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EdTech503 Week 1 Job ID assignment Karrie Cox

August 28, 2012 The following is a bogus job description created as part of an assignment for Ed Tech 503: Instructional Design at Boise State University. This is not a real job posting. Included at the end of this post is a brief reflection on the differences between a teacher and an instructional designer. Job Posting Institution: Cox County Office of Education Location: Alturas, USA Title: Instructional Designer Posted: August 28, 2012 Application Due: September 29, 2012 Job Type: Administration, Full-Time Job Description: Cox County Office of Education seeks a full-time instructional designer to work with staff and teachers within Cox County, schools, and the library to improve the institutions online instruction presence and impact through its website and its learning management system. The person will be responsible for helping faculty develop their online course content, including instruction modules, syllabus, course interactions, multimedia interactions for courses, and presentations. This person will also be responsible for leading the professional development for online learning. This job will be a part of the Cox County Office of Education Library and Digital Information Services Center. The position will report to the Dean of Educational Services. Cox County Office of Education is has a student population of 3,500 and 350 combined staff and teachers.

The candidate will: Design, coordinate and maintain online instruction modules Work will teaching faculty on courses development for the K-12 learning environment Develop and lead professional development workshops for faculty and staff to develop online learning modules Work closely with teaching faculty in Division of Educational Services coordinating the promotion of web-based instruction. Implementation of educational theory and best practices Coordinate establishment and implementation of standards of on-line instruction Assessment of instruction teaching and learning Keep abreast of emerging trends and technologies in instructional design Perform other job-related duties as required Required Skills: Research methodologies and techniques Instructional design of both instructor led and web-based curriculum Knowledge of applications and technologies used in K-12 education instruction, including course management systems Excellent interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills Ability to work effectively with faculty, staff, and end users Desired skills: An ALA accredited master's degree in library information science Instructional technology and/or design experience in developing online tutorials and other learning objects. Working knowledge of Common Core Standards Demonstrated knowledge of tools (e.g. Adobe Creative Suite, Audacity, Camtasia, Moodle) Experience working in an academic library Experience developing digital tutorials. A working knowledge of HTML. Ability to train users from a wide-range of technological experience.

Knowledge and understanding of pedagogy theory and curriculum development. Project management skills. Application Requirements Please submit a cover letter, curriculum resume, and three references to Reflection Teachers and instructional designers have similar jobs. When you look at both types of jobs, you can see similarities as well as differences. Each focuses on instruction but have different ways of implementing. Teachers have working knowledge of subject expertise and within their own grade level. The teachers job is to teach students how to learn and acquire knowledge. Teachers use textbooks which are pretty much curriculum all lined out for a subject and grade level; then teachers plan and deliver the instruction and content. Teachers also have brick and mortar classrooms that have up to thirty students in which they plan how the daily class will be scheduled. Upon delivery of instruction, teachers also have to work with a variety of learning styles and motivate their students. For example, I had an English teacher in high school that had everyone in the class interact with others on a book that we had been assigned. When some students appeared to be zoning out, he would bring them back in by active participation and act out stages of the book. At the time, I wasnt sure it was punishment or reward; but everyone passed English. The one thing that teachers do is give a personal rewarding learning experience through knowing their students. Instructional Designers work on creating content instruction in a web-based learning platform. They gather information, analyze ways to design the product to be produced through presentation, like how to, and / or online class modules. They design the framework to best present the information to enhance the learning experience. The overall goal of an instructional designer is create a product that flows smoothly from the beginning to the end where all the information needed to understand the product is present in a systematical way. To put it simply, Instructional designers determine the need for instruction. Instructional designers know what they want the audience to do better.

In comparing some differences between a teacher and an instruction designer, the number one thing that comes to mind would be that a teacher presents live content instruction within a brick and mortar classroom(s). Then there is never enough time in the day for grading papers, which most teachers will take home with them to grade. Seasoned teachers tend to have a routine teaching method that becomes standard. For instance, using the same dvds instead of streaming video. Then teachers also have standard textbooks that were adopted by the K-12 school district(s). Instructional designers work with instructors, administration, and staff or any other variety of people, generally not students. Then an instructional designer conducts an instructional analysis to determine the goals for the course. An Instructional Designer evaluates the impact of the instruction design on learning and packages the content into a format for optimal learning. Then rinse and repeat. Share: Instructional Design Specialist for Faculty and Academic Staff Programs: Job Posting Application Retrieved from : Library Instructional Designer, University of Nevada Las Vegas: Job Posting Training Course Developer / Instructional Designer, Simpson Strong-Tie: Job Posting Instructional Design Manager, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts: Job posting. References Borthwick, J., Wehrle, N., Morrow, J., West, T., & Oxley, S. (2011, June 14). bitly. bitly. Retrieved August 26, 2012, from HigherEdJobs - Jobs in Higher Education. (1996). HigherEdJobs - Jobs in Higher Education. Retrieved August 26, 2012, from Disney. (2012) Human Resources - Instructional Design Manager jobs in Los Angeles at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Careers. (2012, August 18). Hospitality Jobs and Careers at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Careers. Retrieved August 26, 2012, from Instructional Designer / Faculty and Academic Staff Orientation and Development -

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