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AJC International Overview

Reaching Global Markets, Fulfilling Your Needs.

our vision our mission

provide the most efficient and competitive supply chain solutions Our success is defined by the quality and scope of our customer and supplier relationships, our product and market knowledge, the ability to build longfor our customers and suppliers term value with proprietary food products and services, and the worldwide. efficiencies we achieve throughout the value chain of global food
distribution. We are one team with one vision. We are AJC. We are the undisputed leading marketer of proteins produced around the As a unified, multi-cultural most talented globe, driven by a seamless international network of theteam, we professionals in our industry.

We are a Global Food Trader Logistics Service Provider Distributor

What we do
Sell 3% of Globally Traded Protein ^

Ship over 45,000 Containers Annually Provide Logistic Services to 250+ customers in 50+ countries
^Source:JOC, Industry Resources

We have
Branded Products Sold in 60 Countries Over 15 Strategic Alliances with Suppliers & Customers Banking Facilities in Excess of $100 Million with Nine Banking Institutions

World Class Brands

Brands Sold In 60+ Countries Diverse Products Year-Round Supply Multi Country Sourcing Customized Packaging Marketing & Promotional Support

Strategic Alliances
We have alliances with many leading food suppliers and customers worldwide, essentially serving as their international marketing or purchasing group. These arrangements underscore the strength of our relationships, and the trust clients have in us.

Strategic Alliance - Scope

50+ destination countries 5 origin countries Sales of over 140,000 MT/year Over 12 years experience in managing and growing strategic alliance programs

We do business with Global Presence 500+ Suppliers in 35 Origin Countries 1900+ Customers in 125 Destination Countries

Global Presence

Global Presence

We do business with
500+ Suppliers in 35 Origin Countries 1900+ Customers in 110 Destination Countries

We are
Ranked Top 15 Global Shipper of Frozen Goods
Source: USDA & Piers

14 Global Offices 300+ Employees

25+ Languages / 30+ Nationalities

We transact
FY 2011 Revenue: $1,200,000,000+ FY 2011 Volume: 880,000+ MT

Trading Platform

Reaching Global Markets, Fulfilling Your Needs.

Trading Platform 2011 Origin Portfolio

Europe 8% South America 18% Asia 2%

North America 72%

NOTE: This excludes AJCs Logistics & Distribution Business

Trading Platform - Ranking

Top Poultry Shipper from the USA Top Non-Processing Pork Shipper from the USA

Source: USDA & Piers

Distribution Platform

Reaching Global Markets, Fulfilling Your Needs.

Full Line Food Service Distributor
7 State Coverage - S.E. U.S. Street Business Chain Account Business

US Import & Re-Distribution

Seafood, Vegetables, Poultry,Pork Sells to Regional Clients & other Distribution Houses

In Summary
We are a Global Food Trading Company
Market Reach is Wide, Diversified and Deep Experienced Team with Leading Edge Market Knowledge Executing Transactions 24/7

We are a Global Logistics Services Provider

Multi-Product, Origin, & Services Portfolio World Class Customer Portfolio

We are a Global, Food-Centric Distributor

Controlled In-Country Distribution Channels Local Market Knowledge Value Add to the Sales Chain

Reaching Global Markets, Fulfilling Your Needs

Reaching Global

AJC International Inc. (404) 942-1631 Markets, Fulfilling

John Sanders

Your Needs.

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