Sample 2010 Pals Pre-study

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PALS Course Overview
The goal of the PALS Course is to improve the quality of care provided to seriously ill or injured children, resulting in improved outcome. The student will have the opportunity to learn the following Skills ♥ Performing infant and child CPR ♥ Using oxygen delivery and airway management equipment ♥ Establishing IO access ♥ Using ECG monitoring ♥ Providing defibrillation and cardioversion Pediatric Assessment: ♥ Learning a systematic approach Medical Management of the following: ♥ 4 types of respiratory problems ♥ 4 types of circulatory problems ♥ 4 types of cardiac problems Leadership skills ♥ Communication elements of effective team dynamics in a resuscitation event. Testing Competency ♥ Perform infant and child BLS ♥ Manage 2 cases using team work for One cardiac case One respiratory or shock case ♥ Pass a written test with a score of at least 84% Course Prerequisites: ♥ This prestudy pamphlet is written to prepare the student for PALS course. Students are required to prestudy with the new AHA text in conjunction with this pamphlet.

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, the learner should be able to do the following: Cognitive ♥ Describe the timely recognition and interventions required to prevent respiratory and cardiac arrest ♥ Describe the systematic approach to pediatric assessment ♥ Describe priorities and specific interventions of a child in respiratory and/or circulatory emergencies. ♥ Explain the importance of team dynamics during a pediatric resuscitation. ♥ Describe the key elements of postresuscitation management. Psychomotor ♥ Perform effective high-quality CPR ♥ Perform effective respiratory management ♥ Select and apply appropriate cardiorespiratory monitoring ♥ Select and administer the appropriate medication and electrical therapies when presented with an arrhythmia ♥ Establish rapid vascular access to administer fluids ♥ Demonstrate effective communication and team dynamics as a tem member and as a team leader.



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