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ELEMENTS OF ACOUSTIC PHONETICS 2 ND EDITION as 7 PHONETICS Peter Ladefoged “The Universit of Chicago res, Cheng 60597 he Unive of Crago Pres Lt, London © 196, 1996by Peer Laefoged ‘rights rere Pubished 1956 Pantdinthe United Sater of Ameen WHET ounma 345678 BN: 022646795 (4) 0226467643 (psp Libary of Congres Cataloging in Pableaion Data adefogad, Pater "lementsof acoustic phonetic / Peter Ladefoged. — 2nd Incl ibogropbia sefrences and index. Phonetics Asatte. Tie Pasi 196 s276—aca9 50057 ‘Taepaper seine publenton mats th nine trots oe Aran Nations Standard formation Seno rmancnc Popes ed Libary Matra ANSTZI8 92, —~&— CONTENTS Preface vii ‘ows Sound Waves 1 wo Loudness and Pitch 14 ‘mune Quality 24 Four Wave Analysis 36 vive Resonance 57 sox Hearing 74 seven The Production of Speech 92 ict Resonances ofthe Vocal Tract 114 ‘NINE Digital Speech Processing 136 ‘ten Fourier Analysis 152 even Digital tersand LPC Analysis 181 Inpex 215