Organized by Green Triangle and the Center for Ecological Culture.

Cleveland Permaculture Design Certification Course

6 Weekends: September 8 - November 4, 2012 (84 Hours of Instruction) Full schedule available online. With instructors Peter Bane, Josh Beniston, Mark Cohen and local guests.


Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) courses intensively introduce students to intermediate and advanced practices and systems used in Permaculture around the world. Major topics that will be covered include: - Permaculture Ethics and Principles - Site Assessment and Design Methods - Designing for Homes, Gardens and Communities - Food Forestry and an Introduction to Broadscale Permaculture - Natural Building, Natural Resources, and Landforming - Soil Biology and Restoration, Soil Building, and Biochar - Water Health, Living Machines, and Aquaculture Techniques - Social Systems and Local Economies


Tuition is $950 and includes lunch each course day, all educational materials including Peter Bane’s newly published The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country, and free access to all supplemental workshops to be offerred on non-course-weekends during the months of the PDC. Students completing the course will receive professional certification in Permaculture Design. To register, please email or mail a printed copy (see reverse side) of the REGISTRATION FORM to Nick Swetye at, or mail to: The Green Triangle 1828 West 45th Street Cleveland, OH 44102 A $200 deposit is due at the time of registration unless financial aid arrangements have been made. Checks should be written to the Green Triangle.

Registration Deadline is Monday, August 20, 2012.



Permaculture Design Certification
2012 Course • Cleveland, OH Enrollment Application
Deadline for registration is Monday, August 20th, 2012. A deposit of $200 is due at registration. Full course payment of $950 is due by Monday, September 3, unless financial aid arrangements have been made.

Name: Address: Phone Number: Email:
Do you have any specific plans for applying what you learn in the course? If so, please describe.


The course fee of $950.00 covers instruction, light breakfast and full lunch on course days, classroom materials, and free passes to supplemental workshops. Students who complete the course will receive their Professional Certification in Permaculture Design. Please make checks payable to Green Triangle and mail, with this application, to: 1828 West 45th Street. Cleveland, OH 44102 _________I am enclosing the full course fee of $950 for my enrollment in the cousrse. _________I am enclosing my $200 deposit and agree to pay the remaining balance of tuition prior to the completion date of the course. _________I am enclosing a donation of $________ for the PDC Scholarship fund. FINANCIAL AID To apply for financial aid for the PDC, please submit this form by July 31, 2012. Please let us know how much help you would need in order to pay for the course. The amount of aid we can offer will depend on overall enrollment. We will contact students interested in financial aid about what we can offer in August. I would like to apply for $________ in financial aid for the PDC.
For general questions, call Nick Swetye at 330.221.4027 or visit This course is offered in partnerhisp between Green Triangle and The Center for Ecological Culture.

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