ Appointment/ Promotion & Personal Records etc. File No. Dated : ---20

1. It is certified that Mr./Ms ______________________________________________________________________________ is employed as __________________________________________________________________________ BS ________ in Office (Deptt)_______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. It is certified that the employment records as claimed at prepage has been checked carefully, it has been confirmed from his/her Personal File No. ______________________and found in order. However, the employment records at Sl. No.___________ is not verified due to the reason that ___________________________________________________ 3. He/she is a Federal Govt. Servant, Civil Servant on regular basis and as per service records his/ her total period of continuous Govt. Service
in BS-11 to 16 since
..Month(s) Day(s)

till the closing date i.e.

comes to


4. As per Advertisement and Rules for S.O. Promotional Examination, he/she is eligible to apply and appear in the Exam. 5. Status of this office/ orgn. is write one viz Federal Secretariat (i.e. Division),

Attached Department, Subordinate Office or as specified in the Advertisement & Rules. 6. In case of Civilian Employees of Armed Forces, copy of Office Order/ Notification mentioning detail of offices and their lower formations issued by the Defence Division must be attached as a proof of eligibility of the employees for this Examination. 7. There is nothing adverse in his/her last eight (8) years Performance Evaluation Reports(PER/ACR) and antecedents/ character. 8. No Inquiry Proceedings/ Disciplinary Proceedings are pending against him/her. 9. In case it is decided to forward a case where adverse entries do exist in his/her records, extracts of the adverse entries from the relevant PER/ACRs should be enclosed for information of the Commission. Also confirm that the adverse remarks were communicated to the official and no appeal/petition is pending for decision thereon. 10. This DPC is issued with the approval of the Competent Authority i.e. ____________________________
(Authority must be mentioned viz Secretary, Joint Secretary (Admn) or D.G etc.)


For any error, omission or misrepresentation the signatory will be held responsible. To be countersigned by BS-19/20 Officer dealing with Administration/ Appointment/ Personal Records

To be signed by BS-17/18 Officer dealing with Administration/ Appointment/ Personal Records

Signature: Name

Signature: Name

Official Stamp must be affixed

Official Stamp must be affixed

Tel No:

Tel No:

Note: Incomplete, unsigned or unstamped DPC will not be accepted.

To be sent immediately to:

The Secretary
Federal Public Service Commission Aga Khan Road, Sector F-5/1 Islamabad